Tribunal calls for Crown to delay Ngāpuhi negotiations

The Crown breached the principles
of the Treaty Waitangi when it recognised the Tuhoronuku
independent mandate. That’s according to the latest
Waitangi Tribunal report. The tribunal has recommended
negotiations be delayed until flaws are addressed, but will Minister Finlayson
take any of this into consideration before settling
with the country’s largest iwi? Here’s Peata Melbourne. Reading the Tribunal’s report
on the Ngapuhi mandate claims for the first time. As it stands, Te Kotahitanga
objects to Tuhoronuku. The Tribunal’s findings include; Question is, can Ngapuhi people work with
Tuhoronuku towards a settlement? The people are fine,
but what they stand for is not. All those who are a part
of Tuhoronuku are our relatives, but what I’m saying is that
if they are on the wrong path, it needs amending. Chairman of Te Runanga o Ngati Hine,
Waihoroi Shortland says if the collective will
of the hapu is foremost, the process with the Crown
must advance on the terms of the constituents, not under the direction of those
whom they have never endorsed. The problems are mounting
for Sonny Tau as he faces accusations of tampering with the list
of potential voters of Tuhoronuku. Sonny Tau, no matter what some say,
he is a Ngapuhi leader. As for accusations against him, he’ll need to deal to them,
as will the rest of us. It will mean the decision on whether or not he continues
to hold his positions. Perhaps the biggest hurdle
Ngati Hine faces now, despite the ruling
of the Waitangi Tribunal, the Minister of Treaty Negotiations
is not willing, and or not able to change his mind in that Tuhoronuku will remain
as the mandate for Ngapuhi. In the end,
Ngapuhi will speak for Ngapuhi, but he is the Minister
and he represents the government. He has long ignored the situation. He needs to hear
what Ngapuhi has to say so that we may be united
in this process. Voting for Tuhoronuku board members
closes today. Peata Melbourne, Te Karere.

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