Top Tips: Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs Part 6/6)

in terms of top tips what I would say to
you is this you need to know the company and its culture you need to really
understand that company you really need to understand your motivation for
applying for both the job role and the company you need to understand what
the role requires one of the key skills so go back over job spec think
about well I might have team leader here or am i a team player here now think
about the different skill sets that you need as a leader or as a team player
Consider each situation and because it’s a central issue here and once you decide
what the central issue is you’ll find it much easier to make a decision be
effective but don’t stress about perfection it’s impossible to be perfect
just be the most effective that you can be don’t get stuck on one question and
then rush the rest because chances are you still might get that question not
quite right but then you put so much pressure on yourself that you impact on
the answer the quality of answers that you give for the rest there isn’t a
rulebook this is common sense okay and it’s about you fitting in with the
company so don’t see this as new failing see this is maybe you weren’t meant to
fit with that company there’s a better fit out there in another company
practice practice practice get some feedback if you can either from the
organization you’re applying to or come and see one of the careers consultants
or job search advisors most importantly don’t rush read all the instructions
follow all the instructions read what actually these written and not what you
think is written and just overall good luck

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