Top diplomats of S. Korea, Japan meet ahead of Moon-Abe summit

and the top diplomats of South Korea and
Japan agreed earlier today on the need for a successful bilateral summit
between their leaders this afternoon in Chengdu Seoul’s foreign minister kang
jung-ho and her Japanese counterpart Toshi Mitsui Motegi met this morning to
coordinate the summit agenda they also exchanged views on matters of mutual
interest to their countries including trade and wartime history Seoul’s
foreign ministry welcome Japan’s partial lifting of export restrictions on one of
the three materials that it had decided to limit and called for the lifting of
all the controls on the issue of wartime forced labor Kang said Seoul’s Supreme
Court ruling ordering Japanese companies to compensate South Korean victims is
not a violation of international law aside from the thorny issues the
diplomats agreed on the need for close cooperation along with the u.s. in order
to achieve complete denuclearization and lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula

3 Responses

  1. Askar Niko02 says:

    Not only korea , summit all around the world country ,
    including usa .
    No deposit money no plan for summit
    Want to use my vaccien for politic .
    6 years .
    U all get big big proglam i m homeless life .
    U all happy with party when plan success .
    I m homeless life too .
    Do not hope again will happening like happy party in your life
    I m homeless life again .
    Do not think i m listen korea song u got all of summit with cheating plan .scammer plan like mr frank j grass .
    No way not anymore .

  2. Askar Niko02 says:

    U all think u all big person can cheating like this .
    I m listen korea song u all get summit project .
    Stupid president .
    N fool big person all . Crazy n listen to a witch law . Stupid shit n mad president n stuoid big position .

  3. b a says:

    Im japanese.honestly I want to end our relationship between JPN and COREA in culture,(ex Kpop),diplomacy,RA traveling and so on.Each hates each other.On side of JPN,COREA is always betraying various treaties. on side of COREA,japan is barbarian who doesnt help victims in about for 100years?Im sorry I hate COREA!she is a robber!there is nothing COREA can beat JPN,ex)Novel Prize,GDP,Technology,kindness,politeness,infrastructure,population.Sorry for my poor English

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