Top 10 Superheroes Who Defeated the Justice League

When it comes to the Justice League, imagining
go up against any of it’s members is almost implausible. There’s a reason why they’re on DC’s
most powerful team of heroes. The concept of taking each of those members
down is almost absurd when you really think about it. But absurd doesn’t mean impossible; there
have been several cases over the years in which the Justice League has been brought
down by a superhero single handedly. Sometimes these cases occur on different Earths. Sometimes it’s not the entire Justice League
they slaughter, but a good portion of it. And sometimes, these heroes have no control
over their actions. So today, we’re diving deeper into JLA history
with our list of the top 10 superheroes who defeated the justice league. 10 Green Lantern
9 Superman Kind of seems like a no brainer, eh? The Man of Steel out of all of the members
of the Justice League is perhaps the most capable of destroying the justice league on
a whim if he were to turn. Because of his extreme power and strength,
he’s become a bit of a target over the years ever since the golden age, where many a plot
line has revolved around villains trying to abduct the hero, possess him, steal his powers,
etc, all to fight off other members of the JLA or take over the world. It’s a bit of a reoccurring plot point,
really. Even in the 2017 Justice League movie, Supes
fights against his impending team mates after not being dead no more. If anyone were to take on the JLA, it’s
him. That being said, as seen in the Injustice
series of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns, even when he thinks he’s won, Batman has
REALLY won. Just can’t beat plot armour like the caped
crusader’s. 8 Amazo
Amazo managed to take down the Justice League in DC’s animated universe. An android created by Professor Ivo, Amazo
has the ability to mimic other character’s abilities. So as you can imagine, rubbing shoulders with
members of the Justice League is not something that many wanted to see happen. Lex Luthor did though, and used Amazo, manipulating
the situation so the android would destroy the Justice League. Amazo fled Earth, wanting to seek out more
intelligent life. But he did return to Earth though, and having
the powers of all the members of the Justice League, he was a big threat. His return was to kill Luthor. And the justice league stood in his way, which
resulted in Amazo taking them out. 7 Gotham
Gotham was a promising hero who first appeared in DCU Rebirth issue 1 in 2016. Real name Henry Clover Jr, he and his partner
Gotham Girl gave off some serious Superman Supergirl vibes. They were metahumans who initially aided Batman
in saving a commercial plane from a Kobra Cult terrorist attack. Batman takes them under his wing, but soon
it’s revealed that they got their powers from Hugo Strange and Psycho Pirate; powers
that would degrade their life span the more they used them. They eventually go on a rampage, and nearly
kill the members of the Justice League before succumbing to their powers and dying. 6 Martian Manhunter
Martian Manhunter is one of those heroes in the DC universe who is continually full of
surprises. For starters, he’s a hero who is capable
of A LOT. The range of his abilities is actually pretty
mind blowing when you break it down. J’onn has a genius level intellect, he’s
got superhuman speed, strength and endurance, a photographic memory, can turn himself invisible,
he can shapeshift, he has a regenerative healing factor, can fly, has 9 MARTIAN SENSES that
we don’t even fully know what exactly those entail, he can make himself intangible, he
has heat vision, he’s telekinetic AND telepathic! Dude can do LOTS. Needless to say, he can be a pretty big threat. And this was the case during the JLA Trial
by Fire story arc back in 2003, in which J’onn attempting to cure himself of his fear of
fear, opening him up to an ancient burning Martian named Fernus, who used the hero’s
body to fight against the Justice League. They ended up getting saved by Major Disaster. 5 Triumph
Triumph’s involvement with the Justice League is the product of good ol retcon! First appearing in Justice League America
in 92 in 1994, he’s a hero capable of controlling the electromagnetic spectrum. The character was revealed to be a founding
member of the JLA, but on their first mission, he was teleported into a dimensional limbo
that also affected time, which resulted in NO ONE REMEMBERING HIM. Oh superhero plot twists! So one can imagine why he was so damn entitled,
and had a bad temper. He ended up being manipulated by an evil imp
into bringing down the Justice league. The character is most famous for being strongly
disliked, which writer Christopher Priest and editor Brain Augustyn decided to play
with by making the characters within the DC universe also strongly dislike him. 4 Wonder Woman
If Superman made this list, you bet your butt so did Wonder Woman. Unlike the man of steel, possession with the
intention of turning her into a weapon against the JLA isn’t really top priority for a
lot of Diana’s enemies. She’s never really been the type to go after
her fellow members on the JLA either; rather, when Diana has turned against them, it’s
usually been on an alternate earth. A prime example of that is the Flashpoint
universe; she murders Aquaman, decapitates Mera, and stabs Shazam, aka Billy Batson,
A KID, right in the heart. She’s ruthless and merciless when she needs
to be. Luckily, Diana isn’t a JLA member easily
corrupted. 3 Nightwing
Being Batman’s ward sure does have it’s perks. You’re privy to everything, working with
the world’s greatest detective whose downright obsessed with being prepared for literally
any situation. It’s also no easy job, which is something
that’s been reflected in Dick Grayson’s story arcs over the years. Regardless, the acrobatic crime fighter has
the upper hand over many, having been trained by the dark knight himself. And he’s capable of a LOT, including taking
down the Justice League. In Nightwing The New Order, a story that occurs
in a ‘near future world’ where society has rejected superheroes, and metahumans are
illegal. Nightwing heads a government sponsored task
force to hunt them down, including the Justice League. 2 Shazam
Originally a character owned by Fawcett Comics, Shazam, whose named changed from Captain Marvel
after a fun ping pong match of a legal battle, can arguably rival the power and strength
of Superman. Shazam, the name of the wizard who gave him
his powers and the word he says to activate said powers, stands for six immortal elders;
Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury, all of whom Shazam has traits of. So in other words, he’s wicked strong when
he transforms. While in the past, he’s been a member of
the Justice League, he’s also come up against them a few times, with the most memorable
conflict (and successful one) being in Alex Ross and Mark Waid’s Kingdom Come miniseries
circa 1996. Billy Batson, now an adult, is manipulated
by villainous mastermind Lex Luthor into taking on The Justice League and Batman’s Outsiders
team. He almost kills Superman in the process. Eventually, he breaks free from Lex’s control,
and ends up sacrificing himself in order to save everyone; oh Shazam, you and that heart
of gold. 1 BATMAN
Of COURSE Batman can take on the Justice League. Not only does the caped crusader have some
serious plot armour, he’s also notorious for being over prepared and paranoid. Works with the Justice League on a regular
basis? Wonders what would happen if any of them turned
evil? Decides to come up with a backup plan to KILL
any of them if they lost it? YUP, SOUNDS LIKE BRUCE WAYNE TO ME. That’s exactly what went through Bruce’s
head during the 2000 JLA Tower of Babel storyline. Ra’s al Ghul would steal all of Batman’s
information, revealing the caped crusader had a plan if any of them turned on him. We got another glimpse of what Batman’s
intellect and preparation could do in 2014’s Batman Endgame storyline, in which he fought
the League while in one of his Bat mech suits when all of his peers were exposed to Joker
Toxin when the villain returned for the first time after the iconic Death of the Family
story arc.

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