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  1. W V says:

    NOW !

  2. Rich Ovejero, CPA says:

    The Federal reserve spending their phony FIAT money defending Clinton. ILLUMINATI. Haven't we come to the conclusion that judges and lawyers if they have an ax to grind, are crooked.

  3. Tim Temple says:

    Hillary Clinton's private server was copied and put under the floor boards in Obama's office. When Trump got elected, Obama forgot the server under the floor boards. Trump had the Whitehouse office inspected with a mine detector – and found the server. He isn't saying what he did with it….

  4. John Morris says:

    More than defending the witch, they are protecting her and her network of revolutionary deepstaters.

  5. Don Coyne says:


  6. Gene Hess says:

    DOJ has two may leftover Obama & Bush DA & Obama Judges hanging around. Obstruction Justice.

  7. Chuck Black says:

    This EVIL creature should have long ago been walking the concrete runway in ORANGE…..must be kin to HANOI JANE; BTW this is another scumbag that should be wearing ORANGE……from a Vietnam Vet 1968-1971

  8. Gary Pond says:

    Lock her up!

  9. Laleesh Pleetu says:

    And they give LOSERS like little brown zerObama Nobels!!!!! TOM FITTON IS THE HERO, not that chitting little ZERO!

  10. Nadine Smith says:

    Those people are such Haters they
    Prefer selling there souls to Satan than to admit enough is enough its time to put away there childdish behaviours old people making confusion in town

  11. Maxx Reverie says:

    There is a 70+ year old law that says if you immigrate to the USA, you cannot use the welfare system for TEN YEARS. Please enforce this law again!

  12. Lisa Sanders says:


  13. Joe Brister says:

    Man this is great news another win for the Trump Administration and the American people if you suck off Americans you cannot become an American great idea mr. President must contribute to our society to become part of our society , I wish they would do that with all those homeless people in San Francisco and Los Angeles

  14. Susan Storey says:

    Ami B Jackson should be thrown of the bench .and locked up .

  15. Khali Khali says:

    Hillary will never be punished because she is friends with Trump. Their hatred for each other is an act. The whole government is a dog and pony show.

  16. STAR MAN says:

    That's because hillary run the justice department !

  17. Mcgovern Kuroda says:

    That's because the doj is corrupt.

  18. Jeff Bryan says:

    The Deep State is even deeper than I (and MOST people) thought!

  19. clark kent says:

    No doubt can be is a first step

  20. Stephen says:

    Lock it up!!!

  21. Deborah Alqanai says:

    Of course the DOJ is defending HRC because they’re involved in her shenanigans & all her corruption!

  22. roy rasmussen says:


  23. M R says:

    The fact that HRC is still walking free and we've seen no real movement from Barr or Durham makes me lose any hope in Barr to do the right thing.

  24. {// WTF! //} says:

    Barr has hooks into Busch Sr's CIA and later during his Administration post Iran Contra as an "errand boy" in Mena Arkansas looking for $100 million in "light laundry" just about the same time Clinton (BOTH of them) were up to their eyeballs in Whitewater money laundering in association with Wexner's "air cargo services". Research "Chip Tattum", a Wexner associate. Barr IS deep state and covering tracks now just as he did for Busch. Does anyone believe anything will be resolved with EITHER Clinton ??? … If so, I have some really good, very fertile farming Mississippi River Delta bottom land in Southern Louisiana I can let ya have for just a song… One thing tho… Your crop will need to be rice…

  25. Wave Dancer says:

    The Justice Departement is corrupt like all the other institutions as well. It should be totally dismantled and build new from scratch! You also miss adequate laws which handle abuse of power!

  26. james smith says:

    See the big picture, if Hilary was ever going to jail she would be there by now. So the people that are running Trump now have said No. She is going to jail, she is going to jail, remember those words chants etc,etc. Got to LMAO…..

  27. Dan Johansen says:

    Tommy Sotomayor

  28. Greasewood Annie says:

    The Justice dept needs to step DOWN.

  29. Rick Rude says:

    HILLARY Got a lot of secrets is why.

  30. David Clark says:

    When will Fox give it up. Hillary is not the president.

  31. jay griff says:

    Tom fitton for potus

  32. Jmaxboom says:

    Phil Haney didn't commit suicied!

  33. Elcrypto says:

    Why is Assange locked up for exposing war crimes and Hillary walks free?
    Trump stabbed him in the back….which makes Trump a POS

  34. Kiger Redi says:

    DOJ is Compromised!!

  35. Kiger Redi says:

    Mr. Stone was Set-up when he was called in front of Congress" by the Democrats" I know this because I watched them do it to him" and others"", they set traps along the road in Congress and made clear that they would be charged when they lied "which they knew they would" that's because they knew the answers to the questions they made up to entrap him. Pardon stone" it was all part of the overall scheme to illegally impeach and remove a sitting president.

  36. Allen Lichner says:

    Wail until Nancy get the virus. National holiday will be declared

  37. justin william salter says:


  38. RON KING says:

    I can just see it now. when they do an autopsy on her, that alien will come out full of slime.
    If nothing else, Trump has exposed the entire problem, it's everyone!!!

  39. Robert Montoya says:

    It's obvious now how deeply involved Obama's deep state was at the FBI and doj

  40. Joe Teddy says:

    That proves how croke the system is

  41. SanK says:

    I think they’re all corrupt and afraid of being outed by those who bought them.

  42. Stev Wood says:

    HOW DARE the DEMOCRATS accuse President Trump of corruption ! The Democrats are all on the Hillary /Soros dole !

  43. Joseph Merritt says:

    This is what activist judges do. They break all norms and protocols by disparaging their colleagues. She is okay with the 4 liberal Justices voting together as a block. Hypocrisy is the calling card of activist Justices. Trump 2020 so that more Constitutional Justices and Federal Judges can be appointed.

  44. Jameson Serono says:

    The reason nobody in the DC Sewer will be indicted is simple…..the RepublicRats are just as guilty as the DemocRats. The DemocRats got caught. But the RepublicRats in the Sewer are on notice. Lindsey Graham, Little Marco, Gun-grabber Rick Scott, all you DC Sewer RepublicRats….be on notice. Make as much noise as you want. But there better not be ONE indictment or you will be dragged down too. And our wonderful President is forced to identify with one of these sleazebag Parties in order to get things done. Very sad.

  45. Moran McMahon says:

    I believe that Bernie Sanders is a communist.

  46. john johnson says:

    the SWAMP MOBSTERS are sitting on top of many stolen and laundered billions in Eastern Europe;of course they defend the MOTHER of ALL CROOKS

  47. James T Baldwin says:

    I heard that Hillary made the comment that if I go down I’m taking everyone with me so she’s not going down because she knows to much on other high up people

  48. Susan Lauper says:

    they should all be fired every last corrupt liberal Obummer supporter …….Justice Department???? that is laughable..corruption department would be better….

  49. keith johnson says:

    Nothing will be right until Obama Hillary Biden PISSLOSI SCHIFF SCHUMER all answer to America for their lying and cheating America

  50. Doug Stephen says:

    Of course they are defending her…they don’t want to die of suicide.

  51. johnjb1966 says:

    Fintton is a genius and a hero. We need to thank him for all the work he does

  52. James Woodman says:

    Need to retire all federal employees on their 19th year of service.

  53. Jiwbink w says:


  54. Christopher Bertholf Sr. says:

    What is disturbing about the blatantly biased so ial justice warrior Sottomeyer is that she will be Chief Justice someday and she never should have been confirmed to the SCOTUS in the first place…

  55. Jack Spratt says:

    Pull your heads out……they are all crooked. there is no judicial system.

  56. Frank Hardie says:

    Lets not forget… “What’s in the emails is staggering and as a father, it turned my stomach,” the NYPD Chief said. “There is not going to be any Houdini-like escape from what we found. We have copies of everything. We will ship them to Wikileaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to that.”

  57. Ken Rafuse says:

    She even resembles Capone … such a disgrace of the law and a stain on our flag

  58. Thomas Moloian says:

    the odumbshit allah jdoj will be replaced when trump wins in 2020

  59. mojoe Lindell says:

    Trump Lost my support. America lost my support.

  60. mojoe Lindell says:


  61. F. Horton Cheryl says:

    Why did Roger Stones case fly through the DOJ and Hillary Clinton hasn’t faced one charge yet?
    She should have never been appointed , we are dealing with some of the most dangerous people

  62. Lost Aquarian says:

    Suck it, Sotomayor… the Supreme Court belongs to the conservatives now.

  63. TS says:

    Clinton and trump are both epstein photographed and video-taped paedophiles. Evidence and witnesses being silenced as criminals make laws for the elite inconsistent with human values

  64. Ed Kempfer says:

    Can't we the people hold the Justice Department accountable for not doing their jobs? I mean come on we all know they're corrupt as all hell. There has gpt to be something we can do. Judicial Watch and Tom can't do it alone. Thanks.

  65. Deborah VanDusen says:

    That is because if Hillary goes down for her crimes against this great nation a lot of the left wing communist pricks will go down with her.

  66. clifford herrington says:

    Sotomajor Unassimilable doddard!!!!

  67. Patsy Judd says:

    Hillary Clinton i e
    Johann georg faust

  68. dave dimartino says:

    Bernie is a communist traitor and his wife stole millions . . Pedofreak DNC must be assassinated . JFK jr for VP

  69. Chris Bone says:

    To The Moon. Send the crims ( in…) to Guantanamo Bay.

  70. Esta Woods says:

    Kennedy wanted to dismantle the government way back when he was the president it was corrupt back then and the dem are worse now than they were back then .

  71. CJ Miller says:

    Can anyone explain why that witch is walking free? Been hearing if something isn't done to her they aren't voting for President Trump, all this is planned, the virus also to take votes from President Trump, that witch was guilty 4 years ago, and her sorry butt is walking free, murderer.

  72. Roni Kalfie says:

    Why on earth is this the case? Why does Hillary remain above the law when the DOJ is under Republican rule? This has got to stop! Enough is enough. Justice must be served.

  73. leisha rommel says:

    Hillary Clinton could give Russia all the gold in Fort Knox and get away with it

  74. gizmo1 says:

    In all kinds of ways, Trump is testing our ability to find the right language to describe our current moment. We struggle to capture the relentless pathological lying about even the most trivial, easily verifiable matters, the nonstop racism, bullying, xenophobia and misogyny, the all-around deep rot of bad faith that’s eating away at just about everything Trump touches and says and at so much of what his administration does. We are at a rapidly escalating risk as Trump’s grandiosity & paranoia rise inexorably.

  75. natarn knott says:

    No one want's anything to do with her, no big media outlets covering her, by by crooked hillary.

  76. youknowit says:

    Military Tribunals is the only way Hillary Clinton will be prosecuted! She's feared by everyone!

  77. Agent Waldheim says:

    Does William Barr as the U.S. Attorney General , run the Department of Justice…? Can he compel them and order the release of what you are requesting? Is Bill Barr protecting HRC?

  78. Carlos Hernandez says:

    She’s a dumb fck, she probably grow up on welfare.

  79. Anarchy Girl says:

    Because it still has criminals in it .. if it was us we’d be in prison. When you have a set of laws that only pertain to the citizens and not politicians you have corruption. She should be in prison yet she is walking free.

  80. tomtolbert32 says:

    She bought them off so they have to earn the money! She spread 400 million over the justice system and CNN!

  81. Magnús Másson says:

    DOJ's staffers are defending themselves.

  82. Tedzilla says:

    Drain the FBI swamp now!! End term limits now! Finish the wall now!

  83. Mary Czarnik says:

    Supreme court justice Sonia Sotomayor illegals are breaking the laws, she wants to give them freebies and they increase their income by having more freebies while the working class people will have to pay more taxes. What happened to we are a Nation of Laws? Is she fighting for people of color (her culture) or for the American people that are paying her salary to obey the Laws of the Land and not by the persons color. If they were white people like Russians she would not give them any freebies..

  84. Joellen Wortham says:

    Someone needs to shoot the justice people.

  85. Ezio C. says:

    Yet, there is no "DEEP STATE".

  86. Barbara Kelly says:


  87. open woods says:

    And that's what's wrong with this country…2 sided law enforcement.

  88. Marshall Lawhorn says:

    the justice dept. is 90 percent dem. hillary aint never gonna be held acc. for her GUILT good ol CROOKED USA at work as normal

  89. Lupe Gutierrez says:

    AG Bar must fire them all!

  90. Jennifer always Wright. says:

    Lock her up!! She clearly sold the uranium to our enemies. Just like Obama. They both should be locked up!!

  91. sugar19 labarre says:

    Tom Fitten still payroll from Hillary
    Don't be stupidass

  92. Allan Klein says:

    Hillary should be in JAIL

  93. Sandman Beaches says:


  94. Sascha Haywood says:


  95. James Mutell says:

    DRUG RUNNING AT THE MUNICIPAL LEVEL WITH ILLEGAL ALIENS CAUGHT WITH 3 OZ OF METHAMPHETIMINE…..CAN BRE RELEASED OUT OF CUSTOFY ON A R AND R……..WHILE THE locals caught with gram bags of same are doing year in jails……..the municipal judges /public defenders /prosecutors r drug money laundering and protecting their job security while causing harm to the local population.

  96. MYLIFE MYWAY says:

    Illegall…Doesn't Get A Privilege!!!
    😁 By Law!!
    Federal Government's Law Enforcement Will Take Control Of UnLawfulness!!!

  97. Merlin5by5 says:

    Tom, you are SOOOO correct. After the clown car of Bernie and Bloomberg passes by, criminal Hillary will crawl out of the slime pit she comes from, and present herself as the savior of the DemoCrap Party. Like some kind of Cancer coming back.

  98. Ann Marie Boucher says:

    I voted for the president but I want free health care. You can't compete with that. Go Bernie GO 2020

  99. Ann marie Boucher says:

    I voted for the president but I want free health care. You can't compete with that. Go Bernie GO 2020 cheat to win will not work either voter movement for free medicare is way too good of a promise. We can and will do this, bye GOP I WILL NEVER VOTE FR YOU AGAIN AND MY FRIENDS ARE SAYING THE SAME. TIMES ARE CHANGING FOR YOU THERE GOP NO MORE FOR ME, NOT ME US, US, US, US, US.

  100. Reddots InABlueState says:

    Two things were obvious at her confirmation, one she doesn't believe in the U.S. Constitution and two even for a political hack, she isn't very bright.

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