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  1. melissa ferguson says:

    The voices
    They're called thoughts

  2. Kaylin Deja Vu says:

    He playing crazy 🙄 FINISH HIM 💥💣!

  3. Jackie Davies says:

    Complaining that they are not nice to him OMG

  4. Vivian Stimpson says:

    He should be put to death by strangulation.

  5. Katie Ashley says:

    He’s not even sorry or upset, all fake tears. He goes from fake crying to voice back to normal. Scumbag rat pos. I hope he dies painful

  6. M Rodriguez says:

    This guy is really saying his young son was the cause of all this!?! Disgusting!!! God called them to Heaven because even though they didn’t deserve to have their lives cut short, this POS didn’t deserve those angels. Rest in paradise babies. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  7. M Rodriguez says:

    There’s a special place in hell for people who commit crimes against children.

  8. Fenitrieus Duncan says:

    My stepfather used to abuse me, physically emotionally and sexually. He used to make me do those exercises squats standing in a corner with one leg up all that crap. As I got older and I began to cook for him I recall times that he feared that I was poisoning him and he would make me taste his food first. What I believe is the simple truth is that he was scared that I was going to do something to him that I had it out for him because he knew what he was doing and the way he was treating me was wrong. This guy if he was scared of a six-year-old it’s not because he’s crazy he knew that he deserves some shit to happen

  9. Faith Yetman says:

    He isn't really crying. All an act.

  10. Tiffany Marie says:

    You and your crocodile tears you're pathetic poor excuse as a father need to go hide your head in shame you're not crazy you're pure evil

  11. Kylie Giles says:

    You killed your babies you sick fucker! Why didn't you just kill yourself instead! You talked about cutting your children up you sick twisted fucker! I think we should cut you up and one by one limb by limb

  12. Kylie Giles says:

    When that fucker said "the kids didn't want to go, then didn't want their lives to be taken" I cried … Poor babies… You could have put them in care if you or your ex didn't want them. I hope the people in the jail kill you

  13. Kylie Giles says:

    He cares about getting tetanus that's the least of his problems sick fucker

  14. Elgie Ofiasa says:

    BURN THIS DEVIL😡 little by little

  15. Elgie Ofiasa says:

    I don’t understand why the camera is not focus on this devil!

  16. The Reality Check says:

    That rag is as dry as the Sahara desert 🙄😒

  17. Lauren Dreby says:

    Guy doesn’t look like how he sounds. It was soo premeditated he knew he wanted to hurt those kids all along . Let me have at him

  18. Lauren Dreby says:

    Since when can u smoke in a court room

  19. Lauren Dreby says:

    Wow he only cries when hears himself cry

  20. Rebel Heart says:

    Crocodile tears ….this is absolutely sickening… i doubt any of this was accidental…this thing did the worst thing ever…karma is gonna slap the shit out of him. Now i gotta say something im from the uk we too get a lot of fkd up things happening to innocent men women and children….But i would be afraid to live in America im not sure if theres something in the air or water but my god you have some very sick individuals !!

  21. Michelle NC says:

    "Gonna get rid of the Corpses" no you sick duck thats your children not just corpses. Rot in hell, and may you suffer long and hard in prison before you get there!!!!!

  22. Be Nice says:

    There’s no tear coming out stop wiping nothing man

  23. Cherie D says:

    Take those bullshit tears and shove them up your ass you POS.

  24. Anna J Hamel says:

    Monster is too kind of a term. He expresses concern for himself, and how he ruined his life.. And blames the poor little boy he killed…. But talks about killing his children and going around with their dead bodies like it's taking out the garbage. Fucking. Disgusting.

  25. John Richardson Meadows says:

    That old time religion is the road to class and family genocide. It distorts one's perception of the whole universe, including life, human beings, etc. "Voices" – – bullshit. Unfortunately, legitimate government cannot legitimately kill, but the right to life is requisite and inalienable to the existence of the legitimate government. Perpetual bondage is the legitimate capital punishment, in chains with heavy metal balls attached if necessary. If you believe anything he says, without absolute proof, you are goofy yourself. All criminals are insane. He's working the system.

  26. QUEENPUDDING7777777 says:

    I cant😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  27. Lily says:

    Son of a BITCH, ugly ass, devil

  28. Lily says:

    I feel SICK

  29. Hope Mags says:

    Tim’s lawyer to the left in the darker suit looks very similar to Chris Watts his facial hair is just a bit more gray.
    Odd he murders all his children claiming one was accidental then makes a statement he believes in corporal punishment, believing that will teach his children respect and they won’t be a mass school shooter, yet he murdered all children. I also noticed when he is trying to play the insane card it’s they said, when he gets rolling in parts he changed to I did I knew I etc. Put him in a room of parents who have lost a child to violence and illness he won’t be coming out and he will feel the pain he inflicted on these precious Angels!
    Rot in Hell you sick POS

  30. mariaj985 says:

    A truly insane person doesnt say "here comes the paranoia"

  31. C Ol says:

    He was probably high on meth and was paranoid and led to killing the babies, hope he gets what he deserves, he deserves to suffer!

  32. Stacey Elghadi says:

    This guy…..such a narcissist.Straight out the gate thinking he’s smart enough to fake mental illness by listing the WebMD symptoms as he interprets them and not only convince law enforcement but also mental health professionals, lawyers, judge, jury and the public. He hated his ex wife so much that he refused to let her win for his abuse that finally went to far. Refused to let anyone win but him so he killed them.

  33. teri brod says:

    Just when I think I've seen the worst of these cases here comes another devil >.> 48:41 Did he literally say he was teaching his kids to respect human life? >>> then inhumanely kills all five of his children!! >>> those poor innocent babies didn't stand a chance. >>> what's really heart-wrenching is the one son that said "Daddy I love you" while his father was purposely choking the life out him.>> I'm sure he said those words hoping he would snap out of it >.> what an utterly, complete, horrific, misogynist piece of shyt!! >> when he gets what's waiting for him in prison he'll wish he died alongside them.

  34. Lisa Bagnall says:

    Baby killer!

  35. lola bigcups says:

    Umkay, "PTing his ass" and "working him to hard" are not normal things folks do to get their children to tell you if/ how they got hurt.

  36. lola bigcups says:

    Wayment, he made notes and set an itinerary for the disposal of the murder bodies of his children?! WHAT IN THE ENTITE FUCK!

  37. Sandra Hernandez says:

    That was the most ugliest fakest cry I ever seen , makes me think he was thinking like I have to think of something sad so I can cry like Killing my kids is not enough for me to feel emotional.

  38. Mavis Jones says:

    He literally only started crying when he heard himself get emotional on the tape because he feels bad for himself.

  39. Ess!e Bug says:

    Some of you all in this comment feed are just as evil with your words.

  40. Kaz Cross says:

    Horrible little man! If the first kid was an accident why follow suit with the rest. Rot in hell

  41. Kya K says:

    Cut them up so he could bring himself to do it…. K

  42. 069220 says:

    The man is mentally ill, keep that in mind!

  43. Genesis Kravitz says:

    He confesses to killing his children and then worries about “incriminating” himself for explaining what he planned on doing with their bodies. Smh he isn’t sorry. Trash.

  44. Palaven says:

    Watch the fucker cry every time he hears himself crying on tape. He's feeling very sorry for himself, he's the biggest victim in the world.

  45. lenlu007 says:

    “…. I see PEOPLE!…” smh

    Yes…. You DUMB F**K… you DO see “People”….
    The FIVE young people you were in the room with WHEN you MURDERED them… and the “Police” people you’re in the room with now that you’re confessing for the murders of “said” PEOPLE!

    So Yes…. You DO see people… F**KIN EVIL D*CKLESS LIL’ B*TCH!

  46. 64HomeMade says:

    I'm not normal cruel but I'd love to see this piece of shit buried alive.

  47. Lori Brown says:

    Note: when the loving father (said facetiously) talks about the kids…dry eyes. Talks about himself and his garbage that he had to get rid of? tears! Handkerchief? dry as a bone! No red eyes, no swollen eyes.."poor Timothy…I really fucked up…shit hit the fan"

  48. Adam Lewandoski says:


  49. Adam Lewandoski says:


  50. Adam Lewandoski says:

    Would love to see if there was any wet spots on the handkerchief he was using for his tears. Sick bastard.

  51. MS Byrd says:

    May all those beautiful babies rest in paradise with are Father GOD

  52. iamNakayi says:

    Where is the mother ?

  53. shantell lee says:

    He crying cuz he hear himself telling on hisself

  54. Reason * says:

    This asshole should have this audio pumped into his cell 24/7. Hes just crying because he got caught.

  55. Molly Murphy says:

    Did that mother fucker really just try and manipulate to get a better mattress for his cell?? He shouldn’t even have the privilege of laying his head down every night and waking up every morning.

  56. ed boda says:

    the kid said i love you when he's getting strangled to death

  57. Zachary Stewart says:

    I hope that when he goes to prison the guys PT the fuck out of him.

  58. Jhone’a Gamble says:

    He full of ish he plan all this out n plan out how he was going To act crazy for these people

  59. Victoria Staniland says:

    Omg ,how dare his solicitor stroking his arm,evil low life scum killed 4 innocent kids,I hope you die of a evil death

  60. John Smith says:

    He kept thinking Ive ruined my life after he murdered all his kids………….. he is a cold hearted killer. Only cared about himself. And he isnt crazy. He is just an evil fucking cunt.


    MB smiley face? You dead ass??

  62. CleverPlayOn Words says:

    Sick fuck.

  63. Rahsaanica Ward says:

    This mf trying to squeeze tears out😡

  64. iloveyoubcGlovesyou. kaeljr says:

    Could he be more ugli and hideous, if he tried it's impossible. Have to turn it off before I throw up.

  65. Tiger Steele says:


  66. devansdeb says:

    It would be so hard to be this devil's attorney, I'd have a hard time sitting next to him without wanting to strangle him like he did his kids. He makes my skin crawl. He deserves as much as the system can give him.

  67. Tasha Vladimiroff says:

    Pure evil

  68. Jenn Bass says:

    Blaming his dead child 🤬 what a POS!!!

  69. Jenn Bass says:

    What a narcissist

  70. Laura Ashe says:

    So he thinks if he commits suicide he will definitely go to hell but what he did doesn't give him a ticket there already? He didn't care about those babies or the pain they felt.
    Mentally and physically Daddy hurt them too bad that time. So sad

  71. Lorraine Caddy says:

    Ugly vile creature, hope he is terrified to death every living moment for the rest of his life!

  72. Marti M says:

    And he worries about getting tetanus? He's effed up. Shows zero remorse for what he's done. Psycho.

  73. Little Blueprint Writing hood says:

    How could any mother leave her babies with this monster

  74. Raven Winters says:

    I feel like it was fate him getting his car stuck…

  75. W L says:

    We need the guy with the sword who lops the head off cowards.

  76. tim miller says:

    This guy is innocent 100%. Innocent of being a human being. Are they seeking the death penalty is that why they are having a trial at all.

  77. Dijonai Baker says:

    It seemed like he was trying to hurry up and end the interview

  78. Dijonai Baker says:

    I've never heard someone claim crazy, admit to see people not really there. I honestly think when there's a custody case or w.e. whoever these kids are being thrown to need to be checked out 😒 it blows my mind they always wanna cry they're crazy. Capable of self diagnoses but not willing to get checked out or talk to someone…

  79. Christina Velazquez says:

    😡😡😡he will get his in prison sorri sob

  80. fashionable_countrygurl88 says:

    Its amazing how he pretends to get emotional while describing how he brutally murdered his children in one breath and the next he speaks so calmly as he goes into graphic detail. Such a sad case! I pray for all 5 of his children and the babysitter Ms Joy who tried to get them help but DSS failed them. 😢

  81. Sophia Charlie says:

    "I will not let my kids go out and go blasting people away because Im not teachung them respect of human life" LIKE WTF !!!!!!!

  82. djk says:

    He keeps saying i couldn't go through with it like it makes him a decent person. But then he says things like…i left them there like they were just garbage…with no emotion. I give these interrogators credit. How do you even pretend to talk this guy like he's a human being?

  83. Becca ThyBloodRedSandman Taylor says:

    I have nothing but absolute disgust for him.

  84. Ken Brown says:

    This piece of shit has absolutely no remorse none.Just his personality will get his ass kicked in prison not to mention his killing those kids.

  85. Adria Mensah says:

    He is lame..he isn't even crying, I see not one tear..smh..those poor babies. His own father doe not want the death penalty for his son even tho he killed all 5 of his own children. He is lame and a coward of a man..

  86. J C says:

    Dead penalty

  87. Black Rose MH says:

    let these child murderers receive the death penalty immediately after the verdict. And put to death .they have exhausted their right to breathe and live

  88. Andy uk says:

    Awww bless…hes complaining that the naughty officers wouldn't give him a blankey or clothes…fuck off dickhead….at least you're not stuffed in a damn plastic bag at the side of a road! I truly hope he has to share a cell with the biggest toughest inmate in prison. Fkn piece of shit!

  89. J C says:

    he cries because he got caught, not for nothing else

  90. John Reading says:

    I hope he burns in HELL!!!!

  91. John Reading says:

    Starving your kids, then murder!!! Burn in HELL!!! You knew what you did. You piece off [email protected]!t. Burn in HELL.

  92. philly13900 says:

    No emotions. N how was he seen as the fittest parent🙄.

  93. Gerard Alfredo says:

    I pray for God’s wrath and vengeance to fall upon this disgusting animal who’s inhumane. He deserves the 7 times over for what he did to each of his innocent children. Bastard!!! I hope he gets tormented and tortured for the rest of his life by the devil who he worships and is possessed. He has deserves no defense! Monster!!!

  94. Jasmine Patton says:

    He keeps finishing everything off with that's why I need to see a Dr or I think I'm crazy the voices blah blah blah…. Acting I's NOT his forte he knew exactly what he was doing

  95. Carrie Lynn says:

    He said had he known he was hurt he would have taken him to the hospital bull sh**t he would have when he seen he was dead he willingly killed his other 4 babies so I dont believe for one second this piece of crap would have taken him to get medical attention he is a murdering scum bag idk how anyone can hurt let alone murder their sweet babies let me in a room with him for 5 minutes and tax payers won't have to worry about paying to house him or to put him to death I would gladly do it for free!!!!

  96. Dana Beachler says:

    He sure was more worried about getting caught than what he did to his kids.

  97. Vallerie Westrick says:

    Psycho…deeply deranged

  98. Vallerie Westrick says:

    Extreme selfish

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