Tim Miller Excuses For Terminator Dark Flop!!!

director Tim Miller talks about the
failure of terminator dark fate we’ve got to talk about this! what’s up
everybody today I’m here to talk about Tim Miller and he’s well the failure of
terminator dark fates so he’s been talking about it he also reviewed that
he had some fights with James Cameron’s of course now the movie bombed they come
with all these stupid excuses to why it failed which is just right in your face
why this was this was going to fail first and foremost you took a character
that you made us care and then you basically took a crap all over this
character and then you gave the story of this character to a female and then you
paint the movie as female empowerment because people are so stupid they’re not
going to see the difference and that is why this movie failed but they don’t
seem to see that you know they don’t seem to understand that because
Hollywood people leave in their own bubble and they have no touch with
reality or with the real world because seriously if you don’t know why this
movie failed I don’t know what to say to you first and foremost I’ve already said
on to rent reviews pretty much that the problem with this film is not the female
lead characters per se it’s not that it’s what they did to the original
character in order to make this female be the leader that is the main problem
and also the other problem with this film and that is encourages people this
is all about empowerment you guys you know should be on board with this
because this is important people you know we need one of this you know who
cares about storytelling you know who cares about the original story you know
let’s just recycle everything and give it to the female because that’s what we
need right now anyways so first and foremost now his excuses
you know Tim Miller’s excuses is that he did not have all control over the film
you know so that’s one of the things he said
to me it doesn’t make any sense first he was already kind of attacking the fence
before the movie even came out saying that this movie was going to you know
what did he say it was going to scare the F out of the internet trolls the
misogynist that don’t like female characters I mean when has that even
happened you know there’s so many awesome female led films that made so
much money clearly that is not the problem but know these people like I
said they either day like they just need to get out of their own bird bubble so
he said the Terminator dark fate director Tim Miller opened up about the
movie’s disappointment box office in an interview with Kim master the editor of
Hollywood Reporter Miller said that he could write a book about why the movie
didn’t work and that he’s processing the flop I mean how delusional do you have
to be to believe that by spoiler alert killing your main character at the very
beginning I mean you’re not you’re not Hitchcock sorry but not only that you
made sure that we understood that this character was important because in the
future he would help humanity I mean how how can you imagine that killing that
character would not affect everybody else
it just doesn’t make any sense and these people even understand storytelling I am
baffled he said he couldn’t control whether audiences were turned off by
past lackluster Terminator sequels could as well which box-office expert have
suggested one reason the movie sync I agree with this reason I agree that
people have been burned many times because the other Terminator films were
also pretty disappointing even though I even think that Terminator 3 was okay
you know and it’s not supposed to be okay it’s supposed to be awesome it’s
supposed to be amazing supposed to be legendary no it’s not
Terminator Salvation was probably the most innovative of all of them because
he goes all the way in the future and shows us a little bit of the future war
but it was also a movie that in like that had probably Pacey they didn’t
really do a good job in continuing the story and then you have Genesis which is
kind of a soft reboot which is also a major which already shows it’s not a
good thing in friend already made what John Connor was the villain in that
filming it already didn’t work so if John Connor didn’t work there let’s just
kill him off maybe that will work I agree people were being tired of bad
films so perhaps they were turned off that’s written one reason second I think
is the marketing of the film that clearly shows we don’t care about John
Connor anymore we just care about female empowerment because that’s what the
story is about you know who you know I’ve already said many times the problem
are not the female characters but the story is really terrible and especially
what they did to Sarah Connor it’s unforgivable in my opinion okay
she was enough she was awesome she was you know she was one of my heroes until
you actually make her be a drunk that’s what she does she drinks until she
passes out she’s also regretted motherhood you know because all she was
was a womb you know not the fact she was not badass because she killed the
Terminator no because she was the mother of John Connor all of this stuff is just
whatever and then we have continued here he also described this agreement with
the producer James Cameron and how he felt obligated to fight for his creative
vision so let’s check and see what else is is saying here terminator back
fateful night James Cameron Linda Hammond till our nut shots and Egger to
little fanfare since D building in the theaters earlier this month dark fate
has made 235 million worldwide and 185 million production budget which means
it’s very bad it needs to make way more in order to pay for its production it
will most likely top out in the coming weeks so maybe yes maybe not I doubt it
word of mouth is very bad even though some people I believe people that are
not into the franchise might find that as a fun film because if you’re not into
the characters you might like it I even thought the action itself was quite
entertaining my biggest issue with the film was just what they did to John
Connor and with in my opinion is a disrespect to franchise because
mainly telling you Terminator 1 & 2 doesn’t matter Kyler’s ease and whatever
you know sacrifice he made doesn’t matter John Connor who care about John
Connor doesn’t matter let’s just go for it and that’s why I don’t like these
films because if this is supposed to be a sequel why do you have to destroy what
came before you know again same story all over again
it’s disappointing result considering receive far better reviews than the
previous installments okay blah blah blah blah blah blah let’s go down the
dark faith director opened up about the movies disappointment to The Hollywood
Reporter the things they seem to hate the most about the movie where things I
can’t control I mean you can’t control I mean did you have to kill John Connor at
the beginning Miller said I can’t control if you didn’t like Genesis or
you felt betrayed by t4 I can’t help that so now he’s blaming the other films
okay so taking all the responsibilities from him it’s not about destroying John
Connor around we’re aware but that’s continuing Miller also acknowledged that
he was at odds with camera on some creative choices Cameron who direct the
first two terminators the only terminators account returned to the
franchise a producer on dark fate Miller said he felt an obligation to fight for
his vision because that is what the director is supposed to do Miller
explained one of those arguments with Cameron in an interview in Business
Insider earlier this month it was to disagreed on the two disagreed on the
time-travel elements in the movie and that Miller eventually got his way
because Cameron’s ideas wouldn’t have made sense to the plot I mean if he got
his way why is he still blaming Cameron it’s to flopped Miller told masters that
he was unlikely to work with Cameron again so now he’s blaming James Cameron
I’m actually disappointed James Cameron too because apparently their idea of
killing John Connor came from him it has nothing to do with whatever trauma I
have from the experience Miller said ah it’s more that I just don’t want to be
in situation again where I don’t have control to do what I think it’s right
Cameron told deadlines in August the dark fate could launch a new Terminator
trilogy they’ve been trying to do that every scene
salvation and then Genesis and it just doesn’t work because Terminator either
is not supposed to be a franchise it’s done on Terminator 2 or we need people
with more talent with more creativity to bring the story forward and it’s just
baffled me that nobody is able to accomplish that because all they want to
do nowadays you know is you know kill beloved characters right because I mean
who didn’t love John Connor and that little kid that we followed the journey
he was so important you know it was like we we the the movie keeps you in the
edge of your seat oh my god this little boy needs everything was about saving
him because he was very important for the future and then this movie just
comes and it raises everything and Wow we were so powerful that it didn’t do
well why did you think people didn’t want to go see it well because it was
pretty clear that it was going into that direction
I was actually blind to it you know I gave you know I like to judge things for
what they are I was even willing to go there and see John Connor being killed
if it made sense to the story but for me it didn’t it was basically done and a
very beginning of the movie so he is out of the way and I think that is very
disrespectful and I’m actually glad that the movie bombed so it will stop there
and I don’t have to consider this as canon what makes me sad it’s for irony
because I thought he was great and also Linda hemmed I thought both of them had
great chemistry what makes me also said is for the rest of the people that
worked hard in the film you know I I know how filmmaking is I know how hard
it is but it is not their fault the fault is the writers you know the people
that put this movie together that again do not have I mean they should have
known better okay but anyways guys I just wanted to talk about Tim Miller and
his excuses because that’s what people do in Hollywood they never assume
responsibilities for that mistakes you know it’s very rare that a director
comes forth and say I messed up you know there was the wrong choice no we need to
blame the audience we need to know blame someone or blame James Cameron or
whatever because we cannot take responsibilities
of favor whatever failure happens the same situation with charlie angels right
then Elizabeth Banks just said the man is to blame you know because of this
culture that man doesn’t support female lead characters I mean that’s another
you can check out my other video where I dig in into that situation with
Elizabeth Banks as well anyways guys thanks for watching if you enjoyed this
video don’t forget to hit that thumbs up subscribe for more and see you next time

100 Responses

  1. Ohlukei says:

    Well said. 🙂

  2. Dark Matt3rs says:

    I believe James Cameron was setting these SJW's up for the big fail…that's why he would suggest to kill off the central character. He is still pretty pissed how he was robbed of his IP rights by the studio, so he purposely tanked it.

  3. silentthriller says:

    Liked for use of "Dark Flop"

  4. Julio Rios says:

    We ALL love woman and WELL-DONE female leads, but we also HATE all this SJW agenda forced down our throat….

  5. Fluke says:

    Hopefully people start boycotting these talentless directors and movies they make

  6. Joshua Channing says:

    Only the one to blame makes excuses and blames others for their failures.

    Also though, this film actually would've been successful just 5 or 6 years ago before people allowed the current political atmosphere warp their minds.

  7. rodwoo17 says:

    Exactly right, Viv. They took a crap all over John Connor so I was not interested! End of story.

  8. mbeat28 says:

    I don’t blame Tim Miller. The blame falls at the feet of James Cameron. He took the film in his direction and let Miller take the shit for it.

  9. Iris says:

    I am sorry you don't like my revisioning of a classic…..  Yeah cause making what we love pointless is going to win you so many points with fans. I wonder how many razzies he will win for this bomb.

  10. Dr Cringe says:

    How is it "female impowernment" to make female characters behave like retardo coldhearted warlords?
    God people are so fucking stupid.

  11. I’m just sayin says:

    3:02 he could right a book? reminds me of Hillary Clinton’s book “What happened”

  12. VOIP Portland says:

    The media and Hollywood would like people to believe 90% of people are fine with radical feminism and the woke agenda. The true number is closer to 2%.

  13. Nick Murphy says:

    the film was dead after that very first poster Sara, some woman and the is it male or female in the middle.it stunk of the same woke,SJW feminist crap that's been shoved down our throats.so roll up roll up see the next mary sue………….we want good characters and stories not agender ,like the first tranny terminator

  14. Jim Earnest says:

    Basically,they killed Jesus,cause that is who John Connors character is based on,the one that saves man and woman kind.

  15. bliglum says:

    Everyone ALWAYS falls back to the damn blame game these days, pointing the damn finger, making excuses.. Does no one, ANYONE take responsibility for their actions any more? Miller baby needs to grow up.

    Long story short, people don't go to the movies to be force fed radical feminist propaganda, to be indoctrinated into misguided ideologies… People go to the movies to be ENTERTAINED, and its hard to make an entertaining film when you're overly concerned with pushing the leftist creed…. How long before this weird ass, far-left "woke" Hollywood realizes this? I suppose when the greed overwhelms the creed! Get tired of getting woke and going broke.

  16. Bernard Kruger says:

    Suck it timmy! 😂😂😂

  17. Bitchslapper316 says:

    To be fair both Dark Fate and Genesys were better then T3 and salvation, those movies sucked. I'm not sure why people look back on them with rose-tinted glasses, there is a reason those films also flopped and never got sequels.

  18. Tommy Locker says:

    Why not make a future war were John dies…. we know he dies at one point and his wife takes over… or john could've had a daughter… idk could've been better

  19. After Asteroid Survivor says:

    I’ll tell you what Dark fate is……una basura 🗑

  20. Cary David Hoffson says:

    John Conner was killed very fast before you got a chance has if he was a villain that was being killed real fast and to move forward before you knew it

  21. Zaccario Tramontana says:

    Tim Miller should grow a pair.

  22. Malone Samson says:

    (He talks about not wanting to do with James Cameron anymore after Dark Fate), no he needs to shut the fuck up and take credit when credit is due for his failure. if James Cameron wants to kill off a character, he needs to do it himself without Miller's oversight. Better yet he can direct the movie himself.

  23. Adam Forrest says:

    Bring back The Sarah Connor Chronicals

  24. gvy julien says:

    Remboursez moi de ma place de cinéma

  25. 0ptimus1984 says:

    Watch Mowgli Legend of the Jungle its 2018 movie netflix version WARNING not kids movie unlike Disney's version it has blood and Gore stays more true to source and CGI animals (its made like Alita to give the animals human facial expressions) are more like in India DIsney's Ver were American bear and wolves, and then do Review on it

  26. Donavon Paige says:

    He knew that it would disappoint us. Im not a homophobe, butvwhy would he kill off John Connor and Sarah Connor and Terminator i mean Carl have to protect a genetically enhanced Tomboy and Her girlfriend whose just a Random store clerk?

  27. Mrsushi1011 says:

    Hollywood is dead. Im glad i got to see some awsome movies through the 90's and the early 2000's. This era we are living is trash. Nothing but wokeness and stale franchises.

  28. Dark Highwayman says:

    All they had to do was move the whole story to the future war time and make it dark and gritty. Put in any characters ya need, check whatever boxes ya needed. Show us the War and how humanity came back from the brink and smashed skynet and end it all with Kyle Reese going back in time to start the series in 1984.

  29. Rick B. says:

    you're very passionate about this… but you know what happened here… cameron didn't direct any terminator since part 2… aka he doesn't really care about them anymore… if hes producing.. hes not on set every minute… aka doesn't fully invest his mind and time into the movie… this is tim millers movie… and he is not a terminator director… he is making excuses now…. I don't know who can make a good terminator movie assuming cameron will never again direct one. the end.. its not hard to figure out people.

  30. Alex T says:

    Whats interesting is Cameron was quoted when Salvation came out whether he would ever return to the movies. He was quoted "too many people have pissed in the coffee, so its not something I would return to." Yet he came back. Ironic.

  31. Terminator X says:

    James Cameron is just as guilty, if not more than, as Tim Miller. He killed off his own main character, and disgraced the other my making her a washed up old Jake, or 'Jill' in this case. But, I digress.

  32. Pete Cho says:

    I think this movie was hugely misunderstood. People were so caught up with what happened to John in the beginning of this movie, but they completely miss the purpose in the overarching story. I think the movie was quite clever, but it was too much for simple minds to wrap their heads around. What happened to John worked for me because it continues Sarah’s character development into this new chapter. This movie poses a great question that strikes at the very core of human curiosity. Even though the first two Terminator movies prevented one dark future fate of mankind, was it enough to prevent human curiosity and technological progress? Is humanity headed for an inevitable outcome because of our need to create? Who are the true villains? The machines or the ones who created them in the first place?

  33. James Lemmons says:

    Critics make me sick! 🤮🤮🤮 Critics are the reincarnation of the mobs that crucified Christ! Critics make me sick!!!🤮🤮🤮

  34. auritone says:

    The main problem is that they kill off a pivotal character in order to tell the exact same story beat for beat – AGAIN!

  35. Jim Derringer says:

    There's a greater agenda at work than just encouraging people to attack each other over polarizing political issues. The attack on motherhood was vicious in this movie, and coincidentally falls in line with a certain undermining of cultural that has happened in the past (see: Bolshevism.)

  36. Dave Studdaman says:

    I think Tim Miller and I should get gully

  37. Brang Zonghus says:

    It's a hard life – now you can write your book while relaxing and watching the old ones…

  38. The Anonymous Hiker says:

    These “woke” movies don’t fail because their woke. They fail because these movies were never meant to be franchises. Their stories ended long ago yet Hollywood keeps dragging them out of the grave to retell the same story we have already seen done better years ago.

  39. Larry D Ragland Jr says:

    The movie definitely has some issues, but it made back it's money. I wouldn't call it a flop. Haha!

  40. FarStepper says:

    has every forgotten about Xenza and Gabriela from the nineties.

  41. Wayne Lee Ramsden says:

    as we say in england it was wank proper wank..hmm.

  42. handy240 says:

    He could not have done a worse movie. He wanted it to fail and burn 100 million. Stupid copy & paste story , crap ideas like killing John Connor, very similar to killing Newt and Hicks in Alien 3. Even Rev9 is mediocre. And Dani ? Gimme a break. Random mexican girl is future hope of humanity…I will stand up and fight…WTF ? Border patrol is bad…NO, please , NO. Hollywood is stupid… And Miller ? One Deadpool , does not predict his future…Dark Fate is rubbish to the nth dimension

  43. juan santos says:

    Don't ever change, girl!

  44. Paine79 says:

    Tell ya what…fuck em^^ Trash dOOd has put the final nail in the coffin for Terminator. Garbage Idiot…and that's the guy who made Dead Pool…what how why?!?
    But wait friends…the next bomb is coming with the Sonic movie 🤢 🤮

  45. eon14873 says:

    If John conner was killed he wouldn't exist because he sent Kyle back to 1984 who would become his father. He is there in t2 as a forty something warrior. It makes no sense

  46. Joe Dirt says:

    T-3 was good in my opinion though of course T-2 and T-1 get 1st and 2nd place T-4 they had the right idea going into the actual war though there was a lot I wished they would have done and or done differently in it and together the third and fourth films were important in showing the development of skynet itself and the rise of John Conner to the top leadership role and what it was composed of before him

    And with the T-X I've actually developed my own idea for a progressive line of terminators leading up to a type of terminator skynet could download pieces fragments of itself onto a certain number of and have them merge together into a single giant self aware machine and I won't go into detail with it all but maybe have the resistance get their final victory/revenge on skynet surrounding and trapping it on the island of Oahu Hawaii and severly damaging it in it's physical body with a handful of nukes then at the peral harbor area have them deal out the final blow out in the harbor humanity putting an end to ww3 where ww2 started for America a Terminator "ENDGAME"

  47. Raunak Mishra says:

    I don't understand that if a t800 killed John Conner in t2 movie itself then how was the terminator 3 film exists?

  48. Dan Patterson says:

    I haven't seen the film, but unless T2 is the end of the story, there has to be some way for the evil machines from the future to threaten again. One way to open up that storyline is to take John Connor out of the picture, but that should be a story in itself. Perhaps "sleeper" terminators (a model that came before the T800, they could have some fun with that) were seeded into the past before T1 and programmed to take action when/if subsequent terminators fail. Whatever, it's a story. Then they could battle with John Connor and eventually overwhelm him, both allowing a more dramatic buildup to his death (validating the character's importance) and giving some deserving female character the opportunity to earn her cred by fighting alongside him (maybe she's one of the sleepers who gets reprogrammed ala T2, which would give her enhanced fighting ability). Thus she is positioned to take the lead in the next film, under the mentor-ship of Sarah Connor, who we keep around because SHE is the character that holds the franchise together. Throwing John Connor away at the beginning just sounds like sloppy screenwriting.

  49. wildthornband says:

    Hi Viv well I was gutted that Terminator Dark Fate killed off John Connor but I did think that in T2 Sarah actually caused this because she blew up Cyberdyne preventing skynet from existing. Skynet and the war must take place in order for John to exist because he has to send Kyle back to become his dad. This idea of no fate I think is bull and Sarah was just fuelled by her own nightmarish obsession. Still they could have still had Skynet exist in some other form without killing john I suppose lol. – Ash Robertson Wild Thorn Band

  50. Obey Physics says:

    What they need to start doing now is letting us see the script before the movie gets made then we can tell them nooooo but they dont care about us fans that made the first 2 movies. They need to create a movie exactly like t2 same style and all but they want to jump in the crazy action cgi wagon.just make it 90's style and everyone would love it. Keep John being Dyson back and continue the story how fucking hard is that. Stop catering to these fucking sjw's and feminist. We want a good movie.

  51. Henning Okholm says:

    You talk too much 😉

    The idea of Terminator is The Terminator, not a human.

    As James Cameron expressed, he wanted to explore AI. He will do that in sequels

  52. gerald maybebaby says:

    The first movie is a complete unit. No other films are needed.
    Subsequent films will always have hits and misses. Depending on the whim of the audience and how it fits with their own notion of what the story means.
    It does not need to be progressesed as a story.
    It was done in the first movie.
    A beginning. A middle. An end.
    Can't keep sending robots back in time to kill Sarah. Then john. Then john's grandparents.
    There is no point. It is already a paradox.
    The first film is first class. And personally created one of the best combat robot designs of all time.
    The original wasn't really about a strong female character.
    She was the mother of John. A target. She survived.
    It was about mankinds survival…
    The end of the movie is sombre..as she flees south to avoid the inevitable fate of mankind. But she has strength of mind to realise the importance of her sons survival.
    Every movie that followed isn't necessary.
    I love the first movie. For all it's flaws and all the things it did right.
    But I care less about everything that follows. And only watch them when eventually at some point, I happen to see them.
    Be happy to be a fan of terminator.
    But don't expect Hollywood to produce a stunning story from a story that is already done.

  53. PungiFungi says:

    I wonder how many starlets that Tim Miller and his ilk fcuked. No wonder hypocrites like him are virtue signaling like mad…probably from a guilty conscience and covering his own ass that he cannot POSSIBLY mistreat women.

  54. Philly Tee says:

    I hope I never see this new Terminator movie because it really does sound terrible. This is coming from a fan of the franchise since I first saw the original Terminator film on a T.V. movie channel in a hotel in about 1988. As far as Terminator 'Dark Fate' is concerned they might aswell of sh*t on plate and called it steak & chips! 😔😂🙁

  55. Praktikool says:

    Something you said about the treatment of Sarah just gave me a shudder and I thought… These authoritarian SJW types have long been attacking males generally and fathers particularly, so no surprises for me there. However, are they now wanting to denigrate and demean mothers… for what, just being mothers or raising sons? There's no way that can end well.

  56. llennon73 says:


  57. paolobbbbb says:

    What "excuses" when he make die John Connor and Skynet and substitution it with Legion (WHAT???) making delete in the water all the good things see in T2 for save Connor…he is a idiot!

  58. Tim Fuller says:

    Terminator: Wet Fart

  59. freeyourmind88 says:

    Humanity was a mistake, to error is to be human, were all full of shit.

  60. Son of Ferg says:

    This movie was not trash… I bet most ppl commenting haven’t even seen it. Yes there were huge mistakes in this film that really rubbed me the wrong way only furthering my disappointment In the franchise. However I really liked some aspects of the story I could see the creative potential brewing. Give us a female character we can get behind nobody is against female leads. were against injecting a woke political view that nobody wants in entertainment. It’s one thing to have your woke movies and shows, great for you 👍🏻 Watch whatever you want but not only are they smearing it all over every franchise I’ve loved since I was a kid but they’re actually destroying them in the process.

  61. Harry Kiralfy Broe says:

    Get woke, go broke – They lag some very very basic: Creativity.

  62. Machiavelli III says:

    Disagree, it's not a failure $280m and counting.

  63. tom obrien says:

    "Franchises" are the problem
    How many times can you go back to the well?
    Franchises make money but for the most part they water down the original source material until it becomes absurd
    Laziness lack of vision and no imagination combined with greedy film industry makes for what we see these days
    Even t2 as great as it was is very different in tone compared to original
    T1 and 2 were it
    Way past time to leave it alone

  64. Janette Jack says:

    The franchise is over and Arnald is too old… People have moved on

  65. Franky Alvarezhg says:

    This video doesnt make any sense this movie wasnt as bad as genesys get over it lady killing john wasnt a big deal just like arnold comes back as a terminator every time he dies he comes back so does kyle rese and sarah so there's no reason why john connor cant come back get over it lady

  66. J. Kingsmith says:

    Why did it fail?
    Hollywood: “Misogynist and transphobic bigoted people on the wrong side of history”.
    Fans: “no sir, it just suuuuucked”.

  67. Godsslave777 says:

    The terminator movies are like genders there’s only 2

  68. Disturbed Individual says:

    I love you!

  69. metalrave says:

    The female lead has been deprecated because of these political correct Hollywood directors. I mean the new "John Connor" could barely swing a gun, while you had Sarah Connor dismantling guard after guard in judgement day.

  70. Eliazar Seleky says:

    The whole problem is that miller did not listen to Cameron at all. Miller wanted to make his own style film.. It was a terminator movie with Deadpool action scenes

  71. 80% suicides are men but no one cares says:

    he must live in a twatter echo chamber to even think making that movie was a good idea

  72. Roborav says:

    Miller is a fucking joke he has no killer classic Movies under his belt just like the rubbish director of terminator 3 which also was garbage. This was a flop as I predicted because A. Arnold had lost his terminator look he's as old as fuck now. B. They can't make violent horror Movies like the first terminator because today's world is too PC. C. It was full of feminist bullshit. D. No actor out there presently that has the intensity and presence like Arnold had in the first one.

  73. Jake1981 says:

    They will learn if they get woke they go broke!

  74. Peter Degtjarewsky says:

    So basically…we men are done with this role/character and we’ve milked the franchise for all it’s got…sooo…here you go ladies. You can have it.
    Wow…Look how wonderful Hollywood liberal men are and how well they treat women by giving them men’s left overs. And they’ll tell you all about this strong, wonderful female role…while you’re on the casting couch. Hollywood liberal men are so great, aren’t they?

  75. Joe Garcia says:

    Terminater movie, flavored with democlacktic agenda= 💩💩💩

  76. Vintage Vinny DIY says:

    Who the fuck stood up and said let's make movie directors famous and relevant like actors? Good review nice to see a real woman and hear her real life opinions. Subbed

  77. Vintage Vinny DIY says:

    Yes was nice to see Arnie and even Linda …I could have written a better story on the back of a dirty napkin

  78. Jason Adank says:

    they really missed an opportunity with this one. Having brought Ed Furlong back on the project, they should have moved the movie into the future war with him an Arnie dealing with Skynet. Kinda like what they did with the Universal Studios Terminator Experience short film. https://youtu.be/L788U-OOFp4?t=618 I think that woulda really resonated with fans and been a worthy sequel…

  79. Herman Munster says:

    Already in production due for release next year. Superman becomes transgender and insists on being called Caitlyn. Is sure to be a hit

  80. Silke De kruijf says:

    Don’t killed the main character the movie would be success

  81. Henry Ellis says:

    James Cameron should have protected his franchise, if he gave a single fuck about the love that he originally inspired in people for it (and for himself). Tim Miller made a bad Terminator movie but Cameron was in a position to do something about it and didn't. The responsibility falls on his shoulders and Tim Miller should be cut a little slack by the fans. not a lot but a little.

  82. Garfield de Segunda says:

    Eu achei um lixo Terminator dark fate. Matar jhon conor é jogar o primeiro e segundo filme no lixo

  83. Timothy Hunt says:

    I can't believe this is where we are at in 2019!!

  84. Jye Parry says:

    They lost the true passion of the story and characters they need a new direction a new type of director and script writer and I know just who could pull it off someone that cares about the franchise and can bring it into a new light for true terminator fans world wide.

  85. Glen Ross says:

    This film is absolute dog shit… killing off john connor is the most fucked up thing ever done. Cameron has lost the plot

  86. Zero 7 says:

    Skynet sending Tim Miller back in Time to create Dark Fate. 😂 🤣

  87. Johny Mora says:

    One of my favorite movies is resident evil and I never really ever thought of "girl empowerment" I just enjoyed it because it had story it touches some realities. But now its like so fake its actually cringy..I am.done with movies.

  88. Razib Baral JOY says:

    At least they named the Movie correctly Terminator: Dark Fate.
    How did they predict the dark fate of this movie? amazing. 🙏

  89. Terry Schnereger says:

    Our generation is done, finished! Unsalvageable!

  90. locdasmoke says:

    They should've continued after Salvation and taken it further in the future war against SKYNET, FUCK LEGION! Salvation was original, it didn't rehash anything, it expanded the lore, sure there were a few movie mistakes here and there, but never that bad and I've really never understood the hate for Salvation.

  91. Deano Grey says:

    I have not seen this movie yet but i always wanted the follow up to T2 being called Terminators, because I wanted there to be 3 terminators in it or maybe more, similar to the sequel to Alien, but only if Jim Cameron was directing otherwise it wouldn't work, but that's it i guess, still i would love to see that. 👍👋💕

  92. dan McKenzie says:

    The fact that the director blames the failure on people who didn't go see the movie completely baffles me. The fact that he blames me for his movie failing means that he thinks that we had a responsibility to go and see his crappy movie i.e. to support him. Just WOW!

  93. rex harrison says:


  94. John HENDRICKS says:

    They killed off a legacy character, and the ending was anticlimactic.

  95. Jack M says:

    It wasnt that bad of a film it just wasnt amazing and they took out john Conner. Cinema was empty when I saw it on opening day. No one cares about terminator no more.

  96. samer punkt says:

    good to see a female fan talk about that stuff too

  97. hydRoPump says:

    Hollywoke "progresive" iluminati agenda.

  98. Danny T says:

    The reason all Terminator movies post T2 didn't work is because the story arc ended with T2. In the first movie the T-800 began as the main antagonist whose only goal was to kill Sarah Connor to prevent John Connor from being born. In T2 he became the surrogate father figure missing from John's life whose only goal was to protect him. That's the arc and the heart of the story. Everything else after that was unnecessary.

  99. Leonardo Gonçalves says:

    I think people are too much blaming Tim Miller (of course he deserves mostly the hate) but in my opinion James Cameron is the one who should be adressed by totally disrespecting his own creation just because he is too busy on that Avatar crap that nobody cares about. As soon as the news hit that he wasn’t the director i knew this was going to bomb because from that decision it was clear as day that he wasn’t giving a damn crap about this franchise.

  100. Emilce Diaz says:

    He didn't have full control and still he ended up destroying the main story 😂😂

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