This Restaurant Is Actually a Sex Cult

(upbeat music) (elegant music) (fire blowing) (butter melting) The first time I made Lub, I was 15 years old and it was with a boy in my class named Toby. We were at a bonfire on the beach, and we snuck away behind the breakwater to discover one another. I could smell the smoke
from the fire in his hair, and the salt from the
cold ocean water nearby. For me, these are smells of passion. Food has these smells because food is passion. Food is freedom. Food is liberation. Food is sex. (intense music) (gentle music) Tonight is our monthly
banquet, and rather than having a restaurant that’s open every night, and people are wandering in whenever, we say, “Come in at this time on this night.” “Sit with us.” “Be with us.” (gentle music) (preparing the meat) – Oh – Ooh – Ohh, (kissing) – Cards on the table, its an orgy (kissing and moaning) – (Tommy) and people show up they eat good food and everybody gets nasty and hits the hay. (laughing) I mean it’s incredible! Fresh produce, great wine and a few orgasms? Pshht.. Get the heck out of here. That’s awesome. – (Frankie) Full is a garden of sensual experience the fay of earthly adrenaline a restaurant with no silverware because we eat off each other’s genitals – For a number of years, Laura was a member of a commune in southern Argentina. She ran the kitchen I think it was a sex cult. – I didn’t even know that I had a passion for cooking but when I saw the communal nature of it how it brings people together how putting soft items in our mouths heals bodies and souls for all eternity how powerful it is to lock eyes with someone as they say “oh, yeah, uh-huh, mhmm, mhmm, right okay right oh” (laughing) (deep breath in) “oh my, mmhm, mmhm, (breaths in) Mmmhm!” what were you saying? – I mean, it was definitely a sex cult. (gentle music) – (voiceover)At the commune,
I was working with vishmanger who brought me the most beautiful red snapper filets. She was impressed with my cooking and (deep breath in) and she had amazing shoulders I had always thought in terms of the communal I’d never reserve love for just one person but suddenly, I was head over heels. For once, I was focused on one person. She was my world but it didn’t last long (gloomy music) she was eaten by a whale that is how she always wanted to die. Which I guess is nice, but it still hurt and I felt empty (crying) how was I ever going to mend that whole in my heart? How was I gonna get back to my old way of being? How was I ever gonna feel full again? And that is how the concept of Full came to be. I needed to answer my calling I needed to reconnect with community to to fill my void with people and pleasure. – Laura, came out of a sad life event and now has a lot of sex to feel less lonely. I don’t think it’s more than that. – There’s no bounds to
her bafound and brilliant genius and that includes her first signature dish called Savage Desire. (happy music) I scorn the typical dining experience the stuffy table settings, the individual placemats it’s so inhibiting. When you dine with me (voice over) I want you to dine with me, not dine at me. No one is ever alone at Full. (happy music) (intense music) – It’s just meat I don’t even know what kind of meat I think it’s ribs, but no one ever said ribs, so it could be anything. (moaning) (intense moaning) – Believe it or not that’s just a taste of Gods of Food for more episodes, go to and sign up for your free membership. – Hunger, is our body’s way of telling us what we want. It is my job as a chef to listen to my body and to the bodies of those around me. (upbeat music)

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  1. June Doe says:

    Andi Mack's mom? What-

  2. Xero0 says:

    I thought she was gonna cook the whale that ate her gf lmfao

  3. Courtney Brannan says:

    Grant is hiding somewhere in the restaurant, I just know it.

  4. Talha Siddiqui says:

    Weird bastards

  5. taimatsuko says:

    Not sanitary, 1 star

  6. Lee Phillips says:

    I'm probably missing the point here but that food did look pretty good

  7. Perri Lewis says:

    Grant wrote this didn't he?

  8. Kimmet Lemonsbury says:

    This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week!

  9. DoctorX17 says:

    Well that was weird

  10. Benjamin Liang says:

    Separate 10 egg whites with no use for the yolks.
    5 minute crafts in a nutshell

  11. Night Coon says:

    When you watch youtube all night and you realise that a border has been crossed, you think about your life, and that you should stay away from the Internet for a while……

  12. Angela Peebles says:

    …honestly not gonna like..I would like to go to a place and devour ribs like animals with some friends…its sounds oddly appealing.

  13. Mule The Donkey says:

    Oh gross dont reanact "Ghost" with beef xD

  14. MrAB2357 says:

    1:16 – 1:30 is THE definition of, "Please stop that"

  15. slink0 says:

    Of course Grant wrote this one

  16. Chris Wielink says:

    Do wash your hands in between rubbing on raw meat and rubbing on.. someone else's meat though…

  17. Sex H888 Web says:

    Hello 💋💋💋💋✋ one like 👍 thank you ❤️ sorry

  18. christian nanya bussness says:

    Is she making veloute?

  19. Furocious25 says:

    I can already see the advertising if it became a chain restaurant..
    Full: If you're not full of food, you're full of the other guests

    Full: Cum hungry, Leave happy

    Full: When you're here, you're the meal

  20. Mark David Salcedo says:

    Definitely it was a sex cult
    Fudge I laughed so hard my parents threw me a pillow. 😂

  21. Liatin1 says:

    Where's the address?

  22. amber jean says:


  23. HSRGV says:

    Every time i watch collegehumor, i get reminded that normal people have friends and a social life. I have no idea what having even 1 friend would feel like.

  24. BlueBirb 7217 says:

    Lord forgive me for what I’m about to do

  25. John Lang says:


  26. Sofia Arango says:

    I wouldn't mind being in a sex cult with her… Hnnnng mommy

  27. zimnomel says:

    As someone who's squicked out by food sex, this made me incredibly uncomfortable…

  28. blue smurff says:

    Nothing better than having sex on a bed of kale ?

  29. Lucie L says:


  30. Sam Jensen says:

    So her lover was vored by a whale?

  31. Miss Lucid Dreams says:

    I want to eat there 😮

  32. • Rosie ジ Chan • says:

    2:19 Wth xD any Disney channel fans get me

  33. Moulay Ktiri says:

    She should watch food wars

  34. Yan Shyla says:

    why so many dislikes?

  35. Henry Agyekum says:

    Lord help them

  36. K August says:

    I’m strangely hungry…

  37. K August says:

    I’m strangely hungry.

  38. Luke Awabdy says:

    Honestly this video is a fucking masterpiece

  39. Unknownbutter says:

    2:33 Can someone tell me how Youtube is allowing this?

  40. Jack5 says:

    Aw man, where's the Wild West line? I was really looking forward to hearing that running gag.

  41. Xx Selena xX says:

    Really good looking food though

  42. Xx Selena xX says:

    I’d definitely go

  43. Autumn Castaneda says:

    Thats very like water for chocolate of you

  44. Citizen 1 says:

    If food is sex than I'm masturbating all wrong

  45. Captain trash can S says:

    The health department gives a F but they gave a A cause this is sexy and they will come by

  46. loveheart says:

    So Eyes Wide Shut but with food

  47. 26muel says:

    Soo is it an actual thing? Asking for a friend, an imaginary friend.

  48. Zale Rogers says:

    This is highly disturbing

  49. TheCrankyDank says:

    I know its a joke, but I could low key get down with this.

  50. Millie The memer says:

    Please tell me this is fake

  51. Millie The memer says:

    Like the video and all but 2:19 ain’t that the girl from andi Mack 👁

  52. Millie The memer says:

    Say SiKe right now

  53. Marcus Ager says:

    So how does one join a sex cult? Asking for a friend o.o

  54. H0RUS says:

    This needs to be a movie

  55. jarvinator100 says:

    For a channel with "humour" in it's name this was really unfunny.

  56. Calming Tess Does Things says:

    oh my fucking god that’s bex from the DISNEY CHANNEL SHOW andi mack

  57. Ozbully Morales says:

    This is what Martin Luther King meant when he said, “I have a dream.”

  58. Platypi007 says:

    what you gotta understand is that no one was doin' this at the time! It was the WILD WEST out there. There were no rules! There was no script! We were just FLYIN' by the seat of our pants!

  59. Silvers24 says:

    I am like nothing professional, but a lot of peeps do like my cooking. And honestly, I kind of hope my cooking ends up on this spiritual level like in this video. Just only casually and not professionally.
    Or else ill feed myself to the whale.

  60. Harry Rocas says:

    I honestly thought this was a food documentary and checked if I was on the right channel at the first few seconds 😂

  61. BabyJean14 says:

    This is fantastic

  62. jo CREATES says:

    that butter is entirely too much

  63. thunderlink says:

    All right. You did it. You finally made YouTube compatible p*rn 😀

  64. Mr. Man says:

    Oh okay.

  65. Hazm Hazm says:

    انا شاب من مصر مفيش ست جد01022532043

  66. Ariel Crandall says:

    She’s on Disney channel

  67. SimplifiedZer0 says:

    When you’re so lonely you actully wish this restaurant existed.

  68. Yunna Lawson says:

    Srry I was late but is that Bex from Andi Mack !!😱

  69. No One says:

    Nice job with the queer representation, even in absurd satire

  70. Cyanide Nation says:

    Thomas had seen everything time to burn this restaurant

  71. Sunflower says:

    She was…..eaten by a whale.
    Producers while editing- Busts out laughing

  72. 500 subscribers with no videos says:

    “It didn’t last long. She was eaten by a whale”

    Yeah ikr. My wife got flopped on by a humpback.

  73. MellowMadnessRMX says:


  74. Rain Fitchett says:

    Like, I know this is a joke, but I could get behind a food orgy. Or in front of one. I'm down for whatever.

  75. SCP Time says:

    "Food is sex"
    chocolate ads entered the chat

  76. meachy says:

    The #$%^ did I just watch?

  77. meachy says:

    Reminds me of that Will Farrow SNL lovers sketch.

  78. Shwethal Trikannad says:

    Joey would sure love this place.

  79. Toon Mage Channel says:

    Don't watch this without using earphones. It sounds like you are watching porn. Hahahaha.

  80. Mina Kwon says:

    Omg the savage desire part byee

  81. YM S says:

    Why are you idiots upvoting the content if you don't like it? Judging by the comments, I'm not the only one getting dissapointed by this trash content. Press dislike if you want them to improve and um… Not sexually molest animals on camera?

  82. Alden Legge says:

    Frankie Boo-Berry 😄😄😄

  83. faTe zero says:

    The guy from what would you or do comes out

  84. oh yeah yeah says:


  85. Soleilune says:

    Wow, I've always wanted to die by being eaten by a whale too!

  86. Fire Feather says:

    Gordan Ramsey needs to shut this place down lol XD

  87. Chronoz_Phyczx says:

    Gordon Ramsay does not approve this.

  88. Eurofuhrer From the 5th dimension says:

    Wh a T yo U. GoT. Ta. Uuuuuunderdtand is it was the ŴÏŁ£ ŴĘŠ5 OUT HeRe

  89. potato po-ta-to says:


  90. Frankie Reyes says:

    The thumbnail already had me laughing

  91. xxjess hughes says:

    I swear that's that bex person from Andi mack

  92. Zurab Pro says:

    The scary movie for vegans:)

  93. jason francese says:

    The older woman constantly praising the worst actions of the chefs, is it just me or do her glasses get bigger over time?

  94. Adventure Time says:

    Nope f*** this sh** im done with life im going to mars

  95. Unzip My Genes says:

    5:22 Hannibal flashbacks.

  96. Kiara Cummings says:

    Is this real or a sketch? Lol

  97. UCeagle79 says:

    Whats the word for when your both hungry and horny? Because im feeling that after this video. Also I really want this as a real place. True story i was bbqing one time and my girlfriend said lets get saucy. And let me cover her in bbq sauce and lick it all off. I used a dozen different sauces on her and i spent an hour running my tongue all over her. God it was amazing and she loved it.

  98. marsha jones says:


  99. Atrisof says:

    Not gonna lie, I'd probably go

  100. Kimberly Southwell says:

    Is this based off something?

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