The Unofficial 1997 Need For Speed Addon: We All Need Extra Speed

[Ferrari engine revving] – [LGR] What a magnificent,
high quality track right here. This is like. [laughs] Oh no, oh no! [electrical floppy drive buzzing] Greetings and welcome to an LGR thing, and this one is, “We
All Need Extra Speed”. “Extra tracks for the Need
for Speed,” for DOS PCs. A highly unusually thing
for a multitude of reasons. For one thing, modding in the original “Need for Speed” for DOS is just something you
typically think about. For the most part, it really
took off for the modding scene with “Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit”. I mean, there were also
some mods for II and II SE, and of course this, obviously,
since we have this here. But, yeah. The fact that this exists
is just amusing to me and it’s something that I’ve been after for a very long time now. Was never able to actually
find a copy of this. For one thing, it was only
sold in the UK and Europe, or, you know, various countries really, but this mysterious
company called UK Gold. Amusingly, as far as I can tell, they were actually based
in the Netherlands. They released several unofficial
add-on packs, like this, at retail, with mods and
add-ons for games like “Command & Conquer”,
“Warcraft II” and “Red Alert”. Each with there on cheeky
titles and [laughs] interesting artwork. This one in particular amuses me because it has a Ferrari
288 GTO from the mid ’80s, something that is not the game whatsoever. Not only that, but it seems to
be taken from the “Turbo Cup” or at least, they were
using the same artwork that was perhaps purchased
from some stock artwork thing. I don’t even know. Either way this is not
the only package at retail that feature this 288 GTO. Which is, I dunno, it’s just one of things that as a car guy and a
collector of PC game boxes, both gets on my nerves and makes me happy. Anyway, yeah, look at
that, “500 plus tracks for ‘Need for Speed’. “Free bonus. “30 racing games and
200 plus car pictures.” Yeah. So this was sent to me recently, in fact I think there’s
the note still in here, by a viewer of LGR named David. He has his own channel, Deckard Games. And apparently he found this
second copy here in France. And yeah, he found his own
and set this one along my way because he knew that I was looking for it. But yeah, it’s just a CD in a box, there was no documentation. In fact I’ve never seen any documentation for this posted online. It just says, “Read the README text before using the CD.” And then there’s also this floppy disk that it came with as well. This just has another selection of track editing files on it, in fact it might be some of
the same that are on the CD, I’m not sure what it
actually came with that. Anyway, let’s just go ahead and
take a look a the CD itself. Stick this in a computer and mess around with the some
of the tracks it came with and go from there because
I’ve been quite curious to see what’s actually on this thing. All right, got the “We
All Need Extra Speed” CD inserted into my IBM ThinkPad 380XD here. And running Windows 95 with
Windows Explorer open here. You can see that it
provides you, not much. You get an Xtrspeed directory, filled with a bunch more
folders and some files. Get a README and this See executable. And this is just a very
simple file viewer here, but it allows you to see things. You know, browse what’s on the disc. But that’s it, it doesn’t
actually bring up a menu system for selecting individual programs. You know, the utilities or the tracks. You can kind of just
look at them through here and that’s it, it’s just a file viewer. I was expecting more of an
involved menu system, but nope! And then there’s some instructions here which are rather confusing,
they’re kinda wrong. It’s like, “Install the
things by copying over “whatever tracks you want “into your ‘Need for Speed’ directory and then install the game.” Which makes no sense, you wanna od that the other way around. But most important thing
to take away from this is it needs a custom install to
get that miscellaneous folder with the track data onto your hard disk, so you can overwrite them
and use the custom tracks. But, yeah, otherwise it doesn’t tell you where any of this stuff is. I mean, you could figure it out, but highly underwhelming. It really is just a collection of stuff that they’ve found on the
internet and slapped onto CD. Anyway, let’s go ahead and
look at the tracks though, because thankfully these are divided up in somewhat of a coherent way. So you have these folders
here that just say what tracks they’re supposed
to overwrite these TRI or tri files are individual tracks, but, again, it doesn’t really
tell you what they are. There’s no READMEs, there’s
no names, just numbers and they’re all gonna
have to be renamed anyway so that the game will recognize them. So, whatever, at least it
tells you which track files are s’pose to go to what. So here’s these tracks that
are gonna overwrite Alpine or sections of the of the Alpine tracks. Autumn Valley, you got
City, Coastal, Lost Vegas, Rusty Springs, and Vertigo Ridge. And then you have these tracks one and two folders here. [laughs] It’s like the, whoops, it’s like the same as all those other ones,
it doesn’t tell you which tracks are suppose to be overwriting. You can kinda figure it out
like, AL2 is Alpine two. Here’s one that actually
straight-up tells you, you got Vertigo Ridge,
it’s gonna be overwriting. And, oh look, Geoffrey Brown
made this using Tracked. So it does sometimes have
information in these folders, but for the most part
it’s extremely vague. Same, well not so much
the same with this one. This more what I was expecting, you know? Actual titles and README
files that go with them tells you who made it and what they are and what the idea is behind it, and things like that. [laughs] So, I mean, yeah, this is
a little more coherent, but again, it still is
just a collection of files, you gotta install these yourself. Or you can try using one of
the programs that it came with. Just briefly here, let me mention these others that it comes with. Clrscore, this is not a
program, it’s just Config.dat. This is just a high score
or really the times file that “Need for Speed” makes. This is so that you can clear
it out because, obviously, if you are setting times on custom tracks it’s gonna mess up the
balance of everything. This is the, what is this? Track editing tools? Yes, or utilities. I remember using this
briefly back in the day. It lets you view tracks and mess around with different parameters
within said track files. That’s handy. And then Tracked or Tracked. This is what I used, I
mean, really everyone used, to make custom tracks
for “The Need for Speed”. That’s a thing. Maybe we’ll try to make a track later, but for now let’s just
try Track Manager, here. And this is something that I wish that I had back in the
day, it’s by Mike Latimer. It’s sort of a menu system that helps. Again the README for the
actual Xtrspeed disc here doesn’t tell you about that. Kinda wish it did, it’s really the most useful program on the disc. We’ll get these other
folders later, but yeah, for now let’s just take
a look here at NFSTM, the Track Manager. So I have the original
“Need for Speed” right here, in the Nfs directory. Also tried this with NFS SE
and nothing seemed to work. So I believe that they really intended a lot of these tracks, at least all the ones that I’ve tried, to work with the original NFS. So that’s what we’re
gonna be playing with. Anyway, Track Manager. Let’s get this opened up. So the first time you run it here, it takes you through a set up process. And yeah, you can try the
automatic setup, but I dunno, we’re gonna do a little bit custom, ’cause I have somethings
in different spots. So “Need for Speed”
directory and the directory for the miscellaneous files, which are mostly track files and what not. So that is this. And then the import directory. So this is NFS track manager, and I have them put in
the tracks sub-folder. At this point I’ve gotta insert the original “Need for Speed” CD-ROM, so they can actually copy over
all of the original files, and provide back-up for them. So that’s nice, it takes
care of things that really you could just do on your own, but it’s nice that it
does things. [laughs] Whatever, here we are in the
Track Manager program itself. This is nice. So you can actually
configure the courses here, these are the ones we can overwrite. And you can overwrite them by segment, and if we had any tracks
imported, you know, the customs from the CD,
then we would see them here. We don’t right now, so
let’s go ahead and do that. So Import Tracks. And if we go over into one of these, like say, we could just
copy over this one. And I’m gonna put it over
into the tracks directory. We’ll call this, alpine.tri. Doesn’t really matter what we name these, it’s gonna be renaming them anyway. Let’s do one one for Alpine,
let’s just do one for Coastal. And we’ll do Rusty
Springs, how about that? Yeah. And that’s that. We’ll go back into the Tracker Manager and do 2, for Import
Tracks, and there we go. “Import this new track,” it sees what I just copied over, Alpine. And we will overwrite Alpine, Segment One, I’m gonna call it Farts because
it really doesn’t matter. This description stuff
and naming is gonna change anything in-game, it’s just
for the track manager itself. Import this, yes, let’s
do that for Coastal. Segment One, Blerg. Meh, and that is that. And really, it’s not
doing much at this point, but it’s part of it’s process. So I’m going to give it
the benefit of the doubt. Rusty Springs. Rusty Balls. And that’s that. So it has imported tracks, quote, unquote. Hadn’t actually copied
them to the game yet. In order to do that we go
into Configure Tracks, here. Alpine, Segment One, and
see now we have that one that we just imported. There we go. Now it has copied over
that track file, the TRI, renamed it the proper thing
and put it over into the “Need for Speed” directory. So we’ll just repeat
that for these over ones. And yeah, like I said, this is actually pretty darn convenient for, you know, doing the things that
you can do on your own, but you don’t have to because
it keeps track of that stuff. And so now, yeah, when
you look at these things, you can see that, oh, it’s got these other things copied over and so I’m going abandon this
and leave the Track Manager. And let’s go over into “Need for Speed”. And yeah, we’ve got some new
tracks and such copied over. You can see they’re capitalized now, instead of lowercase, as
the original files were. So yeah, “Need for
Speed”, let’s try it out, with our new tracks. [relaxed electronic music] Ah man, I still love that into logo. I will always that play
when I start this game. And yeah, this is “The Need for Speed”, not special edition, nothing else. It’s just straight-up “Need for Speed”. So we have, yeah, these three. That’s convenient, didn’t
even plan it that way, they’re right next to each other. So Coastal, Alpine and Rusty Springs. Let’s try Coastal, why not. And let’s see what this is,
I don’t even know. [laughs] Well that’s a good start. Oh dear, car facing the ocean. So yeah, as you can tell,
this is a custom track. There it is just floating off
into the distance over there. [laughing] Oh man, yeah, this instantly
brings back memories. ‘Cause it’s very easy to
create exaggerated tracks with the track, Tracked
program, the track editor. Oh. [laughs] Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I also remember it
being very difficult to place any props or
change around any textures or anything. Although it looks like
they’ve definitely done that. There’s fewer props and the textures are, looks like we’re going
into a weird desert, concrete environment. Honestly, this is pretty
par for the course for custom tracks, in my experience. It’s not a very exciting one I gotta say. A lot of times there’s crazy jumps and all sorts of nonsense. This ones pretty drivable,
all things consider. All right, I think I’ve
had enough of that. ‘Kay, let’s try Alpine,
see what that’s like. [laughing uphill] Oh, what an intro. Thunk! [laughs] It just. Yeah, this feels familiar too. Oh man, I customized this
first segment of Alpine so many times back in the day. And the results were similarly
bonkers, that’s for sure. What have they done to there
guard on the side there? Oh man. Got some custom textures
on the left there, too, that’s kind of weird. It’s like a road texture,
on the mountainside. That’s a choice. Yeah, this is definitely
a speedier, crazier track. This is. I don’t why, I gotta
big old grin on my face this entire time. There’s just something about
customizing these tracks in a game that was never
meant to be like that. Oh, what is this coming? What is this? Oh, that is trippy and
friggin’ great. [laughs] Oh! Oh, that’s pretty cool. Ah man, 10-year-old me
would’ve loved this track, it is pretty sweet. It’s fast, it’s stupid looking. I’m feeling it man, the
vibe is speaking to me. My inner 10-year-old is happy. This whole outdoor section here, like this wide open, weird section, reminds me of “Test Drive
Off-Road 2” or something. [laughs] Well, I guess that’s just
the end of that track, huh? Cool. And of course, I could continue, but I didn’t customize the other segments, so we’re not gonna bother. Rusty Springs, switch over cars. Just because All right, see what they
did to Rusty Springs. [car engines revving] Hopefully something because it looks pretty much the same from here. [car horn honking] Yeah, looking the same so far. Okay. This is a little different. Whoa, my goodness, speedway going on here. Huh. Well, that’s underwhelming. [laughs] It’s not very different at all is it? It’s just sort of faster. More of a speedway type thing. Definitely give you some ample opportunity to do that though. That’s always fun. And a bit of a waltz. Okay, so that’s that. Let’s go ahead and take a look
at what else is on that CD because there are things than
I thought there would be, that’s for sure. Actually, gotta put it
back in there first. So miscellaneous, it really
is just miscellaneous. I mean, there’s the PK
unzip and other zip things. Vbrun, I got some Visual Basic libraries for some of the things
that run in Windows, got WinZip for instance. Yeah, just different achieving things. Cheats, this is kinda interesting, I remember using these back in
the day or things like them. These are just saved games
that unlock different things, that you wanna unlock without having to actually play the game! Same thing with this,
this is a special edition, “Need for Speed SE” version. This Games folder is interesting, there’s all sorts of. It’s just shareware, car and
racing related shareware. You got “Ford Simulator II” to
race with all your Ford cars. [laughs]
[computer beeping] It’s just, straight-up,
“Ford Simulator II”. Yeah, they just had extra space on the CD and filled it with things. “Skunny Kart”. “SkyRoads”, and “SkyRoads: Xmas”. Patches. This is just another thing for cheats. This one here is the cheat
patch for the original “Need for Speed” and
then “Need for Speed SE”. Just unlocks the things,
so that’s what that is. This is fascinating
though, these pictures here in this pictures folder. So you’ve got PCX files of different cars from different manufacturers. [laughs] Honestly, I would have thought this was pretty darn cool back in the day. I was always trying to
download car PCX files. Some of these were pretty big. Man, look at these,
500-something kilobytes, that took a long time to download. Right, so let’s go ahead and
try out Tracked or Tracked. I always called it Tracked, I dunno man. [keyboard tapping] So if I wanna edit Rusty
Springs, it should be. All right, so that did work. So there’s rusty, the original. I went ahead and restored it. And so you can just
press the up arrow here to go through the track. See what we got here. Yeah, all sorts of things. Track shaper, slopes, twisters, scenery and object editors, which I don’t think
those are going to work because they don’t have
any textures loaded. Nope. But you can see here
just scrolling through, those are the different objects, selecting off to the side of the road. Things like, I don’t
know, grass plants, trees, guard rails, signs, things like that. But, again, can’t edit them, ’cause don’t have the textures loaded. That’s okay. We can change the shape of
the track though, that’s cool. So it bends the track in
different directions like this. [chuckles] And actually, as I just said there, “You should not use the Track
Shaper with closed tracks. “If you do, please check
that both ends of the track “coincide before saving changes.” Well you know, we’re not,
that’s what we’re gonna do because I feel like it. I wanna totally ruin Rusty Springs, make just a completely
ridiculous, bonkers track. [relaxed electronic music] Well, this is a totally
broken track and that’s that. We’ve got our custom track
made now, see how that works. All right, Rusty Springs, LGR edition. Let’s give this track a shot
and see what kind of nonsense we have created, completely, carefully planned out on purpose. [laughs] There’s my left
turn, I see that anyway. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, this is exactly how I envisioned, with the floating trees
and left hand turns. So yeah, track editing, it’s that easy. You get perfect tracks
every time. [laughs] Perfect track, I swear. Oh, look at this. Look at this! What a magnificence, high
quality track right here. This is like. [laughs] Oh no, oh no! [laughs] Whoops. I guess that. Little too much twist on
that part of the track. [car horn honks] Perfect though. Hey, at least it’s
coherent up to this point. Little bit less of a jump
there, at the beginning, as I anticipated. I meant to make more of a
elevation change, but that’s okay. Hm, tight turn there. Or wide turn, rather. All right, we’re coming up
at the end of the track, let’s see what kind of void we get here. What is that? Oh no. [laughs in disbelief] There we go. Did you see the opponent car over there? They just flying in the air. [laughs] What was that? I guess I connected it
close enough that it just made up something in the middle. Oh dear, whoops. Okay, here’s this again. That is just so weird. It’s just connecting, like that. [laughs] That’s great. Oh, it’s like a, I don’t even know what. Like an escalator, it
just pulls me up there. So that’s “Need for Speed” editing. And thank you very much
for sending this in sir. Once again, the “We All
Need Extra Speed” pack. Even though it’s not doing anything that you couldn’t already do with some of the existing archives that have been out there
online for 20 years now. The track editors and stuff. It’s exact same stuff I
messed with back in the day, so I kind of anticipated that. But it’s really cool that it
is, effectively, an archive of all of these tracks and
stuff that were made by people back in the day. I wish there were proper credits included for all of them on the disc, but take what you can get I s’pose. There was a very limited scene
for a “Need for Speed” one modding like this, and
a lot of those files have just long gone, otherwise. So it’s great. Awesome archive in that regard. [chuckles] Oh, this thing right here. Let me see if I can. I’m just gonna wait for the RX-7 to go by. Let’s see what he does. ‘Cause it looked like
he was flying in the air or something, earlier
when he came through. [upbeat rock music] [LGR starts losing it] You just see the shadow first
and then the car. [laughs] This car just, it’s fallin’ out of the sky and keeps going. I mean, hey, props to
the AI for figuring out this ludicrous track
[laughs] I’ve put together. Oh, that’s wonderful. Oh man, well anyway. Yeah, thanks for watching this, a little different than more
normal kind of thing, but [chuckling] it’s still somehow in keeping
with LGR I suppose. [laughs] Hope that you enjoyed watching. And yeah, if you wanna check
out the CD for yourself, I’ve posted a archive of
this to the Internet Archive. So check the video description
if you want to peruse the CD at your own leisure. And some more substantial LGR things coming up in the near future,
so stick around of those. And thank you very much for
watching what you just did.

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  78. quack man says:

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  82. DUSTRICK says:

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  84. Panzer Man says:


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    Every form of shady the was.

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    stunts holds a very special place in my heart, it was one of the first games I ever played on our family computer growing up. I would very much like to hear your review on it, if you're able.

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    Thanks for sharing LGR……. the memories !!!
    EDIT: Yup I have seen this in The Netherland 😀
    Decker Games Channel is awesome always need to think about LGR when he makes video's 😛

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