The Tunnel Battle [Part 1] | Justice League

Batman: Where are we, Alfred? Alfred: Braxton Island Alfred: You should be, directly under the
venting tower for the tunnel. Alfred: Now look to your left,
you should see a staircase Alfred: It’ll give you access
to the machine room Cyborg: Define “access” Batman: One at a time Batman: The bridge may not hold- Batman:..hold Steppenwolf: Just tell me the truth Hostage: (Please, just let us go) Hostage: (I have a family-) Steppenwolf: Wrong Answer Steppenwolf: Humans Steppenwolf: The stench of your fear
is making my soldiers hungry Steppenwolf: Shall I feed them? Steppenwolf: You’ve been near the Mother Box Steppenwolf: Her scent is on you Hostage: Please..We have families Steppenwolf: Why does everyone keep
telling me that? Flash: Right. Okay. Yeah.
Here’s the thing. Um… Flash: See, I’m afraid of bugs and, um,
guns and obnoxiously tall people And Murder. And I can’t be here Flash: It’s really cool you guys seem
ready to do battle and stuff but, full transparency,
I’ve never done battle I’ve just pushed some people
and run away Batman: Save one Flash: What? Batman: Save one person Flash: Uh… Which one? Batman: Don’t talk, don’t fight. Get in, get one out Flash: And, then? Batman: You’ll know Flash: Okay Steppenwolf: Useless Steppenwolf: You, then Steppenwolf: Where is my Mother Box? Silas Stone: I’ll die before I tell you Steppenwolf: At last, one that doesn’t whine Steppenwolf: But you will scream Cyborg: Dad! Silas Stone: Victor! Steppenwolf: Ah, you were born of her Steppenwolf: A creature of chaos! Cyborg: Not how I see it Steppenwolf: Give it time Wonder Woman: Ahh! Steppenwolf: Amazon! Flash: Okay Flash: Save one. Save one. Steppenwolf: This one is mine Wonder Woman: You overestimate yourself Steppenwolf: Child, Steppenwolf: My ax is still slick
with the blood of your sisters Batman: Alfred, I need the Nightcrawler Alfred: Thought you’d never ask Alfred: Crawler’s on the way.
Initiating remote mode. Flash: Okay, you good?
Hostage: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Cyborg: At the end of the hall,
there should be stairs. Go! Silas Stone: He’s after the change engine.
His Mother Box. Silas Stone: You have to keep him from it Cyborg: Help people get to safety.
Silas Stone: Promise me!

100 Responses

  1. MUI Goku says:

    Honestly, Whedon fucked up the super hero movies ever since Age of Ultron.

  2. Mister WiZeguy says:

    Please, we have families.
    Why does everyone keep telling me that?

    As much as I hate this movie, that was a pretty good line that got a smile out of me.

  3. Will says:

    I hate this garbage movie. DC really???

  4. Hisyam Nct says:

    I hate ezra miller version the flash

  5. Jurig Sabun says:

    Batman : Where are we alfred?
    Alfred : You're the detective, answer it.

    Lol 😂😂😂

  6. Kenny Wilson says:

    0:43 1:43

  7. Geoffrey Lane says:

    How the fuck did Aquaman know they would be there at that moment? That's what I mean about the bullshit in this movie.

  8. lilGerke says:

    The Steppenwolf actor voice is really good

  9. Madara Uchiha says:

    They kinda ruined flashes character I have no problems with the actor its how they made the flash act he is never a pussy hes always down for saving anyone in need

  10. hamsterminator says:

    I’ve seen better cgi in Tron. The original.

  11. supersoldier889 says:

    I see what you are tryna do there… you are tryna copy the Tony stark peter parker bond here

  12. Emon bhuiyan says:

    The acting, the CGI, the fighting everything is so shitty.

  13. Chris Corley says:

    Great action scene, like DC animation style. I love that Batman puts the team first, and not himself. Justice League is a blast. Steppenwolf looks like Liam Neeson though, in close ups. Weird? ☕🐢🍹🐦

  14. jiro mochizuki says:


  15. M. Bu says:

    I actually really enjoyed the movie, but they made him use his vehicles too much. Compared in BvS he was a beast, I hope some day we will get a Batman that can fight like that.

  16. Mad King says:

    It's so bad, It saddens me to see how clueless they are about the characters.

  17. -BeyondAir- says:

    thicc asf

  18. Howler says:

    0:18 delicious sweet ass.

  19. Andrew Bryant says:

    I enjoyed the darker tone of bvs much better

  20. Tumbleflop says:

    The nightcrawler is badass

  21. Trav B says:

    They should have found a better actor for cyborg.

  22. Ethan Scerri says:

    3:44 Copying X men names now?

  23. Cas Assbutt says:


  24. AlmightyRickard TheS'ghettiGod_01 says:

    How do people even consider this movie as, "bad"?

  25. Sean gabby Baldecasa says:

    I'm just sad that flash and batman are pretty not fighting

  26. DarKKnightt07 says:

    I'm the only one who thinks the flash is even worst than batman in this movie?

  27. The Black Panther says:

    I'm may sound stupid but I'm 50% sure I can beat this Batman's ass.

  28. Harbringar says:

    The CGI in this is offensive.

  29. Harris Dogra says:

    Oh batman is so useless in these movies

  30. Andrew Gugumuck says:

    Me: Before I tell you anything answer my question
    Steppenwolf: What's the question?
    Me: Whose mother's twat did you crawled out of?

  31. mr. j says:

    Ezra keep annoying me while his talking

  32. Ace Gerding says:

    I just watch the show flash and the flash in this makes me mad

  33. namakudhani1 says:

    1.59 stephenwolf spare that toilet man life.

  34. MrOnlyforcommenting says:

    What happen to this batman ? Its like a whole different batman from the bvs. Smh

  35. Stephen Paxman says:

    19 second mark is the money shot for wonder woman's ass

  36. Ace says:

    i love batman but he was just about as useless as vision was in infinity war why they gotta diss my boy batman like that

  37. I LOVE MALTA and gozo says:

    Steppenwolf : walmart

  38. Elvis Pelvis says:

    saw this movie yesterday, cant remember a thing

  39. GeekGamerGuy81 says:

    Not gonna lie, I liked Steppenwolf in this. He was menacing, ruthless, and took his time to taunt the heroes in order to demoralize them. I can only imagine how they'll portray Darkside.

  40. The Man says:

    This movie was fuckin ridiculous AF. The Flash scared of bugs & tall people smh what type of bullshit was that! The Flash was a well established hero before joining the Justice League & here he’s a lil bitch that pushes people & he’s clumsy falling & shit smh. Batman cracking jokes & shit. Revealing his identity ASAP. This movie had no character development, no chemistry whatsoever. The Justice League just all of a sudden exist lol. The way they brought back Superman was a fuckin joke smh. So even Superman is a lil bitch that was killed before he even made it to 3 movies lmfao. They need to throw the whole thing away & start over🤷🏽‍♂️

  41. Punkinfingerz says:

    the fights in this movie could've been way more stylized to the characters…

  42. Prabal Bhardwaj says:

    Batman fighting like as if normal civilian come on

  43. Emerson Mcaree says:

    They made batman such a bitch in this movie. The batman we were shown in BvS (regardless of the quality of the film) was an absolute machine. In this he's just always on his ass asking Alfred to help

  44. mngentry says:

    I'll say this for Batman…he did a good job coaching Barry with simplicity and letting Barry's character do the rest.

  45. Joaquin Escobar says:

    Gal gadot is such a beauty as Wonder Woman 😍🙏

  46. SimpleSoda says:

    They really nerfed flash and Batman in this film. Wish they made individual movies for each member before so they can develop and actually get good fight scenes instead of rushing to make a quick buck.

  47. Mitochondria Cell says:

    Lmfaoooo even Alfred can take down this Batman😂

  48. The Hermanator and Spurgle says:

    Batman gettin' tossed by bugs.

  49. JTron83 says:

    this movie gets even worse with time

  50. Herman Heris says:


  51. Hekkai says:

    2:00 someone pls make a meme of steppenwolf throw Sakura

  52. F L says:

    Barry Allen is not a coward.. this is why the DC universe films are so shitty. So many inconsistencies..

  53. Zeke cer says:

    The Justice League Vs Shinnok from Mortal kombat

  54. Fast clover08 says:

    Where is my mother box -stephenwolf

    Where are the infinity stones -thanos

  55. Mad Titan says:

    I honestly appreciate the part when Bruce tells Barry what to do from his long time experience

  56. AL HADID says:

    oh the useless batman

  57. ChangeTheWorld says:

    1:33– Batman: Yea that guy just died but he's not that important,… now what were you saying flash?

  58. Saturn 12 says:

    Personally I think the night crawler looks more like a Derek

  59. Packers Nation says:

    Anyone else have to turn brightness all the way up?

  60. Midoriya Izuku says:

    "the real batman is having a vacation"

  61. DooM HomeGrown says:

    We need more martial arts Batman like in BvS

  62. Ray Hernandez says:

    "I'm real when it's useful" – Batman

  63. Pete Zahut says:

    If they wanted this flash to be Barry then they didn’t write him very well. They should’ve went with Wally West as this flash.

  64. Jordan Sipe says:

    I thought Steppenwolf was cool in this movie.

  65. fonk u says:

    dc got so much potential bruh this should shoulda been on the avengers movie level

  66. stoney renegade says:

    That flash bit was a bit funny lol. Never actually watched this movie through. They should not have attempted to mimin marvel. If we had less quantity of comic movies we'd have more quality, for sure.

  67. PLE2936 says:

    The only thing I like about this film is steppenwolfs voice

  68. josue4everyone says:

    Hey Stepp, what delivery company do you prefer to use?
    Steppenwolf: 2:53

  69. CHUG NUKENARD says:

    Playback speed 0.25 x at 0:17

  70. Mighty Splisshy says:

    Not gonna lie, as a marvel fan this was a pretty good movie 👍

  71. Truth Betold says:

    Why the big nerf on Batman?

  72. Vovical says:

    2:53 when your package gets delayed a week

  73. Dodik Andi Wirangga says:

    I think the hop scene is seem wrong, it's not effective to shoot 4 people hop from batpod entirely

  74. Nathan Gonzalez says:

    Wow the CGI in this movie is fucking horrendous

  75. Sonni says:

    Unpopular Opinion:

    JL isn't that bad

  76. Sherloke says:

    I cant stand the cgi on Steppenwolf… It makes me cringe

  77. Aston Paulson says:

    This movie cringily tried to hit funny notes, and exaggerate general character traits of these comic book characters.

  78. Osh Warren says:

    this movie is unbelievably bad

  79. Mechadroid209 says:

    1966 batman had a gadget or skill for everything why couldn't we get it here they couldn't give him taser gauntlets or light grenades we see him use an explosive batarang why doesnt he use that more often how about that explosive he use to disable the gunmen in batman v superman

  80. HScarlet says:

    REALLY don't like the Danny Elfman Batman theme they put in. Comes of as corny.

  81. XxGet WetxX says:

    0:19 them some nice cheeks off of wonderwoman😏

  82. Jordan Brown says:

    This flash sucks!! Worst cast for flash

  83. Hell Candyman says:

    I have seen better CGI in PS2 games…

  84. Joey Con 5 says:

    Batman is one of the best hand to hand combat martial artist in the world
    And flash is the fastest man alive and he doesn’t even fight anyone
    They made them a joke

  85. LLIX says:

    They really made flash a pussy in this movie

  86. Rodrigo Gutierrez says:

    This movie wasn't the greatest, but it had good parts, only in these scenes there are two, the one that batman says to the flash, and steppenwolf not caring about the families hehe

  87. Superman says:

    0:50 Batman and Cyborg were supposed to have dialogue here, but Joss Whedon decided to cut it out. That’s why when it cuts back to Batman and Cyborg, Cyborg is looking at Batman, before Batman deploys his grapple gun.

    Cyborg: “I heard about you, didn’t think you were real.”

    Batman: “I’m real when it’s useful.”

    (deploys grapple gun to reach other side of the bridge)

  88. The Law says:

    Joss Whedon sabotaged this movie on every level.

  89. Shubham Gupta says:

    Fuck if the comic flash had seen that he would have jumped already before anyone could have said anything

  90. Shubham Gupta says:

    If iron man had asked about night crawler to Jarvis. I wonder what kind of suit Jarvis would have sent.

  91. Balbirsingh Momi says:

    Batman in DAWN of justice was more cooler

  92. richtea says:

    2:53 – When the delivery driver can't find your house again.

  93. Vineeth V says:

    Bat man knows no fear

  94. Olivia Nishioka says:

    I'm beloved fan of WonderWomen🥰😍💞😘

  95. Tupintu Moreira says:

    Is Steppenwolfs voice actor the same as Optimus?

  96. Dredgen One says:

    What wonderwoman said to Wolf can be said to her as well.

  97. Lafe Denton says:

    Did anyone notice when Ben Affleck wiped his Weiner out and asked kid flash "whatcha' think? Do you have a daddy?"

  98. StrudLite says:

    I really enjoyed this movie.

  99. Nimish Bendre says:

    Batman shows great wisdom everytime he says "One at a time".

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