The Truth Behind TV Court Shows

Narrator: One of the best things about staying home from school as a kid was watching daytime court shows. My personal favorite?
“The People’s Court.” Judge Milian is electric, and the cases are always so ridiculous. Judge Milian: Where was your cart? By the watermelons, with
you, or where the opening is? Okay, no, no. Narrator: But what if I
told you that this is not an actual courtroom? And when a person loses a case, they don’t even have
to pay the settlement. So what’s actually going on? Court shows have long been a
staple of American television, but they didn’t start on TV. The first court shows popped
up in radio’s golden age. The early programs were
typically reenactments of real court cases. Radio: There’s no telling what would happen to him or his life if he resists the authorities. Narrator: But “The People’s
Court,” which began in 1981, started a whole new era: arbitration-based reality shows. Presiding since 2001, Judge Marilyn Milian is the show’s longest serving host and the first Latina judge to host a nationally
syndicated court show. Before “The People’s Court,” Milian was an assistant state attorney in Florida and was appointed by Governor Jeb Bush to the Miami Circuit Court, working in the criminal division. Judge Milian: I had a
gubernatorial appointment, and it was a sure thing. And I had crossed every
T and dotted every I to make sure that I had
an upward trajectory in the judiciary. And I was giving all that up if I decided to join what many in the law see as the frivolity of television. Of course, now that it’s
been on the air 20 years, I’m a genius. But back then, people were worried about what it is that was
gonna happen in my career. Narrator: What you see on the show are real small claims cases. They’re lifted directly
out of the courthouse to be arbitrated by Judge Milian. David Scott: If you get
your case in small claims, there’s one judge, and there’s three or
400 cases that show up on any given day. And it’s very hard,
impossible, for that one judge to get through those cases, so they offer you something
called binding arbitration. And that is, you can go to a lawyer, plead your case to the lawyer with the person you’re suing, and that lawyer will decide the case. It’s binding arbitration, there’s no room for appeal, and you have agreed, and the defendant has agreed to allow this arbitrator to hear your case. And that’s basically exactly what we do. Narrator: So how do they pick the cases? This is like panning for gold. We go out, and we go to all these courts, and we get all of these cases, and we sift through them. We love a relationship case. We love where an ex-wife
is suing their ex-husband. We love cases where there’s a
lot of personal kind of stuff along with the legal stuff. So it’s the personalities
that we’re looking for. We’re looking for a good argument, we’re looking for a good defense. That’s how we select our cases. We shoot to bring the public the juiciest cases we can get. They were juicy then, they’re juicy now, and hopefully they’ll
continue to be juicy. Narrator: The show covers travel expenses for the participants and will pay the settlement if the case is ruled in your favor. But for most cases, it’s
not really about the money. Judge Milian: We once had a
guy who paid $40 to file a case over a $5 lottery card. And it was a thing of beauty, because what it shows you is that small claims is
never about the money. It’s always about the principle. Narrator: So you’ve got a case. How do you get the judge on your side? Absolutely the biggest mistake people make is coming unprepared. If you want a judge to
rule against somebody and believe you, you
have to bring evidence. You can’t just show up
with your flapping gums. People will just walk it in there, they’re insulted that you didn’t just take their word for it. It’s insanity. I think people think
that because they believe their story so much, all they have to do is
come forward and say it, and everyone else is
gonna see it their way. But when there’s two sides involved, you have to prove what
it is you’re saying. A hot dog is a sandwich. If it’s essentially two pieces of bread, with some kind of meat
or salad on the inside, it’s a sandwich. Next case.

100 Responses

  1. rick mack says:

    You're looking for drama, its a ratings game

  2. Joe B says:

    Yes, they're actual cases whose litigants agree to take it to legally-binding arbitration, which is what these shows are, and the show pays the settlement. If you didn't already know this, then you've been living under a rock.

  3. Alysia Mer David-Wasser says:

    i was ADDICTED to this show! Until, a redheaded judge ALSO from Florida, (like Milian) yelled at a wheelchair-bound woman who then died.

    That's not a guilty pleasure. That's guilt by setting a bad precedent. That's GUILT.

    i knew abt Michelle Parker,

    i later found Michelle Mulligan.

    These events, culminating in the Milian doppleganger/wannabe woke. Me. UP!

  4. mEmE dealer 42069 says:

    What about : caso cerado.

  5. patrick mcglone says:

    Judge judy is real
    Judge milian is/was Hott

  6. Davey Green says:

    The question of realness was not answered

  7. John-Raphael Pichardo says:

    I was asked to be on people’s court one time due to a law suit i had against someone. They really do go to every court house and send you letters.

  8. Euro Maestro says:

    Nice video but have no idea why if one is doing a video about reality court tv that one would not highlight Judge Judy.

  9. OhMyGulay says:

    Judge Judy my dude

  10. Kausar Prima says:

    lmao idiot americans

  11. Josh Adams says:

    Does that mean that a PB&J is NOT a sandwich?

  12. Joseph Martinez says:

    So if the show pays the settlement if the plaintiff wins, wouldn't that be a serious conflict of interests?

  13. Jase Hadley says:

    OMG!!! JUDGE JUDY IS THE BEST!! Im her #1 fan!!

  14. We’re here for you Wonho Go to jail Han seo hee says:

    A hot dog is not a sandwich

  15. John Smitherson says:

    So they're lawyer and not real judge. You get shit paid for looking stupid to the world.

  16. Tom H. says:

    If you've ever been in a courtroom, you know that it goes to the legal crux of the issue very fast. Most of what is in court shows is histrionics. They have no bearing on the outcome of a case.

  17. GoldSrc Or Source says:

    no, the hotdog is a gOD DAMNED TACO


  18. FIxt00l says:

    2:27 " We love where an ex-wife is suing her ex-husband". MURICA!!! The land of the free, where the so-called brave must be a slave to his 300-pound land whale wife, said one famous dating couch from the US. Where divorcing and anti-Christian is a forced industry, where lawyers legally take your savings for life, where feminism insists a woman must suck out every drop of blood out of all males and "be successful", like the author of Harry Shmotter. The land where being a man is automatically a crime, where if a woman screams at you in public – you are immediately in custody, and you have no rights whatsoever. Where women marry rich men, hurt themselves and divorce, take their house and move onto the next victim, and the policemen state on TV that the law can do nothing about it. MURICA, the land that effectively destroyed every single culture and family, land of manginas, white knights and anti-God GMO. I honestly hope more and more natural disasters occur, so this disgrace of a country perishes for good. As one cannot wave guns in Mother Nature`s face, and be in charge. Americans honestly think they can get away from everything… Thank you, God, for letting me be born in Europe, the cradle of modern culture, instead of the fakest place on Earth, where paper bills matter more than everything.

  19. Ladyerica54 says:

    I looooove Judge Milian. Judge Judy is amazing too, but to compare the two is apple and oranges. Ppl love Judy cause she's has a low tolerance for BS and will call ppl moronic and stupid when they earn the title. Judge Milian approaches her litigants differently. I have learned way more about the law from the People's Court because she tends to be more informative, and I learned a lot of expressions and phrases from judge Milian because her vocabulary is unparalleled. Both are great women!!

  20. Peter Melia Travel says:

    In the U.K. we have Judge Rinder. It is the most ridiculous thing ever, literally people only go on there to get attention and their little five minutes of fame. For example the other week a woman wanted £400 or something for a pair of shoes damaged by the other woman’s dog while she was watching the dog. It’s like, this sort of thing would never go to court. Meanwhile, Judge Rinder is not even a real judge, he is only on their because he is handsome and funny.

  21. xele fonte says:

    This is bullshit. What an absolute shitty video. INSIDER didn't tell us anything we didn't already know. And this is mostly a promotion for court TV shows particularly for his favorite, "The People's Court." I abhor shit like this. The truth about court TV is that they find people who are willing to embarrass themselves on national TV for a free night at a hotel and trip to Los Angeles…all for our entertainment. The truth about court TV is that many of these cases are not real and just people looking for some 15 minutes of fame and a free night at a hotel. The truth about court TV is the judges are always some self-righteous hypocrite who use their platform to look down at ordinary people and judge them like they are an infallible God. The truth about TV court shows is that they are all bullshit and you should all of its content with a grain of salt. Very shameful mini-documentary here.

  22. Karl C. says:

    Thanx for bursting my bubble dude, I used to think Judge Milian was hot…until I saw her w/o make up!! 🙁

  23. Giggles & Jiggles says:

    Judge Judy is a mediator. I submitted to sue someone and I got an offer in the mail from her show to have her mediate rather than go to court.

  24. Joe T says:

    If she can’t distinguish the difference between a hotdog and a sandwich, then how can I trust her to know the difference between the truth and a lie?

  25. liquid79 says:

    Judge Milian is so annoying and irritating to listen to. Jugde Judy for the win!

  26. Moofu Moofu says:

    Really? You judge Judy lovers are so out of touch. She's the most old dried up rangy woman their is that don't know the law!

  27. Merendo Bereglidditz says:

    A lot of defendants aren't
    all that disappointed after losing
    the case because the show pays
    the judgement and they get
    a free trip to L.A. or wherever,
    and a couple hundred bucks for
    appearing. Lady on PC actually
    said, I win anyway because…
    and the rest was cut.
    I met one of Judge Mathis's
    producers who told me they
    would pay up to $500 to the
    losing litigant depending on how
    juicy the case was.
    Judge Shienlan turned the tables
    on a losing defendant by threatening
    to take away his return plane ticket
    and have him kicked out of his
    hotel if he didn't provide some

  28. Kyo Himora says:

    So are they not judges? But lawyer's. If im understanding it correctly

  29. blah blah says:

    I was in an episode of Hot Bench in 2017. Tenant was suing me in a court in Southern California. I got a call from a producer telling me that through the freedom of information act they got a hold of the case and what they offered me is this; the case gets dropped legally from record, meaning it doesn't show up at all. Now, he was suing me for $350 and she said they'd pay that to the guy and they'd compensate me for my time at the rate of $500. I said no. We kept going back and forth so we settled on $800 plus transportation from my home to the studios which are in downtown Los Angeles adjacent to the Netflix studios. All in all, I was there for 2 1/2 hours. Lost the case but it was an interesting experience. They don't tell you the air date. I spoke with the guy who was suing me and he told me all he got was $350 and a meal voucher.oh and I forgot to mention, they tell you not to disclose what the verdict is or talk about it or share pics on social media or any other sources or they'll sue you. I didn't.

  30. Fred Mench says:

    So judge Judy is just a floppy old wind bag and it doesn't matter what flibity flab blows out her face hole because no one needs to do what she wants?

  31. Gabriel Rader says:

    basically its just a tea party

  32. sheltomlee says:

    Everything in the US is pretty much fake.

  33. Chrnan6710 says:

    1:08 J e b !

  34. futurestoryteller says:

    I love people coming in here with this notion that Judge Judy "never lets her emotions get the better of her" a woman who is literally angry at all times, and sometimes decides cases against people because she "doesn't like" them, or their attitude. Just more proof that the internet arbitrarily disregards anger as an emotion. As if the only thing that could fuel anger is pure logic.

  35. Ellie M. says:

    Judge Judy?? Wat about her

  36. Mountain Man says:

    Don't waste your time watching this video… the answer is NO

  37. Daleylife says:

    Hey INSIDER, just wanted to thank you for your editing style. You allow for a pause in between sentences. So many youtubers do not do this and it's hard to focus on speech when 'the natural pause' is removed 100% of the time.

  38. Steve Kombolis says:

    I'll never understand this. I hate going to court for anything and people want to watch other people go to court? lol, wtf.

    Watching a video of something crazy is one thing but small claims court? I don't get it

  39. Sincerely Eccentric says:

    My relative was on judge Judy, the cases are real. . And Judge Judy is always the best

  40. Ja Nay says:

    She explained a hot dog with such passion. Lol

  41. Monster12255 says:

    Hotdog is not a sandwich. She even said that a sandwich needs two pieces of bread but a hotdog bread is only one piece

  42. D'AngeloDrums says:

    Caso Ceradoooooooooo. Who else loves this song

  43. gloria101231 says:

    A hotdog is not a sandwich because it’s one piece of bread

  44. Michael Bateman says:

    So who cares if they loose?!? They don’t have to pay anyway!!!! Stupid.

  45. Kazim Naqvi says:

    most of what we see in that little box we call tv is fake including sports. But why do they specifically say in the beginning that the cases are real?

  46. The Real Real Housewife says:

    I was on this show and she called it wrong in my case also she flirted with the x boss I was sueing

  47. CatNact says:

    They aren’t judges, not anymore at least. They are just lawyers and theatrical arbitration. 10 min of fame for the pathetic.

  48. The Asshole says:

    Who thought it was real?? Its like jury duty no matter how ridiculous the case is they still say dont talk about it out of court. But very small cases they know would be grest for entertainment.

  49. maryoassyrian2007 says:

    Judge Milian>Judge Judy

  50. happs78 3753 says:

    Judge millian so into herself..she asks a question and wnt let u answer watch closely hw she will ask a question then sumhw goes bck to herself..SHE LOVES TO HEAR HERSELF TALK🙄OH BTW ask a chicagoan if a hotdog is a sandwich..lmao thats a 1st she prolly puts mayo n ketchup on

  51. RoyalT Banks says:

    Judge mathis for me! Watching it now btw lol

  52. Marvin Ramirez says:

    Judge milian god bless you..and l love your court..

  53. Andrew Morales says:

    Peoples court is real bit people dont have to pay because it's so hard to find people to release their dirty work to the world

  54. Dr Scolopmpeyo says:

    Judge Judy is the best and then judge millian.

  55. Aurri earle says:

    How does the show make money in order to pay out

  56. andriki88 says:

    A hotdog has one piece of bread, it's not a sandwich.

  57. KingMoe says:

    Judge Joe Brown is undefeated

  58. Sports Unboxing says:

    Her saying juicy makes me wanna see how juicy she can get wink wink

  59. Tracy Allen says:

    I’m like a lot of people here… Love me some Judge Judy but I would not want to go on her show unless I knew I was right and had my stuff together😆

  60. 6th Wilbury says:

    You know you're getting old when a narrator talks about watching The People's Court "as a kid," and the clip shows Judge Milian and NOT Judge Wapner.

  61. mad grace says:

    I love all court shows

  62. Hello Kitty says:

    No Judge Millian, a hot dog is not a sandwich it's a taco with bread 😤😤😂😂😂

  63. joebaby1975 says:

    Um. Where’s the rest of this video?

  64. Y_UWannaKnowMyName? Huh? says:


  65. David Fabos says:

    Real Judge laughing at all even wise young in court what do about did laughing at Bugaboo ice cream said story did lawsuit food make out of waste good looking why think clear about study never do both no one do why real case is second. Coax hypnosis laughing buy only one time or see strange real? Father like Bugaboo nothing hear and what writing use. Old one another life Greek paper evidence Bible like not use nice again and to all where going think same again? Thought make me is or thought outside even wise old guy is error good at only not. No one extra day care don't why? Hear isn't nerd is.

  66. Kim says:

    I was on the People's Court and my boss lost! They fly you in and sit you in a warehouse and lunch means "cold pizza" then you are told to push the doors open like your mad when you walk in. They edit the heck out of it (all the good stuff) and you completely lose the real meat of the cases. Our case was about Red Sox play off tickets that my boss decided not to buy, the ticket agents SOLD HIS tickets because the ones they brought to court were for a different game!! They didn;t show that on TV, There are tons of people in the lobby to be in the audience lol

  67. SuperKpill says:

    Judge Milian all day.

  68. Bionic Joey says:

    I love Judge Miliam!!

  69. damien Smith says:

    Some of the contestants smile or laugh while pleading their cases.

  70. damien Smith says:

    I disagree with Judge Millian on the "lack of preparedness" ordeal. There have been some plaintiffs and defendants who have won their cases solely based on their word. They literally had no evidence on them when they entered court, and these individuals won. So, you can come to court empty-handed and win your case.

  71. YK_Beats says:

    She still cute af

  72. Paulette Smith says:

    I'm watching your show , I'm a fan but your talking too much it's very annoying .

  73. Ryan Taylor says:

    "Judge" Milian's net worth is over $30 MILLION. She made the right choice.

  74. Matt Wolfe says:

    I love Judge Millian!! And of course Judge Judy especially when Judge Judy gets sarcastic like I remember one episode of Judge Judy when she asked either the Plantiff or Defendant a question. I don't remember which and I think it was one of the witnesses was getting ready to answer the question. Judge Judy literally shouted "I'm not talking to you. What do think this is a tea party?" I literally rolled laughing over that. The audience on the show rolled laughing also.

  75. GCT/10/31/1990 26 says:

    I'm worried that you're favorite thing to do staying home from school is watching Court room shows… That's 50 shades of pathetic and sad. Are you Okay?

  76. Mtownraven says:

    @3:26 it’s Lucille Bluth!

  77. JackPingYT says:

    Who's Judge Milian? I only know of Judge Judy. XD

  78. Daniel says:

    2:44 so you're looking for drama material

  79. ShellySheldonJaleel PhillipJamesDaudirx says:

    Acknowledge Federal Compliance🚥Provide Constraint Subsidy Beneficials⛔️Every Body Is On The Conspiracy Of Federal Reprimand • Continue To Be Polite • Take Care ☎️

  80. A-One Strait Drop says:

    Its TV duhhh, its fake

  81. Hoover E Londono says:

    The cases are real I was in one . If I won I got $200 for the day and if I lost the court settled and paid the settlement

  82. DEXTER’S Laboratory says:

    I never purposely watched these shows. These daytime shows and drama shows like springer and Maury shows remind me that I’m poor

  83. Daisy Mae French says:

    Why is it okay for Marilyn Milian to call defendants "honey" "sweetheart" and other such terms of endearment. Yet, if a defendant calls her "Mam" or "Miss" she goes beszerk? I like her but she is always preening to the camera because she knows she's attractive. She also says nothing when a black person makes a comment about a white person but goes crazy if a white person makes a comment about a black defendant. Then THEY are racist. I've watched her since the show began and have seen this many times.

  84. john loa says:

    these shows are nothing more than a female empowerment attempt for minority women. notice how the law of the land is always a woman

  85. rock climbing33 says:

    I knew it. can't film in a court after Ted Bundy

  86. contact1araya says:

    The worst is that Telemundo or Univision has come up with their version of TV court……where the judge actually sings the intro theme………..ay dios mio que verguenza.

  87. DryAssLips says:

    So the morale of the story is…hire more Mexican judges? I don’t get it

  88. Marshalea Smith says:

    I like this video because im a court show fanatic of all court tv which judge ross being my least favorite lol. But i appreciate you sharing the scoop on my favorite shows. Thank you

  89. Frank Lesser says:

    A sandwich requires a flat or flattened main ingredient. Hot dogs are not flat, therefore a hot dog in a bun is not a sandwich. Cut it into flat strips a laid side by side between two slices of bread, not a bun, THEN a hot dog will be a sandwich.

  90. ylianna villarreal says:

    Oh so is real.. I thought she was a fake jude

  91. Rico Baca says:

    They're not judges, they're actors!

  92. Marty D says:

    TV court shows cases ARE real. No one would not think this is a set, where else do they record for TV? Yes the participants are paid, otherwise, why would they even put their miserable lives on national television for millions to see. Arbitrators IN the real courts are not judges either. Hope that clears up the insiders silly questions 🙂

  93. ELMER Pacheco says:


  94. ELMER Pacheco says:


  95. ELMER Pacheco says:


  96. T Naar says:

    That's amazing for a female. Natasha Naar. Female Pastor, Well trying.

  97. Carson James IV says:

    So, IT's ALL A SCAM! DAM!!😂🤣😂🤣😮

  98. Peter Tran says:

    If Trump can become president, judge judy can be a supreme justice

  99. youngal04 says:

    Ratings for a good clown show.

  100. veronica clayton says:

    her voice is irratating

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