The Tribunal

Welcome, summoners, to the Tribunal. The Tribunal allows you to shape player behavior for the better, acting directly on reports from fellow players in League of Legends. Level 30 summoners may vote on cases in the Tribunal, with the options to punish players for poor behavior, pardon them from wrong-doing, or pass on the case if they’re not sure. Each case requires a significant majority of votes in order to punish the player for wrong-doing. For every case where you correctly predict the outcome of the case, you will be given Influence Points. You’re allowed to vote on a certain number of cases per day. Players who vote well are rewarded with increased votes per day, while those who fail to make correct judgments will find their voting allotments diminish. As you navigate to the Tribunal, you’ll be informed of guidelines and the behaviors we’re looking for, as well as receive warnings about the potential for offensive language, both in the Tribunal itself and in this video. Let’s look at our first case, starring a user named “VerbalHarassment.” He’s been reported by most of his teammates and opponents in this game for Verbal Harassment. We can see he’s a competent player, but let’s look at his chatlog. As with in-game chat, teammates have green names and opponents have red names. However the user in question will have his name show up as purple. In this game we see him constantly whining and swearing at his team. So far I’m not a fan. Let’s see if he keeps this up. I can navigate to other games he’s been reported for. These games are automatically sorted so that the most-reported game is Game 1, the second-most reported is Game 2, and so on. As we read his chat log, let’s talk about what happens when you punish a player. When a user gets punished by the Tribunal, he may receive a warning, temporary suspension, or even a permanent ban. These punishments are sequential, meaning that everyone first receives a warning and must be punished by a new set of cases in the Tribunal before facing suspension. Also, our Customer Support staff reviews the harsher punishments such as permanent bans on an individual basis before accepting the verdict. We will constantly tweak the system to ensure the Tribunal has the most positive effect it can. Finally, we regularly audit the entire system to make sure everything is working as we intend. After reviewing the chat log, I decide I want to punish him. Now let’s look at a new case. “IntentionalFeed” has been reported mostly for feeding. He’s got a somewhat poor score as Taric, but seems to be trying. We look at the chatlog and he’s not complaining about his teammates or anything, just trying his hardest to help. As we look at a second game, let’s talk about “Pardoning” a player. If enough people vote to Pardon, he is cleansed of all outstanding reports. Like with “Punishing” he has to accrue an entirely new set of reports before being placed in the Tribunal again. With this player’s most reported games being empty of feeding, I’m going to pardon him. I get a new case but the subject is actually my friend. While it is okay to judge your friends as long as you do so impartially, I don’t feel comfortable with this, so I’m going to pass. Normally you must wait 60 seconds to pardon or punish a case but you can pass on one immediately. You should pass on cases where you aren’t sure if the player is guilty or not, don’t understand the language spoken in the chatlog for verbal harassment cases, or otherwise don’t feel comfortable judging the case for any reason. Finally, you can exit the Tribunal at any time by clicking the link directly beneath the punish, pardon, and pass buttons. Thanks for tuning in, everyone. We hope you’ll help us promote a friendly community by voting in the Tribunal.

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  1. Fuchumo says:

    Get rid of the tribunal and in game chat (room). Too many butt hurt ppl in LOL community. If you suck, you suck. It's only a game.

  2. SuperHerbGrower says:

    not really you cant say fuck you or call someone a noob its prety stupid might as well close chat the or just stop playing this stupid game

  3. PVLXCE says:

    Fuck the inbred tribunal, it's so corrupt, third time I get banned for no reason whatsoever.
    Fuck LoL, shit is so retarded

  4. ViewtifulJoe says:

    Thanks Tribunal… I got banned because trolls reported me for backdooring and WINNING. I love Riot…

  5. Frankie Valentine says:

    This is the most retarded thing Riot has ever done, I just got banned by trolls… They reported me negative attitude because I said "Of Course I will play an OP champ If I wanna win, I play this game for fun and Winning is fun, Is it Not?" and The next day. BAM YOU BEEN BANNED TRILL 11/28. Please remove or give us a reason for the ban. I really want the reason to be honest

  6. Xiven says:

    If you misclick in game, you can die. If you misclick in the Tribunal, someone can slip by, or be suspended/banned.

  7. Jerren George says:

    this is why i quit lol and play hon unlike lazy riot s2 got a replay system so you can download the match the tribunal only reads chat they dont know what really happens in game which makes the tribunal retared and riot super retarded to think this shit is working so many people get ban fornothing everyday

  8. TSM iBlue says:

    I couldn't find the 'i'm done for now' button please help

  9. mummy1186 says:

    I lost my fucking honors and my fucking 30 account and about 600$ worth of skins i haven't fed not 1 game fucking shit fuckers tribunal smfd fucking high assholes and fucking retarded mexicans when i have fucking 20-1 k/d and lose 5 games in a row to retarded kids that get on your nerves then i get banned fuck you riot!

  10. rocky toombstone says:

    how do i send a message to league of legends about the tribunal?

  11. Wigglylol says:

    The tribunal is absolute shit. The system doesn't work you just get reported by trolls and banned by trolls.

  12. Wigglylol says:

    Democracy run by trolls and 12 year olds… real great idea for gaming.. giving trolls and 12 year olds more power.

  13. Jonathan Suriel says:

    riot, every1 is auto punishing now. Do something about it.

  14. Learn and Fun says:

    From the objection comments , Now I can understand why most of them got punished 🙂 , well done Riot

  15. Dovydas Navionis says:

    Yeah, when i saw this "You have been suspended from tribunal" shit I was like "hold on a second, FOR WHAT?!?!" Write a fucking reason instead of Tribunal FAQ link… This tribunal shit is fucked up, start banning 12 year olds for 0/20 scores instead of banning pro players for saying "FUCK"

  16. Dovydas Navionis says:

    Fucking riot cocksuckers

  17. plantaan26 says:

    This SUCKS

  18. plantaan26 says:



    9-3-7 vayne, Fid says "I CARRIED U NOOB"
    I say "U didnt carry me so stfu"

    I say "Talk to the hand"

  19. plantaan26 says:

    If u get report once per game, and no one writes a thing they are just jelly cause u didnt say GL HF I love u all and cause i go 14-3 and they lose elo, i get reported.

  20. OLBIANOS says:

    From they way you talk I doubt is was for no reason.

  21. Evil The Pyro says:

    I just lost a game and my team had 2 feeders/griefers. Damn I'm so fucked up I'd like to just go to their house and kill them/punch them/kick them till they have no blood on their boodies SHIT SHIT SHIT fuck griefers I hate them so much 🙁

  22. LorDneXb says:

    With that language I wouldn't say you're getting banned for no reason.

  23. 零意义 says:

    I support you big time in that dude, league of legends tribunal is the worst, most corrupt way to punishment, that i've ever seen in my entire life.

  24. Greenberrymuffinman1 says:

    I got banned for no reason and this guy that was a troll in a Ranked game didn't get banned. He just bought wards and put them all around the nexus..

  25. plantaan26 says:

    Im nice, they should remove or fix the tribunal, I was there voting, 10 cases i voted pardon on 1 or 2. i had wrong on them apparently.
    That means the community have voted punish 10/10 cases. THATS ALOT OF SPAM PUSHING FROM KIDS.

  26. neocloak says:

    I like the tribunal system, but I would have to say that tweaking is needed. Not gunna lie. It would be nice if kids below the age of 17 or 18 weren't allowed to participate. (how would you prove their age? I have no idea). Secondly, IP is a cool reward, but People spam the tribunal for it. even with the 60 second wait. I would gladly participate in the tribunal without IP as a reward, and without immature kids pushing for bans.

  27. plantaan26 says:

    Its all right except kids.
    I reply "Kid."

    Nice ban ahahahahah

  28. LorDneXb says:

    I also forgot the "umad". Or anything that has to do with the word "mad" and would irritate someone.

  29. LorDneXb says:

    And that's the kind of attitude that I enjoy banning.

  30. LorDneXb says:

    I've never done anything wrong. Why would the ban me?

  31. plantaan26 says:

    u ban people for saying umad?

  32. JPazer says:

    Wow you think you are special.

  33. Kupo Grounds says:

    They took out the IP system, I believe. Now the Tribunal is for those who actually want to help the community, rather than those who want IP.

  34. Kupo Grounds says:

    Dear Riot,
    You'll probably never read this but I have a complaint. I think the Tribunal is great and all, and it's mostly accurate and all, but I have a hard time deciding if it's a pardon or punish without the footage of the game itself, or even post-game or champion-selection chat. Without knowing what's going on in the game, a person who had justification for his actions can be wrongly judged in the Tribunal based only on his chat in-game. I'd say more but I ran out of space.

  35. noname says:

    It's no sens. I always get ban cause of noob team. " 0/10 ryze, i pls him for leave and he said he go feed so i was mad and i start use offensice language. After next match i had ban. So i ask! Why i have only noob team and i get ban cause of them?!

  36. plantaan26 says:

    i got perma banned for "troll picking as first pick". how is MF a troll pick?
    I can only wish these imbecills space aids and hard cancer.

  37. Johnson PonVonson says:

    The dumbest idea EVER.

  38. Christian Nybo says:

    I got temp banned for feeding. I had a 4-12 score. This was one of my first times in ranked. This is simply not okay Riot!

  39. Justin Bonney says:

    first of all, you wouldnt have gotten a temp-ban for your first offence. You must have already gotten a warning via e-mail, and then reported multiple times after that warning and were found guilty AGAIN. Plus you probably werent banned for feeding, but rather the attitude towards your team mates. Just because you got punished doesnt mean its because of the offence you were accused of. Smarten up, be friendly, and you shouldnt get punished again. btw, the next punishment you'll get is perma ban.

  40. Christian Nybo says:

    You don't even know the case. The Tribal is fucked. Small kids who's pressing Punish over and over again without reading the actual case.

  41. Jesse Garza says:

    lol, this is kind of a scary idea and takes away from the fun of the whole chat room experiance in general. It WOULD be awesome if there was voice chat and we could watch or listen to conversations instead of reading them. Maybe, i just dont know about this whole thing…

  42. Mudri says:

    i got 80% cases right…and almost never got reported…fck it im fine with it =)

  43. Mudri says:

    true story bro

  44. Starlynx says:

    Biggest pile of shit system ever.

  45. Васил Профиров says:

    GOOD JOB RIOT once again you gave the trolls a good tool to ban and harrasse the other players – well done.

    And how are the cases of Intentional Feed and Assisting the enemy Team are reviewed exactly ? From the chat ? 😀 How about Inappropriate name when the reviews are anonymous 😀 ? And how did you knew that the one reported is your friend ? And if he is your friend ( in real situation ) you expect someone to pass the case ? Are you for real ?

  46. Charles Kim says:

    If there are people who start to pick on someone, the one who is convicted usually gets banned. There is no justice in this tribunal system. If someone says "the reported guy is afk" after muting him, tribunal voters would probably think it is only reasonable to ban 'the guy' due to the following of reporter saying " he is afk." What if the reported guy wasn't actually afk and trying to make some plays without trying to argue with the reporter, is it still fair for the reported guy to be banned?

  47. Charles Kim says:

    what about those 20% innocent people? Although Tribunal system improved many people's behaviors, don't think tribunal system always has been provided justice to the people. Reporters always don't have any risk to report anyone and the details showing in tribunal is not specific to judge if someone should be banned or not

  48. Hashkakan says:

    Bullshit system not working

  49. Kasper Bugge says:

    This System is so broken and should be removed…League is not even funny anymore.. just got banned for no reason 🙁 🙁

  50. MorbidxAngel says:

    Seriously? "Faggot" should be allowed to be used? Being a gay guy that's highly offensive to me and all of my gay friends. So because it's completely overused it should be allowed? That's ridiculous. Because I've been in games where someone would spout off the N word and 4 people would threaten to report immediately yet someone says faggot and no one bats an eyelash.

    Pathetic really.

  51. Martin Penov says:

    I got banned for becouse i was leaving games alot but i played only 1 game the whole week becouse i was on vacation!And i didn't even stop playing!Riot get rid of the tribunal it's full of retards who don't read the cases.And the report system is terrible.They report you for everything.If you take a champion that somebody else wanted=report,if you feed=report,if you don't do what tha guy says=report,if you just play and be nice-report!This was you're worst idea Riot!

  52. Austin White says:

    No the reason no one bans someone for saying the word "faggot" because now when people actually use it they aren't using it to say someone is "gay." They're using it in a sense to say something is stupid. Like the southpark episode where they called all the bikers "faggots." If you seriously still get butt hurt over this then you need to just stfu and ignore them……don't see anyone else bitching about the use of "faggot" do you?

  53. Austin White says:

    Tribunal is just trash and should just be removed……its obvious that the tribunal is a failed ban system that Riot is to ashamed to fix or even remove.

  54. timothy willis says:

    fuck you

  55. timothy willis says:


  56. Mario Cario says:


  57. SurgestarFTW says:

    League has become garbage with all it's banning systems and LeaverBusters

  58. MorbidxAngel says:

    It still doesn't change how people in general perceive the word though. And I know a lot of people who use it that has nothing to do with gay people. Like in the way you said the south park episode, which I actually loved by the way, And I don't get all ragey when someone says it in game. I ask them to stop and not use that word and like 90% of the time they apologize and we all move on.

    And people won't say anything about it cause they all get the thumbs down like I did, or replies. =/

  59. ilyktosk8 says:

    i play the tribunal more than playing the game l0l

  60. Seth Vint says:

    First of all, please note that this video is over 2 years old and things have changed (for the better imo) since that time frame.

    Second of all, the tribunal is effective because it helps either reform or get rid of jerks who like to verbally abuse and harass other players. If you don't want to be banned by the tribunal, then do what WookieCooke says and "Don't be a jerk", it's just that simple really (or at least it should be anyway, so there's that at least).

  61. Tom SH says:

    I'm actually kind of sad that people hate this system. Is making league a better community and a better place to be involved in a bad thing. I guess people only want a game where people can d*** other people over in. I mean sure it could use some work but, doesn't everything?  ఠ_ఠ

  62. Tori Man says:

    I love tribunal. I've permabanned tons of racists, toxic players, and worst flamers.

  63. Deathfire Grasp says:

    I'm level 23 and i have 1 ban,and i can vote in the tribunal is this a bug/glitch

  64. Justin Jake Ashton says:

    How do I access this system?

  65. GoateMate Sniper says:

    how to op dis ssistem i need ip but i wht to punush pepol

  66. GoateMate Sniper says:


  67. Stewie Griffin says:

    this new chat ban system is just so stupid! players ingame who got chat ban fears to communicate cuz of reports! LIMIT THE REPORTS! not fuucking healthy that idiots can report 9 players each game, trust me A LOT OF PEOPLE DOES THAT

  68. Infamous says:

    The tribunal is broken. It doesn't compensate the real source of most problems which is the feeders. They directly cause rage, negativity, and toxicity and team failure because they cause the loss through feeding and make 4 other people sit through a 20-40 mintue loss. The people who get angry out of natural frustration (working hard in lane and farming, only to have fed opponents crush you) are reported and the feeders don't get any source of punishment and move on to give league of legends the name of having one of the most toxic communities. Riot do something, open your eyes.

  69. Ronald Hawj says:

    The tribunal is broken you can simply report someone for trash talking back/defending themselves with harsh and if you can i'm not sure you can probably log on with multiple accounts and vote to punish the player…

  70. Ehug CYH' says:

    There is DIFFERENCE between – Truth and – Flaming
    If they guy who is talking truth is carrying their team's ass he shouldn't be banned.

  71. HNTR says:

    Biggest problem with the game. right fucking here.

  72. John Angelo Ayson says:

    fuck. tribunal. system.
    this shit bans people who are not feeding in purpose… what the fuck riot? they should rename this into summoners joke

  73. Luan Nguyen says:

    This system suck, everyone gets a report every game.. no matter if your doing bad or doing good.. someone will ban you.

  74. Lukas R says:

    I just got a 14 day ban for calling my jungler an idiot, that was the extend of the "Game 1" aka the most reported game of my entire ban?

  75. Harleyn Quinnzel says:

    When will the tribunal be back?

  76. Aldair Antara J. says:

    thanks i'm sorry

  77. RefractArt says:

    You guys need to bring this back to life.

  78. The Soldier says:


  79. Warcrftaddict says:

    Guilty, guilty, guilty. fastest LP ever

  80. imJeNaiKe says:

    Fix the tribunal, ty 😉

  81. Θανασης Πασιοπουλος says:

    Bring it Back!

  82. Corum says:

    A scripter I reported 2 weeks ago is still playing the game riot, bring back the tribunal system so we can actually remove these kinds of players from the game.

  83. Tydin says:

    Bring this back in 2019 please!!!!

  84. gökhan güler says:

    year 2019 still want this back

  85. Melly Red says:

    How can I ban a player with this app? Please help

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