The Supreme Court Simulation

Supreme Court Simulation We will simulate the process the Supreme Court uses to decide cases Using actual cases from the Court’s current term Every student will play one of two roles Attorney Or Justice We will hold oral argument in class Attorneys will argue their cases before the justices For 20 minutes But the petitioner’s attorney can save 5 minutes for rebuttal Like in the real Supreme Court, Justices can interrupt the attorneys for questions at any time Attendance is mandatory for all students on the day of oral argument On the next class day that follows oral argument, the attorneys will be excused while the Justices meet in conference They’ll discuss the case and take a tentative vote After that, both attorneys and justices will submit their first drafts These should be at least 10 pages long And should draw heavily upon Supreme Court precedent I will give you extensive feedback on your first draft Your should address it in your final draft which should be at least 12 pages long The winner will be announced in class on final exam day Supreme Court Simulation

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