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  1. Michael Wilson Towns, Sr. says:

    I'm really impressed with Justice Kagan. I don't share her political orientations but she is absolutely brilliant and I learned a great deal from this lecture.

  2. IRINA BULICI says:

    Always look forward to Justice Kagan dialogues. In addition to being knowledgeable and intelligent, she communicates well.

  3. Marc Legarreta says:

    So would photographs of the fish serve as tangible evidence?

  4. Brian Johnson says:

    Justice Kagan is a great communicator. She doesn't have Scalia's gravitas but she has the clear communication skills of a good teacher. Justice Ginsburg, whom I love, often seems uninterested in talking turkey (on youtube anyways). A pleasure to watch this discussion.

  5. Michael Beyda says:

    I'm an originalist who happens to disagree with every legal view of Justice Kagan, but she is undoubtedly brilliant.

  6. Brand Gardner says:

    Investigate the murder of Scalia.

  7. ArchesBro says:

    When she talks about transferee, I think it is talking about the FFL, which is not necessarily the one who owns the gun. If I were to buy a gun from a private seller in another state, who does not have an FFL. They would need to transfer the gun to an FFL who would ship to my local FFL and give it to me, doing a background check in the process. This transfer would cost a small fee. So perhaps the law is saying to do a background check on the 2 FFLs in this process? It could also just be the private dealer who is selling using another persons license like an employee of a store where the owner has an FFL. The flip side of the scenario, which she essentially uses seems far too unlikely for me because there is no government control over the buyers intent because they are so detached from an FFL or business that would feel a punishment.

  8. Øyvind Næss says:

    Im not impressed. This is what been thougt in European law schools since… forever!

  9. Øyvind Næss says:

    US juris prudence are struggeling with issues solved in continantal europanlaw centuries ago…

  10. Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor says:


  11. Sebastian Minney says:

    I really like Justice kagan I believe she's in the middle compared to her other "liberal" colleagues respect

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