The Outcasts Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Victoria Justice Movie

No matter who you are, high school is the same. It’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times. Full of wonderful people and not so wonderful people. Ow! Zombie fascists! High school kind of sucked for us. (Loser). We know that there has been some bad blood between us but, there is no reason why we can’t finish off the school year being civil. Wow. Law 15: Crush your enemy totally. So we’re screwed. We are gonna stand up for ourselves! How exactly are we going to do that? All we had to do was convince the outsiders, misfits and weirdos of the school to band together. What you’re proposing is like the Rebel Alliance. Why do we have two sci-fi nerds here? He’s sci-fi, I’m fantasy. It’s totally different. But neither of you get laid right? Yes! These files represent the entire student body. The key is figuring out what makes people tick, and then exploiting it mercilessly. I like you Virginia, even if you are named after a slave state. Let’s do this. You’re going to be popular. We were actually thinking more along the lines of revenge. It smells like Comic Con in here anyway. Pound it, blow it up, pshhh cool. Yes! I will not allow them to roam the halls of this school thinking that they are my equal. Man, rich white people are messed up. Huh, huh, huh, huh Thank you for hosting us, my mom says never come to a party empty-handed. Sweet. Oh my god, we are diversifying our high school experiences already.

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  1. XXX says:

    same castle as in that werewol movie rom victoria justice

  2. ElColombia says:

    Apenas la vere… Haber que tal! Jeje.

  3. VEGITO GAMER9957 says:

    beck and tori crack me up like the director knows what is up.

  4. boss as bee says:


  5. Michelle Melone says:

    Tori and Beck?

  6. Lois Loves Cheese says:


  7. Mimah 101 says:

    "I will not allow them to roam the halls if this school thinking they are my equal."
    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 The childishness of this and the insecurity it reveals just gets me.

  8. Swerving Lanes WDW says:

    Sue, Beck, Tori, Emma

  9. Becca Kravchenko says:

    This is someone's Victorious fanfiction

  10. Anna Harpur says:

    Did anybody else watch the middle?

  11. techytrekki says:

    There’s only one teenager in the whole main cast lol

  12. Ray says:

    What a waste of time.

  13. Comedykat15 XD says:

    I like the perfect sisters better… so… HA

  14. kzarkage says:

    Victoria as an outcast ……….. really ?

  15. pumpkin says:

    The boy with long hair looks like Swapna Suman. Nepali song lover will notice.

  16. Roxana Bawari says:

    “Man Rich White people are messed up” 😂

  17. Sawani Bedekar says:

    Is it still 2008? Are we still into such crappy high school movies

  18. Isaac Omid says:

    wtf this is filmed at my school

  19. Bianka Rost says:

    There is girl is Jesse Disney

  20. Jenna Larson says:

    Sue from the middle is in this movie

  21. Ariel Gray says:

    They still tried to get Tori and Beck together here too lol

  22. Rite Shoi says:


  23. Sweetenerbabe ag4 says:

    Wait so .. are Tori and Beck brother and sister ???????

  24. AddysonPlays RobloxYT says:


  25. Shruti Patchigolla says:


  26. Yna Esmael says:

    Meh -_-.

  27. Jayne Rosa Fernandes says:

    Já assisti esse filme é muito sem noção e o final e chato pra caramba , um dos piores filmes que já assisti.

  28. Jadyn Davis says:

    I didn’t see this season of victorious

  29. frauds says:

    don't dare touch Sue Heck she could kill you with her optimisim

  30. James Russell says:

    Eden sher

  31. What up i'm Jared says:

    Jenna Hamilton…i am sure no one knows what am i talking about 😅

  32. lps avan jogia productions says:

    Who else ship Jodi and Dave ?

  33. CHULA -ELF-GOT7 says:

    I have seen this type of movies over 100 times before , when the actress wear a glasses that mean she is an ugly girl or weird person ?? I can't understand u AUTHORS 🙂

  34. luis carrizo says:

    Soundtrack movie?

  35. Νίκος Μπαμπαλιάρης says:

    0:38 Bonnie Bennett is WHITE!!!!!!!

  36. TheLeah2344 says:

    Didn’t even know this movie existed until I scrolled through Netflix today and saw it .

  37. Fiona Petelo says:

    Somehow this reminds me of Sydney white, the posters and everything 🤔

  38. Luis Alberto Godines says:

    Omg two of nickelodeon plus 1 of disney

  39. Lightning Farron says:

    I love this movie!
    All my favourites; Victoria Justice, Eden Sher, Avan, Peyton List, Gideon from The Thundermans!
    And the other cast members are awesome! 🤘😂

  40. Madi Ignacia says:

    Beck and Tori 😍

  41. j e s s i c a says:

    Beck + Tory= ❤️

  42. Leticia Rodrigues says:

    Eu assisti ameii ❤❤

  43. SergSpace says:

    Box office: $24,197. I have no comments.

  44. Océane says:

    Omg !! EDEN SHER !!❤😍

  45. Raquel Francisca says:

    Victoria's dad played scarfe in the series luke cage

  46. T B says:

    Do not judge a movie by it’s trailer kids. This one actually has a good message. It was fun to watch it

  47. Joe Salha says:

    I can only see it as Tori Vega in disguise

  48. kallie schuld says:

    I think we ALL are outcasts

  49. nori 海苔 says:

    Yo where's Jade, Robbie, Cat and Andre? eh

  50. saqib Ali says:

    Not a movie they just have a movie togeter

  51. nekopii says:

    If this is their way of trying to indirectly get Beck and Tori together, well then screw this movie. JadeBeck for life.

  52. Wanderley Cunha says:


  53. Joe Salha says:

    I think we're ALL outcasts

  54. Manuel Nardin says:

    I actually wanna watch this on boxxy software

  55. Luna Lovegood says:

    Wow..high school students don't have acne or pimples….I love how Hollywood is so realistic..👏👏👏

  56. Wanderley Cunha says:


  57. mayaa says:

    what is sue doing there

  58. Lanso Yanthan says:

    Oh look, the "oldest" high schoolers in the world

  59. Emily Effert says:

    It smells like comic con in hear anyway favorite part

  60. Cameron Lloyd says:

    This basically f the prom nerds vs populars

  61. SOTTO SOTTO says:

    Who's that black girl at 0:39?
    She's 😍😍😍

  62. Grace Jones says:

    Beck with a long hair, Toir wearing glasses I loving it already!!

  63. Much Loser says:

    So, what the hell happened to Victoria Justice?

  64. Aja Willingham says:


  65. Linda 82 says:

    Never whatched the movie

  66. Menal Kashalo says:

    I watched the movie, and let me just say, I LOVED IT.

    Tori/Jodi and Beck/Dave foreva!!!!

  67. P 1 says:

    I was so excited to watch it when it was released and then I ended up being probably the most disappointed fan ever …

  68. The British Ghost says:

    Long live the geeks

  69. Kiera Henley says:

    Sue Heck and Tori Vega?

  70. HectorBrockerbank says:

    i THiNk We'Re AlL oUtCaStS

  71. Murtaza Saeed says:

    i love this

  72. Emily .S says:

    Victoria, Avan and Peyton

  73. anna mess says:

    But the sci-fi guy looks like a tik tok e-boy

  74. Evie Bell says:

    Victoria was from nick and Peyton from disney…must still be bad blood.

  75. Sanju Rajan says:

    The in romdey now series

  76. Sanshrita Khamesra says:

    OMG sue from the middle

  77. Elizabeth Philip says:

    thus actually a shitty movie please dont watch it
    very weird

  78. winwin's missing lines says:

    Victoria Justice has been a high schooler for a decade now

  79. Jesse Confino says:

    Deadass filmed in my town

  80. xxx Magsx says:

    Victorious fan who loves tori vega. 👇🏼

  81. Multifandom K-Pop Stan says:

    Guy: smells like Comic-Con In here anyway—
    Me: how do you know what Comic-Con smells like mmm *duck face*

  82. Elise Jackson says:

    beck was still gorgeous.

  83. Game app Reviewer says:

    Why do black people still bring up crap about slaves
    That was generations ago
    Get over it
    I don’t hate on the Russians who beat and tortured my great grandfather
    So stop bringing up the past

  84. Irah Magracia says:


  85. Shaian Ramah says:

    I remembered shipping tori & beck!

  86. KPanda Amanda 민윤기 says:

    Ackkkk Beck and Toriii

  87. Fluffy Angel says:

    Let's be real who would do this If you were confident and Didn't care getting caught

  88. laila says:

    Victoria Justice: We're outcast
    Me: Um I think we're ALL outcasts

  89. Niko Kolass says:

    Dangg.. Tori and Beck are finally together😂😂

  90. Elizabeth Alvary says:

    Why is victoria justice always playing an obnoxious , self centered friend who somehow should be good and likeable?

    Also Mindy was just amy farrah fowler

  91. Ruby from KARMA says:

    finally tori and beck kiss

  92. Ruby from KARMA says:

    fun fact that school at 1:05 is the one from descendants

  93. Natasha Jooste says:

    They use the Lords Name in this, please take it down

  94. Merisa Klïca says:

    Holy that’s my school

  95. Beatriz Neves says:


  96. FlowerPrincess16 says:

    Yo that guy with the beard looks like he could be a teacher lol

  97. Dhruvi Desai says:

    Ayeeeee it's Tori and Beck

  98. Dhruvi Desai says:

    Here's how I pictured the Victorious characters ending up Dodges rotten tomatoes thrown at me

    Tori- is roommates with Robbie. Tori wasn't a bad person, she was just a little guarded and stiff, and she learned to let loose. She and Cat's friendship grew, and so did her friendship with Jade. She and Beck also have an impactful relationship (no, Jade, not like that, don't come at Tori with a pitchfork). She and Beck are like brother and sister and do acting gigs together, as seen in this. Tori stops focusing on the acting industry and starts focusing on music, and becomes a pop sensation, like Ariana Grande 😉. Eventually, Tori moves into her own house, but doesn't let the fame get to her head: she works her butt off. On her downtime, she hangs out with the Victorious gang in her house. She sometimes works with Andre on her music and they do collaborations. She meets a director for one of Jade's movies that she produces, and she and the director, Paolo, date and eventually get married at 28- Dodges more popcorn thrown at me

    Cat- she and Robbie are dating, of course. She still lives with Sam, who becomes a member of the group, but mostly hangs out with Jade and Cat. Cat is also a sensation in the music industry and has a large fanbase. She and Tori and Andre work on music together. She and Robbie move in together and get married at 29. She and Beck have this adorable relationship :3 she goes to him a lot of the time for the little things, and he and Jade always accommodate her, even if she just needs her nose scratched, cuz they love her.

    Jade- ah, Jade. Jade and Beck get married long before any of the others, at 25. They live in Beck's RV. They broke up shortly after high school to focus on their careers, but of course got back together. They have their first child at 29. The others love being aunt's and uncles. Robbie and Jade develop a meaningful friendship. Jade focuses on music and eventually lands a deal with a record (idk anything about music okay). She and Beck eventually buy a real house but keep the RV in the driveway: it holds fond memories for them.

    The iCarly gang become semi-permanent members of the Victorious gang.

    Sam and Freddie get back together 😍

    Andre- Andre obviously gets big in the music industry with Tori and Cat. When Carly gets back from Italy, they become friends AND begin dating. Cat and Carly become fast friends.

    Robbie- Robbie was never the most popular kid in high school, but he started becoming a ventriloquist comedian with Rex. Cat always shows up to his shows of course. He and Tori develop a stronger friendship.

    Beck- yeah we all know what happens to him: he eventually becomes a well known actor.

    Trina: Trina never truly changed her selfish ways, but it became more of an endearment than an annoyance. Trina discovered a talent for fashion design and became an executive at Ralph Lauren (once again, no idea how any of this works).

    Carly restarts iCarly with Sam, Freddie, and Gibby, bringing in some of the Victorious gang. She renames the show iVictorious. They all frequently hang out at Tori's, just like in high school, from their 20's and 30's, unless one of them has to perform at a concert or go on tour. No matter what, one of the good friends can always be found with the other. They all have kids and eventually go their separate ways (at, like, 40 XD) and starts a new chapter of their lives, focusing on their careers. Freddie starts a tech company, Carly starts a talk show with Sam since no one wants to watch the comedy of 40 year olds, especially since their comedy has matured since their teen years. Andre, Cat, and Tori continue singing. Robbie starts his own acting school and hires Mr Sickowitz. Beck continues acting and Jade begins selling art, even doing an art show with Trina. They all eventually have kids.

  99. Metal Head Ron says:

    Victoria justice and Avan Jogia in the same movie ?

  100. Sookie Coley says:

    2 casts of victorious I need to watch this movie

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