The Justice League Murdered a Surprising Number of People

Hey everybody justice league is all on Netflix so you can watch it there or I can just show you all the best moments where our heroes have …. straight up killed people. SWOOSH! TODAY IN NERD HISTORY! The Justice league cartoons only been of the air for only like a decade or so but it’s already a bonafide classic. We could all agree not only is the show held up over time, it’s actually become the definitive version of these character for a whole lot of people. As a cartoon network show these version of character firmly held the “No kill” rule. Batman in particular is the go to example of a hero who show that he’s better than murderers villains who goes high when they go low and who never EVER uses guns and… then blast the villain Double Ray with a pistol so he flies into an electrical panel and gets sizzled. Lucky for Batman we can conveniently blame spectral superhero Deadman for leaping into Batman’s body and actually pulling the trigger despite being possessed and Deadman taking the shot actually saving Wonder Woman. Batman still gets really hung up on being forced to use a gun to kill. “Bruce Deadman took over your body, it wasn’t your fault”. Which feel like super ironic considering how many sentient aliens Batman willingly lays waste to later in the series. I mean he doesn’t cut their throat like that exactly but I mean almost In the final episode “DESTROYER” Batman shows no qualms blowing up a mess of parademons whose murderers intentions aren’t so different than those of Devil Ray. Superman doesn’t seem to mind popping them off one by one either. In fact the Justice League seems to have a recurring hypocritical problem where they feel totally justified in killing living, thinking beings just so long as they come from like a different planet. Which is especially troubling for you Superman. Explain that one! Check out what Hawk girl and Wonder Woman do to this alien ship at the end of the very first episode. Ya it was evil and otherwise going to invade earth, but it was also alive. You think that a team of several prominent aliens would also acknowledge that. But every member of the team seems to have totally arbitrary personal criteria as to what constitutes “Murder”. The episode “The darkness below”, Aquaman’s evil brother leaves him and his infant child to die. But after managing to cut off his hand to save himself and the baby, he corners his bro on a cliff. “Please… brother…, help me!” ” I believe this is mine”. “Ahhhhhhhhh!” I mean god damn, even Mr. Freeze would say that stuff is cold… …as ice. ‘Cause he’s an ice guy. Arthur’s eye’s are hard as steel even when watching his own brother fall to certain doom. There’s not even a glimmer of regret there. No mercy. And way, WAY on the other opposite end of the spectrum, having too much compassion and mercy actually led Hawkgirl to take a life. Hawkgirl always seemed like she was willing to provide permanent solutions for supervillainy. And she proved that capability in “The Return”. After a newly resurrected Solomon Grundy rampages mindlessly across the city Shiera finds her old friend and does what she thinks is best. “Close your eyes” Every time Grundy comes back he’s a little different. But every iteration of the monster is in agony missing part of his soul. Being alive is ACTUAL torture for this guy. By putting him out of his misery, Hawkgirl is essentially participating in assisted suicide. A little little less morally murky is the opening of a “Better World” which sees Superman beat down the door of President Lex Luthor after the execution of the Flash. As the Justice League storms the White House Lex is as calm as ever. He knows how this ends or.. at least he thinks he does “You’re as much as responsible for this as I am” So go ahead, fix it some how, put me on trial, lock me up but i’ll beat it. And then we’ll start the whole thing all over again.” “I did love being a hero.” “But if this is where it leads, i’m done with it.” “Do you smell something?” Batman is pretty sure that he knows what he is smelling. It’s the burning flesh of a newly minted corpse. We don’t see the fresh body or the corpse itself, but it’s clear that Superman finally cut down Lex Luthor. The creepiest part, Superman seems THRILLED about the situation. “Are you ok?” “I’m great!” Of course we soon learn that this is actually an alternate time line. One in which the events that transpired lead to the evil “Justice Lords” to rise to power. Foregoing their strict “No kill” policy in order to rule the world with an iron fist. know..just kinda be jerks. Jerks who really love to kill. ‘Cause it’s fun I guess, I don’t know. Superman seems to love it. The irony of this episode is earlier in the series we’ve already seen our heros kill after being pushed to the limits of their virtue. Just because Hawkgirl and Aquaman bent or broke the one rule, it doesn’t automatically make them super villains. The difference between the Justice League and the Justice Lords isn’t as simple as who kills and who doesn’t but who recognizes the tremendous responsibility and weight of terminating a living person. “I knew you wouldn’t be able to change his mind.” “Ya, how?” “Because I felt the same temptations he has.” “They’re pretty strong.” The inner struggle and how we see it play out is a large part of what makes Justice League a bonafide classic. Which is what I called it earlier, i’m coining that now, it’s a bonafide classic. We all agree.

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  1. Zerpderp0 says:

    Parademons are not sentient I thought?

  2. Osodaaries says:

    This guy makes me appreciate dorkly so much more.

  3. Lindsay Wheatcroft says:

    To be fair on Bats, there is some distinction between a criminal and a uniformed enemy combatant, especially if said adversary is not observing established laws of conflict. He slaughters Doomsday clones attacking Themyscira at the behest of Darkseid

  4. Bryce Chapman says:

    Well aquaman was in rage over his son so yeah he had every reason to be cold. You just seem to hate death as a whole and your assessment seems weak minded.

  5. Sam Anderson says:

    Yeah……..Justice League/Justice League Unlimited is no longer on Netflix. unfortunately 🙁

  6. Rob Bob The Corn Cob says:

    But Parademons are basically brain-dead zombies. They are unintelligent creatures who know nothing but subservience and violence. There’s a huge difference between killing a Parademon and killing a human.

  7. SM4SHBEAST says:

    Rip, it’s not on Netflix anymore.

  8. bubs_ says:

    Not to mention in Arkham knight he tortures multiple people and electricutes people.

  9. bubs_ says:

    *It seems Superman has finally cut down on Lex Luthor

    happy go music

  10. Paul Bauman says:

    Leaguers don’t kill people, Granny Goodness kills people!

  11. Killer Kirby says:

    To be far those minions coudlent think they where slaves

  12. Killer Kirby says:

    To be far those minions coudlent think they where slaves were

  13. David AdventTime21 says:

    Aquaman did The right thing.
    In fact his brother has some nerves asking him for help.

  14. David AdventTime21 says:

    The Justice League are the Justice Lords

  15. Jolly ali inc. says:

    the weirdest thing about justice league is superman's body proportions

  16. striderhiryu2 says:

    Those were the good old days of 90s and early 2000s cartoons.Epic stories whit ocasionals sacrifices and deaths.Solomon grundy was already dead.he was a zombie at the moment.

  17. Jakub Bończak says:

    If we have to deal with actual gangsters killing people (not to mention murderous psychopats) no kill policy is leting them kill more innocent people. It sucks. Can you imagine Hitler being sentenced for lifelong imprisonment? Or Goering? Nope. The Gallows are necessary to deal with a certain degree of villany

  18. iamaniPod says:

    Were you saying "Hawkgirl" or " Hot Girl"?

  19. Indigo Yarkindell says:

    why couldn't Aquaman's brother swim?

  20. Freakshow Filmfestival says:

    Dude was willing to kill a baby, that glimmer of guilt in Aquaman's eyes doesn't have to be there, the guy was evil. Also, if they were underwater when that happened, it's Orm's fault he didn't start swimming.

  21. Nappa_tfs says:

    Is anyone else watching this in 2019 where they don’t have justice league on Netflix anymore

  22. Ryu Oozmaki says:

    Now, how many DID they kill?

  23. Bruce Lee says:

    Wrong they weren't dead, just unconscious like in pokemon.

  24. Andres Greene says:

    Killing invading combatants isn't murder, it's war.

  25. Hunter Aroksaar says:

    And people say aqua man is the lamest hero ever….

    Let’s hope they aren’t hanging on a cliff with aqua man being their only hope

  26. Mackenzie Bauroth says:

    You're forgetting when they went back in time to kill two thousand Nazis, with Green Lantern shooting one in the head.

  27. Presidential gaming Claivil says:

    I like that joke that was nICE

  28. Hong Kong phooey Imasupaheroguy says:

    Reading too much into it

  29. Олег Козлов says:

    I think the rule is "don't kill anyone who looks like a human", so… Yeah…

  30. Kyle Miller says:

    You’re right. But Aquaman wasn’t in the League then.

  31. Optidorf says:

    They were just sent to another dimension.

  32. Exceptional says:

    Wasn't there a rule for the Justice League to not kill…
    That goes for aquaman and all the others that were in JL.

  33. sevan grigoryan says:

    If your own brother tried to murder you and your own child without any remorse, I wouldn’t blame that person for not feeling any remorse back

  34. Jacob Abad says:

    Letting someone fall to their death isn't murder.

  35. little eazy says:

    Honestly if my brother tried to kill me and my son without remorse and then asked for mercy I am not sure if I would help a brother out
    In my opinion aquaman had every right to let his brother die

  36. KJ The Hedgecat says:

    3:20 God DAMN, That Really Sucks.😟😠

  37. KJ The Hedgecat says:

    4:15 Hearing Clark say that OUTSIDE of Injustice actually felt pretty satisfying~!😊😉😆

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