The Justice League is SAD | Music Video

Hey, are you excited for that new Justice League movie not really? I mean all those movies are just so dark and emo it almost seems like DC should just stand for depressed characters Yes, I mean, they’re superheroes. What do they have to be so depressed about anyways? hey just cus were superheros doesn’t mean we don’t have justified depression hit it robot guy my name cyborg We just some emo superheros all caught in Slow motion hiding the shadows can’t handle our emotions loved ones always dying really sucks to be we now you see why were crying because we always DC Depressed Clinically Mediation isn’t cheap medication isn’t cheap My parents are dead. I got PTSD I lost my girlfriend Blew up in front of me, always save Gotham it’s kind of a hassle when I wear my mask I talk like an asshole became my greatest fear Let me be clear about that to cope with my depression I became a damn bat I Also lost my parents and my whole damn planet save the human race but taken for granted in a dying industry. I make 30k a year last left of my kind Can’t connect with anyone I got a girl, but I don’t have friends you feel me then i finally met another hero tried to kill me saved your planet twice and then actually died and I still got haters so yeah fuck my life then how are you alive? you said you just died Really guys are we seriously just gonna overlook the fact that Superman was killed in Batman V Superman Really, okay fine. Yeah, okay? I get why you two are sad, but Aquaman you’re the king of the sea your life must be amazing yes, but I can’t find love on dry land I Don’t understand how a man we’re do you find love I’m deep-sea diving diddlin crustaceans dolphin cuddlin’ fish lovin nation I’m wetting this D can’t you C at Depths you Cannot reach doin’ creatures from the sea Bout to make this whale Beach done with metaphors give it straight as hell i’ve fucked a lot of fish, and you should try as wel put it deep in the blowhole put it so deep in the blowhole Put it deep in the blowhole,put it so deep in the blowhole ok buddy bra bra bra Okay, flash why are you so sad? I’m imbiten oh Okay, um well, I guess we know why you guys are all sad. Sorry. We judged you know no enough DC does not stand for depressed characters it stands for Dick crusher I Demonstrate my confidence you consider consequences I Destroy the criminals you boys are just miserable profile goin’ up audience showin’ up ticket sales blowin’ up I dominate the culture and not to make it vulgar i’m a dick crusher Don’t be fooled cus in a stunner and just in case you wonder i’m a dick crusher i see a dick i crsh it and i ain’t gonna rush it dick crusher dick crusher dick crusher Oh my god, that’s correct DC is awesome We should go see Justice League right now wait you forgot my verse, DC. Doesn’t stand for depressed characters or dick crusher What does it stand for then? dude cyborg i’m a dude cyborg i’m cyborg thats a dude i’m a dude cyborg i’m a cyborg that’s a dude cyborg i’m a cyborg that’s a dude i’m a dude Cyborg i’m a cyborg thats a du-du-du-du-du-du du-du-du-du-du I’m a dude cyborg I’m a cyborg that’s a dude Okay, let’s just go watch Avengers for the 15th time yeah this sucks Thank you guys so much for watching click the box to the left to watch every Superhero ever and click the Box on the right to check out our totally New show you posted that that episode features matpat Gabi Hannah and Ricky Dillon, and it’s a good time so click it. Love you. Bye

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  1. Falguni Barua says:

    I think Flash did his Song but it was too fast that nobody really heard

  2. Fossi says:

    why does Courtneys werse remind me of that song they did on assasins creed

  3. The Suspisious Animator says:

    DC was called “DC” because tue creators were drunk , hence Drunk Creators.

  4. Kuellar Ayelet says:

    Who’s watching this beautiful song after End Game

  5. Kuellar Ayelet says:

    Who thinks she’s a better Wonder Woman then the actual Actress

  6. thomas fuston says:

    Batman and superman part is lit hah

  7. Michelle Lacey says:

    Courtney is amazing at singing as well as Keith I love them both but I like Shayne,Noah and Ian because they also tried there best☺

  8. Sam Bam says:

    I really want to see the behind the scenes and the process of making the song

  9. Wave says:

    I like marvel because of frequent movies but when dc comes out it’s bad as

  10. JC& Jedi says:

    To cope with my depression I became a damn bat
    -Ian 2017

  11. Julyebouley says:

    Who thinks Noah is a great singer

  12. James space and more says:

    Put it deep in the blowhole

  13. Hew Ion says:

    No joke Noah's part was a bop

  14. Arnas C says:

    When Shayne sang I immediatly got that Jamaician music rythm

  15. Sea Shepherd Viking says:

    That's a better Batman than Aflek..

  16. Zetanna Saunders says:


  17. Luka Negri says:

    Like for a full cover of aqua man rap

  18. Hr Juustuke says:

    I like noah more

  19. Aiman Afiq says:

    What the original song??

  20. Julyebouley says:

    Noah your not the last of your mind your cousin super girl

  21. Salvador Carlos says:

    DC stands for detective comics

  22. Recon007 _YT says:

    Wonder Woman and aqua man was the best

  23. Lal Torun says:


  24. Wave says:

    Who else likes Batman’s verse

  25. Sonni says:

    Shayne is best gar

  26. S J says:

    Why is this a bop?

  27. S J says:

    dude cyborg was blackpink before blackpink was blackpink

  28. cortes84spartan says:

    For now there is no better DC movies than Christopher Nolan's Movies.

  29. Xirli O says:

    Dc stands for Dixon cider

  30. OMFG N.A. THE FAN says:

    Noah is my favorite

  31. Raven Black says:

    Oh gods! Aqua-Shayne!!!😂😂😂😂😂👍

  32. Sound Surfers says:

    For some reason Keith in the start, Ian, and Noah are my favourite parts. There damn good.

  33. Humanhurricane 67 says:

    3:50 poor matraub

  34. sans says:

    DC stands. Or. Stood for detective comics wich was shortened to DC comics….. for some.. reason

  35. Curtis H says:

    Wait, where was Damien at?

  36. marlih muffinman says:

    How hard was video to make?

  37. ok gaming productions says:

    Who is playing flash

  38. Lanique Burger says:

    Shayne looks like postmalone in this vid

  39. elmedin ismajli says:

    Ian and Noah was the best part but noah did a little bit better

  40. Deviant says:

    I want courtney and keith to have a duet cuz they both amazing

  41. sifat shams says:

    Superman's song was actually legitimately kinda sad.

  42. Sameen ahmad says:

    2019 anyone

  43. Aidan Cepek says:

    I thought they were all absolutely amazing

  44. Lucas Furtado says:

    Who else thinks Courtney should be the new Wonder woman

  45. Level 2 memester • 6 years ago says:

    P U T I N D E E P I N B L O W H O L E

  46. Wait oh Ok says:

    Whats shayne’s actual song name?

  47. Vidster Games says:

    The flash could have sang something about screwing up the timeline and erasing loved ones

  48. Daymian kraft says:

    They actually pretty good singing

  49. Hanh Lam says:

    You're going through

  50. Brandon Willis says:

    Lol This Video was made in my Birth day so Im gonna watch it on my birth day this year Ian canbu pin this pls

  51. Brandon Willis says:

    Who saw a pic of shayne

  52. Scorpio KC says:

    1:50 Ian batman voice only makes it better

  53. shunkela says:

    Its so dumb but Keith's part was my favorite.

  54. Sebas Peña says:

    Idk what u guys think but Noah's part was lit

  55. Ben Dover says:

    This shoulda been a hit

  56. Cabbage Man says:

    Why is this not in spotify

  57. Banana Cookies Eater says:

    DC Stands For Detective Comics

  58. Shaden TWX says:

    "a year later" i just realized that, That table has Shayne pic on the side

  59. Jayton the king says:


  60. Oscar #101 says:

    Who thinks Ian actually has a great voice.

  61. Alyssa J says:

    I was shocked how good Courtney and Ian voices are 😯😯😯😀😅😃😂😄🤣😁☺️😆😊

  62. Zenaido Hernandez says:

    i did see batman v superman and it was good and when i saw justice leauge they use boxes
    to bring superman back to life

  63. Nanna _ says:

    3:24 dang Court! You sing so great and badass😂❤️

  64. Tahli L says:

    What does sunny/flash actually say

  65. Riley Morse says:

    the bat man voice is bad but the real voice is asome

  66. Dylan Cole says:

    Everyone's talking about Shayne as Aquaman, but Courtney was a great Wonder Woman. Who knew she had a such a good singing voice.

  67. Hotaushay says:

    Why is this actually so good

  68. Loki says:

    "I'm a dude cyborg. I'm a cyborg that's a dude"
    That hits the feels

  69. Blatty26 says:

    I think video just demonstrates how perfect Courtney is

  70. Tyler meatloaf says:

    Put it deep in the blowhole is stuck in my head

  71. Michael Haag says:

    You forgot shazam

  72. QuackyTheQuack says:

    wait if superman was dead then how did clark kent write that….

  73. Millie Lowe says:

    Courtney is suuuuuuuuch a good singer

  74. yashwanth purli says:

    What did flash say?

  75. Lara Dixon says:

    had no idea this existed somehow, til the best smosh vids podcast and oh my g o d i love it

  76. Jaxson Winstead says:

    Is this in spotify

  77. Jessi Burgess says:

    I feel the same way as superman

  78. captaindan 3004 says:


  79. Fiercefox 444 says:

    I prefer DC over Marvel because although depressing, DC actually has more emotion rather than Marvel. Marvel is happy 24/7 (generally) and they win some way or another. I feel as though DC is more realistic. Showing that not everything is rainbows and lollipops. They show the consequences for having these powers.

  80. Pika Pika says:

    Who do you think would win

    Like for aqua man
    Comment for P̠o̠s̠e̠i̠d̠o̠n̠

  81. Riley Mccartney says:

    The thing is that the first song is actually good
    I'm actually surprised they're good at singing

  82. Caleb McAnally says:


  83. Mythical Man says:



  84. MADD says:

    Put it deep in the BLoW HoLeeEEee

  85. Amber Rose says:

    Is anyone talking about how Courtney’s voice is FIRE

  86. The Triplets says:

    Who liked Ian’s one????? I DID

  87. Jack MacCrimmon says:

    This is perfect

    My new favourite music video

  88. Irma Serrano says:

    What did the flash say


    Wrong flash costume

  90. Hey its ya gurl mim says:

    Noah is actually really good at singing like this type of music.

  91. beauna Koto says:

    Wonder woman and superman and batman is my favourite

  92. Tyler Yarbrough says:

    Dc stands for dixson cyder

  93. Jacob Marlow says:

    Who thought batman was good like this if you agree

  94. Dustin Bragdon says:

    (kids)how are kids made
    (Shane), put it deep in the blowhole

  95. MLG viner says:

    I talk like an asshole!!!

    -Ian Hecox, Bruce Wayne, Batman

  96. Gage Gentry says:

    The first 2 songs with superman and batman were the only good ones

  97. Vyine says:

    Courtney Should Be The New Wonder Woman

  98. Poison Ink says:

    I love Courtneys voice

  99. ZTWEFilms boi says:

    Actually got nostalgia from this

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