The IT Crowd – Moss in court

Your name is Morris Moss, is it not? Your name is Morris Moss, is it not? Right… a bit nervous, so… yeap… It’s fizzy , it’s very fizzy, it’s fizzy, it’s gone fizzy. Aaaw come on! It’s electric. It’s electric in there so…
What a shock. Your name is Morris Moss, is it not? It is not. Sorry… yeah, sorry. Ahmm… my… mother sued me. Just relax, take your time… …try to answer the questions as clearly
as you can. Thank you my love. Your name is Morris Moss, is it not? No further questions my lard

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  1. sl1pers says:

    fuckin Chuck Norris on the court

  2. Sleepy Nep says:

    Just how I would behave…

  3. TheAGCteam says:

    I wonder how many retakes they had to do.

  4. Anthony Biacco says:

    comedy gold!
    "what a shock", genius.

  5. Bunnisie333 says:

    currently dying.

  6. crownlessqueen says:


  7. Marjory says:

    The "Thank you my love" killed me, I could have lost my voice laughing!

  8. Brad Gray says:

    Ow! Come on! That killed me.

  9. mara.iara says:

    Maurice Moss

  10. Nicholas Stedmon says:

    Always my reaction when I drink sparkling water without realising

  11. JACOBFLARSEN says:

    Honestly, this video is a bit of a damp squid.

  12. mind stripper says:

    You shall need to get into the essence of the characters first.

  13. JACOBFLARSEN says:

    It was a joke from the series. Did you not get it?

  14. mind stripper says:

    Oooh sh*t, a Roy line! No I didn't get it, sorry. 🙁
    I need to review the series, that's what I need.

  15. Killer Queen says:

    LOL! this is the funniest scene ever. I never laughed so hard XD

  16. soph5576 says:

    It is not

  17. cheatscalor says:

    How he looks in the same place when getting out is amazing XD

  18. M. Emanuelro says:

    Thats electric,electric ,it's electric ….what a shock 😛

  19. cw meyer says:

    They are making ONE last finale episode confirmed on Oct. 2013

  20. mind stripper says:

    That's truly great news, thanks!

  21. cheatscalor says:

    Why did your reply pop up in my inbox? XD

  22. kesis33 says:


  23. RyanGiggsOBE says:

    I would love Richard as Bond. Instead of a Martini, he would want a White Russian

  24. Ken4875 says:

    of course its going to seem like a damp squid if you put it way up high on a pedal stool.

  25. Amelia Millis says:

    its on tonight at 9 in the uk

  26. Amelia Millis says:

    like a boss

  27. Nomez420 says:

    LOL, I love this scene!

  28. Angela Mayne says:

    I can see the black juror first row trying to hold it together. Hilarious!

  29. Amelia Millis says:


  30. LukeW97 says:

    anyone else think the judge looks like Triple H?

  31. 8ellybelly8 says:

    i love how you can see the jurors losing it

  32. Scarpia9111 says:

    Yea right!

  33. meldme says:

    Moss always seems to look like a child who's being scolded by his parents.

  34. cw meyer says:

    Nope, it's out and I've seen it, no joke, serious as a h.t.

  35. Leopard Basement says:

    "Thank you my love" cracks me up every time

  36. Jamie Conway says:

    I fucking love this show!

  37. Ro Gonzalez says:

    My life is a little less happy knowing that i'm not married to Richard Ayoade

  38. Bradley Bindle says:

    watched this high last night, I literally couldn't breathe. 

  39. Pablo Kervokian says:

    Hasta el actor que hace de Juez trata de no reirse (mucho)!!!

  40. Abdi M. Omar says:


  41. Lucy Bickerton says:

    "Thank you my love" i lOST IT

  42. Daniel Berger says:

    Genuinely couldn't breath. My mouth hurts.

  43. GuessWhoTheDoctor799 says:

    He's such an awkward little puppy. It's adorable. xD

  44. cheatscalor says:

    But if he couldn't get out, how did he get in?

  45. blipdriver says:

    Just spilt tea everywhere!

  46. placid renegade says:

    Two great national treasures

  47. Xezs says:

    Mr. Ayoade is a genius 🙂

  48. celt67 says:

    It's a very rare comic gift to be able to keep the audience laughing long after your dialogue has ended.

  49. Brian Madolid says:

    "Thank you, my love."

  50. blacktulip says:

    Those laughters are live audiences, aren't they? Ayoade's comedy is gold!

  51. Strider 91 says:

    I wish this show was still going. genius! I need more of Moss

  52. Enrique Gallo says:

    what episode is this? anyone?

  53. Kakarot says:

    That's how to handle court.

  54. Bassel KH says:

    Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

  55. bluesapphireymca says:

    Thank you my love

  56. YellowDilweed3914 says:

    If Richard is not the fucking next doctor I will cry

  57. DJ Caësar 9114 says:

    This man is brilliant.

  58. sammy eagleson says:

    "my mother sued me" 😂😂

  59. Letty Lunasical says:


  60. Brittany Rozenberg Hollander says:


  61. Dave Here says:

    He's such a good actor, WHY ISN'T HE IN MORE SHOWS!

  62. Klamath 2046 says:

    'Your name is Maurice Moss, is it not?'

  63. 3 kilos says:

    I don't know how people find this funny. This is the WORST episode of all seasons.

  64. Mukesh Ashiwal says:

    "Your name is Maurice Moss is it not? "

    "Your name is Maurice Moss is it not? "

    "Your name is Maurice Moss is it not? "

    "Your name is Maurice Moss is it not? "

  65. gavsky23 says:

    British judges don't use gavels! How many times can they get it wrong?

  66. Kingfisherk26 says:


  67. Jos Jong says:

    Such a briljant piece of physical acting.

  68. Rakib Fiha says:

    "No further questions my lord" He's guilty

  69. Gucci Del Taco says:

    I wouldn't say Richard A. is known for physical comedy, but he seems to be pretty terrific at it, too!

  70. Jane Doe says:

    I wish there were bloopers of this scene.

  71. Xharos says:


  72. jay thosonmp says:

    I swear moss is a alien, like a reverse Mr bean

  73. Jassie Dragonborn says:

    "Oww! Come on. It's electric, it's electric in there…."

  74. iannickCZ says:

    i am dying here…

  75. Victimized Idiot says:

    Definitely one of my fave scenes.

  76. Metal Mutant says:


  77. sam tinkler says:

    Your name is Maurice Moss, is it not?

  78. milind006 says:

    His “I am not!” and Roy’s “I’m disabled!” are two my most favorite lines from the series!

  79. Martin Drake says:

    0:04 neeurgh. Already pissing myself.

  80. rclakmal says:

    Reminds me of Big head from Silicon Valley

  81. Eleven : Eleven says:

    Has to be up there with the best comedy scenes….

  82. Azamat Bagatov says:

    Fizzy! It's very fizzy!

  83. Dima Iouzyk says:

    He is like a black Mr Bean.

  84. Zack Brumis says:

    Ruined by the inane laugh trac

  85. Rustymcnut says:

    It’s very fizzy

  86. republicofsandals says:

    No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

  87. Koty Wilkinson says:

    That's not his fucking name Berry!

  88. Virat Kamble says:

    Your name is Morris Moss, Is it not?

  89. Tabo Tabster says:

    The black Mr bean

  90. Aaron Mitchell says:

    Hahahaha what a classic.

  91. Bogeyboy3010 says:

    It is not

  92. Vegetarian Soylent-Green says:

    "Your name is Maurice Moss; is it not?"

    "No further questions, M'lud."

  93. MEGATRON says:

    WTF is the lawyer wearing!!!!

  94. Beastman Rules says:


  95. Hominini says:

    One of the best scenes ever. "My mother sued me." Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

  96. Ginger Ninja says:

    It’s such a shame because as a lover of the IT crowd I never found this scene funny. I don’t know why. :/

  97. BIMAH says:

    How did everyone else get through this scene?

  98. Mr Bighead says:

    Douglas' suit is majestic.

  99. Muznah balla hassan says:

    🤣🤣🤣 it gets me every time 🤣🤣 Love you Moss!!!

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