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Believers Walk of Faith. BILL: We’re in a prophetic time. The
clock is moving. The job’s got to be done and anybody standing
in the way blocking that job from being done, it’s
going to be on the judgment. BILL: This is a day of
the Lord’s vengeance and it’s needed for you to
finish the assignment that God has for you. Go to Romans
please. Romans chapter 12 verse 19. Dearly beloved, avenge
not yourselves, but rather give place unto who? To wrath, for it
is written, “Vengeance is mine and I will repay”, saith the
Lord. Wow. All right, well let’s define this whole idea of
vengeance. I define it as the necessity of punishing offenders
proceeding from a love of justice. Now remember what he
said over there in Isaiah 61, in verse eight. The Lord loves
justice. This is the amplified translation. Okay. Now again,
God is the judge. Now there’s a number of places you can find
that, but let me just give you one is Isaiah chapter 33. It
says, for the Lord is our judge. I’ll read that again. The Lord
is our judge. The Lord is our what else? Lawgiver and the Lord
is our what? King. So right there you see the three branches
of government. The executive branch, the king, the
legislative branch, the lawgiver, and the judicial
branch, the judge. So God is all three wrapped in one. So he’s
the judge. So if you get a situation that is judged against
you by an ungodly system, with an ungodly judge, you can go to
God and elevate your case to a higher court. Come on, help me
now. And you’ll find that Jesus is your advocate. That means
he’s a lawyer that never lost a case. Are you with me here? And
as you take it there, understand you need two witnesses, am I
right? Say, one witness is the Word of God, but the other
witness is you. Say amen to that. So you got to say what God
said, no matter what it looks like, if you want your case to
be adjudicated correctly. Isn’t that good? So the justice system
of the earth is kind of a micro of the justice system of the
universe. God is a judge. Now I ask people, why is he the judge?
Why do they call him the judge? Because he decides who wins or
who loses, not your opponent. You all got that? You got that
now. All right, now. So we said that vengeance is not revenge.
It is not some emotional retaliation, but it is a
necessity of punishing offenders proceeding from a love of
justice. Now the word recompense means to basically compensate,
compensate, to pay damages. It means return an equivalent for
anything done or suffered. To make amends. So if somebody
slanders your name in a natural court, you can take them to
court. Got it? Or impugns your name some kind of way. And so
what I’m saying to you is there is a recompense that God has for
his people. That when you have been mistreated and you take
Satan to court, if the thief be found, he is going to have to
give up his goods. And the Bible speaks about recompense. It says
in Proverbs and chapter 11 and verse 31, behold, the righteous
shall be what? Recompensed. Where? In the earth more, much
more the who? Wicked and the sinner. In other words, they’re
going to get their just part, and you’re going to get your
just part. So I’m saying that if the devil knows that you
understand this principle, that if he harasses you, that you can
take him to court and he’ll have to give you recompense for what
he did to you, then you are going to eventually get too
expensive to deal with. No, is this right here? All right now.
This won’t be I think crystal clear to you until I show it to
you in the Word of God. In Genesis chapter 12, we see here
where God is calling Abraham or his name was Abram at that time.
Verse one. Now the Lord has said to Abraham, get thee out of that
country. Now if you read it real fast, you’ll miss something. It
said, the Lord had said, that means he’s had said, that means
he had been telling him to get up out of there for a while,
now. Get thee out of that country and from thy kindred and
from thy Father’s house into a land that I’m going to show you.
Now, understand he didn’t give him a GPS, didn’t give him
MapQuest. He just sent him and told him to follow him. And I’ll
make of you a what nation? Great nation. I’ll bless you and make
your name great and you’ll be a blessing. I’ll bless those that
bless you and I will curse those that curse you and in these
shall all families of the earth be what? Blessed. But I want you
to see what he says here. I will bless them that bless you and I
will curse them that curse you and in these shall all families
of the earth be blessed. I’ll bless those that bless you and
curse those that curse you. I want to look at that in the
amplified. I will bless those who bless you and confer
prosperity and happiness upon you and curse him that curses or
uses insolent language toward you and in you will all the
families and kindred of the earth be blessed and by you they
will bless themselves. All right. That’s one. Right, let’s
go back to the other amplified. I will bless, do good for,
benefit those who bless you and I will curse, that is subject to
my wrath and judgment, the one who curses, despise, dishonor,
has contempt for you and in you all the families, nations of the
earth will be blessed. Now, wait a minute. I want you to see
these words. Those who despise you, those who dishonor you,
those who could bring you in contempt or have contempt for
you. I’m going to curse those. Now, this is a loving God. But
when Jesus was here, they had a situation where the people did
not come out to Jesus’ meeting and it’s found here over in
Luke’s gospel and Luke and chapter nine. He says here in
verse 53, and they did not receive him because his face was
as though he would go to Jerusalem. Now, Jesus sent his
disciples and normally he’d send them on and they’d tell the
people Jesus is coming to have a meeting and so forth, and all
the people would come out, so forth and so on. But Jesus
hadn’t prayed for that village that he’s about to go to because
he’s not going to stay there and have a meeting. He’s headed to
Jerusalem because he’s going to now undergo the passion and give
his life, and they’re going to hang him on the cross. All
that’s going to happen. So the disciples, they didn’t have the
spiritual understanding, and look what it says. Nobody came
out, verse 54, and when his disciples, James and John saw
this, they said, Lord, will thou …’that we command fire to come
down on this bunch.'” I’m just reading that in myself. “‘From
Heaven, and consume them, or burn them up even as Elias did.’
But he turned and rebuked them and said, ‘You know not what
manner of spiritual you are of, for the Son of Man has not come
to'” what? “‘Destroy men’s lives, but to'” what? “‘Save
them,’ and they did” what? “They went into another village.” Now,
that’s a whole lot different than what happened in Acts 13,
because in Acts 13, if you will, and verse six, it says, “And
when they had gone through the Isle of Paphos, they found a
certain sorcerer, a false prophet, a Jew whose name was
Bar-Jesus, which was with the deputy of the country, Sergius
Paulus, a prudent man who called for Barnabas and Saul and
desired to hear the Word of God. But Elymas, the sorcerer, for so
is his name by interpretation, withstood them seeking to turn
away the deputy from the faith. Then Saul, who also is called”
who? “Paul, filled with” what? “The Holy Ghost.” Let me read it
again. “Filled with” what? “The Holy Ghost.” One more time.
“Filled with” what? “The Holy Ghost set his eyes on him and
said, ‘O full of all subtlety and all mischief, you child of
the devil! You enemy of all righteousness! Will thou not
cease to pervert the right ways of the Lord? And now behold, the
hand of the Lord,'” underline that, “‘is upon you and you
shall be blind, not seeing the sun for a season.’ And
immediately there fell on him a mist in the darkness and he went
about seeking someone to lead him by the hand. Then the
deputy, when he saw what was done, he believed, being
astonished at the doctrine of the Lord.” Now, isn’t this
interesting? Because Jesus wouldn’t have done that. He
would have said, “Oh, just let him go. We’re going on to
another place.” But not Saul. No. Because Jesus is at the
right hand of the Father and the ministry of the Holy Ghost is
taking over. Is this the right group? I asked you if this was
the right group. The ministry of the Holy Ghost is taking over
and one of the primary ministries of the Holy Ghost is
to execute vengeance upon all the enemies of God’s people and
nothing shall escape Him. And nothing shall escape Him. Now, I
want you to see this because this is only because that enemy
is trying to block the door. He’s trying to block the door.
Now he’s trying to block the door. Now what? Because Paul had
a revelation. We read it in Romans 12:19. “Dearly beloved,
avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath.
For it is written, ‘Vengeance is'” whose? “‘Mine and I will
repay,’ saith the Lord.” Now, who is the one that invoked this
curse on this sorcerer? CONGREGATION: Paul. BILL: Paul.
But who was leading Paul to do it? The Holy Ghost. That’s what
I’m saying. See, He was using Paul to execute vengeance on
somebody that’s standing in the way of what you’ve been sent to
do. Got it? Now, I’m not saying God hates people or mistreats
people, anything like that. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m
only reading the Bible. Say, “The Bible.” CONGREGATION: The
Bible. BILL: What the Bible says is true. I’m only saying this-
Now, why am I giving it to you? Because we have not been taught
vengeance, we have been victims. There are people that have died
early because they had no knowledge. Look what it says in
Isaiah 5:13. Check it out. “Therefore, my people are gone
into captivity because they have no” what? CONGREGATION:
Knowledge. BILL: “Knowledge.” They haven’t been taught. They
haven’t been taught. They have never been taught this thing on
vengeance. I know God loves everybody. Say, “God loves
everybody.” CONGREGATION: God loves everybody. BILL: But we’re
in a prophetic time. The clock is moving. The job’s got to be
done and anybody standing in the way, blocking that job from
being done, is going to be under judgment. Look what it says in
Hosea 4:6. “My people are destroyed,” come on, “for lack
of knowledge.” Look how many people died early because
they’ve never known vengeance. They’ve never known that God is
a God of justice. They’ve never known that they can invoke the
vengeance of the Lord and get this thing removed from them.
Say amen, somebody. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: Now,
here’s why they haven’t known it, because of the teaching. I’m
just saying the reason why you’re here, not by coincidence.
You’re here because I’m teaching on something you’re going to
need to go where God is going to direct you to go. God purposely
plants the righteous among the wicked. Why? Because the light
shines brightest in darkness. Let’s look at that Scripture,
Genesis 12:3, in both translations, then we’re going
to go to somewhere. Watch this. “And I will bless them that
bless you and curse them that curse you, and in thee shall
family of the Earth be blessed.” That’s King James. Let’s look at
the First Amplified. “And I’ll bless those who bless you, who
confer prosperity and happiness upon you, and curse him who
curses or uses insolent languages toward you. In you
will all the families and the kindred of the Earth be blessed,
and by you they shall bless themselves.” I put here, and you
might want to take this down, “Your rich inheritance comes in
proportion to your new identity. Your rich inheritance comes in
proportion to your new identity.” Now, that means that
there are some things that God has for you that you cannot
receive with the wrong image. I’ll try it again. There are
some things that God has for you that you cannot receive with the
wrong image. Is this the right crowd? CONGREGATION: Yes. BILL:
Look what He says in Esther 4:14. This is Mordecai, her
uncle, talking to Esther. “If you will altogether hold your
peace at this time, then shall there enlargement and
deliverance arise to the Jews and from some other place, but
thou and thy Father’s house shall be destroyed and who
knoweth whether thou art come into the kingdom for such a time
as this.” Esther, girl, this is why you were placed in the
kingdom. You were placed in the kingdom because God knew in the
future there was going to be an assault and an ungodly law made
to kill all the Jews. He knew that, but He placed you here as
an intercessor. You are in the palace of Ahasuerus and he is
the king and now I need you to go in there and intercede for
all the Jews. Esther said, “I can’t go in there, for if I go
in there and I’m not called, I could get killed. My head would
get cut off.” He said, “Esther, girl,” I put in that in there
myself, “if you don’t go in there, first of all, God’s going
to deliver us some other way.” Notice what he didn’t say. He
didn’t say, “If you don’t go in there, we’re sunk.” This is why
he didn’t say it. “Because He’s got a mission for you. But if
you don’t want to go, God’s got some other way that He’s going
to be able to get that done. Don’t you think God is out of
ideas and people.” Alright, so when Esther said that, he said,
“But you and your house shall be destroyed.” Check this out. “So
Esther fasted three days.” Look at 5:1 and he said this. “And it
came to pass on the third day that Esther put on her royal
apparel. Come on, now. I’ve got to change my image. See, if I
want to do royal stuff, I’ve got to have on a royal apparel. I
got to see myself a certain way if I want to receive a certain
level of the anointing of God. Is this the right
crowd? So, he said Esther put on her royal apparel and she
stood in the inner court of the king’s house over against the
king’s house. Watch this. The king sat upon his royal throne
in the royal house over against the gate of the house and it was
so when the king saw Esther the queen standing in the court that
she obtained favor. Say, “Favor.” CONGREGATION: Favor.
BILL: In his sight and the king held out to Esther the golden
scepter that was in his hand so Esther drew near and touched the
top of the scepter. Then said the king unto Esther to her,
“What will thou queen Esther and what is it that thou request? It
shall be given thee up to half of the kingdom.” So, notice what
Esther had to do to get that level of favor, to get that
level of God’s judgment. To get love and mercy. To get
that level of the anointing working on her behalf.
She was going to have to put on her royal
stuff. Say, she’s going to have to be sharp kind of
like me. So, my point to is is you can’t get the
blessings acting like a slave. It won’t work, folks. All right.
So, let’s look at an example of this because let’s put it up
there again. Genesis chapter 12 and verse 3 in that other
amplified translation. I will bless, do good for benefit those
who bless you. And I will curse, that is subject to my wrath and
judgment the one who curses, despises, dishonors, has
contempt for you. Well, they don’t like me down there because
I’m black. Honey, they better like you pretty soon down there
because you going. I’m only saying well, they won’t promote
me because I’m a woman. I came so forth. It doesn’t make any
difference. God’s going to come to them and warn them. Come on.
Because part of your prophetic destiny is to move up. Come
on. You’re going to the top of your sphere of influence.
God is taking you there on purpose and listen,
anything standing in the way of your climb is
going to be dealt with. BILL: Well, I trust that you
were blessed by today’s exciting message. Now, let me
share a point that you want to remember. When it comes to God’s
vengeance, vengeance doesn’t mean revenge. It’s God’s now
judgment. It’s his judgment or justice system that he has. You
got to know that God loves everyone, but we are also in a
prophetic time and your kingdom assignment is most important to
God. We’ve got to finish the work that God has called us to
do. Now what you’ll find that anyone standing in the way of
you finishing your assignment could come under judgment. Now,
I’m saying that because there’s a lot of things happening out
here that you haven’t seen, but they are happening and God’s
people are going to finish the work that God’s called us to do.
Watch this. We’re going to make it to the end. Praise God. Now,
I’m offering a special bundle here. This includes a message
here that I preached on the comforter has come and also a
booklet here called Tapping the Wisdom of God. Now, this wisdom
is very important. If you’re going to do the work of God, you
need the wisdom of God. Don’t leave it out. Jesus had two
things. Wisdom and might. Might gave him the ability to do the
work. Wisdom gave him the knowledge of God of how to do
the work. One man said it like this. He said, “People got on
their knees to find out what they’re supposed to do, but they
never stay there long enough to find out how to do it. So, this
tells you praise God how to stay there to find out how to do it.
Well, order it today. You’ll be blessed. This is Bill
Winston saying we love you. Until next time,
keep walking by faith. ANNOUNCER: Prosperity,
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best life we’ve ever had in this earth. We didn’t come to take
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