The Green Lantern is making fun of Batman | Justice League: War

[WATER SPLASHES] Yeah, I noticed,
but fire is no problem for me. As I was saying,
Green Lantern can do anything. Except shut up, apparently. Wow, someone forgot
to take their Tru Blood tonight. – I’m not a vampire.
– Seriously? I thought with the darkness and the vanishing,
and the, what, super strength? No. GREEN LANTERN: Can you fly?
– In a plane. Wait, you’re not just some guy
in a bat costume, are you? Are you freaking kidding me? What, nobody asked you to prom… …so now you dress as a bat
and prowl around your parents’ basement? What’s this do? Huh? No buttons.
I assume it works off concentration. How did you do that? You weren’t concentrating. – You won’t do that again.
– Unless I want to. That’s it. Let’s rumba, spooky. [GRUNTS] Shh. [GROWLING] [HUMMING] Hold fast. We need more info. – Bull crap. That’s a bomb and he just armed it.
– Lantern, wait. For Darkseid. – Darkseid? What’s that, a band?
– Some kind of death cry. It wanted to take us with it.
All to protect this. I’m on it. Ring, scan and identify. RING:
Initiating scan. [BEEPS] Processing. – Unable to identify.
– That’s impossible. The ring knows what the Guardians know
and the Guardians know everything. It doesn’t scan like a bomb.
More like an alien computer. Alien? Like the guy in Metropolis? Superman. – You’ve met him?
– No. But I’ve researched him. – His power levels are–
– Not gonna be a problem for me. We’ll see. In the meantime,
we need to know more about this thing. SILAS:
Nothing on the markings or the design, Sarah? SARAH:
No, Dr. Stone. Dozens of tests and we’re still unable
to learn a single thing. We know less now than when
the Flash brought it to us days ago. Maybe we’ll catch a break
with the metal scan. [COMPUTER BEEPS] You’ve been working around the clock
on this, Silas. Perhaps if you got some rest. I’ll rest when we know what this device is… …and why that creature needed it planted
in Central City.

100 Responses

  1. Baron C says:

    LOLLLL Batman roasting green lanturn

  2. Garry Maxwell says:

    batman is such a badass

  3. Erron Black says:

    Batman: “Superman’s power levels are-“
    Hal: “not gonna be a problem for me.”

  4. Ballai Zsolt says:

    Which episode is this?

  5. u2blr says:

    My superpower is "I'm Batman"

  6. Chris Fijd says:

    Green lantern: Green Lanterns can do anything

    Me: Except for have a good movie

  7. Oswaldo Angel Ordaz Morales says:

    Entonces en este mundo las cajas madres son bombas o teletransportadores?

  8. Genivaldo Evangelista says:

    Esta versão da liga da justiça podia passar no bom dia cia

  9. Lannis31 says:

    GL is the one with the superpowers and he talked all of the crap yet I left fearing Batman.

  10. Omar says:

    the correct title is "Batman is making fun of Green Lantern"

  11. warrdog _ says:

    I ve seen this vidro like 50 times

  12. metal87power says:

    How Green Lantern's core may not know about Apocalypse?

  13. spidy one says:

    i dont give fuck but the batman is the best super hero

  14. Kalpita G says:

    I don’t know why the hell green lantern wants to fight Batman

  15. Ser Arrec of the Dreadfort says:

    These movies have to be tied in with Young Justice right. Same style, even the Parademon was the same.

  16. Highlord91 says:

    1:50 i love that the safe had deposit boxes and a working vault door. The sheer brilliance of Green Lanterns imagination at work here is wonderful

  17. GOA God Of Angels says:

    "Dont tell me your just some guy in a bat coustume" but your just a guy in a ring

  18. Tentons O'fun says:

    Not a big batman fan
    But damn dont underestimate the dude. You dont hang with the Justice league without any super powers without being sharp as a batknife

  19. Anh Tran says:

    Fucking hal useless piece of shit annoying as fuck

  20. crosscounty24 says:

    Lol true blood

  21. chester chetos says:

    0:59 IM BATMAN

  22. TheCandyMan says:

    Green Lantern shitting on a guy in a bat costume but forgets the fact he is just as human as Batman without the ring.

  23. MΊFÊŘ 4710 says:

    That some guy in a bat costume is the most dangerous man on earth. Said by superman
    Batman the best

  24. themcknox says:

    It's actually batman making fun of green lantern tbh

  25. E_N Glitched_Wolf says:

    Green lantern: you wont do that again
    Batman: unless i want to

  26. Derek P says:

    DC is so much better than Marvel Hands down.

  27. Don't choke On your aspirations director says:

    “Wait you’re not just some guy in a bat costume”

    batman smiles
    That part had me so weak 😂😂

  28. Adriel says:

    "You weren't concentrating"


  29. ANDY_AirHead😁😁😁 says:

    That's y Batman is the boss. He don't need super powers to be bad ass. 👍👍👍✌✌✌👊👊👊

  30. Brandon Kalyan says:

    The sexual tension is 🔥

  31. Wolfvenger says:

    0:12 I like that little reference there.

  32. snxur M says:

    Yo quiero hablar con alguien en español :'v que me explique todo esto de Batman liga de la justicia quiero saber cómo están ahí de dónde empiezo a ver estas grandes seréis quiero conocer a Batman del inicio todo relacionado a el DC

  33. Duch ess says:


  34. Diego Madrigal says:

    Green lantern: burns batman
    Batman: wasn’t listening the entire time but got distracted by a green McDonald’s ring and took it like a child
    “wHaT tHiS dO?”

  35. Jesus Loaeza says:

    What's the name of the series or movie?

  36. Olympia Rose says:

    Two things I would love to see. 1) Batman with a Green Lantern ring (because he has ludicrous willpower and high intelligence so would be amazing with it)
    2) The Incredible Hulk with a Red Lantern Ring (because… mother of god it would be like an exponential feedback loop of angry and to that on the Hulk I say Holy Shit that'd be terrifying.)

  37. Rubik 90 says:

    All hail lord Megatr…
    Wait wrong universe.

  38. bronn says:

    So batman knows about true blood🤣🤣🤣

  39. UI Shaggy says:

    Batman will all was be a badass

  40. Mütalam says:

    Batman çok cool bi karakter aq

  41. Von La don says:

    I never seen Batman smile like that before, he so handsome.😍😍

  42. elamigos q says:

    dr stone xdd

  43. Sneezy-E says:

    i like these Justice League movies except for Green Lantern being so goofy

  44. Manny says:

    "Just a guy in a suit."

    "Who's winning?"

  45. Joao G Assunção says:

    Is that show in the same universe as Young Justice?

  46. Cremudgen Guy says:

    2:32 over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Kellz Main says:

    In another instance batman was shown to be able to slip a drug into someone’s drink while they are blinking

  48. JBGamez UltraSaiyan says:

    His power levels??? Did Batman just call Superman, Goku?

  49. Unknown World says:

    Lantern: Breathe

    Batman: lantern NO!!!

  50. Azoth says:

    You mean Batman making fun of green lantern

  51. SnAkEy SnAkE says:

    "That's it let's rumba spooky" I'm fucking dead😂🤣

  52. Ranferi Mondragon says:

    Funny how the ring didn't recognize Apoplectic tech. Looks like the Guardians don't know everything.

  53. Raymond M. Barrera III says:

    Never give up, namaste

  54. Ice Hollywood says:

    Batman will fuck him up super powers or not

  55. Jim Ramos says:

    Ben Affleck as Batman and Mark Wahlberg as Green Lantern 🙏🙏🙏👌⚡💯

  56. SPRING red says:

    wait 2014 :O ?!

  57. MossMan says:

    When we get the Darkseid War animated movie, I DESPERATELY want the scene where Hal turns down his god status and saves Bruce from the Mobius Chair. Their rocky respect for each other in this and Throne of Atlantis should eventually lead to a moment of genuine respect and friendship.

  58. Ahadur Rahman Alif says:

    Looks like someone forgot to celebrate Chinese New year.

    That's Green Lantern.

  59. Carter Gates says:

    Seriously why isn’t Batman a Green Lantern? I mean it’s a power that relies on imagination, focus, and willpower. All three of which Bats has in EXTREME abundance.

  60. BR8_Jad says:

    I’m dead when Batman turned around and smiled

  61. Dhanush kodi Dhanush kodi says:

    Batman is best superhero of DC

  62. Middle east Musics says:

    Green Lantern: You won't do that again!!

    Batman: … Unless I want to…

  63. Matt S says:

    So I realized that at the end of this clip, when they said they scanned it to find out what the casing was made from it simply said metal unknown. I'm wondering why they couldnt get more details than that like the material composition. Surely they could have figured out something about the atomic structure. Future tech or not, every metal is compromised of constituent materials to form the alloy.

  64. Buldozera BG says:

    And then cyborg was born

  65. Me Divierte says:

    BatMan <3

  66. Xxx Zzz says:

    And death battle think gl can beat Ben Tenyson smh

  67. Jon Snow says:

    hal is cooler than john steward

  68. CloudyMcSwirl Z says:

    The entire justice League with all their powers:heading towards a battle batman: gets there first

  69. Karim Amin says:

    Warner Bros: How badass should we make Batman
    Jay Oliva: Yes

  70. Dillon Brownell says:

    Intelligence is the ultimate superpower.

  71. followerofshrek says:

    Jason O'Mara's voicework as Batman is so damn underrated. I honestly feel like he's on par with Conroy.

  72. Khawaja Khurram Shabir Chack says:

    Unless i want to

  73. Ichimaru Zero says:

    If this was realistic Batman would've been instantly toasted by that ring, it's not something you can just steal

  74. Ultra Legendary Noob says:

    Batman can kill green lantern:
    If he is able to get the lantern ring and destroy it quickly then green lantern will be powerless which leads batman with two desire

    One: Kill Him
    Two: Leave him powerless

  75. Asa Palmer says:

    Me: Doing math in my head
    Teacher: Takes calculator You won’t do that again.
    Me: solves problem anyway unless I want to

  76. The.Afro. Male says:

    My son Batman 😂

  77. 3myr Ryamo says:

    Didn’t think Batman would say the word ‘vampire’ before

  78. CJ. RICHMANE says:

    Batman vs green lantern winner batman

  79. yaboyroy says:

    That a plot hole I could have sworn that a lantern ring can’t come off unless they dead or they took it off them self

  80. M.M.faruque tech talk says:

    Batman is best

  81. J A S says:

    I would love to see a funny Batman cracking jokes while fighting!

  82. Foxy X00 says:

    El Batman te viola y ni te das cuenta

  83. Genya2008 says:

    And thats kids is how Batman learned that Hal Jordan is Green Lantern.

  84. An Dy says:

    Bcoz he is BATMAN🦇

  85. ariel miranda says:

    Wey crei que era en español, por que tenia titulo en español, entro y veo que el titulo esta en ingles, wey no mames queria verlo en latino

  86. samuel says:

    Because I'm batman!

  87. JoHnSapla7 says:

    That's the Best version of Batman for me!

  88. Xavier Santiago says:

    GL: You're not just some guy in a batsuit are you?
    you're just some guy with a ring

  89. Ben Corey says:

    Even this Batman has a better sense of humor than Captain America in the MCU 😆😆😆

  90. XxPRAISExX says:

    What If Batman used the tech from a mother box and forged a bat suit from it, like the ultimate power bat

  91. The Man With No Name says:

    Says he doesn’t have super powers, somehow steals a lantern ring despite never moving and mostly just having his back turned… yeah you’re not fooling anyone Barry we all know that’s you in that costume

  92. yeeted poison says:

    That's me and my cousin annoying me

  93. Capitan D. Fenyx says:

    0:59 I thought he was gonna say "I'm batman"

  94. Figge Ferrum says:

    Green Lantern: ”You’re not just some guy in a bat-costume, are you?”

    Batman: 😏

  95. Toffeefeathers says:

    Man I love this series

  96. Clinton Gillespie says:

    You don't mess with the Batman or he will own your ass

  97. Shiromi da cookie fuzzle :3 says:

    Green lantern is acting like this one raging kid in fortnite lmao

  98. shadowfr0st says:

    did batman just mention power levels? IT'S OVER 9000!

  99. Swan CSS says:

    This is why Batman is Tha Man. Cancel Culture don't mess with Perfection. HEADING TO movies to see JOKER.

  100. Danny Nguyen says:

    0:57 should’ve said


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