The Final Battle [Part 3] | Justice League 4k SDR

uhh… have you guys seen what’s going on outside I am… the end of worlds! Who are you? You defile..(breathing) This world is my right No… This cannot be… but it has now fear No! Leave me! Get out of me (dinnnnnnng) boo-ya glad that I didn’t miss this So am I Yeah Now she is glad

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  1. Flashback FM says:

    Its Blu-Ray 4k SDR Version. You need to look at the HDR TV for the best color gamut.

  2. Viktor Müller says:

    I hate superman

  3. Max Hunter says:

    The ice breath made me cringe

  4. MY GAME says:

    En mi humilde opinión el Batman de Ben aflec ha sido el mejor de todos en mi opinión

  5. Near Media says:

    I like how superman could kill him in one second while he lets everyone else struggle and try their hardest to do the slightest damage.

  6. Cyber says:

    I've seen better scenes on Paw Patrol

  7. kylie Lax says:

    Movies horrible but damn…I’d love to rub lips with super women..

  8. kylie Lax says:

    The DCU would be a lot better if they didn’t have such an OP character.

  9. david bynum says:

    I really like a lot of the scenes in JL, and I love the aesthetic of the DCEU as a whole, I just wish this movie would’ve been a better overall

  10. EL Darto says:

    Guys I don't think the writers or directors are a fan of Superman, but what do you think?

  11. Gursharan Singh says:

    Why does Batman sound like he is trying to take a shit and so damn fat

  12. Farel Tertia says:


  13. Brabus 76 says:

    Great movie 2 bad its the end of almost all actors!!

  14. Roopesh patel says:

    It means thanos is powerful than him…

  15. T A says:

    Superman efsane

  16. Raheem Ninam says:

    Really snyder should have cut this movie

  17. Chuck Jones says:

    Wish they would have done a flashpoint movie

  18. Yo yo says:

    Anyone else here the LEGO yoda death sound

  19. Qurban Əkbərov says:


  20. El Jet EL Jet says:

    Gal Gadot iiiiiiiii loveeeeeeeee youuu

  21. Kevin Tatum says:

    There is no Resolution(ever!) to make this movie watchable! No Gamma can't be taken back after this load of Hollywood droolage

  22. Molanda Moseley of the FBI says:

    Gal Gadot is so hot

  23. Hispanico //90 says:

    What's better to be?
    A – Inevitable
    B – the End of worlds

    Thanos: I choose A
    Steppenwolf: I rather B more.

  24. samoan SAIYAN says:

    Affleck, what a fkn loser. Made batman look like a loser too!

  25. Potterheads says:

    I lv superman

  26. Guillermo Augusto Romero Ramos says:

    La peor película de DC una película solo de relleno sin sentido aún

  27. Emery Begaye says:

    this scene reminds me of "The rise of the guardians" ending

  28. UFC official says:


  29. Captain Pollution says:

    Well. Maybe they do a complete reboot of the whole DC thing but good like Marvel. Lets wait 15 years.

  30. Christianbrnl says:

    Wait, what did Aquaman do again?

  31. Dj Zachary says:

    The trailer is more interesting than the movie

  32. Jason Zhang says:

    Superman is a bug

  33. José Protasio Rizal Alonzo y Realonda says:

    1:49 why do all superheroes do the pose???

  34. Jasmine Allen says:

    I will admit that this is a SLIGHT step up from BvS, but it still didn't feel like I was watching the same heroes I grew up watching on Cartoon Network. And it's not the actors' fault. It's the writing. As well as the timing of the movie. One of the biggest reasons I feel Marvel is the go-to-example on superhero movies is because Marvel takes the time to allow its audience to invest in its characters individually; allowing them to shine and giving us as an audience a reason to come back and see the next chapter of a character's journey. They did that with the original 6 Avengers. So by the time the first Avengers movie rolled in, we were well invested in each character (good or bad). These characters feel one dimensional and somewhat bland.DC should have made the solo movies first and then brought them together. We know the origin stories of Supes and Bats so those don't need to be done. But characters like Diana, Arthur, Barry and Victor needed solo movies to allow us to get a feel for them. To give us a reason why we should follow their story. Wonder Woman and Aquaman were both phenomenal! And if DC had did the same with Barry and especially Victor Stone's stories and then made the big JL team up movie, it probably would have been 100xs better. That and chosen a better villain. No offense to the actor who played him, but the mythological god just didn't give me the chills a villain should. I honestly found him laughable. Just my opinion.

  35. LegitMan335 says:


  36. Jimbo says:

    Terrible film

  37. Fallen One says:

    Will any generous kind heart person kindly help me with only 1 million us dollars?
    Kindly reply please.

  38. izzy 706 says:

    Gal Gadot cannot be any more beautiful/sexy. Give the casting director an oscar.

  39. Fulcrum says:

    Someone really needs to stop Snyder from ruining any additional films.

  40. loretta alice says:

    “Superman and friends (?)” should’ve been the movie titles

  41. alucardfu2 says:

    Is it just me or does wonder womans armor make her breasts look bigger?..

  42. Ultimate Trash Boy says:

    Avengers endgame: avengers….assemble

    Justice league: SUPER MAN GOOOOO

  43. Satoshi Gurung says:

    I wonder how Green Lantern must have felt to see this scene 😂

  44. Mr. Babadook says:

    Fuck fuck fuck movie
    wait this is not movie this is trash

  45. john superhist says:

    Batman fully armored with kevlar or plates or something

  46. Ahsen Ali says:

    The ending looks retarded….

  47. Nick Beard says:

    Too bad they can’t beat rotten tomatoes

  48. Santos Torres says:

    Me gusta la mujer maravilla😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  49. Sieg Hart says:

    superman here is the reason marvel had to nerf hulk in infinity war. imagine thanos getting destroyed by hulk. dc couldn’t nerf superman so it makes justice league boring and lame tbh.

  50. José Protasio Rizal Alonzo y Realonda says:

    All I see is useless friends (Except for Wonder woman I guess)

  51. Mick Berry says:

    Gal Gadot has such beauty it's beyond words. Beautiful Woman.

  52. Hey Ho says:

    Jesus christ, this batman is so bad looking it's insane. PLEASE never cast an overrated actor as batman ever again, especially not a stale guy as Assfleck.
    I mean look at this 1:38, this is not how batman should look… at all.

  53. nathan laird says:

    there goes the eco system

  54. nomeirx says:

    only batman is useless.

  55. chucky figueroa says:

    Grave error que Affleck fuera Batman, se ve gordo y sin movilidad!!

  56. Tom ten says:

    God she is gorgeous

  57. Papito Hernandez says:

    I love this movie but, 100 unprofessional and marvel Heater fan's dislike this movie, ¿way? Because they love Garvage movies🤔🤣🤣😂😃

  58. Raxstar Ranveer says:

    This film could've done well with a great director

  59. Rickle Pick says:

    Can we look at Stepphenwolf's axe at 0:10 metal does not bounce like a rubber ball

  60. Kicks1981 35 says:

    So much better without all that red crap in the sky

  61. alexis benites says:


  62. fucheduck says:

    and so why didn't those zip-fly guys recognize the "fear" before Aquaduct told them too. you'd think the'd have the instinct being they are made of instinct.-oh well a whatever dialogue.

  63. fucheduck says:

    INECK CHOCK!!!  KAZE NO YO ' NI HAYAKU!!!  and Where in the 9 Mxyzptlk Hell Universes is Green Lantern!

  64. Sidney Harris says:

    Seriously, If they mess up one more like … ONE MORE …. like they did with BVS and JS im just gonna cry and never watch DC again , I'm not even gonna watch the cartoon movies

  65. GoldenJokered says:

    The DCEU should have just stayed dark and not tried to copy the light hearted MCU. It tried to be too similar, and we got this boring mess instead.

  66. SATHISH B says:

    Super Man is the one and only first super hero ever. We need to the man of steel 2. Super man is the God of super heroes.

  67. Chris Vinblex says:

    It's not a bad movie. It's just a really classic superhero film.

  68. Tayná says:

    Ok. Now, I'll watch a good JL movie: JUSTICE LEGUE:WAR.
    Please, warner, learn with your own animations. Byeeee

  69. Nikhil Reji says:

    Cartoons are better than this shit

  70. SoulSlayer Gamer says:

    Man the cgi looks like shit
    And they made batman a joke
    Worst movie ever!

  71. Pakmanjosh says:

    The fact that they kept Superman's frost breath in is the funniest shit ever.

  72. Beer van Buuren says:

    Darkseid is gonna be really pissed about this

  73. Sonni says:

    Just Imagine Shazam with this

  74. jayleon Starks says:

    He said it he said booyah

    For people who watch teen titans go!

  75. Reyhan Attarizky says:

    What kind of fucking plant grows that fast? ._.

  76. Jayden Gacha says:

    Still wondering how dc is trash yeah marvel is cool and all

  77. Adrien Saintil says:

    The amount of horrible this movie is, is just…ugh god this movie was so damn bad

  78. SL twentyeight says:

    Anorexic Gal was not attractive at all in fast and furious. As wonder woman with more normal weight, 10/10.

  79. Dima Masnyuk says:


  80. ManaTempest says:

    So Steppenwolf is the Thanos of the DC universe

  81. Xfactories says:

    A really poorly planned and cut finale. Flyguys sat and watched for most of it. Aqua and Wonder took turns to attack StWolf. Silly stuff.

  82. JA Sutherland says:

    Corny as hell. MCU wrote the book on how to bring super heroes together and DCEU wrote the book on how to make super heroes look like crap!!!

  83. Амирбек Мынбаев says:

    Супермен бесит меня. Филмы про нео не интересны

  84. LordKira says:

    this movie suckeddddddddd

  85. YBN Undisputed says:

    How did Steppenwolf grab the flash? Is the flash really that slowwww… feels like he presses a button to activate speed speedforce lol!

  86. blastercombo audio says:

    So fucking TRASH LOL

  87. Geoffrey Lane says:

    From MOS to BVS to this shit fuck you Warner Bros.

  88. matthew benard says:

    what a half ass version of infinity war/endgame. DC has always been a cheap knock off of marvel hero's and this just another exhample of how DC comes up short.

  89. vibrantZebra1 says:

    This movie was genuinely awful

  90. I TRIED TO WARN YOU!!! says:

    Tbh the cast was damn good but wasted!!!

  91. Nathan Labate says:

    This.. Legit made me want to re watch 'Justice League Animated' and 'Justice League Unlimited' again

  92. Pump Mase says:

    I like this Superman movie

  93. Lady Bug says:

    Isn't this movie quiet rediculus ??? A man having all kinds of super power then why to give him a team… sadly no honour given to wonder woman ….. who is rather more powerful than aqua man ,flash and that other robot …… Seriously even godly women has no proper respect……… lol

  94. Shiba Tatsuya says:

    When you do something bad and your mom be like… 0:28

  95. Katheryn says:

    I only came for Gal Gadot.

  96. Games News says:

    This was my most anticipated movie, and it turns out to be an actual trash..

    FOOL ME 'U_U

  97. DeathMonk TV says:

    Say what you want about the story telling of this film, but this Justice League could kick the Avengers ass!

  98. Jack Ryder says:

    I keep trying to click away, but every time my mouse nears the "x" Gal Gadot appears and I stay…just a bit longer.

  99. 菅原直也 says:

    SUPERMAN is too strong .

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