The Final Battle [Part 1] | Justice League

Is this what conquering is? Hiding from the fight? Oh no. You are all mine… Thanks for the lift. Yeah no problem, you got this? These things are gonna keep coming. Okay. You get technical, I’m on bug duty Let’s do it. YES! That was gross. Ugh! (grunts) (groans) Thank you! This… this is a lot Now, do you see it? (shouts) Whatever you’re in the middle of, it’s spreading for miles. Satellite shows civilians moving east. They’re not gonna make it. Barry… I need you to go walking. God, I hope this is east. (shouts) You’re not worthy to touch mother. She is power, and power is the only law. They’re all too weak to see the truth. Well… I believe in truth. But, I’m also a big fan of justice. Alright. (groans) Kryptonian! So, how do I help? We buy him some time, we can stop that box from destroying all life on earth. We hope. Well, I knew you didn’t bring me back cause you like me. I don’t… not… (Indistinct screaming) Civilians. Barry’s headed… There’s too many of them.

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  1. SelfMadeShon says:

    Sharknados movies on Syfy got better graphics than this shit bruh😭

  2. Average Titan16 says:

    Terrible fight scene! Just terrible! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. LumiNyte says:

    I love how most of the people that hate this are biased

  4. Joe Schmo says:

    MCU Thor is how you do a godlike character right.
    DCEU Superman is how you do it wrong

  5. Darth Maladi says:

    I prefer jl over the last jedi

  6. dirty dan8119 says:

    This movie is shittier than i remember are we just expected to ignore that steffenfag ripped cyborgs lef off them he gets up and is walking a minute later, the CGI looks like fucking severely autistic 9 yearold worked on it.

  7. Blake Jefferson says:

    How many people can agree that animated is better than the live action when it comes to dc

  8. NOSTRADAMUS TVBlog says:

    So is steppenwolf darkseid or working for darkseid

  9. NOSTRADAMUS TVBlog says:

    People stop complaining and watch the dam movie! 🤷🏾‍♂️

  10. andrew Botkin says:

    I thought aquaman is strong and has an army..

  11. VulKus says:

    There’s no way this film could get any worse.

    “Well… I’m a big fan of truth.”

    Welp, fuck me was I wrong.

  12. MISTER MANIAC says:

    Geoff John's masterpiece

  13. Joseph Threefingers says:

    Ya, Batman met superman for like all of 20 minutes. And talks to him like they dated. Sure.

  14. zero kevlar says:

    So wonder woman can kill Ares (a god), Hold her own against Doomsday (who killed superman) but can't even be a challenge to Steppenwolf even with the help of her friends but superman comes thorough and mops the floor with him. They just made the rest of the team look so weak and usless through out the movie. Thats the biggest reason I don't care for this movie.

  15. Jill Valentine says:

    3:19 wtf kind of punch was that….

  16. MineCraftDadnSon says:

    Such hatred

    I'm glad Zack did The Stone Quarry and lifted the hands of WB off his shoulders.

    This is not the movie he intended. He hasn't even seen it.

  17. DarkKnight731 says:

    I thought superman was only a little bit more powerful than wonder woman like barely at all but in this movie he's apparently thousands of times more powerful..

  18. luce - says:

    steppenwolf’s cgi is so bad, i thought i was watching an injustice gameplay

  19. LOVEU3000_ Batman says:

    DC Fans: Is that all? voice like Dr Strange

    DC: You want it more? voice Wong

  20. Michael Muscadine says:

    DC needs better writers and directors. They are messing up this franchise smh

  21. Legendary Thunder says:

    When Superman comes enemies have no chance now

  22. Gjore Cekov says:

    This movie is like walmart avengers

  23. DarthOliptius says:

    The awkward moment when the villain for your big team up movie is actually weaker than the villains in the solo movies. Even freaking Enchantress could have put up a better fight against Superman since he's weak to magic.

  24. McSlama Jama says:

    So much potential with this franchise, literally COULD be better than the MCU but at the rate these movie makers are going it’ll never happen. Just reboot the whole series and keep gal gadot as WW and redo all other characters. Get a true Batman and Superman, get a flash that runs normal (like come on you got the most awkward running guy I’ve ever seen), the cyborg actor is cringe worthy, and aqua man I really don’t have an opinion about.

  25. Nam Thành says:

    Iron man vs Thanos > this…….thing

  26. Phouvan Vihaphat says:

    Papá phan vihaphat es fhosy y tía abuela chantao rastmontree son marido y mujer

  27. Stop begging for Likes says:

    How did it go from the joker to this?

  28. Roundhead Anderson says:

    I feel like justice league fights have so many views because no one saw the movie and we are all just curious how bad it was

  29. Jack2203 says:

    The CGI is… well, not strong with this one.

  30. Stupid fortnite player says:

    1:39 CGI at its best

  31. Beowulf Macbethson says:

    Justice League? More like Superman and Super Friends.

  32. Shane Korn says:

    this movie makes me want to watch mortal kombat annihilatin again.

  33. Q.H.S says:

    Marvel: will you be better than any of our films?
    DC: No, No i don't think I will

  34. Will C. says:

    looks kinda bad lol

  35. jayleon Starks says:

    How th was Batman able to grapple the fuckin flash

  36. gameoholic1994 says:

    3:10 – Shit gets real.

  37. Dovahninja says:

    When you realize how much they downplay Wonder Woman to try and hype up Superman.

  38. Boody Jacoub says:

    Okay, the only reason i watched this lame ass movie was because i love Batman so much, but somehow the only reason i kept watching was Aquaman, the rest was shit including Batman
    And you know your movie is awful when you make Batman a shitty character.

  39. FLEXZ-_-AIM says:

    Woah spy kids really outdid themselves on this one!

  40. Kvasir says:

    I hate the fact that they made superman so powerful than Wonder Woman. In the comics, she even brakes one of his arms.

  41. icy ivan says:

    butman is useless… very useless

  42. The TSD Channel says:

    Hand DCEU to MightyRacoon….
    I bet he will make better movies than injustice premier league

  43. William Huynh says:

    This team was so perfect
    Ben affleck 👍
    Henry Cavill 👏
    Too bad the movie sucks

  44. ChrisDa Savage_YT says:

    at 3:42 looks like a combo move from injustice 1 lol

  45. Sheva says:

    Remember when Batman was an interesting character ?

  46. Jah'mia Williams says:

    Why is every single Marvel Stan Shitting on the OG's 🤦🏽‍♀️smh

  47. Wade The Mystic says:

    They have made Batman into a prop he hardly can function in this movie.

  48. Omega playz 2008 says:

    This comment is a joke


    But this movie came out first though

  49. Poldark says:

    Thanks joss whedon for this terrible movie you did i hope you and your family dies in hell.

  50. Mark Peters says:

    Dang that’s a lot of marvel fans disliking this video for no reason lol. Anyways thanks for posting this 😁

  51. Gael Castillo says:

    Some things that are bad in DC:

    1. Bad animation
    2. Bad story
    3. Terrible characters

  52. Amazing Videos says:

    After seeing endgame this looks kinda joke

  53. nelsonta00 says:

    Looks like Batman ate one too many donuts and became fatman

  54. hunter gatherer says:

    Man of steel is my favorite

  55. Juhyuk Kim says:

    The amount of work these guys did

  56. Rayne Ang says:

    Who is stronger him or doomsday

  57. Habito Kun says:

    and then you play the endgame final battle… 😛

  58. Extant says:

    I can’t believe idiots payed money for this.

  59. IDEN GHOST says:

    The just keep.zooming on superman's mouth as if they were proud of it

  60. Yuan Lopez says:

    This justice league is like 2014 tmnt

  61. huy gamer says:

    Cringe fight scenes like marvel

  62. Jayy Boone says:

    Well… Joker comes out October

  63. Ulises Montano says:

    Man justice league was just the first avengers movie rip off and I’m a dc fan they tried to make the avengers in dc by putting humor,action,and character development but it’s was still boring to watch.

  64. Cole Cameron says:

    Lol the actors are the only practical things in this movie

    Except for the cgi mustache

  65. cowZ ze says:

    4:00 well I know u didn't bring me back cause u like me
    4:02 I don't….not😁

  66. Banana Rama says:

    Hi she has better quality than this

  67. Dark_ Phoenix says:

    1:24 bro why tf he sound like Venom?

  68. Jesus Shrestha says:

    They have every characters are owned and what they do bringing the writers from kindergarden paren ts day drama. Lol… come on move on from parents day.

  69. Jesus Shrestha says:

    The plot, vfx, writings are like nipples in Batman suits. Lol.

  70. Kaleb Lawson says:

    Cyborg is a beast at repairing his limbs in the middle of a fight with Steppenwolf lmfao!!!

  71. Rolcan Verty says:

    Best fan made film to date

  72. FlmKrp Shx says:

    Batman should have a more advanced suit for this when fighting aliens. This suit is more for fighting criminals in a dark city. Could have fitted with the battle more.

  73. Anfauglithus S says:

    Why didnt WB release Synder Cut? This is just a dishonored copy.

  74. Matthew Bergman says:

    Next Justice League movie: Lex Luther becomes President.

    They did this twice. Let’s see it on the big screen!

  75. Micha Grill says:

    Who the heck did the german subtitles? Their so wrong XD idk about others lol

  76. Shane Talks About Everything says:


  77. The Viewer says:

    This is the equivalent to Captain Marvel showing up and beating Thanos on her own. Would've been fucking dreadful, like this.

  78. gamerboy 737 says:

    Hi im a marvel fan and this is shit gross eww!!

  79. Cabello _____ says:

    The movie wasn't that bad bcs there's a favorite hero in it 😅

  80. Cabello _____ says:

    Even if the movie bad at least the acting wasn't that bad

  81. Jeff21killer Sep says:

    Fun fact the actor who’s playing Superman nearly didn’t get the role in his first movie since he was playing World of Warcraft and was in a raid so missed the call

  82. ‘MuricanEagle says:

    This Superman bodying Steppenwolf is so much like the Hulk smashing Loki scene, except one was done right and the strength scales were done right as well.

  83. Nguyen Tien says:

    Superman: how do i help?
    Why don't just kill the mother fucker villain.

  84. Andronicus Kosasih says:

    All they need is Saitama

  85. DaBuild. says:

    dam the CGI in DC movies suck balls… O.o

  86. Jordy Tovar says:

    Terrible batman

  87. Fardows Popal says:

    feel sad for iron man he died 🙁

  88. PaulaZ05 says:

    3:34 Bruh…😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  89. Orvin Tube says:

    If you are a Marvel fan why the fuck did you entered the first place??

  90. Sponge man says:

    This should be man of steel 1.5

  91. Supernintendro says:

    I'm definitely the only person who likes the DCEU lol.

  92. Julian E says:

    If they couldn’t even make a scratch on Steppenwolf just imagine how shitty of a time they’d have against darkseid

  93. Film Toppings says:

    Zack Snyder disliked this video

  94. InsaneFlame says:

    For some reason 3:41 reminds me of like Injustice or Mortal Combat

  95. in2food says:

    Two lessons learned. Superman is the badass and Gal Gadot is super hot.

  96. Shyja Satheesh says:

    I hate the justic leguem

  97. the rather heads says:

    So batman is as fast as the flash.

  98. Blastboy 2000 Lego Productions says:

    1:27 When Your Trying To Do A Big Move To Beat endgame 😅😅😂😂🤣😂😅😅

    Oh poor wonder woman she will always be my favorite DC girl XD

  99. John Izzy says:

    Marvel last minute entrances > Dc last minute entrances

  100. FuLLax_HD says:

    The New Flash is shit

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