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  1. Marcela Selene Santos Lopez says:


  2. FoodWorld88 says:

    I like those boots

  3. FoodWorld88 says:

    And I like that baby blue top too

  4. Елена Дмитриченко says:

    После его слов нужно было сделать минуту молчания. А потом медленно двигаться.

  5. Lizziegirlnyc says:

    An ode to Karl Lagerfeld.. A beautiful German and French inspired collection.. Beautiful.. Truly!..

  6. Josetta Schembri says:

    This is the stuff that it should be wow

  7. Karen From Finasse says:

    YAAAAS Penelope Cruz! @ 11:50. Get it mama!

  8. CherryBoo65 Boone says:

    Fabulous!!!! The new style scarf! 💋

  9. CherryBoo65 Boone says:

    Karl is sorely missed. His love for Chanel will live on… 💋💜💋

  10. alexander bülow says:

    a lot of beanstalks! starving for world peace?

  11. 100 pennys says:


  12. patriot citizen says:

    One word: hideous

  13. Elizabeth Start says:


  14. Jane Doe says:

    English subtitles please🙏

  15. rosiesmard says:

    @chanel Really beautiful collection. 👍👍👍👍 I love the brown boots most.
    I really love this video & collection. I keep on watching and watching. Never bored.

  16. Lalla Lee says:

    다른 인종같아…

  17. BlueWinter G says:


  18. syhmann w says:

    Everyone:we have to wear black (you know what i mean)

    Anna wintour:wear purple

  19. the_invincible _young_ulises says:

    Un show mas!

  20. 黄月丸 says:



  21. Tia Austin says:

    When the first Queen walked out with the hat tilted to the side …I was like she came out like a Gangsta get it girl 👧

  22. jkscenry says:

    I see you Jennie 3:05 6:42

  23. Lillol F says:


  24. aks clsrn says:

    4:29 who??????

  25. Thanakrit Siripanna says:

    Collection of my memorie forever

  26. know thyself says:

    Enchanting ✨ ✨

  27. PATRICIA HAWKS says:

    Stunning as always. I miss seeing Karl at the end.

  28. 安安老師林家妍 says:


  29. Leo Magracia says:

    Cara queen chanel

  30. Eddie Garzón says:

    Is amazing how the people who were there wear black suits

  31. cynthia rouse says:

    Can't take your eyes off of it, can you….?
    ; – )


    Cara is a bad ass model! Bravo!

  33. shantavanee says:


  34. Marco Benneti says:

    The music of Nils Farhm added a touch of absolute magnificence to this last show, without Karl. Exquisit collection, breath taking music, what more can one ask for, sublime. God bless you Karl.

  35. maiko Haha says:

    Love it😍😍❤️

  36. Manju Singh says:

    Beautiful collection !!

  37. Hypocrites Pun says:

    Don’t know why I thought there should be fanny packs and there was😎

  38. Liberta Liberta says:

    Irremplaçable le keizer!!!!

  39. Perfumaphilia says:

    Who can spot Anna Wintour? 😎

  40. Julia Reinke says:

    Is the top modeling skill to keep a straight to depressed face? Everybody always looks so sad (despite the fact that Mr. Lagerfeld died) Show me one fashion show where models actually smile and show that they are happy to wear a new collection.

  41. Bet BETTER says:

    Шикарно!!!!! Какой показ!!! Какие декорации!!!! Если бы не было общего плана… Создается ощущение полнейшей реальности места…
    А какие образы!!!! Захочется все и сразу!

  42. Complex Objects says:

    That one wearing the overcoat was cool

  43. John Hearn says:

    It looks like someone at chanel
    Found a warehouse full of old
    Bolts of fabric, and what I'm
    Looking at is bad. And I don't
    Mean good, bad, I mean bad, bad.

  44. Kid Gorilla says:

    Where the drums, bass, snare, high hats and they could have thrown the Migos on the track, I'm just saying though 😓.

  45. Mariana. Stoleru says:

    Like it.Very nice. I like specialy those skirts wow.l hope to see them in commerce.🤗🤗🤗

  46. ______ says:

    So I’m guessing everyone wants to be in pajama pants this winter 🤔

  47. Ace 619 says:

    Model at 12:00 look like she about to fall she dont have no quads or hamstring to hold her up

  48. Demetria Smith Miller says:

    Looks Vintage !!

  49. Gina Friend says:

    I understand the tribute involved, yet I'll never understand the theory of scowls in beautiful fabrics. Never have, never will. Nice mix of patterns.

  50. Francoise Vlogs says:

    Chanel is absolutely the BEST! It never disappoints

  51. Pam E says:

    Stunning. Amazing. We all need some Chanel in our life

  52. niQIx says:

    Chanel is my life ❤️❤️Everything from them is so Special ❤️❤️

  53. Paprika Owens-Lloyd says:

    The work. The pieces. The design. The level of creativity. Each one being it’s on level of excellent!

  54. Sandra Iglesias says:

    Love the contrast of the black and white patterns. The whites are exquisite and sophisticated. Elegance so simple. The accessories, the bags… 🥰👌

  55. Jesse Rains says:

    Gang gang buzz buzz

  56. Penney Burgess says:

    Beautiful! So many fantastic choices. Gorgeous theme! Incredible backdrop!

  57. fay sarr says:

    Stupid cloths ugly so stupid looks like they walk with blanket on bofy

  58. fay sarr says:

    Stupid pants stupid cloths

  59. fay sarr says:

    Stupid shoes

  60. Mari Momi says:

    Top vedio

  61. Jeff B says:

    FINALLY, a winter show where the models are wearing WINTER CLOTHES!!

  62. Kendra Edwards says:

    i give this fashion show a two thums up

  63. cadicorniche says:

    Once again, fabulous clothes – horrible shoes/boots.

  64. Elida Christine Sari says:

    Chanel collection fall winter is good. Goodluck in 2020. 👍

  65. София Камиль says:


  66. Marianne Arendt says:

    der schwarzgraue Hosenanzug mit dem breitem Kragen gefällt mir am besten. Am Anfang.

  67. LenZ Xombie says:

    That was Penelope Cruz right?

  68. Corneille Cecil says:

    I LOVE this collection, all of it, divine!

  69. Catherine 'Bhong' Bode says:


  70. Golden Glove says:

    the best

  71. О ОН says:

    Похоже – эти птички зимуют на Юге!:)

  72. О ОН says:

    Прекрасно!!! Ещё плюс Манто и будет изумительно! Я люблю белый мех!!!

  73. О ОН says:

    Les vêtements sont portés par-dessus d'autres vêtements pour se protéger contre les éléments /manteau /

  74. Таня Ревякина says:

    Почему так хочется плакать?

  75. Joni Heisenberg says:

    The hats are too much.

  76. BethPaige says:

    Size 0 models wearing clothing 3 sizes too big.

  77. ChildOfAHipster says:


  78. Noëlle Farouault says:


  79. Cuerokas says:

    Penelope wow

  80. Darryl Phototechguy says:


  81. dana hytche says:

    anyone else get vintage Chanel/azzedine vibes?

  82. Val Ova says:

    Bravo! Thank you Chanel for honoring the memories of KL!

  83. jusselme nadine says:

    Sublime grandioses c était un grand homme karl merci 🌟

  84. plumeria66 says:

    Sorry, baggy pants, like hoop skirts, are NOT coming back!

  85. oliver vaccarella says:

    very fantastic show

  86. hellawes007 says:

    Die mit Abstand schönste Show u ein ewiges Andenken an Karl 😥😍😘

  87. Betty Thomas says:

    Great production & show!

  88. Bluezz Bytes says:

    Chanel is back!!! As it should be.

  89. Yeniffer Sarmiento Collazos says:

    Karl miss u ❤ R.I.P❤

  90. M*chelle M*chelle says:

    This is so beautiful omg 😲

  91. Terrance Jeanes says:

    Absolutely stunning always the best runway themes

  92. Thuong-soo Linda says:


  93. Random says:

    whos the girl at 10.04?

  94. Hawaiiboy Chou says:

    Quand on me l'a proposé, on m'a dit : "Ne prenez pas ça, c'est nul, c'est cuit." Parce qu'aujourd'hui, on est dans la réanimation de marques des plus absurdes ! Mais à l'époque, ça ne se faisait pas. Il fallait des noms nouveaux. Il y avait un autre monde à construire, je ne sais pas quoi… Et je trouvais cela quand même assez fascinant, le personnage et tout, [si bien] que, quand on me l'a proposé une deuxième fois, j'ai accepté, parce que tout le monde me disait : "Ne le faites pas, ça ne marchera pas." Mais c'est la première fois qu'une marque est redevenue un truc de mode, apparemment, qui donne envie. Même à la reine mère d'Angleterre, alors… Et je n'oublierai jamais, quand elle est descendue de la voiture… On avait soigné le décor, je peux vous le dire ! Une fortune, en fleurs et tout. Et là, elle dit en anglais : "Oh, it's like walking in a painting." Et ça, je n'oublierai jamais.

  95. Renée Matte says:

    Merci "CHANEL" 🌺 : formidable défilé Automne-Hiver 2019-2020💜🌺🎼!

  96. Kitty Pallavi says:

    Beautiful romantic, alpine scene. Perfect ode to Karl. I miss you babe.

  97. HollywoodFan21 ( Luis Villavicencio ) says:

    Channel C/est super !

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