The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (napisy pl, eng subtitles) – judgement knights of thunder

Murder Dragoran Snake The Jet Black Wings himself stands before you! Prepare yourself! What a weird pose! Let’s get out of here – Take this! Judgment Knights of… -Sorry, Kaido. I’m afraid I have to steal your thunder Thunder! – What! – Wow! Go the Jet Black Wings! Looks like it’s my turn. You now what this means, Saiki? – It means you’re finished. – Go, Kido! – Great. I have to get hit by this guy? – Don’t you give up, Saiki! Take this! Meteor Spark Genocide Ball! – He throws like a girl! What the heck was that, Kaido? Dit the power just go out? No. It’s the Dark Reunion. What? It’s open. What’s going on? That’s the mark of the Dark Reunion! Are they following me even now? Correct. Your protective spirit is abnormal. Seriously? Abnormal? A demon? A sealed monster? A dark spirit? What is it? Go on. It’s a Chihuahua Kaido is in the race too. I am the wind. I am the tempest! For example, during a fire, you are surrounded by flames. The smoke blocks your sight, and you connot breathe. What would you do? You are as stupid as always. What? Do you know what they are? Of course. ”Don’t think you can run from my flames!” Kidding. They are ”Don’t push , don’t run, don’t speak.” Two losers licking each other’s wounds. Kaido! I just pity you, that’s all. I’II finish this using absolute strength. What do you mean? No way! It’s not that I act like a good son. I just don’t want to involve civilians. In this world, i live not as the Jet Black Wings, but as Shun Kaido. And my mother is actually a monster. – In my past live… – Clam down, Shun. Hey, what are you doing? Looking for porn magazines, obviously. – Let go! – Ouch! She’s obviously not interested! Beat it! – What? – What? You assholes! Apologize to Youmehara! What do think you’re doing? Apologize to her, scumbags! You’ve really done it now, bastard! That hurt. Actually, it doesn’t hurt at all. He did punch me? didn’t he? It just looks like you got bit by a bug. You weakling! It cannot be helped. I must break the seal on this 4,9-kilogram headband. I shall need to break the rules of the master, but this is the only means of maintaining global blance. There’s no need to actually see it. I know the result. I wont some ice cream! – Hyakkimaru! – Hyakkimaru! I’ve had enough. It’s too late now. This ist your fault. It’s my farewell gift for you who’II end up in Hell soon. This is the power of the Black Beat! Are you listening to me? It’s too late now. I have no choise. That’s the same attack. You are too slow. You have two mallets! This is the Double Mallet! – You’re violating the rule. – What? And you lost easily anyway. That’s nothing. – Welcome to the occult club! – What? Is this it or not? The occult club? My name is Jet Black Wings, an exorcist who just happened to pass by. Not you again. Saiki! Do you konw him, Saiki? Hold on. – You’re that Chihuahua! – Don’t call met that! The flipping part seemed hard. Other people are using chopsticks, – or a spatula to do it. – Is he looking at me? Lest’s play it safe and do so, too. If we do that, Nendo wins! No, it’s simpler than that. I’ve always wantedto try this! No! Kaido! FLOP First, let’s practice picking up the bike. Pick up these bikes. I feel sorry for those bikes. Just pick it up? I got it! This will be a piece of cake! Nothing is happening You idiot! Use your legs! Rest your hip on the motorcycle and… Oh, you’re doing it. Perfect posture. You’re hopeless. Go home. That transfer student with the fancy haircut hasn’t come to school recently. Didn’t the fan club attack his home? The fan club was simply a distraction. I was the one two controlled them in the darkness. I used their distraction. to release my sealed power, the Dark Dragon Cannon, and bring destruction to his home. Was that you? Only the strong …survive… – What? – I know the lines, but I’m so nervous! I have no choise. Hypnosis. I wish everyone was a potato. – They all look like a potatoes? – I can do this! Lets’s peek inside her head. What is this? Kaido World? – She’s imagining Kaido waching her. – Too slow now! I’m sorry. At this rate, you’re going to be a pig forever. – I hate pigs. – Kaido has been upgraded too. – I’m sorry! – Be born again as a human, not a pig. Once you’re human again, I’II hold you tight until the morning light. As you know, judo is a martial art. I look forward to learning from you! Wait, are you a blackbelt? Yes! I’ve been doing judo since elementary school. – Big deal. I’m a blackbelt too. – Wow! Look at that! – His judogi is in shreds. – I’m self-tught! Take this seriously or you’II get hurt. I’m done with this! Nendo. Go take a dump in the middle of the park. You can’t be serious. It’s unfair! We barely get to see any cherry blossoms! But they get a great view! It’s time we stand up to them and resist! I thought that was you, Kaido. What a coincidence. What are you doing here? – Full bloom! – Full bloom! One the day of the game… Let’s go, let’s time. Why are you wearning our uniform? Isn’t it obvious? I’m joining the team. What? You must br kidding! Why you? I volunteered to fill in. Okay, I got… BALL, BALLS Is that what you expected to hear? Take this! Phenomenal Self-Destruction! Hey, wait… Gross. Oh, you boosted Green Caterpillar! Is it that bad? It’s the best timing. Go, get him, Mike! Direct Attack on Nendou! I’m wondering it there’s someone you have your eye on and trying to keep for yourself. You should be a detective. What are you talking about? – You seem a little rattled. – Of course not! What’s up, Saiki? Are you… Oh my god! I can’t believe this. Maybe I schould confess? What? – Get away, pig. – That’s overkill. What’s wrong, Kaido? Get out of here! I can take you… What? I am Jin, the Dark Lord of Destruction. Kaido? – You, little girl. – Yes? The one you were talking to was Suzaku, another personality. I am also yet another personality. I see. Forget about today. Shun will not remmeber it, either. Like that? Not bad. End

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    No no pierwszy film w tym roku fajnie zrobiony przewiduje sporo wyświetleń bo i ciekawy jest i są śmieszne momenty tak jak należy.

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