The Coming Judgement – Between Myth and Reality

This recording can be watched
by any young or adult person, regardless of age or religious orientation. Testimonies about God The purpose and the intention of this
recording is to show to those genuinely interested that God truly exists and that He
manifests and Is present among us today. On the other hand, we would
like to emphasize that the person who gave her consent
to be recorded in this material, did so out of a sincere
desire to help, in this way, others who would like to
know Him or draw closer to Him. By this testimony, we do
not want to turn your attention to a religion or a particular
religious cult, but to God Himself. But the way that
leads to Him is only through His Son,
Lord Jesus Christ, Who says: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the
Father except through Me”. BIBLE, John 14:6 The Coming Judgement,
Between Myth and Reality guest: Cristina Petris My name is Petris Cristina,
I’m from Oradea and I’m 18 years old and in the moments that follow,
I would like recount to you a real event, that happened to me
in the summer of 1995, more precisely in a camp,
organized by the, Greek-Catholic church, in the Dragan valley. Everything happened
normally until the penultimate day of the camp, when I
went with the children in a trip. And being late,
I was like on, how to say… neither hill nor mountain,
kind of a bigger hillock. And the moment I wanted to go down,
I felt like my feet were slipping away And this fact amazed me
because I am from here, the mountainous areas,
and I was on the mountains a lot, and it did not happen to me,
from a negligence or I do not know how to say, to fall. But it wasn’t an ordinary fall.
I was dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, and at one point, as I said, my feet slid
beneath me, and I fell, and I rolled. On the side of the road were
some of my colleagues, and they came and started shouting:
“Cristina did you die? Cristina what happened to you?
Are you alright?” And I started laughing,
I was feeling so good, and they said:
“that’s not funny, you scared us”. I said to them that I felt like two
hands picked me up and put me down They said I was lying.
I said there is no motive to lie to them, but that’s what I felt. I said I am going back up to fall again. It was such a sensation,
such hands, in the same time, strong but also soft
and warm, such a sensation,   like, it’s difficult to say… A sensation like you
were sitting in feathers but the feathers made out of lead,
something like this. Something very strong but very
warm and soft, extraordinary. And it was remarkable that
I wasn’t scratched at all and like I said,
I had fallen from the rock and there was gravel on the ground, there was no way
I wouldn’t scratch or hurt myself. “About how far did you fall?” About 2-3 meters, the height. I asked my colleagues
to come and see that I am fine. I am not hurt,
I am not scratched.   My colleagues looked and I had nothing. I was feeling fine, I didn’t feel
any pain and I didn’t feel sick, and we got back to the camp. I was staying in a room with ten girls,
ten or twelve girls, and near to our camp was a river, and I used to go and pray at that
river, the river close to our camp. So in the evening
I went to say my prayers, and at some point,
one of the sisters that   organized the camp and was with us, had the custom of
whistling with a whistle, so we know that we have
to return back to our rooms. So I heard her calling us and I
decided to turn back and not to be late, because sister Giovanina (her name)
was getting upset if we were late and she would rebuke us. I was feeling great,
I wasn’t feeling sick or anything, and at some point I got up
and wanted to return, but all of a sudden I felt,
how can I explain…like everything… Everything was becoming black, I couldn’t see anything,
my sight was all black. I could no longer
distinguish what was around me, and was feeling like
all powers had left me, and I had no more power in my legs. And I felt like… the moment I felt
I had no more power in my legs, I felt I was literally crashing down, and in the same time I felt like
through my throat is coming out, like you would hold your breath for
some time and you suddenly breathe out. I mean like you would
hold your breath for a long time,
not a short time but a long time. After that I saw myself lying on
the ground, flat on the ground. So when I was lying
on the ground I felt  like coming out of my body,
like my soul left the body. And being a soul, because otherwise I
can not explain what it was besides my soul. I was looking and I
could see myself lying on the ground and I could
see my colleagues too, and I could not understand how it is
that I am down there and also up here. I was completely aware
of everything that was happening, I mean I had rationality,
I knew what I had done previously, I knew everything
about what was around me. I had senses, not necessarily
as we have with this carnal body, however, I had the sense of smell,
I could see, I could hear, it’s not like I had lost
my senses or my memory  or that I totally lost
connection with this world. No, I have kept my conscience. Then I have seen the girls
and wanted to tell them that I am here because
they were shaking my body,  and I wasn’t answering, and the moment I
tried to put my hand on her, I couldn’t because my
hand went through her. I mean, I didn’t have
any…how can I explain… I couldn’t put my hand on her because,
my hand was going through her. So this was a different kind of body that
managed to penetrate this carnal body. I am not sure how to explain.
There were different properties, which this body had. This is something
I cannot make sense of very well. “You now speak of the spiritual body?”
Yes I am speaking about the spiritual body. And I was surprised, how my hand
entered through her body, and I wanted to grab them and tell
them I am here and not down there. Then I looked down and
I tried to see where are my feet,  but I could not see my feet, I was all white,
with a lot of luminosity so I   could not distinguish
even my hand fingers, I couldn’t see them one by one
because it was all very bright. If I would touch my finger I could feel
it was there but I could not see it, because it was too much luminosity. Then I tried to put my feet
on the ground but I couldn’t, I was about this much from the ground, and if I tried to step on the ground, I
would be like a ball that bounces back up. There was no gravity. So everything was very different. Like I said the properties of the
spiritual body were different. So I was wondering how could this
be that I cannot step on the ground, it was something new for me
that I didn’t understand. Finally, when I saw that I
had no chance to convince my colleagues that I am
up here and not down there, I looked up to the sky and then I realized
that the smell from the atmosphere, was totally different
from the smell we have here.   I mean it wasn’t that
mountainous scent, even if it’s clean,
the smell from the mountains that I can
feel with my carnal body. The scent I could feel with the spiritual
body was like roses with field flowers, mixed with all kinds of
plants, like fir tree and others. A very complex
scent which included, almost all the scents of plants,
something extraordinary, very sublime and fine. So not very strong like
some type of essence.  And at some point as
I was looking at the sky, how can I explain… it was like… it’s very cloudy outside
and all of a sudden all the clouds would go away
and the sun would appear. So it was dark, it was late at
about 9:30 pm or 10:00 pm, when the thing with
my fainting happened. At some point in that darkness,
as if the heavens had opened, and such a big light,
but a light that you cannot compare to
the sun, neither to the light of hundreds of light reflectors together. It was simply a pure light,
very clean and bright. Bright. I don’t really have
the words to define the light that was coming from there,
and I felt very drawn to it. It was enough for me to
think that I want to get there, and like I was flying but
it cannot be compared to flying it was more
like floating. Like I was floating, and I was moving like
I was drawn by a magnet but with an extraordinary speed. Sort of, like they say, the speed of
thoughts or something like that. And as I was getting closer to the
light, I was gradually slowing down, and I could see around me
silhouettes of people, like some shadows. Some stretched out their hands to me,
others were simply looking at me, but I couldn’t distinguish their
faces, I couldn’t see who they were. And the moment I
was close to the light, that light was actually
coming from an angel or maybe… I don’t know but it had
the silhouette of a man. Like on me, I couldn’t
tell if he had arms and   he did not have wings
because they say angels have wings, but I did not see wings. I couldn’t say that he had wings, neither his hands I could
not see them very well. At some point he was
looking at me and he told me: “Cristina you always wanted to help
the people, now you must help them, with the power given to
you and with the Word also”. I was very surprised,
by what he meant “the power given to you
and with the Word also”. It was something new for me I couldn’t
understand what was happening. “What power was he talking about?” About the gifts I realized latter. ” So you did not received them yet?” I didn’t know what was happening,
I just knew that I was there, I knew it was someone close to me.
I wasn’t afraid at all, I did not feel fear, on the contrary I had a sense of
wellness, of peace, of calm, of happiness like I would have been released
from a prison where I stayed for hundreds of years and
never saw the light of the sun or the people, nothing, just darkness. And the moment I
got out of the body everything became simple,
I was feeling so free. It was a sensation like
when you are problem free, you have no sufferings,
no pain and everything is perfect. Which on earth
you will never find. Almost never, I don’t think, I never had
the same sensation that I had there.  “In other words, with this carnal
body in which we all live, we cannot experience these 
feelings you are mentioning?” Not really, there are people who,
for example through prayer or meditation can reach, a small bit of what one
feels in the other world. Or people who are gifted by God, can perceive these things,
so this doesn’t mean that people cannot feel
what is on the other side. Through prayer, through a strong
allegiance and a strong faith in God, they can manage to feel a
little bit of the peace from there. And what is there it
cannot be expressed with words, this is why it’s very difficult for me to express with words what is there,
because it’s of a magnitude…  of a fantastic that
human mind cannot grasp. In the same way we cannot
grasp the mystery of God, we wonder where He comes from,
and so on. So it’s a very difficult thing,
almost impossible, to relate and put
into words what you saw. “But true, nevertheless”
Yes, but true, nevertheless. Like I was saying, after
I talked with the angel, It must have been an angel because I
cannot find another term through which I can express what it was… He was…very bright,
I cannot say more than that, he was very bright and
you could feel a kindness, a kindness that cannot be compared
with something from here.  Let’s try to compare it with something. When someone gives
you something dear to you,  and is always kind to you and loves you
and protects you. So, close to this state,  but you cannot really
compare it to anything because its something extraordinary. Then the angel told me:
“Come, I must show you something”. I was starting to feel
like he was becoming more and more familiar
to me, that bright person. He was becoming acquainted to me. I asked him: “Where are we going?” He said: “Come, you
have to meet someone”. And I went and there was a garden, but not a garden
like we have, I call it this way… Everything I explain and how
I express myself are some words    that I use for those who will
listen the tape to understand, but… it’s very difficult to relate what it was
but I will try. We can consider some type of garden.
There was grass, but not grass like we have, that grass was much more pure,
everything was very pure. The green was a pure green, and I consider the green
that we have now has decayed very much compared to how it was in the
beginning, in the beginning of creation. So it has deteriorated, basically. There was a pure green, which I don’t
know where else can be found. And there were silhouettes
of people, women and men but I cannot say they had gender. This I cannot confirm, they had. “Then how did you distinguish them?
By countenance?” So they had the physiognomy
of a woman with long hair or of a man also with long hair or short. You could distinguish some
characteristic features. “How were they dressed?” They were dressed in white, all the people I’ve seen in that garden
were dressed in white. I’ve also seen kids but not many,
I haven’t seen many kids. Maybe there were more
but I haven’t seen them. After we’ve seen the garden,
under a tree, not a very tall tree, there was a Man and the angel said:
“Now you have to go and speak to Him” As I was getting closer I felt
like my soul was being filled with,  I don’t know…should I say love?
It wasn’t an earthly love, it was kind of, like the love of a father for his children
but this love was like, almost complete. When I approached I saw a Man
looking at me and He told me:  “Do not be afraid because I will
always be with you, keep going and do what you have to do”. And he looked me in the eyes,
in the eyes of the soul, and I felt like He knew
everything about me. Like He always knew me. “Who do you think was this Person? It wasn’t the angel that
was guiding you, right?” No. I didn’t feel like it was Jesus,
neither the Father or the Holy Spirit. But still it was a greater angel
or an archangel, I cannot say for sure. After this visit to the garden,
we exited through a big light,  And we passed on the
other side of the light, like an interphase or something. And we entered a town but I can’t
say there were buildings or houses. Rather it was like a big building with
studios, but there were no walls, I am not sure how to explain but was
similar to that. It was a long corridor, on either side were doors. On the
left side, were some dark black doors, On the right side were some white
doors, but white as snow and bright. Very bright, extraordinary! I looked and I asked what the
doors represent, and he said: “This is where the souls
come when they die”. And… But before this, now I remember, we
entered in some kind of workshop. And there were some souls there,
they were not angels but also bright and, they seemed to be working like on
a loom or something like that,   Like an old fashioned loom
where you can sew fabric. “Fabric making loom?”
Yes. They were making some clothing, and they were so happy, they were very happy because I was
there and I see what they are doing. One of them came and asked me:
“Do you like what we’ve made? And I said: “Yes but what are these?
Who are they for?” She said: “These are for the souls
that come from earth to dress them”. As I was holding it, It was like a robe,
I am not sure how to name it, On one side you could see through it,
when I turned it around on the other side, I could not see through. It was very white, very fine and bright,
 glittering, but I am not sure how to express. “Probably some type of robes”. For the souls that would come from earth. Right now I remembered this, in this
moment. I didn’t remember until now. After this we actually entered in
that building, to call it this way. And I asked: “What are these?”
He said: “They are the dwellings, of the souls that come from earth. The accommodation where they will stay
to wait for the coming judgement.” From the side of the dark
doors I could feel a deep pain and I was wondering what it is. “When did you perceive the pain?
Were you getting closer to the doors?” I was getting closer to the doors,
towards one of the doors, and felt a physical pain, this side started hurting.
I was a spiritual body but I felt that pain. But also a pain in my spirit, “Like a pressure?” Not necessarily,
it wasn’t a pain coming from the heart region
of our biological body. But from somewhere inside of me. I felt as if the souls from inside
had no more connection with God. No connection with
the angels, no connection with that bright and wonderful world. As if they were condemned for life.
They were no longer permitted to speak with God, they couldn’t pray,
they couldn’t repair their mistakes. “But what do you think stops them?
Or what hinders them to do this?” They were not allowed, these were
souls that sinned a lot on earth. They refused the
chance to save their soul. “In other words the connection between
these souls and God was broken?” Broken, yes. “Forever?”
Yes. As if they were already condemned. Even at the judgement I don’t think
they had any chance for salvation left. “So these were the
souls that were behind the black doors
not the white ones?” The black. Not the white ones. I asked the angel to take me from
there. I couldn’t bear, I was suffering, and I was thinking if my mother, 
or my brother will not accept God, will also end up there.
And other souls too. “Let’s turn back to those souls for a
second. How did you know their status? “I understand you never entered
those rooms, did the angel told you?” No but I could feel them inside. I could feel them but
I think they could not feel me. “In other words,
could you see them?” Yes I could see through the
door but they could not see me. I was thinking, “Lord, maybe
neither I or my mother or my brother or so many souls, that are on earth who don’t
know God, will end up here.” It’s such a separation.
You just don’t have God anymore. It’s like you don’t have someone
who is very very dear to you. You cannot compare it to anything
from earth, the separation from God. It’s something extraordinary,
I cannot express with words. I don’t desire this to no one.
To no soul on this earth. To not have part of God. To not have part of His Love. It’s like… you won’t have life anymore,
like you would be dead forever. You’d cease to live. You would be
something that can’t do anything. You exist for nothing. “In other words, we all have God here,
even if we can feel Him close or not. This connection between
us and Him is available”. Yes. “And where those rooms are, this
connection is broken forever, right? Yes. “So then you had the definite certainty
of God’s existence in that place?” It’s not possible to say no…
God was certainly there. Sometimes when talking to some people,
they say: “How do you know God is real?” If a person… would see or hear God, would tremble physically because His
power is so great that shakes us. We cannot… We can barely endure a certain
sensation from God, let alone see Him, like some want to, or to hear Him. It’s something extraordinary,
I cannot express with words. At some point I asked the angel to
take me from there, and we entered the white rooms. The Angel said:
“Now you will enter your room”. I was surprised. I asked him:
“Does this mean that I died?” He said: “No, but every soul has its
room prepared for when will come here”. And he said: “This is the room
where he stayed before he left”. So this is a room
that we have as soul. We stay there…this does not
mean we are locked in that room, it’s like… “It’s like a resting place?” It’s like a resting place,
I am not sure how to explain. So I opened the door and
I entered. The room was empty. So I entered the room and was empty,
there was no furniture or anything. It was all white and very bright. Then the angel told me to put
my hand on the wall. The wall was here and I touched
the wall with my hand. In that moment, out of the wall
came out something like a glass sheet, Basically that glass sheet detached
itself from the wall, and there was the image of
my grandmother, on the sheet. My grandmother is
still alive today, and I said: “Why is my grandmother here?” “She is not dead”. And He said:
“She is part of your family tree”. This is how I try to express, my tribe,
like the tribe of Israel and so on. When I looked
I knew when she was born, who was her mother,
who was her father, when she will die, what will
happen to her, what’s to come. I was very surprised and he said:
“Touch the wall again”. When I did, that sheet detached
itself from the wall again, they were placed next to each other. It was peculiar how the sheet came
of the wall, it looked like you would, turn on a light bulb. When was going back, that sheet
became a little light and entered the wall. Only when it was out, had the
form of a glass sheet, so that I can see the image and so on. When I touched again, that little light
and then the glass sheet. And I saw my grandfather.
My grandfather had died in…   I think in 1971 or 1972, my other was in ninth grade when my
grandfather died, so I didn’t know him. When I saw him I was
surprised and I said: “Who come is my grandfather here?” “Can I see him?
Can I speak with Him? I was very eager to speak with him.
I had never knew him. I was looking at the sheet and I knew
everything about my grandfather. I knew everything about my grandfather,
including where he was in that moment. “Where was your grandfather
at the moment?” He was in between heaven and hell,
like a wandering soul. “In a waiting place?” Not necessarily, he was wondering,
he had no peace. I can’t express exactly where he was.
But I knew he was a wondering soul. At a given moment the angel
told me to touch the wall again, I did it and I saw the glass sheet
again and I saw myself there, I was surprised and said:
“That’s me! Why am I there?” “How is it possible to be here and
also in the glass sheet?” I was now in three
places basically, on earth, as a spiritual body and in that image. I could not understand how I am
in three places in the same time. “But in what form were
you in the sheet of glass?” I could see my image, my face. But in this glass
sheet the image was like watching a movie
but not exactly the same. Rather like some
quickly moving images. My face appeared then the
images were moving quickly, somewhat like a file,
with all the data. “What did you see about
yourself?” I saw my life since
I was born, together with the people
that was around me. Since the day I was born,
although I was before that. And I saw my childhood
until the day of my fainting. After this we
exited that bright room. The angel said to me that I have
a meeting with Someone that I desire, for a long time to see. And I just felt I was gonna meet
Jesus, and I asked: “Who will I meet?”  He said: “You will meet Jesus”.
When I heard that I felt such joy, I was jumping uncontrollably, and
I am a little scatterbrained usually, I mean I am positive and I like to be
happy and enjoy life and be funny. I felt such joy because I was
going to meet Jesus I started to fly,  The angel was holding my hand
and I was pulling him out of joy, like I would sprung out of joy, I
couldn’t bear, I couldn’t wait to see Him. At a given moment, we’ve
entered a big hall, it was so big, maybe as big as this county,
even bigger, as big as the country. Very very big. The dimensions were
so big, but everything seemed close. The hall was big but I was feeling
huge. I am not sure how to explain. Then I saw a table and a Man
sitting at the table. I was convinced it was Jesus and I
sprang from the angel’s hand to go to Him, “Jesus, how great that I see You”.
I was so happy that I see Him, it seemed to me like He
created me for Himself. It was confirmed to me when
He said… but now I try to explain with some certain words because
there is a different language,    it’s a foreign language, it’s not
Romanian or English or French. It’s not an earthly language
but another language. There’s a certain language, and if
we refer to the bible, before the Tower of Babel, there was
only one language. So it’s similar to that language. So Jesus said: “It’s you again,
how can I help you this time?” The moment I heard that,
I became so small and thought, He’s upset with me again, who
knows what blunder I made this time, and what nonsense I did again. I was feeling like
I always knew Jesus. Like He was my best Friend,
my best Father, I am not sure how to explain. He seemed very familiar to me,
like a Friend that I always knew, with which I could have a great time. In the same time, if we had to be
serious, we would do that. It’s like I knew Jesus before
I came in this carnal body. From before my earthly existence. And I knew I was in a
hall like in a courtroom. Because the atmosphere was tense. Everybody was waiting patiently.
There were very many souls, that were waiting patiently. I realized we had to witness to a
sequence of the coming judgement. And because of this
I couldn’t move around anymore, I had a designated place. The moment the judgement started,
a certain tension settled in the hall, I became so small, and had the sensation
like something was about to happen. I became so small
I couldn’t see myself… It was an extraordinary state. The I saw a man,
a soul that was a man. He came before Jesus.
And then, not in front neither behind, somewhere elevated up, appeared some sort of an image that
materialized in the air. This image in the air was representing
the man that was being judged. Even his thoughts, what he was thinking,
you could hear it with a clear laud voice, his facial expressions,
absolutely everything. A fraction of a second was not lost from
his life, there was nothing you could hide. Absolutely nothing. Everything was known, everything
he did, everything he didn’t do, everything, everything. If he was supposed to do something
but he didn’t, it was known. If he was supposed to go somewhere
and he didn’t, it was known. The diseases he suffered,
mistakes he had done, absolutely everything. I blushed and was thinking about
all the mistakes I did, how I behaved in certain situations,
I remembered I should have behaved better with some people. I said I don’t want to go back
on earth: “I stay here”. “Why is it you didn’t
want to return on earth?” I thought, if I sinned so much
already and I am 15 years old, I wasn’t even 15 yet,
I was about 14 and half. If I made so many mistakes already,
how many will I make from now on? I was thinking if I remain now maybe
I have some luck and I will be saved. And I said: “I don’t want to go back”.
He said: “You didn’t come to stay, you must go back”. Then we exited the courtroom. “Did you assist to the verdict?” Yes, so aside all
the evil he has done, he had moments when he accepted
God in his life, he turned back to God, and accepted Him as Lord
in some moments of his life, then he backslidden again, eventually, it happened in this case,
that on the death bed he accepted God,  and he said,
and these were his last words: “Lord I leave my
soul in your hands”. I heard when he said that. Then we exited the courtroom.
But when the verdict was given, Jesus told him: “You are welcome in
the Lord’s Kingdom because you, accepted me as Master and Lord”. That moment was such joy, all
souls were like, let’s compare it to when a match is won and all
the people throw their hats in the air, not exactly like that but it was
great joy and everybody happy. Extraordinary songs, I can’t say
exactly what songs because I never heard them here. After this I had to return,
it was already late,   about one and half hours
since I was not answering. So we exited the courtroom,
we went back through that light, and the moment I entered my body,
felt very rough, like I crashed in my body. Like you would hit an elastic mesh, and keep bouncing, it was so hard. So it was very rough
to enter back in my body. “You said you haven’t lost your
senses while in the spiritual body, how did you perceive this returning
to your body? Was it something visible? Did you entered through a certain
place? How did it happen?” So I was laid down on a bed because
I saw when the girls moved me, I saw everything that
happened to my carnal body. Although I was up there and I was
experiencing those things I knew what  was happening to me down here,
with my physical body. They brought me to a room and
laid me down on a bed, and they called an ambulance,
in Huedin. So I was lying on a bed. When I came back, I cannot say I
entered through the head or a hand, or a leg, but suddenly trough
my whole body. I felt like I hit my body.
But certainly I entered through here, because when I recovered,
I was feeling a pain in my stomach, and a sensation of ailment,
I wasn’t feeling well at all. Afterwards I was fine,
I just felt that pain but then, I was perfectly fine. I told them
everything they did with me. The doctor came and they took
me to the hospital where they made countless analyzes.
They found absolutely nothing. Immediately after, my clinical death,
was attested by the doctors. “How long was the duration
of the clinical death?” One hour and half. When they did the analyzes,
I told them maybe the sickness that that I have, caused
this condition to me. Because I myself could not believe,
even though I knew everything that happened, I thought maybe I was
hallucinating or who knows what it was. But they checked and
my heart was cured. I was breathing perfectly, my pulse
was fine because I had it irregular, the right valve was not functioning
properly, and now everything was working perfectly. “This as a result of this event?” Yes. So for me everything was confirmed
that what happened to me is true and I feel with all my soul that is true
and I can vow that God exists. This is all. For further information please
consult or study carefully the OLD and the NEW
TESTAMENT from the BIBLE. Producer, Mircea Alb.

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