The Alchemy of Transformation – Matt Kahn

And tonight I’m going off for a very special teaching a culmination of teachings to help us tie everything together a Teaching that I call the alchemy of transformation Skip taking a moment as we all settle in The reason I want to teach the outcome of me of transformation is Because when we talk about things like anchoring energy we talk about shifting Vibrational paradigms when we talk about creating reality from the inside out It doesn’t seem that everyone is agreeing on how exactly that works. I know if you’ve noticed This is a spiritual path. Have you ever noticed that? Certain spiritual paths will tell you What you should be doing but not exactly how to do it have you ever noticed that? And everyone has the best of intentions right you go to a yoga class find your Center What if you don’t know what that means Like if you could find your Center you probably wouldn’t be I do too class I’ve actually been to a yoga class my teacher said find your Center, and I just looked around and everyone was Have I found it is this it And it’s not just with that when I can give infinite examples like Vibrationally speaking, okay, let’s ground into the body Someone said ground into your body do you know what that means? Grounding through the body and So whether it’s an energetic understanding anchoring energy? Shifting reality especially in a time like this where a lot of really interesting things are happening on the planet And it looks if you look at the outside on a global level. It looks like things are getting worse before they get better And I want to offer a teaching where I can offer you the how how do we do this? How do we transform our reality from the inside out? How do we make sense of what this is really about? How would you we step into our highest potential, and how do we transform ourselves as? a contribution for shifting the paradigm of an awakening planet That’s wife the alchemy of Transformation because we have to talk about the how And if we understand it from the how perspective it becomes a lot easier Now when we talk about transforming reality It’s usually because the way things are in the beginning are not as spectacular as we want them to be Usually it’s because we’re experiencing something called human conditioning Now whether you know the term human conditioning? Or it just becomes something you learn as why you don’t feel the way you want to feel Or it becomes a spiritual thing you blame your family for Let’s talk really quickly about Conditioning and what it means to be conditioned Because as energetically sensitive Souls. Where as I call each and every one of us in Bath’s? Which means we are picking up on the energy of those around us By and large there are two kinds of empaths in the world there are people who know their empaths But don’t know what to do about it, and there are people that don’t know it an empath is Which means everyone’s an empath? at various levels of conditioning and consciousness just Like different grade levels, and we’re all in the same school together and So we talked about conditioning the easiest way to understand conditioning is That conditioning is that you tend to grow up? becoming a mental energetic and emotional by-product or reflection of the family around you You tend to take on the qualities attributes of patterning of either Those you wish to be loved by or those who had the most dominant energy in the household So if the household was a bun it was a bunch of meek mild mannered people and you had someone who is really angry and aggressive Subconsciously you think oh, that’s how you get your way And you start replicating that patterning because your subconscious mind is always Attracted to whatever the more intense sensation is The interesting thing about the subconscious mind is it doesn’t matter if it’s a intense positive sensation or an intense negative sensation Wherever the intensity is is where your subconscious mind gravitates towards Why? Because we come into these bodies to feel we come here to feel we come here to be godly beings in human form so wherever the Sensation is is what we’re attracted to which is why if you see an argument on the street you can’t look away Because the intensity draws your attention and What we’re learning to do as beings waking up out of conditioning is we’re learning to recondition ourselves to the intensity of conscious emotions to the intensity of high vibrational energy and not consumed and living on autopilot With the intensity of energy that we absorb from childhood does that make sense? So there’s by large three kinds of conditioning there’s mental conditioning There’s emotional conditioning, and there’s energetic conditioning And if I explain these three aspects everything will start making a little bit of sense So when you are emotionally conditioned you are Repeating and oscillating in the emotions of those who are most impressionable on you When you’re mentally conditioned that means that you take on the attributes the Patterns and often the addictions of those who are most impressionable in your upbringing Oftentimes the attributes and the addictions that we take on are from the family members that we couldn’t feel the most amount of love from and Subconsciously, we think in order to open their heart to give me the connection that I need and want I’m just gonna take on all Of their attributes and conditioning hoping to lighten the load so their heart can open and give me what I need Of course we can’t take on people’s energy. We can only replicate it and so when we are mentally conditioned we wind up thinking Responding and behaving like the people and our earlier operating who are most impressionable upon us And when we are energetically are vibrationally conditioned that means that you hold a vibration that is the basic vibration of the family household you were raised in Which means you are going to perceive each moment from that vibration? You’re going to make choices from that vibrational standpoint and more than likely only create outcomes that keep you spiraling in that vibrational sphere All of this conditioning happens until we begin waking up and when you know what it means to activate the outcome of Meah Transformation you can assist your own awakening and you can accelerate and expand it not only for your own transformation But as a contribution for the entire planet So we talked about mental conditioning energetic conditioning emotional conditioning all that basically means Is that we’re looking at how to wake up and how to master The game of energy and We talked about energy We’re talking about vibration I’m sure you’ve heard that word on the spiritual path vibration Right most of us walk around going. I really don’t know what that means. I just want to have a high one Ever getting to the spiritual path And you get in but you really don’t know what is really what that you talk to someone you know dude? I have a high vibration I Can feel it and a friend goes. What’s a vibration? Oh? I don’t know No clue so what is vibration mean obviously vibration means energy, but let’s really make this down to earth the vibration is the energetic and emotional ongoing progress report that reflects how often or Infrequently your highest values influence your choices responses reactions and decisions So if you want to look at how often are you acting from your highest values of love oneness harmony compassion We look at vibration and vibration Is what? emotion do I feel most often and What tends to happen is we? Can’t even determine our vibration because we’re too busy matching the vibration or the energy of the world around us Because we’re empaths and when you’re matching the world around you energetically you wind up feeling an emotional feeling That is kind of shutoff fearful afraid Playing small and a wide variety of conditions States and as long as that’s what you feel more times than not You’re only likely to react and respond and shoes from the choices that keep the collective unconscious and So in order to wake up the easiest way to transcend the collective unconscious vibration is the Vibration is the ongoing? progress report of how often or infrequently your choices match up with your highest values and intentions That means that our job is light workers and empaths Is to dare making choices to engage in practices to speak the words and to utter the Responses that most of the world doesn’t take the time to actually express to each other or themselves This is precisely why my first book whatever arises love that was so pivotal Not only for as a cornerstone of my teachings, but for transforming so many of your lives Because if you think of all of the characters who have negatively shaped your view of the world it would probably be an easier Estimation to say that the people that hurts you the most Probably don’t sit around and love their own hearts And if you could do something like loving your own heart more often you would be less in common You’d have less in common with your Persecutors and attackers and as long as you have less in common with the people that negatively shaped your reality you’re going to Energetically separate from their sphere and you’re gonna begin healing from that oppression and as long as you are doing things unlike those that hurt you or negatively shaped your reality you then begin to see Differently than they do and then you have access to different choices than they do and as long as you think and act Differently than those who hurt you the most you then become the person that Transforms your reality instead of someone waiting to be rescued So the alchemy of Transformation is yes there is much of life. That’s Predetermined yes. There is freewill and your objective is to Understand life as a game of vibrational alignment Vibrational alignment is not trying to hold your energy a certain position and make sure people don’t bump you out of connection with the divine Vibrational alignment is what are my highest values and how can I begin? Anchoring and expressing the vibration of my highest value throughout the course of my day To become unlike the world untroubled by to become unlike the family members that Persecuted me to become unlike those who hurt me and damaged me the most Because what I’m unlike my past I transcend my past It’s very powerful and I’m only speaking from experience of how I single-handedly was guided by the universe to transform my reality from the inside out because I asked the universe two things I said put me to work and let me be of service to the world and Show me how to do it and I was the guinea pig I Am the end result of what I was shown and so I teach from this embodied Perspective by transmitting the energy as I share with you the step-by-step process So we talked about anchoring the vibration of a new paradigm Obviously with my teaching whatever arises love that a lot of us want to go right to love The love is a very high vibrational energy, and if you can go from being hurt To love That’s kind of an evil knievel like death-defying leap across a cliff all right, I’m gonna go from feeling hurt by my past to being an unconditionally loving person in one moment Right way – am I But the reality of things is that there’s gonna be an in-between step if we think of self-love as the garden that we Nurture that blossoms into harvest From the foundational soil we have to ask ourselves. What’s the foundation that grows the most fertile love flowers? The most fertile love flowers grow from a foundation of gratitude Gratitude is where we start and You would probably Guess or it’d probably be easy to assume that the people that negatively shaped your reality who? Neglected who hurt who denied who abandoned? whether intentional or unintentionally It’s probably safe to assume that they don’t have a regular ongoing gratitude practice Probably safe to assume It’s probably safe to assume that the person that neglected you the most was just too inundated with their gratitude Journal Probably wasn’t the case sorry honey. I missed your recital again. I was just too busy counting my blessings Sorry So gratitude is a vibration that neutralizes Conditioning as part of the issue with conditioning is that if you have been trained by the old spiritual paradigm to look within identified limiting beliefs negative self-talk crushing emotions clusters of cellular debris right Then you will use all of your tools of the old paradigm to try to attack and clear all the bad guys like your own inner video game and because of the law of karma the law of karma that says what you do repetitively you subconsciously manifest more evidence to keep that into motion So if you’re constantly working on clearing things you’re only going to manifest more evidence that there’s more things to clear The old belief is that if I clear well enough I’m gonna be beyond clearing The reality is you have to learn how to resolve What you thought you were here to clear to live in a reality where there’s nothing to clear whatsoever? You probably agree that you don’t want to manifest more things to clear and resolve correct You want to get to the point where there’s nothing more to clear and resolve so if you don’t want to clear forever The opportunity the option is to anchor higher vibrational frequencies of light forever because you either anchor the life forever or you clear the crap forever And you only clear the crap forever until you give up and say fine. I’ll anchor the light I Thought this game had a purpose Apparently it doesn’t I’m gonna anchor the light and when you begin becoming an anchor of the light instead of a cosmic janitor of the shadow Which most of us have been for lifetimes We start with anchoring gratitude and This is one of my favorite topics to talk about because I want to talk to you about the anchoring of gratitude as a way of clearing your personal conditioning of Unraveling what we would call Karma, which is just the cellular memory of the old paradigm And knowing that that’s your contribution to awakening this entire planet and understanding what that actually means because Most people will hear gratitude and on the inside. There’s a conflict where they think I Really, don’t feel grateful right now and so to anchor gratitude when you’re not grateful can feel inauthentic Like you’re faking it, and so I want to teach you a few things about this to show you how authentic Can be very much a cornerstone of Anchoring a higher vibrational energy like gratitude Without lying to yourself without pretending without sitting there going. I’m so grateful Boy, am I grateful and on the inside of I hate Right nothing funnier than judging something on the inside with hands in the prayer position And we’re so embarrassed of our own behavior, that’s when the inside room is whispering in case anyone is listening to our thoughts Think of the anchoring of gratitude as The energy you anchor in every moment Just by using the word in the sentence, and this is going to be true whether you think it or speak it Whether you think or speak It same vibrational alignment if you feel more powerful saying it out loud You should make that choice. If it doesn’t feel socially acceptable. Just think it But here’s what I’m talking about so I’m gonna give you three different sentences that all anchor the same frequency of gratitude So let’s say you’re looking at something anything I Am grateful for my life. There’s a nice statement. I’m grateful for my life that Anchors gratitude quite concisely Then what if this were true, I wish I were grateful for my life Maybe that’s more true for you. I wish I were more grateful for my life. Do you know that the conscious? Yearning and wishing and desiring to be grateful anchors the same amount of gratitude because it used it in a sentence because What you’re using in a sentence is what you’re pointing your mind towards, and what word you use? Suggests to the subconscious mind the validity or existence of something When you say gratitude you are affirming the value and the significance of something so even if you don’t feel grateful but to say I wish I felt grateful your subconscious mind here is grateful and Records in your subconscious mind the existence of greater value and significance does that make sense? Even if you were to say may all beings be more grateful your subconscious mind goes big Grateful greater significance and higher value And here’s what’s interesting the more often you use words like grateful and gratitude in Sentences even as thoughts or you sign Your emails may all beings be grateful so grateful for you bless you with gratitude Anything your subconscious mind records the validity and existence of Gratitude, which means it’s no longer for into your subconscious mind Because whatever is foreign to your subconscious mind your subconscious mind blocks and pushes away and whatever is familiar it welcomes in and For a lot of us as empaths. We have a subconscious mind where pain and Separation and plain small is familiar and goodness and well-being and liberation are foreign concepts that’s why we seek it because what we’re really seeking on a spiritual path is we’re seeking to be more familiar with the things that feel good and Less familiar with the things we’ve been conditioned to keep bringing towards us So when you say I’m grateful for my life I wish I felt more grateful may all beings be grateful your subconscious mind records the existence of gratitude, which makes it more familiar and less foreign The more often you do that throughout the day The more your subconscious mind goes there’s so much gratitude in this person’s life Because they keep acknowledging things through the viewpoint of gratitude and the thing you keep Affirming most often in the most authentic way your subconscious mind Then has a conversation with your eco, and says hey They keep talking about gratitude So you the ego are gonna go fetch us? some evidence in their life and figure out what the hell they’re grateful for That’s what your egos job is to do is the fetch evidence of what is most commonly Anchored in your subconscious mind, which you can rewrite consciously by the way you learn to engage in time and space See spiritual journey is not about getting away from the ego It’s about waking up out of the unhealthy ego. It’s about waking up out of the unintegrated ego It’s about waking up out of the forces within you that motivate you to Pretend as if things that are bad for you are somehow good Because I will tell you about my journey of awakening of awakening out of ego at certain stages of awakening Awakening out of the belief that you’re a person Awakening out of the entire history of your past words like who you were as a person in your family and all thirty years at that point of my life and all memories just oozed out of my ears like warm liquid and I lived as pure consciousness And I still do but you come back to the body you come back to your personality you come back to life You come back to earth And dare I say you come back to ego, but not like you’re going backwards Not a fall from grace not. Oh my god. I was totally awake, and now I’m just off the deep end What happened to Matt he was pure consciousness now? He’s taking selfies I Was standing right? I think the sweater vest gift in the clear And now this I Don’t know about this guy You come back to eco Here’s the rule of thumb in the spiritual journey The things you transcend and initially push away are the things that come back to be embraced So the masculine spiritual journey is discard transcend get the fuck away always you know things and the feminine part of the spiritual journey is my bad Come back into my heart. Let me love you Sorry to judge you I was a little hopped up on my spiritual sauce early on father was a race against time thought the Ascension ship was leaving without me I Could only check one bag No room for you So if in the beginning you’ve learned from the old spiritual paradigm you’re gonna learn these ways of let it go Discard it go beyond it I call these God what do we call these bypass techniques? Right bypass techniques which is using? spiritual insight to try to reframe your experience to try to make it more pleasant and there’s nothing wrong with that, but sometimes the healing occurs by daring to be uncomfortable and oftentimes the most pleasant version of uncomfortable is just being honest about how much pain you’re in and so if you want to anchor a vibration like gratitude But you happen to be in a lot of pain you’re probably not going to go for the option of I’m grateful for my pain You might go to I wish I could be grateful for this And yearning and wishing for more gratitude actually brings it into your field of vision and Introduces that concept to your subconscious mind and further introduces to your subconscious mind that you have the ability to be grateful and Embracing of your experience even when it doesn’t feel good And So imagine the possibility every single day of your life Where every day everyone in the world no matter how? Fast-paced the world seems to move Like you ever see those videos where they talk about life, and it shows people walking in fast forward That’s probably just like regular motion now Of people just you know crossing the street to cross back, and I don’t know you know. Where is anyone going no one even knows Walking in fast forward looking down at their phones Right at two people at lunch probably talking each other through text Did you imagine that being at lunch with someone hey, dude, what are you gonna eat? And every day we have the opportunity to make the most important spiritual decisions to positively affect the field of consciousness as co-creators of reality Co-creators not that we affect outcome because trying to manifest an outcome That’s what people that call direct manifestation But I want to talk to you about Indirect manifestation Which I think is easier and more powerful in direct manifestation says instead of focusing on the object of my desire Because truth be told whether you get the object or just seek it It’s only gonna manifest if it matches with the Akashic record of what’s going to be The thing that you get to help you ascend to the next level of consciousness Sometimes chasing what you want? And not getting it is what you need some time getting what you want and learning to step into the worthiness of Receiving is what you need, but you only get the things that match what you need to grow and evolve Vibrationally so trying to manifest outcomes and specific things That’s wonderful But that’s kind of like the spiritual you know roulette wheel and Half the time you’re trying to manifest a specific thing your subconscious mind is so focused on the object of your desire That anything that isn’t that outcome or desire your subconscious mind is taught to have a negative relationship With it. It’s a game called not this Where you walk around? Subconsciously saying not this to anything other than what you want, and then someone asks you. How was your day, and you said well I experienced everything other than what I want, so is pretty terrible and That becomes the way you perceive life when you are attracting anything, but the thing you want easier to do in direct manifestation So in direct manifestation just take a moment and think about something you want But instead of thinking about the object think about the emotion you would feel if you had that Happy joyful elated most likely you’d be grateful So what happens is as in direct manifest errs we begin anchoring the vibration of? What we would feel in our body if we got what we wanted so to tell the universe to bring us experiences that match that emotional state does that make sense Because whether you got the very specific thing you want or not but could feel the way you wanted to feel you’d still be just as happy a Conditioned mind will say I won’t be happy until I get that Thing the truth is you’d be just as happy not having that thing is locket as you could feel the emotions that that thing represents To you in fact the reason why people try to attract specific outcomes and objects is Because they are trying to actually Elevate to the emotional vibration of what it would feel like if they had the object of their desire And they’re just chasing the object as something to pace to come into that vibrational alignment So you really actually don’t want the thing you want you just want the feelings that those things symbolize So let’s say if you doubt whatever you wanted you be grateful So in order to manifest the life where life is going to bring you more things to be grateful for Individually and collectively One would have to start anchoring More gratitude throughout their daily lives and you wake up, and you start to look at your life And you go my god the field is open every single day For me to anchor as much gratitude as I want Your subconscious mind is just logging What you’re grateful for So you say I’m grateful for this jacket. I’m grateful for this shirt. I’m grateful for this body I’m grateful for this world Subconscious mind just went gratitude gratitude gratitude gratitude Because we’ve all had experiences of being grateful Like one random moment of I’m grateful, and it feels amazing But what happens when you begin anchoring gratitude? deliberately and Relentlessly, and I will tell you that that was my social Experiment and my life has become a demonstration of what happens when you do that and Again, you have to decide the frequency of your If you can go to I am grateful. That’s great because you have to go by the current of authenticity So maybe if I am grateful Maybe it’s I wish I were grateful and maybe You’re not even in the I wish I were grateful Maybe you’re so spun out it has to just be a version of kama yoga, or you say may all beings be grateful But one of those three categories is going to be your starting point and just to feel what happens in your body when you deliberately Anchor the vibration of gratitude I just want to show you what happens when you do it in a way the world has never been taught to do it and Again a lot of you know I teach with repeat after me so together as a group Let’s just try this as an experiment and again, throw those here, and youtube-land join along So let’s try this together I’m grateful for this body I’m grateful for this mind I’m grateful for this self I Am grateful for this world I Am grateful for this universe I’m grateful for my past I’m grateful for all beings I’m grateful for all animals I’m grateful for all rocks and minerals I’m grateful for all continents I Am grateful for all civilizations I’m grateful for all individuals I’m grateful for all creations Just feel that for a moment do you feel how the energy lightens up because you aimed your attention at gratitude and Relentlessly just you came up with things to be grateful for You use the power of your imagination to come up with real things to be grateful for to instruct your subconscious mind on the type of Vibration you wish to experience more often, that’s you now using the conditioning process Consciously as a co-creator does that make sense? That’s what we’re doing we’re using the conditioning process To choose and decide how we wish to be we’re looking at our families and say hey Thanks for that initiation But the way I’m feeling is not the way I wish to be so I’m gonna turn myself into a vibrational art project and I’m going to take all the things I learned from the past and I’m going to look at my family And I’m going to say what don’t they do? and I’m gonna start doing that and become who I was born to be not a reflection of Who they don’t see themselves as? I’m gonna be a conscious co-creator, and I’m gonna anchor gratitude in my body And I’m gonna start radiating that gratitude So that those I pass by Start to become more grateful for their lives, and they pass it on and pass it on and sooner or later We have a world of a vibrational reality That is so brimming with gratitude. We only attract creations that we’d be legitimately grateful for Would we all be grateful to live in a world that had a healthy ecosystem We’re all extinct animals have come back to life well We all be grateful to live in a world where everyone has fresh clean drinking water Where there is global and economic policy that is fair and equal for all beings will be all be grateful for that So if that’s what you’d like to see manifest, and it’s not just energy that’s going to create it But that’s the foundation of it in order to manifest in this planet Beings to stand up and say I’m gonna do something and create new global policy. I’m gonna create communal Organizations, I’m going to create and lead grassroots efforts that is actually supported by the world to bring us all together Into a new world in order for that type of reality to occur we can’t sit down and wait for someone to lead We have to start raising the vibration of the planet so those who are meant to stand up to Han Come to their feet and the way we do at every single day is by indirectly manifesting the vibration of gratitude and For those of us that wish we felt grateful because I’m not saying hold the feeling of gratitude Don’t try to hold a feeling you can’t hold a feeling they’ll give it gas Never ever had that idea about how it works like I’m just gonna hold a high vibration I’m gonna get to a place that joy like that’s not how it works like oh my god. I feel happy. Okay. Just hold it And something goes hey, how you doing shut up I’m happy I’m vibrating way high. I think I see my angels That’s not how it works it’s not how it works at all We don’t hold anything we anchor we anchor we anchor so for those of us who go oh I wish I felt grateful. Well. This is for you tried to settle out I Wish I felt more grateful about my body I Wish I felt more grateful for the world I wish I felt more grateful for politics I Wish I felt more grateful for humanity I Wish I felt more grateful for my family I Wish I felt more grateful for my family I Wish I felt more grateful for civilization I Wish I felt more grateful for reality I Wish I felt more grateful for animals I Wish I felt more grateful for the universe Now just as we do that Do you see how we just did this and we’re feeling the same amount of emotional or energy that we felt? We’re doing the first one same vibration of gratitude what you want to feel more of or what you wish you felt more of is the same as Anchoring it so if you can say I’m grateful and if that’s real anchor that and When I say anchor all that means is find something to affirm its truth Even if it’s I’m grateful Or if you walked around hey everybody, I wish I was grateful Look at me totally ungrateful totally, I’m grateful That person held the door for me. Can I say thank you? No wish I did? You can say I wish I was grateful and you’re anchoring the same amount of gratitude And then you do that and then gratitude starts to feel real, and then you anchor. I am grateful does that make sense We’re not pretending here You can’t pretend in a reality molded out of the fabric of truth The universe knows when it’s lying to itself I Might be to say the universe knows when you’re lying because you are the universe it’s just the universe lying to itself This is playing a game It’s like you say to the universe may all beings be free and your collective self laughs at you. You don’t believe that So we have to indirectly manifest by starting with gratitude And the thing that’s amazing about this kind of practice is it doesn’t matter how you decide to practice you could literally take a walk in your neighborhood and every person that passes you by May you be blessed with gratitude may be blessed with gratitude May be blessed with gratitude then you’re home. Maybe you’re going through a healing crisis. Maybe it’s Kundalini awakening, or you’re completely incapacitated, and you’re dizzy, and you can’t seem to function right Isn’t the funniest things your vibration a sky high, but you can’t seem to function in a human body That’s kind of neat So you’re at home with some sort of vibration Tumbo illness Barely able to function, and you just play the Grateful game. I’m grateful for my floors. I’m grateful for my body I’m grateful for these stairs. I’m grateful for gravity It doesn’t matter be grateful for gravity And All day your subconscious mind is anchoring anchoring logging recording gratitude gratitude gratitude And it’s becoming more familiar And if you’re self conscious mind is more familiar with a high vibration my gratitude and the people around you Those people can’t trigger you emotionally Because you only get emotionally triggered by the people whose subconscious imprinting matches yours Which means we are? combative against those whose choices match our own And when you make choices to anchor a vibration like R attitude the people that anchor lower vibrations Unconsciously can’t affect you Because negativity and positivity are not of the same vibration Positive energy Can unravel and decimate what it takes lifetimes and generations for negativity to create? and the single most Fundamental obstacle on this journey is you being a being who’s woven out of the fabric of light radiating the light of holy goodness and perfection Pretending or assuming that darkness can actually harm you Here’s a funny little newsflash Your feelings of being afraid of darkness are not what you think they are You are feeling a fear of darkness, but you’re actually in passing Darkness is fear of you Because you’re the light and you are feeling darkness going oh my god There is light in here, and we can’t survive in this environment and you’re feeling darkness counting down to the day, it’s Exterminated by your light and you are then Assuming that your fear of the light or your fear of the darkness is your actual fear You’re actually just in passing How darkness perceives you as the light of true nature? You are not afraid of the darkness darkness is afraid of you and when you are a conscious actualized Self-realized being that means you have seen that you are light You know that you are light And you are now conscious of the fact that you are the light of divine Perfection and when you become conscious of yourself in that way Darkness cannot even get within a hundreds of feet within your field with out dissolving See you did you feel that just done You’re the most afraid of darkness when you confuse Darkness experience of you as light as if it’s your fear of something that’s going to get you and when you start anchoring energy like gratitude and love and You realize that every day the field is Wide open for you to spend as little or as much time and you don’t have to disregard your livelihood your job your career your Family bring this with you and be an anchor of light whether you’re a mother a single parent or corporate Attorney whether you’re a teacher whether you’re a student Whether you’re a family member a spouse Bring this with you into the world so your spiritual journey isn’t just Subjecting you to hide in some room in your home from a world that you came to transform by simply affirming Gratitude love and passion Harmony in some way. Even if you thought I wish I felt more loved now boom you just angered. Love I Wish the world was more loving just angered love wish I felt more loved now just did it again I’ma share with you a very interesting story personal to my heart because I’m gonna share with you how on a Vibrational level my life was created when I first started teaching the universe at that point was giving me messages and was taking me into grocery stores and Putting me by people and say tell this person who don’t know this random message And if you don’t it’s going to feel like your hearts going to explode So I had to go up to people and go look you don’t know me. I’m so Look I know we’re standing here by the apples, and I agree. There’s a lot to choose from that But the universe has brought me here as a messenger and before you run away from me because I would Before you run away from me. I gotta deliver this message because the universe is telling me to tell you That your uncle that passed away two years ago is fine He visits you in his dreams, and he’s always with you, and he loves you Right and people would burst into tears from the message. I delivered to them for whatever reason that was meant to heal them and I didn’t know how odd to do what I was doing. I just knew that every time I did it it worked and For the first five years of doing the work that I do I was freaked out of my mind Imagine you don’t know How you’re doing what you’re doing? Out of thin air a voice comes in your head my son Like I’m some like secret agent My son our new mission is here We would like you to go to the Apple aisle again So I took deliver this message to the person at 45 degrees Right so at that point of my career. I was just following my guidance everything worked flawlessly Couldn’t be more freaked out by the process Right people go how did you know I don’t know? Thank you for listening. I’m glad and help. Thank you for not running away from me And at that point I had the intuition to say to the universe if I’m going to be used as a messenger This is what I’m here to do Show me how this works and show me how to heal the world because when I became aware that I had gifts that could help people all I Knew how to do as a way of trying with the utmost humility To embrace what I was given was to serve everyone with these gifts And so I said to the universe show me how this works so on a vibrational level I Would have the impulse To go into downtown Seattle of course I live in Seattle and I would go to downtown Seattle and the game that I was taught to play Was that what I call the congratulations game And Because at that point of my life. I was delivering these messages. I didn’t know if I was gonna This is gonna be a career. I had friends that went I went to high school with a thought Oh, that’s now that weird spiritual guy And I’m saying that going is this Who I am This is but this is a turn of events and so I thought okay I’m going to let the universe show me how to do this and I needed to manifest abundance For my life of service, and so I played the congratulations game And what I would do is I would just walk around and silently I would just look for how people were Abundant, I would see a mother pushing one of those strollers with three kids in them And I think well she’s abundant with children And I would just say in my mind to her congratulations on your abundance and I would watch Vibrationally as that blessing would infuse into her energy field and her children’s energy field that would increase the likelihood over a period of time that they would be recognizing the abundance in their lives while also watching that I was anchoring abundance of my own subconscious mind teaching my mind to be familiar with abundance by how often I recognized it outside of me and Then I walked by a man in a business suit having some sort of Power Lunch meeting, and I thought to myself Congratulations on your abundance So funny, I’m at as I’m standing here remembering this I saw this in a suit I thought to myself when they all be dressed like that and you know what I? Am had to get through the sweater vest phase, but we all took the journey together, and I’m thankful So I say congratulations on your abundance in my mind And I’d watch how the energy would go into his field and for a period of time he could be more aware of his blessings and Grateful for his fortune as I was teaching my subconscious mind to be more familiar with abundance Instead of perceiving it as a foreign concept Which would cause me to push away abundant opportunities and only manifest things that I could perceive as scarcity lack and injustice not less familiar anything and Literally day by day I took my daily walk Congratulations on your abundance congratulations on your abundance congratulations on your abundance I did this every single Day, and when I am testing something the universe gives me I do it relentlessly, and you know you’re doing it in a way that is rewriting your subconscious mind Because your ego, which might for you be your sense of self Starts to kind of look at you like you’re crazy Like I think you’re doing that too much good Because if you do it too much your ego has nothing to micromanage Because your ego can only manage control and protect you from the very conditioning that runs your mind And if you rewrite that there’s nothing for it to protect you against there’s nothing for it to micromanage Your ego doesn’t want a hold on to control it only wants to hold on to control while you’re in the very Vibration that puts you at risk for attack But if you raise your vibration you’re no longer in that reality your ego has nothing to do know where to go And integrates back into the light of your consciousness and It’s through this process on teaching you congratulations on your abundance that I raised my vibration To be in alignment with what would become my destiny and it was at that point where the universe gave me the teaching whatever arises love that because I recreated my vibrational alignment, I rewrote my Subconscious mind and I told my mind as the creator Here’s what I want to be familiar with Here’s where I want to be in alignment with and then I was given the teachings that would not offence that Vibration for the entire world as I’ve been doing and I began doing events in the beginning it was in my house living room For people there to listen to me say insightful things People would sit there with the look on their face like I don’t know why I’m here and I’d sit there going yeah me neither and Then it became 10 people and 25 people and then all the sudden yoga studios And they kept growing and growing and growing and all the while when I wasn’t on stage Congratulations on your abundance ngratulations on your abundance and then at a certain point about two years after the started I Was at an event where at that time was the biggest event I’d ever done And someone was just standing next to me and they said This is pretty incredible, and I was just kinda you know I just I was I was kind of in the conversation, but just kind of Getting ready to do my thing and they said hey Matt Do you mind if I share something with you? I feel like the universe is telling me to tell you something I looked at them and they say congratulations on your abode And It was real living proof of everything I had put out into the universe came back to me, and it came back to me in a Moment where I was actually Recognizing and actual izing the abundance I didn’t have two years ago And I began to actually see what I put out comes back now when you hear that type of teaching Many of us been taught from the old paradigm Are taught that from a fear-based place How many of us learn what you put out comes back and you initially think well I don’t want to put bad things out Because then bad things come to me But that’s assuming that negative energy is as powerful as positive energy Putting out negative energy just blocks you from recognizing the goodness of your life that just takes you out of Momentary potential of being a co-creator, that’s just guaranteed gonna be a victim and If you’re someone who is steeped in pain I totally understand Which is why I’m not telling everyone go around and saying I’m grateful for those of us that are steeped in pain and can’t seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel I wish I were more grateful I Wish I were more loving Not I wish I were less hateful I Wish I were more of the positive Not I wish I were less of the negative as the positive is where the light is the light is the power of affirmation, I wish I were more loving, I wish I were more free I Wish I were more grateful, I wish I were more loving So the teaching isn’t a negative what you put out comes back to you negatively. That’s an old superstition and That causes you to be afraid of your powers It causes you to be less likely to anger energy because you’re so afraid of making a mistake Instead of it being what good you put out will come back to you when you anchor it earnestly and relentlessly and What you affirm for your life? blesses others with an increased potential of Recognizing that goodness in their life to then pass it on and pass it on and ripple out and ripple out and ripple out So all we can do energetically Until you are face to face with the very global solution That will heal and resolve worldly problems Until you have that opportunity to be a part of positive social change We are a part of positive energetic change and it begins with I am grateful I wish I were more grateful or more may all beings be blessed with gratitude Let’s try this together, let’s use the power of our intention the will of our voice and the precision and power of our focus to in this moment Not be like the world that has hurt us to not be like the past That is tormented us to not be like the family that has neglected and overlooked us Let’s be like who we’ve come to be and less like those That have hurt us in the past Thank you What do you Let’s try this together May all beings be blessed Take it a step further may all B’s be blessed with light May all children be blessed with light May all men and women be blessed with light May all continents be blessed with light May all circumstances be blessed with light May all conflicts be blessed with light May all civilizations be blessed with light May all worlds be blessed of a flight May all bodies be blessed with light Mayo mines be blessed with light May all hearts be blessed with light may all souls be blessed with light May all dimensions be blessed with light Male timelines be blessed with light May all creations be blessed with light May all ancestors be blessed with light May all lineages be blessed with light Mayo DNA be blessed with light May all organs be blessed with light May all chakras be blessed in flight May all bodies of consciousness be blessed with light May all layers of our energy field be blessed with light May all conditioning be blessed with light May all emotions be blessed with light May all mines be blessed with light Male thoughts be blessed with light May all creations be blessed with light May all be blessed with light the Light I am I Am the light the light I am I am the light the light I am I Am the light the light I am I Am the light the light I am I Am the light the light I am I am the light the light I am I Am the light the light I am You know why when you tune into this room and on this recording You don’t feel any shred of Darkness or discord as I can’t survive the altitude of this consciousness and frequency You would probably put up a good fight, if only it could brief And the only risk you have in embracing this teaching is just the sarcasm and fear-based thinking that says, but if I’m not constantly inundated on the news headlines and Watching what our president is tweeting next? Something Bad’s gonna happen And the thought of if I’m not constantly knowing what’s happening whatever you think happening is Then I’m just gonna turn a blind eye Let me explain something about turning a blind. Eye Turning a blind eyes when you refuse to look at the state of the world and you refuse to anchor the energy of the light That’s turning a blind. Eye But if you want to turn away from The things that keep you inundated and fear if you want to turn away from the things that keep you Reacting and responding as your family has trained you to be if you want to discontinue Being a dancing monkey for the darkness Then we have to start anchoring some light and doing it in pretty gangster fashion Is turning a blind eye is when you turn away from the negativity But you are not incurring the positivity you’re turning away from both sides Which means you’re shut down in denial what I am suggesting is not turning a blind. Eye What I am suggesting is turning towards the solution and letting the problem resolve itself On a Vibrational level that is if you are face to face with the Opportunity to spread good fortune with another human being if a human being is hungry and you have the resources to feed them please do so if you have the opportunity to interrupt some sort of violent Happening or you are the one who needs to call authorities for some situation please do so If you have the opportunity to make this world a safer better place for all human beings in Whatever way you are consciously called to do so please do so But if you look in front of you, and you don’t see an immediate invitation of heroism then it’s time to become a vibrational superhero and To anchor the vibration of what you may not be able to see with your own eyes That will become the greatest Rescue attempt this world will ever know it won’t see what comes to the rescue But it will be rescued and returned to safety and we are all here as the bringers of that vibration By how often we call it into our daily lives by how often we put these words into our Sentences by how often we decide to create from a constructive standpoint instead of making choices from a destructive point of view Because the reason why human beings act so destructively to each other and to themselves is because Carrying the conditioning of your family is a toxic vibration and if the being doesn’t have the consciousness to know how to Transform and rewrite their subconscious mind and wake up out of the toxicity of conditioning Then it’s literally like they’re making Self-destructive choices to fast forward their reality into death’s doorway so they can try this again It’s like they’re trying to speed up the death process to get out of what they’re caught in But we’re in a place of evolution where we are waking up out of the curse of conditioning where we do not have to be victims of the circumstances of how families have been conditioned and patterned to exist and you can wake up out of any and all conditioning by not what you look within and try to clear and let go and purge out of your field but letting all of the darkness within you Run like hell away from you When you decide to start Anchoring a light that doesn’t allow darkness or unconsciousness to exist within you anymore That’s the solution That’s why my first book was what ever rises love that And if whatever rises love that is too much of a leap to go to then I suppose we start with whatever arises think that Just as an aside For those of us the experience still being emotionally triggered because we subconsciously still have things in common with the people around us We a still have things in common with the people that trade us the worst Right they don’t see our light. We don’t spend time affirming our light, so look what we have in common Imagine you getting triggered and feeling some emotion of anger or resentment How do you neutralize that trigger instantaneously two words, thank you Thank you If that’s not authentic. I wish I could thank this I Wish I could thank this anger, but I just can’t boy. Do I hate it. Oh, I hate this sweet delicious anger Why do I hate it? But if you can dare it across the threshold into the light you feel something uncomfortable you feel something inconvenient you feel something that makes you reduced into a twelve-year-old and Makes you want to do and say things that you’re about to be embarrassed for doing and saying Thank you, thank You for the humility training, thank you, thank you for pissing me off Thank you for showing me what real spirituality is thank you Thank you for showing me where my edges remain, thank you Thank you, thank you for not giving me what I want Thank you for being everything other than what I desire, thank you for disappointing me Thank you for rejecting me Thank you for abandoning me. Thank you for hurting me. Thank you for harming me For at the very least all those things become the unthinkable that you’ve never thanked in your life and By daring to thank the unthinkable You are training your subconscious mind to not Alayne or more gratitude, but to become more unconditionally gracious As a divine being in human form by daring to be gracious with the things You never wanted to face. Thank you Thank you is the real meaning of namaste namaste The light and me meet the light in you and we use that word so often in the spiritual path. Don’t we oh? My god, I’m late for this meditation class, would you just back your car out of the space namaste? Real novice days, thank you Thank you for making me late to my meditation class and beginning my meditation in this parking, lot. Thank you Thank you Thank you for disappointing me. Thank you for ruining my day Thank you for ruining my life Isn’t that a nice one? Imagine that Just to show you an unconventional way to heal emotional wounds Imagine the person that’s hurts you the most just visualize them and try these words out loud. Thank you for ruining my life Thank you And I’m looking at a room of people I know in YouTube lands hard to see looking at room of people smiling Who just visualized their worst perpetrator who just said? Thank you for ruining my life and are now smiling. That’s how you heal You don’t to look within trace it back to a rude find the false belief you’d have to do all that Visualize someone who treats you like crap, thank you, that’s it And if you are a being who is constantly Thinking and thinking and thinking and anchoring may the world be blessed with light. Thank you I wish I was more grateful. Whatever the case may be if you’re an anchor of light Then you know what happens is you’re no longer an unconscious anchor of the light Here’s what happens when you’re an unconscious anchor of the light that means you have not recognized your light So you trigger the darkness and other people that keeps them from seeing their light? You ever been a being who kind of starts knowing you’re a spiritual being and going well I seem to be like a bunch of spiritual dynamite. I never where I go. I kind of blow things up You ever done that have yours to say something you make the conversation weird People get triggered they turn on you you’ve never done that You ever been a powerful spiritual being who’s the most? unpopular in social settings That’s a neat one isn’t it? What happens is if you are not a conscious anchor of the light you are someone who is still? Embodying the darkness meaning unaware of your light of your goodness so then you just trigger the darkness and people that keeps them Unaware of their light and you’re triggering their darkness so they can become conscious of these things that have to heal to bring out their Light, but if you’re a conscious anchor of the light that means I incur the light Thank you may be blessed. I love you. I wish I were more grateful May all beings be blessed with light when this is a part of your daily act pity Then you just simply magnetically pull the light out of other people instead of triggering their darkness towards you And I’m simply taking the time to explain this because it pulls a lot of loose ends together doesn’t it Right people always ask what does the universe want me to do or what’s my life purpose your purpose is to be a conscious co-creator and to anchor whatever Vibration resonates with you well how do I know what vibration? I’m here to anchor well What do you personally want and what would it feel like to have it? Oh, it would feel like joy. Well then your life purpose is to anchor joy well How do I do that by either saying I am joyful I? Wish I were more joyful or more may all beings be blessed with joy. Do you see what I’m saying I? not get wrapped up in this idea that life purpose is an occupation life purpose is what you do with your time not always the things you do to get paid and When you are using your time to anchor the vibration of light whether joy gratitude peace unity love bliss compassion Empathy whatever the frequency that calls to you or just light Which kind of is a select all situation? The universe will start paying you For the time you put into this endeavor and the universe will pay you through a life of renewed synchronicity flow pleasure and fulfillment Where you don’t have to know what you want You just welcome Experiences that remind you how you wish to feel Whatever you want to feel more of is the blessing you pass along to the world You let’s say you’re inundated with depression and wish you were happy, and you send someone an email maybe blessed with happiness a Victim is not defined as someone Who is less than based on the cards they were dealt or their circumstances a Victim is someone so lost in their own pain. They don’t have the awareness the inspiration or the ability to wish something better for another human being That’s the only definition of a victim Someone who hurts so deeply they can’t even Contribute to something better for another person and what is the purpose of why other people exist in your reality? to interrupt your ongoing conversation with yourself to motivate you to wish something better for another human being So to tell the universe how worthy you are to receive something better for you Other people interrupt our own self-indulgent inner dialogue Showing us beings who are hurting far worse than we’ve ever hurt to empathically and empathetically motivate us to say my goodness may they be blessed with joy and that we’ve begun anchoring energy and now the co-creation process is underway I Used to be afraid of talking in front of audiences I used to be afraid of sharing my intuitive messages I’m just opening my mouth not knowing what I’m gonna do and just Listening of everyone else listens I used to be afraid of that, but do you know what got me over my fear of mice self? aside from years of Unraveling the ego and feeling my life, and my history who’s out of my ears You know got the ball rolling for my awakening was being aware of a world that Suffered far deeply than I have ever hurt And I realized that I could either focus on how afraid I am of external Rejection or I could become so keenly aware of how deeply people suffer that I can only Respond to their suffering by being of service, and it was the pain of other people that got me over myself And I’m truly thankful for it And it is a suffering of other people that will keep you over you If instead of shutting down by the paralyzing nature of other people’s conditioning you realize Whatever I feel from others. I’m going to bless them with the opposite Whatever I see in the world that troubles me. What’s the opposite? I blessed the world with that and you have to start using other people and the world like flashcards Someone comes into reality they disappointed me may all beings be blessed with joy fulfillment and acceptance oh I’m seeing something in the world lots of violence who made the world be blessed with peace you can actually watch the news and do this oh another murder happened may all beings be blessed with compassion may all beings be Forgiven may all beings be blessed with safety. Oh, here’s a country that doesn’t have a lot of resources may all beings be well fed You ever watched the news and play that game everything you see was the opposite anger that for 30 minutes to an hour And I only share this with you because this has been the cornerstone of what I do with my time Not every moment of every time But regularly for the last 13 years as my dedication to the evolution of this planet And I share it with you So we can all join along so that every single day if in front of you You don’t see an immediate way to take action whether you’re on social media on Instagram on Twitter Whether you’re talking with your friends that you are consciously putting out to the world the opposite vibration of the things that trouble you and You will then go through the three stages of transformation The first stage of transformation is you will anchor the light, and you will begin To see things from a different viewpoint Because your subconscious mind has begin to become more familiar with the light instead of it being foreign Level number two is you will not just see things from a different viewpoint you will begin responding reacting from a different emotional place, and you will feel differently about the things in view and The third level of transformation if you stay the course is that you will begin manifesting different realities to match the energy that you put forth This is what social experiment I made my life about There was an impulse in me to follow this direction And all I could do was dare myself to fail and The reason why I did what I did is because I could not live with myself and what would happen to the world had I not done all I could have done for the world in view and So I invite you to join with me Chillin with me. What will be known as They all for love movement It’s been called the love revolution, but as things changing transformed in my life professionally personally Everything I do for myself for my family for you and for the world is all for love And I invite you to join in this all for love movement or every single day We don’t have to like the things we see in the world, but we can start feeling really really good about our Contribution to the world in the view by the blessings we put out By the energies we anchor if we’re not authentically feeling love we simply wish we were feeling loved because the desire of that anchor is at the same and We begin looking at how the world is coming to us, and it’s a flash car did we say what do I feel? What’s the opposite and let me affirm it for the well-being of all? at A time like this where we are so close to a tipping point of tipping consciousness awaken for a collective Civilization and for an entire planet that will ripple out in waves I invite you to join me in Anchoring the light for the well-being of all and if that is something that is calling to you at the core of your being Then please join me in this repeat after me May all beings be blessed with light May all mines be blessed with light May all hearts be blessed with light may all souls be blessed with light May all individuals be blessed with light May all genders be blessed with light Male transgenders be blessed with light May all race and ethnicities be blessed with light May all worlds be blessed with light May all neighborhoods be blessed with white May all galaxies be blessed with light May all universes be blessed with light May all timelines be blessed with light They all dimensions be blessed with light May all creations be blessed with light May all beings be blessed with light May all light be blessed with light May all shadow be blessed with light May all darkness be blessed with light May all evil be blessed with light May all cruelty be blessed with light May all suffering be blessed with light May all persecution be blessed with life They all victimhood be blessed with life May all abuse be blessed with life Male ritualistic abuse be blessed with life May all imprisonment be blessed with life Now hurt pain and sorrow will be blessed with light May all suffering be blessed with light May all pain agony in turn should be blessed with light Male suffering be blessed with life may not my all egos be blessed with light May all be blessed with life The light I am I Am the light the light I am I am the light the light I am I Am the light the light I am I Am the light the light I am I am the light the light I am I am the light the light I am I Am the light the light I am I am the light the light I am I am the light the light I am I am the light the line I am I’m the light the light I am Most people can’t feel the field of consciousness in their reality because they haven’t created it or whipped it up with their intention You can feel the energy you can feel the light. You can feel the field as it’s alive This is a game of call-and-response you call it out, and it says hello Many people perceive the universe as many things the universe is infinitely perfect Why is intelligent all-knowing and all-loving and you know what else it is really formal So sometimes you crowd for help Nothing seems to happen You want the light you refer to it by its name? When you call someone on the phone, and they say hello you call to them by their name That’s a formality you Want the light you refer to it by its name? May all beings be blessed with a light, and it wakes up within you I’m talking about The inner workings The anatomy of Transformation Were you deliberately Daily set your intention, and what does it mean to set your intention? It means? I don’t wait To choose my response by how people come to me. That’s defensive communication I First decide the gift. I’m gonna give to everyone who comes my way I’m gonna give the gift of peace the gift of gratitude the gift of well-being the gift of Harmony and no matter who comes my way I’m gonna give the gift of my highest intention as a way of taking my highest value and Manifesting it into the fabric of my reality that’s what the power of intention is really about I Decide the gift I’m going to give to the day and not wait to see what life is withholding From me through my activities and interactions with others. I’m not going to notice what I’m lacking I’m just gonna focus on what I’m giving and in that I tell life what more I wish to receive By how openly I give it And if you’re in a reality what you’re giving and people aren’t giving you the right response. That’s okay They’re only taking and not Appreciating to make you more unconditional in your offering You can’t give and wait for someone to recognize your light You can’t give and be gracious and then stand there and go okay Light being over here Notice how many angels are standing with me? You now have permission to admire me Ever had that where you do something really nice and people don’t even acknowledge it. Do you know what that is? That’s God? Pranking you I’ve got punking you. That’s God dressing up as someone going. I’m gonna make you more gracious or even open the door for me I’m just gonna take and say nothing watch. What happens. That’s God turning you upside down and shaking ego out of you And if you are someone who is giving and giving and giving and not getting back from other people well then guess who Is the one that’s going to start giving to you, but you? you give to someone and they Energetically or metaphorically spit in your face you’re gonna Wipe that off your face and you’re going to turn to yourself and go thank you for being so generous I saw what you did, and I love you And you’re going to give yourself some damn credit Because that’s how we weather how we treat ourselves How we respond to the world what we bless the planet with whatever? the choice you’re going to make we are going to use the power of energy through the construction and expression of our words to Energetically recreate this planet from the inside out we are gonna do that or? We’re gonna be someone else waiting to be rescued and It seems to me that all of us have been hurting and suffering way too long Feeling the neglect of what it’s like to starve For the light and nourishment of our own inner attention that we need to be a part of this love revolution at a much deeper level we need to take a stand and we Need to start living all For love and if you are ready willing and able to take a stand that’s all for love Please join me and rise to your feet like I am right now Or. I got chills with this and Thank you all for taking a stand for all for love and we anchor the all for love Movement through the following words I am the light the light I am I am the light the light I am I Am the light the light I am I Am the light the light I am I Am the light the light I am I Am the light the light I am I’m the light the light I am I am the light the light I am And for those who star for attention wait for the outside approval keep spiraling in the history of the rung conditioning wait to be rescued and just don’t know how brightly they shine to all of those beings we uplift and transform by putting our hands on our hearts and saying to all of Existence through the oneness of our self. I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I Love you. I love you I love you I love you I Love you I love you I Love you. I love you. I love you I love you. I love you It’s hard to keep track of problems when you’re too busy being a part of the solution and as of this moment That’s the best problem that you and everyone else here will now have and I thank you for your Participation in this offer love movement. I love you You You

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    I feel after listening to majority of your teachings over the years, that practical wisdom is very diluted in the mental realm…, there's too much words involved so if we have come here on Earth to ground and anchor more of positive experiences, it will make more sense to feel more, instead of funnelling the feelings trough the mind ‘box’ and working through mental affirmations. Would the audience truly care ab their authenticity when they repeat something they’ve been told to, how does this feel creative? To me, it feels like accepting someone else’s ideas as if it is you 100%, by having trust in something 'higher' than you as if you are not capable to be that 'higher' being. And yes, if we are all one, and the ego is not in control, it shouldn't matter but it does – because everyone is supposed to express their individual divine aspects into this human experience. It be-comes authentic only when you experience it for yourself inside out. When your mind is free of any kind of ‘teachings’, then you can be fully authentic.

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