The 15 Best Justice League Easter Eggs You Missed! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

– [Jessica] We’ve got
the 15 best Easter eggs you might have missed in
the Justice League movie. Last week, Warner Bros.
released the DCEU’s first big superhero team
up movie, Justice League. Sorry Suicide Squad, you are
more villains than heroes. – What? – And like most superhero movies, JL has more Easter eggs than you can shake a digitally removed mustache at. So, we’re cracking open the 15 best Easter eggs that you might have missed. Of course, since we are
talking about Easter eggs, that means we need to
warn you about spoilers, so consider this your spoiler warning. – My man. – First up, fans of
the 1978 Superman movie might recognize one of the security guards that Barry “The Flash” Allen meets when he visits his dad in prison. That security guard is
played by none other than Marc McClure, who also played the role of Superman’s pal Jimmy
Olsen in the 1978 film. Another nod to the 1978
Superman film comes in the form of the original
John Williams music theme, which can be heard in Justice League. When a recently resurrected
Superman fights the rest of the League at his memorial statue, a darker version of the iconic super-theme plays in the background. The original John Williams
Superman theme isn’t the only soundtrack Easter egg in Justice League. When Joss Whedon filled into
for Zack Snyder on re-shoots, he brought in the composer for the Tim Burton 1989 Batman
movie, Danny Elfman. Since Elfman wrote the iconic Batman theme heard in the 1989 movie, he figured, “Why not copy and paste that
into the Justice League?” Which is why we heard it at various times throughout the film. Danny Elfman’s theme
wasn’t the only reference to the Tim Burton Batman
universe in Justice League. When Alfred and Bruce Wayne are on Bruce Wayne’s private jet, Alfred mentions the good old days when they only had to worry about exploding wind-up penguins. Now Alfred is, of course, talking about Batman’s long-time
rival, The Penguin. But exploding penguins
were also a big part of Tim Burton’s 1992 film, Batman Returns. The Easter eggs in Justice League weren’t only relegated to
referencing old movies. At the end of Justice
League, when Bruce Wayne is walking through Wayne Manor
he requests they renovate it and include a big round
table with six chairs. A big round table with six chairs? You know that sounds a whole
lot like the Hall of Justice from the 1973 Super Friends cartoon. Now this isn’t a guarantee that the Super Friends are
now canon in the DCEU, but our fingers are so, so crossed. Because that would be dope. But who could help fill
out some of those seats? Well in the ancient battle
against the new god, Steppenwolf, with the Amazons and the Atlantians, not only do we see a Green
Lantern joining the fray, but we catch sight of some
of the old gods as well. Specifically Zeus and Hercules, who have frequently made appearances in the Wonder Woman comic books. As for that Lantern, he died in battle, and we saw that ring fly off, presumably to find a new
protector for Sector 2814. Now the film also gave comic fans a lot of sly references to
sink their teeth into. In the scene at the start of the movie where Batman fights a parademon, we can see a sign for Janus Cosmetics. The same Janus Cosmetics owned
by Batman villain Black Mask, who debuted in Batman 386. Will the next Batman movie feature more of the Gotham underworld, or was this just a throwaway
reference for hardcore fans? Either way, details like this do a great job of fleshing out the DCEU. Now another nod to the comics came when the Bat Signal lights up Gotham sky, and the sign for Ace Chemicals can clearly be seen on the Gotham skyline. Comic readers may know Ace Chemicals as the chemical
manufacturer where the Joker and Harley Quinn transformed
into their crazy alter egos. Ace Chemicals first appeared
in Detective Comics 168, and with Harley’s chemical mishap making an appearance in 2016’s Suicide Squad, we assume the inclusion
of Ace Chemicals here is not a coincidence. In another blink and
you’ll miss it reference, when Bruce Wayne meets
Barry Allen in Barry’s lair, The Flash mentions that he can speak in gorilla sign language. Now we all know one of Flash’s main rivals in the comics is the super
intelligent ape, Gorilla Grodd, established in Flash 106. So this could hint at the
inclusion of Grodd in the DCEU. And in that same scene
there is a diagnostic on screen outlining Barry’s
suit’s resistance to cold, so it looks like he’s already ready to go up against long-time
nemesis, Captain Cold. Another Easter egg for
comic fans can be found in the scene where
Commissioner Gordon talks to a detective about all of the
alien sightings around town. That detective is Crispus Allen. Introduced in Detective Comics 742, Crispus is a huge part of
the Gotham Central series, which if you haven’t read
it, you’re missing out. And we talked about this last week, but let’s not forget
the post-credit scenes. The first is reference
to Flash and Superman racing in the comics,
which usually results in either a tie or The Flash winning. (sighs) I take umbrage to that. We can discuss that in a
separate thread, maybe. (dramatic music) And the second with Lex
Luthor is a reference to one of the many teams that form as the antithesis to the Justice League, be it the Legion of
Doom, Injustice League, or the Secret Society of Super Villains. Finally, one of the coolest Easter eggs was right in front of our face. The Justice League movie was released in North America on November 17th. Now fans of the Death and
Return of Superman comic art might remember that that
series was released on, and you guessed it, November 17th, 1992. So Justice League, which features elements from the Death and
Return of Superman story, came out on the same day as
the comic that inspired it. And I think, while small,
that is pretty cool. But what do you think? What was your favorite Easter
egg from Justice League? What do these Easter
eggs mean for the DCEU? Are we actually going
to get a Super Friends movie in the near future? Let’s discuss. (electronic music)

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  1. erbgorre says:

    jess' pronounciation of penguin seems to have been heavily influenced by one benedict cumberbatch ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Devin Jones says:

    There was a Justice League movie…?

  3. Android Elements says:

    I don't like dceu that much as i loved to watch animated series
    Everybody knows who is batman
    Every justice league member knows about him ,even Lois lane knows bruce Wayne is batman ,lex Luthor knows about him
    Louis & Luthor shouldn't had to know about him its my opinion

  4. evil eros says:

    Cyborg saying "Booyaa!"

  5. VoiD says:

    Easter Egg… TITANIC and Justice league has one thing in common… Critics HAHAHA

  6. Spyros Kyritsis says:

    3:51 rick and morty casually playing in the backround

  7. Sam Bowmer says:

    Avengers Age of Ultron: watching heroes battle dozens of CG goons sucks

    Justice League: let's do that but in an ugly red storm

  8. Wyatt Foth says:

    Jess didnt point it out but Allen is also one of the host of the spectre

  9. Muรฑeca Dolly says:

    Didn't The Flash draw Harry Potter glasses on the guy's face? He played Clerence in Fantastic Beasts.

  10. the Swan says:

    How is a round table with 6 chairs a reference to Super Friends and not Justice League? That's a square looking round table btw.

  11. ApexSmoke X says:

    Jessica is hot!

  12. Joseph Bapeck says:

    I'm surprised they missed that the JL animated series debuted on 17th Novemeber 2001. Thought they would definetely reference it when they noted death of Superman release date.

  13. Hakuna Matata says:

    Me having bad thoughts when a hottie say "mash that little bell"!? NEVER ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ”ฅ…

  14. mcarlin molin says:

    Can you see it "when barry meet bruce in there ther is one of the rick and morty episode of the stana selling i think"

  15. Italo nassau says:

    Do you know what is said about a woman who changes her hairstyle? I am not saying what is going to be separated … but extramarital sex usually reaffirms a couple. Can be, maybe. ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ‘Œ

  16. Lucas Maciel says:

    Best easter egg : do you bleed?

  17. gasgasLex says:

    special effects were only B grade at times. Generic disposable enemies, Omnipotent God like bad guys ………..again…. Could have been a lot better… Star Wars can't get here soon enough… Snyder needs to go…

  18. Mr. Snrub says:

    Welcome back Jess we love you!!

  19. Khalil S. says:

    ALSO, the Justice League series premiered ON Nov. 17

  20. Nate Shanks says:

    This is the first DCEU movie that I disagree with the critics' RT score (40%). Yes the movie has problems, but has more good stuffs that outweigh the bad. The movie should be 60%

  21. Pedro Paulo Bianconi says:

    What about Darkseid?

  22. phil verhey says:

    Mr Sunday Movies did it better

  23. Magnus Karlsson says:

    You missed one…


  24. Timo Alho says:

    Danny Elfman also used some bits ofย Hans Zimmer's Man of Steel theme and Rupert Gregson-Williams' Wonder Woman (love?)theme.

  25. Shawn-Ray Mulder says:

    Flash SHOULD be way faster period. For one, Barry IS the speed force since it was created by him the moment he acquired his powers and, sorry, but Superman can't access the speed force let alone outrun it… and Wally was already established as being faster than Barry, but had subconscious blocks in the way because he had issues about that fact that he eventually overcame… but to be honest it's been years since I've collected comics so I have no idea what the hell they are doing with Wally anymore or even if Barry creating the speed force is still canon because DC can't stop fucking around with their timeline.

  26. Paige Hill says:

    another easter egg was in the beginning when Batman held the robber over the ledge just like he did in Michael Keaton's Batman opening. LOVED THE MOVIE SO MUCH!

  27. Da Demon Monkey says:

    So are we going to ignore the green lantern that died looks a hell of a lot like kalebek, Hal Jordan's friend in the GL Corp. also WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO BE THE 7TH MEMBER. ARROW, SHAZAM, LANTURN(Stuart or Rainier),BOOSTER GOLD

  28. Bill H says:

    Wasn't Marc McClure a police officer at the Statue of Superman during the Superman revival scene, not a guard at the prison where Barry visits his dad?

  29. kyle albert says:

    I follow three separate channels on comic fanboy type material and they all say the same stuff. Most of the time they are word for word the same. Do you receive scripts on what to say and when from the production studios?

  30. Joey de Koning says:

    3:33 Rick&Morty

  31. Sean says:

    Sorry, I'm a superman fan, but flash is faster….

  32. Tall Apple Energy Drink says:

    Wonder woman has one of the tightest butts I've ever seen

  33. sidneyraz says:

    Can anyone explain to me why people laughed when Barry mentioned the pet cemetery?

  34. MrMoustacheNinja says:

    These Easter eggs are great! Thanks for this video! Also I loved Justice League! Can't wait for the next movie in the DCEU!! ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

  35. G Montezuma says:

    Justice League was FUN! I donโ€™t get all the hate, and I certainly donโ€™t see how it scored 37% on Rotten Tomatoes while Guardians 2 got an 82%.

  36. David Stewart says:

    did they just miss the Rick and morty episode playing in the background of the Flash and Batmans first meeting ? 3:35

  37. sr7olsniper says:

    Anyone claiming that this is not as good as marvel, let me tell you something. JL was WAY better than both avengers movies combined. Those are the only ones you can compare them to as they are ensemble movies. Guardians of the galaxy not so much as they are a team first and foremost, while Avengers and JL is a gathering of Individual heroes. Was the movie perfect? No, not by any stretch of the imagination, but it was good enough that it left me wanting to watch again back to back. To put it in perspective, after avengers 2 I wanted my money back.

  38. Kristopher with a K Michaels says:

    If it does not make the money I don't think their will be anymore JL movies.

  39. Quillz06 says:

    They did a nice little call back to Prince by honoring his death alongside Superman in a news paper headline. Prince was originally under contract with WB and of course made a hit song for the original Tim Burton Batman movie.

  40. Kristopher J.S. Lee says:

    The Flash beat Superman in a race.

  41. John Cox says:

    I enjoyed JL, but Batman was…almost boring. On the plus side, I got a couple of Christopher Reeves vibes from Superman, which makes me happy and is what he needs :), and Alfred was at his best!

    I don't know if this is Zack Snyder's vision, but this Batman is just not very interesting (to me). Between being a brawler instead of a ninja, a strategist instead of a detective, and putting together a team instead of working alone, I don't recognize this guy.

    Luthor would definitely try to put a group together though if he thought that he could control them. He's willing to put aside his xenophobia in order to further his own goals, which would include protecting his home planet from a very hostile 'god' alien. I could imagine him pulling together the members of the JL to save the planet only to have them decide to go their own way and resurrect Superman and promote Justice instead of Lex's plans. Then he could go to plan B, disenfranchised with "heros".

  42. Jonath2814 says:

    You guys missed the โ€œBoo yaโ€ Easter egg from Cyborg, and the hint at his new look at the end

  43. Leo Varghese says:

    3:52 there's Rick and Morty playing on his TV wtf!!!

  44. Mr Born says:

    What was the name of Russian village Steppenwolf sets up in? Sounded like "Bizarnov", which might imply a Bizarro storyline for Superman. He certainly didn't seem all there when he woke up.

  45. aman yadav says:

    Why is no one talking about rick and morty playing in one of the screens in the batman flash scene

  46. Solomon Sims says:

    Jessica so sexy ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ Damm bae

  47. Mikey Wallen says:

    In the scene where Wonder woman is helping Batman after he was hurt, in the background there is what appears to be a Long Eared Batman costume. I haven't heard anyone mention it yet

  48. Steverino says:

    Wendy and Marvin in JL-2!!

  49. Justin Lee says:

    Not one mention about the possible Cat Woman appearance at the end…

  50. Josue Velasco says:

    Who's faster, the flash or superman?

  51. William Wood says:

    I liked how Flash's theme in this movie is similar to his Arrowverse theme

  52. Grant Burleigh says:

    Did anyone else see that the fake name Cyborg gives Barry when they're sneaking into the compound with the Kryptonian ship was "Ron Weasley"? Could be wrong but I was pretty sure that was the name that flashed across the screen before the guard lets them in

  53. RAAM Z07 says:

    Another Easter egg: the OG Justice League animated series debuted 16 years ago, on November 17th, 2001. Now, somebody put in the JL Unlimited theme in a DC movie and go nuts already!

  54. Bernie 10 says:

    Is Jessica being driven insane by her work? How seriously does she actually take it? Because sometimes her facetious tone gets very heavy.

  55. edzel polenio says:

    The avengers rif off was good

  56. Derek Wheeler says:

    Crispus Allen was also the third host to Spectre. After Jim Corrigan and Hal Jordan Crispus Allen was the third host Pre-52

  57. Jason Williams says:

    The black hoodie goon from the begining had a sorta batman logo that said "the horde" which is a reference to Batman's wayward followers from The Dark Knight Returns series.

  58. Lilith Calbridge says:

    Does the presence of Crispus Allen also mean that The Spectre is part of this universe?

  59. Equos says:

    Jessica looks stunning

  60. R Y says:

    This video was good but not perfect bc of chobot

  61. ken ezzell says:

    Looks like jessica is embracing her cougar future

  62. francis short jr says:

    Diana Prince did mention a pilot that love to fly his new plane.Hal Jordan?

  63. Robert Neal says:

    6 chairs around a round table equals 8 chairs around a square one?

  64. Nicky Smart says:

    JL was awesome and the Lantern moment was great.

  65. Natsu Dragneel says:

    But how she knows that?? She looks like a poser!

  66. Robert Walter Karpinski says:

    Who else noticed the janitors I'd tag in star labs it had a picture of an old grey haired guy then next scene it was his actual picture it's been bothering me and I want to know what it was

  67. King Ekdar says:

    i think i noticed a small Easter egg is when the guard was checking on lex in the post scene the fake lex was laughing hysterically so i think lex has already teamed with the joker

  68. Kevin Clay says:

    If I could take a shot ever time someone bring up the Superman CGI mustache

  69. Raony Bronzatto G. Fernandes says:

    When Barry visit his father in prison, the prison guard who talks first with him uses an app to warn Batman. In the app we can see that he taps on a red phone to call Bats. That's an easter egg from the 1966's TV show which feature a physical red phone that Jim Gordon uses to call when he needs Batman and Robin to come and help.

  70. m I o . o I m says:

    that's eight chairs, Jess bro!

  71. ebandru nesku says:

    there are no spoilers cuz this movie is BULLSHIT. Only CGI

  72. ebandru nesku says:

    2:07 – there are 8 chairs there, not 6… ploz l2math

  73. Febry Maulana says:

    Even if Superman is faster than Flash… Flash is still the fastest man alive, since well, Superman is an alien…

  74. Hakim Givens says:

    Adding to that last one, November 17, 2001 is also when the JL Animated series debuted ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. Mikeyy Griffin says:

    November 17th is also when the JL animated series came out

  76. Jon Belmont says:

    As Flash once says: "Those were for charity, Clark" ^^

  77. Dylan Southern says:

    Came into the movie with fairly low expectations but was blown away literally everything I wanted to see happen happened awesome movie

  78. Kลji Kabuto says:


  79. Chaosnaut says:

    I am so happy that the movie wasn't darker than it was.

  80. Abe Lincoln says:

    You seem like a cool girl ๐Ÿค˜

  81. Pim Peccable says:

    I'd be up for SuperFriends so long as Marvin is not executed as a Rogue CIA agent while Wendy watches.

  82. Kevin Smith says:

    I would love to see a DCEU version of Samurai, El Dorado, or Apache Chief.

  83. Tw1xDotUnderscore says:

    I don't know if anyone has noticed it, but at 3:34 Barry has Rick and Morty Episode 109 playing on one of the monitors. Rick and Summer are kicking the devils ass

  84. robby trammell says:

    Did anyone else notice that when Barry's dad is being taken away by the guard it sounds like he says "don't be gay" all of my friends heard this too, does anyone know what was actually said

  85. Eddie Raccioppi says:


  86. Eddie Raccioppi says:

    That said, I did like the movie but shouldn't have to put up with awful cgi bullshit mustache for a 300 mil blockbuster. that's just
    common sense.

  87. Daniel Dรญaz says:

    I'm sure when they go to the ship and cyborg hack the system, the name showing has the last name West

  88. Xhumed says:

    "Those were for charity, Clark."

  89. ffernandez16 says:

    One thing that cought my eye was when the gaurd call batman about berry comming to see his dad the icon on the cellphone was a red phone like the adem west batman phone when the mayor would call batman

  90. darkecofreak23 says:

    The Flash is not left-handed, Jess.

  91. Saladdin Yudono says:

    i like you, lady

  92. toonedin says:

    When Warner has all it's properties under it's own control unlike Marvel, why won't they include all their characters?

    I remained underwhelmed by this JL movie, personally.

  93. David Edgar says:

    Superman has his original color uniform, much better than the darker one.

  94. rsp 123 says:

    a true DC fan would have known all these hints the first time they seen the movie . nice video though

  95. dupersuper1938 says:

    The big round table is more of a Morrison JLA thing, the Superfriends had a square metal table thingee.

  96. Movie mason studios says:

    what about when Steppenwolf said dark side that was a very obvious Easter egg

  97. Hernan Ortiz Jr says:

    i mean SuperMan is Faster than a locomotive ,faster than speeding bullet

  98. Brandon Entsminger says:

    Cari Dee won't let me see the movie, but makes me watch spoilers.

  99. Limbo Gene says:

    Barry apparently likes Rick and Morty 3:35, seen in the background monitor… I didn't even notice that the first time… ๐Ÿ™

  100. Doodlebugdude says:

    Some of these "Easter Eggs," are just part of the world that many of the characters inhabit.

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