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If you represent yourself in court, you’ll be
expected to follow the same rules that lawyers must follow so it’s important for you to know about
them. The rules that deal with the way cases go through the civil trial courts are called the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure. It’s important for you to read the rules
and be familiar with them. You can find the rules by clicking on the Texas Rules of Civil
Procedure button next to this video. If you are representing yourself in court,
you should also study the Texas Rules of Evidence. These rules deal with how to present evidence
in a trial and whether the evidence can be admitted. When the evidence is admitted that means the court has decided to let the evidence be used. You can find the rules by clicking on
the Texas Rules of Evidence button next to this video. Some courts have special local rules. Check to see if the court where your
case is filed has local rules. If the court or county has a website you may be able to find the local rules
there. Otherwise you will need to call the
court clerk to obtain a copy. The Rules of Civil Procedure and the
Rules of Evidence are complicated. Lawyers have years of training on how
to use them. So if there’s a lawyer on the other
side of your case, it’s a good idea to talk to a lawyer yourself. The next video will talk about how to
get ready for court.

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