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  1. PrideX says:

    Who else is a true fan of Dr Phil??

    👇🏻ɪᴍ ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴍʏ ɴᴇxᴛ 69 łøÿáł sᴜʙs🎁💞

  2. Menzi Mashigo says:


  3. Alexander Nygaard says:

    want to live in your spleen

  4. RaptorViper Z16 says:

    Who likes Dr Phil?

  5. Aarushi Ramanan says:

    Who else waits for his upload

  6. Bluntly Blondie says:

    Who else can’t wait for the next series with a AIU because of this? Phil, I believe you are wrong on this.

  7. tiaan klopper says:

    Send him to the ranch

  8. Nichole Mobley says:

    Look at God!!!

  9. Alexandra Reichert says:

    If Dr Phil hadn’t gotten involved I 100% think Rodney would have been executed, thank you Dr Phil for the publicity and attention brought to this case

  10. Onewolf101 says:

    🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 big blessed for another chance to prove himself

  11. Steph anie says:

    Dr Phil been on one lately 🤝👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  12. Irabo Constance says:

    God bless you Dr Phil

  13. Danny Richie says:

    Wow, powerful stuff

  14. zach hunter says:

    Imagine he really did it

  15. Ganymedes Cupz says:

    So many men who get involved in the wrong crowd and go to jail for yrs and the cops just put all the blame on one person.

  16. joshua caudill says:

    How wonderful.

  17. Schmuel Schperling says:

    Isn't there DNA evidence against him?

  18. Stephen Siegel says:

    Nobody seems to care about the beautiful murdered woman smfh.

  19. The Queen Of Pop says:

    Signed the petition as soon as I heard. I had no idea they were going to execute him.

  20. Pella Pheradona says:

    Yesss finally hope he is a free man soon😊😁

  21. Stephen Siegel says:

    Shut up Amanda. You're guilty!

  22. John Doe says:

    Dr. Phil I really believe you are wrong here. There are parts of the case that do not make sense otherwise and quite frankly were not really touched on in your videos on this case. For example ignoring the fact that if a woman was having an affair with a man she probably.would have showered before going back to her fiance, they also found saliva on her chest which could not have been preserved on her chest from days earlier as he is claiming. Also the fact that he was not prosecuted or acquitted for certain crimes does not mean he is not guilty, how would his sperm be found inside a 12 year old girl who he's had no sexual contact with? And why do all of his victims claim similar or identical abuse was inflicted upon them by this man?

  23. GABRIELLE LYN says:

    This is such a shame. No one and I mean no one, no matter what color, what religion, what sexuality you are, what gender, how rich you are, how poor you are, your previous criminal history, your beliefs in any way shape or form should never ever be the reason that an INNOCENT person gets put behind bars!! And for YEARS at that. No matter what you do after they are released that person will never ever be the same. Just like the Rodney reed case this is just heartbreaking. Ruining people’s lives. It’s just a shame.

  24. David DeVito says:

    Look into his other charges/victims. He’s no saint.

  25. cristaal says:

    Thankyou Dr Phil for pushing for the delay in this execution with the help of everyone who signed the petition 🙏 humanity ain’t ever looked so good rn

  26. Brooke Young says:

    I hope he sues the pants off them.

  27. christi crenshaw says:

    Like i said before. I think the cop is guilty of this whole thing and he is making sure Rodney takes the heat for it. Revenge!

  28. christi crenshaw says:

    Gee another cop story. Do i need to say more.

  29. Flor Berlinski says:

    Dr Phil please help save Rodney 🙏🙏🙏

  30. Amelia Bowerman says:

    If he didn't murder someone then there's still someone who did?
    I hope they free him

  31. Keila Fleischbein says:

    The US government just wants to murder citizens. Thats why police get paid vacations, bonuses, and lifetime pensions as a reward whenever they kill innocent citizens like Daniel Shaver.

    A cop can walk into a man's house while he is eating ice cream, and murder him, yet they get only 10 years in jail. Meanwhile, citizens are assumed guilty and forced to prove their innocence or else be murdered themselves.

    We live in a police state. Orwell tried to warn us. It is not too late, but we must unite and act soon. Rise up! Overthrow these beaurocratic murderers and bad laws! Stand up to the tyranny of the US prison system, which possesses the largest prison population in the world per citizen.

  32. Amber Nicole Massey says:

    I signed and most of my family signed. I hope he gets out.

  33. Samsng Device says:

    The court system

  34. Aarick says:

    1 thing on my bucket list is to meet dr.phill

  35. Lakita Washington says:

    For the people that sit in sayings he's guilty people need to just let this go and we forgot about the victim. Well first golf the evidence of the case have been broken down so much and there's holes in the prosecution's story all the way around. Second if the evidence doesn't fully add up to show that he is guilty taking this man's life away by having him behind bars is an injustice but then putting the death penalty on the table it's just that pitiful because no matter what evidence they have in front of them showing that this man did not do this they are still willing to keep them caged up. Every expert that was involved on that case said they all believed that the fiance did it because shortly after this young lady was killed the fiance did more time for raping another woman then he also got in trouble for beating another woman. The proofs right there that's not that difficult

  36. Emily Tyner says:

    So they’re gonna believe an inmate that says he stated he had to kill someone but they don’t wanna do nothing or believe any inmate when they accuse them of a police officer that works in the prison abusing them or such …

  37. Holly Siehl says:

    Wow this is amazing!!! Dr Phil you are so incredible to get involved so this innocent man can be set free!!! Prayers for everyone involved!!!

  38. MrSuperchargeron says:

    Dr Phil, Thank you for all you do!!

  39. Athena124 says:

    Doctor Phil please look into Daniel Holtzclaw case!

  40. Terra white says:


  41. Jean Clayton says:

    Dr. Phil thank you so much for saving this Man’s life I pray to God this man is set free. If it weren’t for you getting involved we all couldn’t of helped God Bless you and everyone that has stopped this innocent man of being killed.

  42. bobo fattt says:

    If dr phil even has your back and cant get you off death row… you might be an African American man. God rest this poor mans soul

  43. SurrealGlow says:

    Atheism is unstoppable's youtube channel has a couple of videos about it. This guy is so guilty

  44. J T says:

    Now free Steven Avery. Now.

  45. X says:

    Dr.Phil should run for President

  46. Blood money says:

    He was jail for so long the illuminati helping him survive.

  47. Stacey Brownlee -SDAT- says:


  48. Toni Hotep says:

    George Stinney Jr All over again.

  49. skankhunt42 says:

    he did it

  50. adrianvrobles says:

    God bless this guy🙏❤️

  51. Lorena Q Rodriguez says:


  52. Every Word Is A Made-Up Word says:

    Harness the power of the media to brainwash the masses into supporting child rapist, serial rapist and murderer Rodney Reed

  53. Miss Lucid Dreams says:

    I hope Dr Phil is able to save this man…

  54. Rosa Frederiksen says:

    Free Rodney Reed!

  55. Mac Ton says:

    You're a disgusting person. Anyone with half a brain knows he is guilty. Shame on all of you.

  56. Mariska Pretorius says:

    I soooo hope I am wrong in saying I still think he's guilty!

  57. Nompumelelo Mtotoba says:

    Look at God🙌🙌🙌😭!!!!

  58. Lets get to 1mill without vids J says:

    This is why America's death penalty is retarded wrong and inhumane I'm glad to live in the UK no death penalty.

  59. Katy Goerss says:

    If anybody can secure his freedom, it’s Dr. Phil.

  60. Shay Johnson says:

    If that dirty cop admitted Rodney didn't kill him why he still locked up

  61. shonny j says:

    God please watch over this man because they will try to kill him…. 😩😩😩

  62. L D.J says:


  63. Jonathan Cook says:

    The Cop may have killed the Lady. What was the Lady's Post-Mortem Toxicology Report? This is Fair for the people to know, because after 4 weeks of hearing this situation, that Fact has yet to be Told. The Cop could See the Situation as, his Fiancee was providing his Money to a Drug Dealer for How Long? And his Job was Locking the People Up that his Fiancee was responsible for putting them in that situation for how long? Mix the Betraying of words by Actions, and it is a loose loose roundabout. The Cop realized She caused people to be in jail with his resources.. resulting in how many Deaths because of "Her Games" and Addictions, that made the whole situation to begin with? Making nothing more than people Turning on Each Other to take the Blame off of The One Person Responsible for Causing the Divide and Whole Problem to Begin With. So… this Lady wouldn't be the First Doped Up Cop Relationship that Played People… Obviously. And if a Tox-Screen needs to Be Done.. Dig her up.

  64. CCH Delirium says:

    Awesome job Dr Phil for giving this a platform.

  65. Marchelle says:

    Man if she don’t get outta here that man is innocent !

  66. Marchelle says:

    Mannn these racist whites on here man…

  67. Marchelle says:

    Amanda did her crime period !

  68. Maryelizabeth Bowman says:

    Indefinite is an important first step

  69. rachael wyld stacey says:

    The indefinite stay of execution is awesome and the new trial is very much deserved!!! I hope Jimmy is shaking in his boots!!!

  70. FREAKSHOW says:

    Thank god!

  71. Long Live X 17 says:

    this gonna be a Netflix documentary

  72. Mallory Johnson says:

    Are you all serious? You think he's innocent? Do some research outside of Dr. Phil. He's raped and killed so many other women. This is a joke. I love Dr. Phil, but this is ridiculous.

  73. #1 tricycle mechanic says:

    Imagine if kavanaugh had this much evidence against him lol

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