System Perimeter: Judgement Day machine or the dead hand of Moscow [english subtitles]

It was called “Judgement Day machine” or the dead hand of Moscow. It was supposed to take revenge on the USA in case the latter had attacked the USSR and destroyed all the military and political nation`s leadership by the first nuclear attack. The machine was to take revenge automatically without command of a human. The Americans haven`t known anything about the dead hand of Moscow for a long time. Moreover they thought that it wasn`t possible to create such a system. The first data on the Russian Apocalypse machine was revealed in the 90s only, and quite recently the book named “The Doomsday Men” has been published. “One of the most terrible inventions of the Cold War was designed to completely destroy life on the earth comitting global harakiri. After it had been applied there wouldn`t have been winners, losers or passive observers.” Piter Smith – “The Doomsday Men” It all started with the fact that the Pentagon strategists has passed a new doctrine of attack against the USSR. In case of war it was decided to destroy all command centres and political leadership of the Soviet Union with one massive nuclear attack literally within few minutes, that is before leadership gives an order for retaliation. The response was that is in fact called Perimeter. As the first attack would put out of order the command centres — i.e. launch control centres, then some back-up element was necessary so that command would be brought to the remaining ballistic missiles and even to the missiles, which took off and lost their targets. This is what the Perimeter was created for. Perimeter is a huge and sophisticated system: thousands of special detectors and sensonrs are scattered throughout the whole country from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. They measure the temperature of air and ground, strength level earthquake, acoustic overhead, atmosphere pressure, raditation level, the integrity of communication lines and several other dozens of indicators. Every minute system reads and analyses them. If parameters vary from standard, computer comes to a conslusion that the territory which is under its control was attacked and then nothing will stop it. All the biggest cities, missile pits, command centres, communication lines are destroyed, it feels like it`s time to celebrate the victory, but 2-3 hours later missile pits undetected by american satellites open unexpectedly in Siberia, marshes of Russia`s midland, heaths of Orenburg region. 200 missiles take off from these pits and turn the USA and other our enemies into cinder and memory. Experts say that 200 missiles is the worst case, when all the strategic power of the country is crashed by the first nuclear attack of the rival. In general Perimeter system controls all the nuclear warheads, and there are thousands of them: in nuclear powered submarines, strategic bombers, special trains and mobile facilities. All of them are logged on to the Perimeter and all of them can be sent a command for a launch at a time, even when all the communication lines are destroyed. For this purpose one command missile is launched which flying over the planet sends a signal to missile launchers that it`s time to work. In case of the the real nuclear crisis the missile launched by the radio command would take off from the military bases in Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Launch from each base would be carried out without involevement of stationary troops. Battle commanders will not be related to the launch either, even mobile missiles will be automatically launched after radio command. Piter Smith – “The Doomsday Men” However Soviet leadership was not going to die. Many military experts believe that in preparation for the end of the world a very robust shelter was built for the country`s leadership also for the purposes of Perimeter. This is a highly secured system called “Grot” (“Cavern”) — this is a huge underground city in the mountains of the Southern Urals, the city in which several thousand people can survive any nuclear winter. Alexandr Koval is one of those who started building this covert facility at the end of 70s, but he wasn`t told what exactly he was building, he could only guess together with his fellow workers. In fact it is a sensitive command centre which is designed to accomodate 3000 people and to withstand 30 years. And even ideas went so far that there would be an imitation of Kremlin in the mountain. Either this was mentioned in a figurative sense for the government, or it was said in a literal sense that there would be an imitation. So many years have passed, that I would take a look myself what is there. Then in 1979 Alexandr Koval and his fellow workers gave a written undertaking, that during 25 years they wouldn`t discuss the things that they saw in the mountains of the Southern Urals. 25 years passed, but still nobody can say what is this covert facility. Moreover there are no signs of activity there, and on the contrary there are military patrols there, although some people make it to the top of the mountain. When we were there last year, everything looked lifeless, I mean that part which is close to the mountain. One could only hear the dogs bark and that`s it. There were no movement, no people, no cars around, and previously, about 5 years ago, you could see cars going down the road to the mountain. And all in all you could see that there was activity there, and now everything looks lifeless. Alexandr and his friends try to keep their faces concealed after “excursion” to the outskirts of the underground city. They say that the facility is guarded by the military, although it is not so obvious. However many people link the absence of the increased security to the fact that the building of the shelter was finished long time ago, and its lifelessness is some kind of disguise, and that`s easy to believe in. According to experts` opinion architectors of this city are very ingenious. One of the weak elements of every system, even highly secured one, is its aerials located outside, and since there are big reserves of iron ore and other kinds of ore there, they found such a solution that they used these ores as a quite powerful aerial. It is not possible to destroy it — the structure of the ore remains unchanged. That`s a solution they found. The huge city in the mountain protected by several layers of granitic bedrock can easily sustain several direct nuclear attacks, and the underground sources of water will be enough for 300 years. However it is an assumption of the military experts, who don`t like to discuss such matters in front of the video camera. It is hard to understand now what exactly this underground city in the Southern Urals is and whether Perimeter is still battle-ready, but however it is better that no one ever finds this out.

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  1. Ben Schmidt says:

    the nuclear trains do exist. Knew it.

  2. Counter View says:

    Long live Russian and Vladimir Putin.Please,keep the DEADHAND fully active and highly operational.The blood sucking imperialist with its NATO allies are committed to squeezing/choking mother Russia to her death.Their actions and hostility towards Russia can attest to this reality.

  3. dwarfer777 says:

    if china wants to destroy america it just needs to attak russia and let the USSR destroy usa

  4. Mammouth Lafouinne says:

    Scary but necessary I believe.

  5. Pierre LeDouche says:

    Such a complete load of hysterical crap this video is. The purpose of the so-called Dead Hand (name taken from an American movie) or so-called Judgement Day system (name also plagiarized from another American movie) was to steady the nerves of Soviet strategic strike personnel and keep the peace, not to ensure the Great Patriotic Destruction on the West. Apparently, the Soviet command and control over their strategic nuclear forces was never as firm or extensive as those in NATO countries, and their ability to detect missile launches from the west was also somewhat lacking in efficacy. Meaning there was a chance some over-excited missile sub commander or rocketry officer might receive bad data and intelligence being delivered to him, or misread it, and decide to fire off his arsenal rather than have it destroyed in its silos before he could launch. With this auto-launch backup, they could be assured that regardless of whether they got their missiles in the air on time, a devastating retaliatory strike against the West would be assured even if there were few commanders left to execute it. It was intended to reassure the USSR's own nuclear forces people, and presumably it worked. Had such a system been in place during the near-launch that Hero of the World Vasili Arkhipov barely averted during the Cuban crisis, perhaps his own subordinates wouldn't have been so panicky and ready to uncork a nuclear engagement-breaker torpedo against the US fleet due to mistakenly believing themselves to be in genuine danger.

    This USSR "dead-hand" system was a good thing, for both the Soviet bloc and the rest of the world, and we all should be thankful for it. Perhaps it was this system alone which prevented the USSR from launching during their 1983 fuckup precipitated by their primitive satellites and launch detection systems. Regardless, the people who brought this system into being should be given the Nobel Prize for Peace, and have bronze statues of themselves installed in the UN, right next to the one of Vasili Arkhipov that should also be there. Hear this, coming from a patriotic and even nationalistic American: it's amazing to think that at the times we stood closest to the brink of devastating war, it was remarkable Soviet men and skillful planning which likely prevented the unthinkable from happening, not any whiz-bang technology from the USA. I for one thank them, those Soviets and Russians, I thank them all. I have had a picture of Arkhipov hanging on the wall of my office for years. And I enjoy explaining to people who ask about it, that it's a picture of the most important man they've never heard of, the most important man in the world in the 20th century. Surely if he had not had the backbone to stand up to his panicking subordinates, right at that very moment, four Soviet submarines would have launched four nuclear engagement-breakers; a large part of the US fleet in the Caribbean would have disappeared in fire, and…well, let's just say things would have turned out quite differently. Not in a good way. Thank you, Mr. Arkhipov, as always. If I were not an atheist I'd send a prayer or two your way. Rest in peace, brother.


    Vasili Arkhipov's bravery eventually killed him. Quite apart from his courageous actions during the Cuban missile crisis, earlier in his carreer he was also an officer on submarine K19. Some Americans might have seen the stupid movie K-19: The Widowmaker, a bucket of tripe right out of a Hollywood studio, with a shitty screenplay, shitty acting, and shitty historical authenticity. Fuck's sake, people–had the movie makers been interested in maintaining any historical accuracy they could have at least chosen a better name for the sub. Widowmaker? Bullshit. Among its crew it was referred to Hiroshima for the very reason that they knew about the poorly-designed and poorly-kept reactor, and knew that every voyage in the sub was a mortal danger. Yet as professional sailors and officers, they obeyed their orders with discipline on a sub that was surely bound to kill them one day. That took some guts. For those unfamiliar with the term: guts = courage. And when the reactor did as expected and failed, every member of the the crew–including Arkhipov–reacted with extroadinary bravery in trying to get the reactor under control and save their brother crewmembers. At least the stupid American movie got that part right. And when Arkhipov died years later, it was from radiological injury (probably cancer) as a result of his service on K-19.

  6. EPA07/10/GHG14/7DD16 EXPERT johnnyboy says:

    I wish Russia would nuke Washington d.c

  7. Stefan Harlacher says:

    Simple: If the US, stays within ist borders, leaves the Russians allone, stop porvocing them , accepting a multipolar wourld , and all would be all right…

  8. SmithN' Wesson says:

    Complete bs. They knew about it in the early 80s and a papper was written on it yet they make claims that "no one thougt it was possible"

  9. Van Tran says:

    Shit. Tell lies

  10. joseph suazo says:

    I wonder what they have today, /gulp living in America is not good after all.

  11. Viljo Vaan says:

    wtf are russians stupid? they know their technology its only a matter of time this thing makes an error and goes off without reason. must be fake propaganda.

  12. Roger Hudson says:

    The logic is correct only if the 'enemy' know about it, not the details just the result.

  13. user unknown says:

    The main point of the "Perimeter" is really to calm down own leadership and give them insurance that retaliation is inevitable and they can even delegate a difficult decision to a system. All within "mutual assured destruction" strategic paradigm. Thanks to such strategy we never arrived to the hot WW3. The fact that it was always kept secret is one of the arguments that "Perimeter" was mainly a deterrent for domestic leadership, not NATO.

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