Supreme Court upholds Trump’s travel ban targeting Muslim-majority nations

The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld President
Trump’s travel ban targeting several Muslim-majority countries. The ruling gives Trump one of the biggest
domestic victories of his presidency thus far. For more on this and other new around the
world we turn to our Ro Aram… Aram…run us through the details. Well Mark… A lower court had ruled that the travel ban
was unconstitutional. But the top court overturned the decision
in a 5 to 4 conservative majority ruling on Tuesday, after a fierce battle among the justices. The opinion, written by Chief Justice John
Roberts, rejects a challenge stating that the travel ban discriminated against Muslims. It also states that Trump was squarely within
the scope of his presidential authority regarding immigration and national security policy. It didn’t take long for President Trump to
hail the ruling. “……a tremendous success, a tremendous
victory for the American people and for our Constitution. This is a great victory for our Constitution….” Justice Sonia Sotomayor read a dissent aloud
in court, which stated that the court failed to uphold the religious liberty guaranteed
by the first amendment. Tuesday’s decision also came as protestors
gathered outside the court building demanding the travel ban be scrapped. “…. I never thought I would stand on the
steps of the Supreme Court and hear the most fundamental pillar of our Constitution freedom
of religion challenged. It is wrong.” The travel ban, which is in its third iteration,
was put in place last December after the Supreme Court put the brakes on rulings from lower
courts in the state of Hawaii and others.

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