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  1. Garrick Groover says:

    What exactly has Obama done for immigration?

  2. D.I.V.E says:

    For all you who have just woken up from the giant marxism brainwashing by the establishment (CNN to mention a few): This is a fully natural thing to do. Every human being in a civilized soceity should be in that soceity LEGALLY.

  3. DonJúan666 999NaùJnod says:

    wow cnn

  4. Wilhelm Gustloff says:

    Like gay marriage, if they wanted the appellate ruling to stand, they wouldn't have granted to review the case.

  5. Dead Jesus says:

    If they can't be bothered to go through the process of becoming a citizen, Why the fuck would we want to give work permits and befits?

  6. Armando7654 says:

    Supreme Court is controlled ENTIRELY by the Left. Each of the justices is PRO immigration. So obviously Obama Hussein himself has delegated the case to the Supreme Court in order to receive a quick rubber stamp from the Court and thereby in his mind bypass the American People, the Congress & the Senate

  7. Arber Gega says:

    Lets see how far America has deteriorated since 1965.

  8. Winston Bachan says:

    GOD said Be Fruitful and Replenish the Land! unless you want Akbar do it for you?

  9. Texas-7111 Freedom and Liberty! says:

    Fuck u, biased supreme court y'all just do what obama what's you do, not to defend the U.S. constitution.

  10. Devdog 52901 says:

    Good! This man doesn't just get to do what he wants, I hope the Supreme Court favors on the side of the law!

  11. RussiaNukesAmerica3 says:

    Is this the same U.S. supreme court that allowed same-sex marriage to squeak through and be legalized in all 50 U.S. states ? They'll fail miserably on this issue as well, and that's bad for America, but it's still good.

  12. Aiden Quinn says:

    here come the bigot comments

  13. r mac says:

    If you're illegal you gotta go back!

  14. Leon Mercs says:


  15. Joe F says:

    When 9 people can over ride not only the will of the majority but also their overwhelming votes on any issue, in my opinion these are nothing but self serving, self important people with too much power and have become the dictators of America.

  16. Jonny Stugotts says:

    5 Zionist "jews" from Israel on this hand picked Supreme ASSHOLES Court! Go do your homework ya whiney hooked nose bastards before you bring dis info here!

  17. The Joe Scarafone Channel says:

    "Title 8 UScity Deportable Aliens [INA 241] (a) Classes of deportable aliens. Any alien, (including an alien crewman) in the United States shall [keyword], upon [keyword] the order of the Attorney General, be deported, if the alien is within one or more of the following classes of deportable aliens: etc etc etc. " Well I guess that order will never be given as long as Obama's in charge? wink emoticon Relax and Enjoy It! Get a hobby!!!!

  18. Everyone/Noone says:

    God i hate Obama!

  19. A D I L O U S M A N says:


  20. Patric Kruiz says:

    dang she's so beautiful but what she said didn't make much sense if you listen carefully.

  21. BLACKWOLF -1776 says:

    This is bullshit!

  22. BLACKWOLF -1776 says:

    they need to go to jail!

  23. Aaron says:

    WALL 2016

  24. betterdays when says:

    The supreme court keeps siding with Obama & going against what the majority of people want. Those scum suckers are bought off just like any politician so you already know what's going to happen here. Only one more year of Obamas bullshit hope we make it another year.

  25. David Rook says:

    Gads, this should have never gone this far.  I can't wait for Trump to take over!

  26. tehkoalainsurgency says:

    I'm a legal immigrant, I had to wait, go through bureaucracy, pay my fees, pay my lawyer. I did EVERYTHING I was asked. That being said, FUCK OBAMA'S POLICY.

    How is it fair to the rest of the immigrants from Asia, Africa, Europe that the U.S. only allows Mexican and Central American immigrants by the MILLIONS, only because of proximity? Just because they have the ability to walk up to the border? This is nonsense and law-abiding citizens should not stand for this double standard bullshit.

    I hope the Supreme Court puts this traitor on his place.

  27. Frederick Combs says:

    Trump 2016.

  28. MyEyesBled says:

    Here we GO AGAIN… SCOTUS trying to either influence or usurp an election…

  29. Tony Tiger says:

    So whats the counter argument? Deport them? Or is it just to do nothing at all?

  30. snaht1 says:

    doesnt matter all mexican dreamers will be illegal soon lord trump get in whotehouse so operation wetbag begins asap deport mexican people coast to coast … btw nevada poll came in hispanics mexicans for trump … 99 percent … they will be deported so fast their head will turn

  31. James Butterson says:

    Free the weed 2016.

  32. James Butterson says:

    on his way out legalize and free the prisoners.

  33. The Glow says:

    Republican business owners hire illegal immigrants over Veterans and American citizens all the time for cheap labor… Such hypocrisy.

  34. broly says:

    i just wont hire them lol nobody will

  35. broly says:

    i just wont hire them lol nobody will

  36. Fish'n Mish'n says:

    You are gonna Die you Fuck'n  NWO Nazi Troll. You Target us, We Target You. You Try to Kill me, I WILL FUCK'N KILL YOU

  37. Charlie Tuna says:

    America will be great again! you'll see. we're gonna build a wall, a BIG wall. trump 4 president

  38. Jamie Hitt says:

    Good grief, just annex Mexico and be done with it.

  39. BradPopulus OnDemand says:

    we are an independent record label subscribe to us today!

  40. ImInChristJesus says:

    It's the same Supreme Court that legalized gay marriage. Lord help us all!

  41. Haitian Refugee says:

    How is it constitutional for the pReident to over rule congressional passed laws with executive orders? Why do we take up the courts time & government resources fighting for unlawful orders?

  42. Eugenio Vincenzo says:

    it doesn't matter what the subject is – its all about bypassing congress. Why do we even need a congress when we can have dictator blessed by the supreme court.

  43. Logic S says:

    A lot of people have to deal with all the bureaucracy and the long, tedious and expensive process of getting a legal status to get all this benefits and it is not fair that someone who ditched all of this can get the almost the same benefits as those who are legal. This only encourages more illegal immigration because other people panning to come here will say "why bother to pass through all this legal process when we can just go in without documents and still we'll get the basic benefits that legal immigrants have, and not only that but eventually some president will come and make us legal"
    I like Obama but he is too "soft" in things like immigration.

  44. nelson 100 says:

    When San Andreas fault or Yellowstone park finally explodes.. then lets see which nations will be prepared to take in millions of americans

  45. disturbed3330 says:

    go home this illegal immigrants are the reason our nations educational grade is 25 an mexico is 26 out of the world they are fucking up our country it has turned into mexico number to drugs flow into our country because of thm an our kids are considered stupid because the mexican kids are to stupid to learn in american schools taxpayers pay for these non English-speaking free loading nasty ass vegetable picking mexicans an the only people to blame is farmers their kids drive Mercedes the farmer lives in a million dallor home an they hire mexicans because they work for nothing farmers say no farmers no food lol fuck that I grow my own food I dont need u

  46. jagger hilyer says:

    Obama sucks

  47. vausa says:

    God only knows who's right. The law of the land or the humanity.

  48. southbound1969 says:

    The correct term is illegal aliens.

  49. L. Dee Walker says:

    Those of you griping about how we need to bring them here and accept them with open arms, have you seen Europe? They are raping women and CHILDREN. Their own children are taught an early age how to kill someone and chop off their heads. Their women will do whatever they tell them to do because they are nothing better than cattle; a piece of property. If you don't believe in Allah, you are dead. Read the Koran that your president loves to reference. I have read it. It's not peaceful at all! Research people before you start screaming how unfair some of us are by saying THEY NEED TO GO BACK! Do the research before you start baiting me with your whining.

    I have researched. I have read the sites and I have seen the videos. They come into your country and then they start bellowing and changing things to benefit them. They want money. The food sucks. They want women and sex and begin raping. Then they start terrorizing people and invading homes. Then the killing starts. Don't believe me, look at the sites that this one REFUSES to cover. It would stop you from drinking the Kool-Aid and understand, this isn't to help, this is to bring the war HERE.

    They want Sharia law and I really don't understand women saying we need this. READ, educate yourself on what that means before you embarrass yourself by being stupid.
    No, this is MY country. I was born here, my parents were born here, and my grandfather was a farmer here, and his father before him! I'll be damned if I lose my country to any religious fanatics who want us to change for them. That's not the way this works. Period.

    Have you seen our deficit? WHO is going to pay for them? Have you looked at the executive orders from the president who lined his cabinet with Muslims to take over the country? You can call us conspiracy theorists all you want, but the other word for that is COMMON SENSE! RESEARCH!

    You bleeding heart liberals need to start thinking about the United States of America. It costs a LOT to bring ONE over here and settle in. THINK people! Because what is going to happen is a lot of bloodshed in our country. They all need to go back and fight their own war over in their own country instead of being chicken shits and running here.

    They will probably delete this comment because it makes too much sense and isn't part of their script to tell people what to think. Think for your damn selves. Look it up and you'll see. It's real. It's here. Soon, there will be no denying it.

  50. Logic Wing says:

    How unfortunate. You've evaded the law for years! Here's a prize!

  51. spliffsperlunk says:

    Off Topic I just found out today that there are almost 400,000 Arabs here that have overstayed their Visas and now the U.S. Government has no Idea where they are .Sometimes I feel with all the terrorist and Immigration issues we have that our Government is trying to get us killed.

  52. fullmoon569 says:


  53. Stephen Johnson says:

    Without CLEARLY defined borders/citizens, what is a country? Why even pay taxes if being a country is no longer allowable?

  54. Chua Neng Lis says:

    aliens. flying. around.

  55. Truth-Freedom says:

    These people are not like the last wave of illegals. THESE ILLEGALS ARE NOT FRIENDLY and they want amnesty??? By not being friendly they will contradict with the American people in a social state of mind, in the same social state of being where we carry the Nation, for without people believing in this nation their will be no nation …THERE, I SPOKE MY PEACE ALREADY, IS OFF OF ME AND IN INTO THE WORLD NOW FOR JUDGEMENT.

  56. Brian Ferris says:

    Send Hillary and Obama to prison, or better yet-? Send them to the caliphate state they created so the world can see some justice.

  57. Baby boomer says:

    Do child molesters ask to be around children and not be in the justice system ?Yet you can break into this country,break the immigration law and walk Americas streets while people are in prison for breaking laws just like them.Every prisoner should file a lawsuit because if Illegal Immigrants can break the law why can't the ones in prison do it too.

  58. Tamu Brook says:

    Then all white people should go back to their country, they invaded this country and stole it from indigenous people. Nonviolent offenders shouldn't be deported once they can prove good moral character

  59. Russel Mack says:

    Somebory tell the shitstain Barry Soetoro that it is his job to ENFORCE the laws … ONLY CONGRESS can make the laws

    Thanks Supremes for kicking 0bie's ass

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