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  1. samuel mcgill says:


  2. Loretta Moses says:


  3. Non ya says:

    After SCOTUS ends this nonsense they will have to change I.C.E's name to Dream Catcher because of all the Dreamers they will be catching and deporting

  4. sonia jones says:

    Everyone is ready for this ruling that is against illegal aliens.How the hell do the USA 🇺🇸 put up with this bull crap when they go into other countries and show their power and eradicate them. Yet a bunch if dumb ass people who ain’t got common sense to know how anything work but a vagina and a penis. They know how to f%*k and do nothing else but to produce a country full of useless people as themselves. I guess if the USA 🇺🇸 had not helped them. They would have been died out a long time ago because all they know how to do is produce babies they can’t take care of unless they illegally are in another country. They’re a bunch of useless human beings.

  5. tredigi says:

    We have laws here, no one is above the law, deport them.

  6. Christopher Longhorn says:

    Haha The immigration community? Tax money robbers. I’m tired of knowing my stolen money is used for bs I stand against

  7. mark price says:

    No money for the wall, no daca for the illegals….thanks to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Slumber

  8. Johnathan Geek says:


  9. Frankie Clayton says:

    I obey the law rules but if this is done to hurt lives souls my pray is God we as a country was founded on what is right honest justices why we have judges please give them wisdom understand holy spirit

  10. Ron Cox says:

    Lets deport Trump, his family, and the Republican Senate.

  11. Judy Brown says:

    End DACA. It's illegal. Free education free food free housing. What about vets
    Take all the free education back to your countries and grow with your countries. Go to your countries. End DACA now

  12. troy tucker says:


  13. troy tucker says:

    They are illegal to go into the cesspools of rest of illegals 53,000 so-called dreamers illegals have felony conviction so it's time for them to be escorted off our great country ideas

  14. troy tucker says:

    The DACA program is illegal even Barry Obama says it was illegal when he signed it into law through executive order so yes it is a legal the Democrats did nothing for three years while Trump tried to negotiate DACA now Donald Trump just says fuck it and get rid of moths illegal the Democrats had their chance they stumbled they say I'm their hands they did nothing as usual Democrats suck

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