Supreme Court Takes Case That Can Cripple The EPA

here we go again we have some scary news
from the Associated Press quote the Supreme Court has agreed to
consider whether the Environmental Protection Agency overstepped its authority in developing
rules aimed at cutting emissions of six
heat-trapping gases from factories and power plants the
justices said Tuesday they will review a unanimous federal appeals court ruling that upheld the government’s
unprecedented regulations aimed at reducing the gases blamed for global warming the question
in the case is whether the EPA’s authority to regulate automobile
emissions of greenhouse gases as air pollutants which stem from a 2007
Supreme Court ruling also applies to power plants and
factories so why is this you know big news and but comp definitely no
worry well you should be afraid you should be
very afraid because most of the time that the supreme court wants to take up
something that we already thought was settled so for example the civil rights act
right when they brought that up in any struck down certain parts in it usually 18 bring up something that we
thought was settled is because they want to rule against it
now it’s not perfect it’s not you know it’s not well a 100 percent trend so you can I
guess it see a little bright spot in this feel
that darkness here but I look man this definitely scares me because this happened with I campaign
finance this happen with voting rights and if the court rules and this is the
danger here if the court rules that the EPA does not
have the authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions
from power plants and factories I can’t tell you how fucked we r feel I
mean did recent report from global warming
was already it I mean my kids red alert man what
we’re in a whole heap a troubling we need to reverse track immediately and
totally go go toward green renewable technology and
by the way the biggest the fear and this is when it’s game set
match is that to if there’s a certain level up the
increase in the temperature what happens is the ocean warms up and then you have methane gas at the
bottom of the ocean that right now is dormant right and it
has actually essentially melt in becoming gas yet but
if notion get on up it the methane gas becomes a gas again and then they get release down to the
atmosphere and methane gas a new thing carbon dioxide is bad in
terms of warming wait til you see what methane gas does
then the jig is up you know nothing but
universal drought everywhere just a catastrophic situation
and extinction event and extinction event is defined as one 50 percent or more I love up this
species die-offs and that’s what would happen if we
breach that level where a domestic image dormant at the bottom
of the ocean actually becomes a gas again and if the Supreme Court decides the EPA can regulate these power plants
and factories that are heading to global warming
tremendously work fuck

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  1. Radix Malorum says:

    You are under the mistaken impression the republican controlled supreme court cares.

    They don't give a shit about what happens in a few decades or a century because they aren't going to be alive then to suffer the consequences.

    Republicans are becoming more and more loathsome on a daily basis if that's even possible.

    I find that terms like "scumbag" and "evil douchebags" are not sufficient anymore to describe how utterly anti-human these rightwing fascists are.

  2. MedievalWerewolf says:

    So… basically we're going to die by ocean fart?

    It would be funny if it weren't so terrifying.

  3. SirDanOfHell says:

    At first, I thought, "Oh, well, the Supreme Court, it's supposed to be the epitome of intelligence and justice, so we're good, right?". But then, their photo came up, and I was suddenly reminded WHO the Supreme Justices are, and then I thought "You can kiss your breathable air goodbye."

  4. SirDanOfHell says:


  5. Liam Wilson says:

    The bottom of the oceans is freezing cold, why the fuck does this clown carry on like he knows something haha? What an idiot.

  6. Douglas Richardson says:

    This is an issue , a major fucking issue. What the hell are these people thinking , that jesus is gonna come back and fix all thier problems after they fuck up everything?! jesus aint comin back , he is a failed end times prophet by his own books standards. He even told his own apostles that he would be back before they died , that was roughly 2000 years ago. The only afterlife we should be conserned about , is the life we leave for our children , i cant believe how irresponsible they are.

  7. amoscarmel says:

    Is there a possibility that the Supreme Court judges are on the take???? (Gasp) Perish the thought. No wonder the rest of the world holds the USA in contempt.

  8. Top Weeb says:

    I really don't think this shit could cause an extinction level event.

  9. ManiManiPlays says:

    Yes, but is there any MONEY in survival?

  10. SàiGònMan says:

    Only if your selling stuff to Doomsday Preppers.

  11. Jacc Trippa says:

    i mean, lets be honest. these muthafuckers managed to burn a whole in the sky in less than 100 years of being a modern nation. its clear these muthafuckas dont know what theyre doing and dont give a shit who it happens too.
    its also clear they wont stop until someone makes them stop, but i dont have faith in the young community. theyll protest and make some tweets about it, but nobodies trying to fix anything.

  12. Tyr Magnus says:

    so once again we're leaving a vital issue of science to a man who believes that the devil is a real person? yeah… we're fucked.

  13. Tyr Magnus says:

    why not? it's very possible. not like it's going to happen any time soon. and it doesn't necessarily mean human exctinction, not right away anyway. but a few hundred years from now? very possible. and when you look at the scale of human life and life in general on this planet, that's not a long time from now.

  14. Plague Doctor says:


  15. TheSteamSoldier says:

    Have u ever heard of the Permian mass Extinction? It killed more terrestrial and marine life than any other extinction event, and one explanation for it was the release of methane gas.

  16. skeeveskeeve says:

    Yes, because I am sure you are an informed expert on the subject.


    Please describe your credentials.

  17. Andy Tadikt says:

    I don't understand how the Supreme Court could arrive at such s conclusion… Isn't determining emission standards and the enforcement of such regulations kind of the EPA's MO? What is their purpose — or, that is to say, why was the EPA established if not for this express purpose gt

  18. Trampadoo says:

    Oh USA, what are you doing? 🙁

  19. Donnerfuß says:

    Another major problem is that the permafrost in like five beary in Aries like that when it melts there is nothing yet trapped there too

  20. Donnerfuß says:

    Methane not nothing

  21. Donnerfuß says:

    Darn voice recognition stuff
    I was trying to talk about the permafrost in siberia and areas like that which have methane traped as well

  22. Leviathon672015 says:

    Global warming is very bad. I saw a documentary in which oceanographers explained how the rising ocean temperatures are killing off the coral reefs all around the world. With less reefs, there are less homes and lower food supplies for sea creatures that live there, which will severely cut fishing, which will deplete the amount of sea life even more until there are no more fish left and everything dies. It made me very sad, this documentary did…

  23. GrandmasterBBC says:

    We are already fucked. It's just a question of when is the shit going to hit the fan? Only then will we fully commit to changing things. At which point, it will be far too late. Bummer.

  24. Top Weeb says:

    I feel like life is more resilient than that. The burden of proof isn't on me to prove that wont happen. Neither Kyle nor you presented actual evidence to support that claim. So get to it.

  25. skeeveskeeve says:

    I see, so you are essentially admitting that you have no credentials, no expertise, no nothing.

  26. Top Weeb says:

    Fuck you. I don't think you understand how evidence works. I have no reason to believe any of that "methane extinction" stuff. If you believe in it so strongly why don't you show me some evidence. If you can't, shut the hell up.

  27. john hempstead says:

    you and the epa are total idiots.

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