Supreme Court Reviews Sabarimala Judgement

The Sabarimala temple, for hundreds of years, has been extremely popular. Women aged between 10-50 years of age were not allowed inside the temple. Girls below the age of 10 and above the age of 50 were allowed to enter. Women between the age of 10-50 were not allowed because they had started menstruating. Many cases were filed in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court then said that women must be allowed to enter. In September 2018, the Supreme Court’s former CJI Dipak Misra allowed women to enter the Sabarimala temple. Some were very happy while there were some who did not agree with the Supreme Court. There were others who were very happy and supported women entering Sabarimala. Since 2018, amidst severe protests with the help of the police and government many women managed to enter the temple. In 2018, CJI Deepak Misra had said that, the idea of untouchability among men and women existed long ago. Now things have changed and men, women are equal and can touch anyone. Its the same as when women weren’t allowed entry in the olden days. Just like untouchability was abolished women must also be allowed to enter the temple. Yesterday the current CJI Ranjan Gogoi said that, seven Supreme Court judges will review the decision to allowing women to enter Sabarimala. The SC had allowed women to enter temple. Now they will review this again to decide if the Court has the power to interfere. Supreme Court’s Ranjan Gogoi said that in India, Sabarimala is not the only temple that does not allow women. There are many temples in India that does not allow women. The Supreme Court will review these temples as well.

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  1. Punnoose Emmanuel says:

    If All women interest to enter the temple in Sabarimala. Women is human rights.👍👍👍

  2. Sunny Gautam says:

    I understand
    About Rafel supreme court?? Information me

  3. ruchi raj says:

    women age 1 to 50
    inter allow right
    old before very bad I feel bad women very problem
    women like inter allow right

  4. SAKTHI GARAGE says:

    Ivan pottan ano

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