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  1. Transgender news and things of interest says:

    We are here and here is where we'll stay

  2. deal ler says:

    ok boys thats enough

  3. syntec smurf says:

    If you are doing it right, no one will question your chosen gender.

  4. tom walker says:

    if you own a private business and do not take in federal dollars then you should be able to hire and fire anyone you want for any reason

    makes no sense we effectively allow hate speech under the first amendment yet you cannot practice it if you own a business

  5. bryan bravo says:

    Here's a thought……maybe, if you weren't a man dressed like a woman, we wouldn't be having this conversation……just an observation…..

  6. Nick Nack says:

    What does this really mean? If they can't do their jobs because of their mental health problems, you can't fire them. If they miss months at a time to heal from multiple genital mutilation surgeries, you can't fire them. If they come to work in drag and violate dress codes, you can't fire them. If a 400 lbs linebacker-looking man comes to work wearing a wig and you correctly refer to them as a man, or a 90 lbs woman with double-D breasts comes to work with short butch hair and you correctly refer to them as the gender they were born as/what's on their birth certificate/what their DNA states them to be, they can sue you. Welcome to 🤡🌎.

  7. Mocking x says:

    It's funny how these people in the comments are being hateful, picture this .. what if this wasnyour child that was being fired, beaten to a bloody pulp or killed in a very violent manner? I believe you all would have a change of hearts

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