FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT, BYE BYE TRAITORS!! According to new information coming on Sunday,
the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice John Roberts halted both a subpoena and a contempt order
against an unnamed company believed to be related to the ongoing Mueller investigation. While details remained scarce, Roberts’
actions could potentially be the first example of the Supreme Court having to intervene in
the Mueller probe, which has continued to drag on for nearly the entirety of the Trump
administration. As of Sunday, little information regarding
the case was known, however, experts believe the filings are related to the Mueller investigation’s
into a foreign company, which it has subpoenaed since August of 2018. The probe has faced repeated condemnation
from Republicans and President Trump, himself, who has continuously denounced the ongoing
investigation as a “witch hunt” designed to lead to his impeachment. From The Daily Caller: Chief Justice John Roberts stayed a subpoena
and contempt order in a case that likely arose from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation
in a Sunday night order. Sunday’s order could mark the first time
that the Supreme Court has intervened in the Mueller inquiry. Very little is known of the case, which reached
the high court on Saturday, because the matter has proceeded through the federal courts under
seal, meaning strict confidentiality prevails over every detail. The scant facts which are available about
the case are these: a grand jury issued a subpoena to an unnamed company owned by a
foreign government some time during the summer of 2018. That firm, referred to in court filings as
“the corporation” has been fighting the subpoena in federal court since August. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit
released one of the few public filings in the matter on Dec. 18, finding that the foreign
corporation must comply with the subpoena. Thank you very much for watching our news
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section regarding this hot subject. Thank you very much and God bless you all. And now, we continue with some more breaking
news reports! Mulvaney: No one in White House has requested
Mueller report Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney
said Sunday no one in the White House has requested from the Justice Department an advance
copy of special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report — but he also noted that “anything
could change” in the days before a redacted version of the document is delivered to lawmakers. “No,” Mulvaney said on “Fox News Sunday,”
when asked whether any West Wing personnel had asked Attorney General William Barr to
see Mueller’s findings. “Mr. Barr is going to make those decisions,”
Mulvaney added. “Will that change?” Fox News host Bill Hemmer asked. “Anything could change,” Mulvaney responded. “But our position is that Mr. Barr runs
this process because that’s the way the law is, and we’re very interested in following
the law.”

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  1. craigleebauman says:


  2. T W Whistler III says:

    Vid is confusing, the Heir Mueller' so called investigation, concluded several weeks ago but not mentioned here.

  3. Iris Eddy says:


  4. T W Whistler III says:

    vid is confusing, the Heir Mueller's so called investigation was concluded a few weeks ago, but not mentioned in this vid. The only thing updated was the SC Roberts…everything else sound old news.

  5. Thomas Riley says:

    Old news

  6. Helen Lopez says:

    We need the Ten Commandments placed back up in front of the Court House's ! We have Judge's Lying !!!

  7. Johna Leaper Wright says:

    God's amazing Grace! Heaven forbid saying anything to get us shut down! Shut down sanctuary city's in California! Seniors are terrified here! Fix California please! Amen

  8. RANDY RQBBINS says:

    That was a Trump move. Now when the leaks start it can not be blamed on the WH. They just can’t get ahead of him.

  9. Janine Russo says:

    Restore the Ten Commandments back where They were ! P L E A S E …Amen.

  10. James Seying says:

    How ever who is not work for the job right than goes to another party have to take down right away before something happen to the country or government.

  11. James Seying says:

    Mr President has done very good idea to protect our country

  12. dora valverde says:

    why a brit reading the news

  13. Kathleen Parr says:

    Thank You President Trump!

  14. Betty McNally says:

    john shod be in gitmo corrupt

  15. Susan Fordt-Blanchard says:

    Judge Robert's has stood up and now helping our country..Thank You…..

  16. ohwhatelse says:

    a FOREIGN biz? How much weight does our courts have over foreign businesses? I really don't know the answer to that.

  17. Tonga Konzarro says:

    Great news that Trump supporters want to hear; however, perhaps next time upload a video of the judge emphasizes it in audio. MAEGA2020

  18. Jason Reinert says:

    Did muleface get caught with his muzzle in the trough ?

  19. Joe Gerhardt says:

    Shut this garbage down treason get the rope

  20. Jon Maroney says:

    U.S, Supreme Court Justices you have been chosen to represent the law written by the founding fathers and legislative branch do your job, no interference by anyone! Remember, Romans 8:28 and Hebrews 4:13! GOD IS WATCHING, do the right thing the moral thing, or recuse yourselves. Thank you. No one I know or have read about had the gift that King Solomon did. Do the right and just thing with your decisions.

  21. L says:


  22. Alton Dinger says:

    Robert Mueller is the most hated person in United States history!

  23. jerry deal says:

    A made up story that they had planed do anything to get something on Trump check the high court you will find the problem they are corrupt as they come do that one thing and the company who passed them

  24. victor victorious says:

    . it is all witch hunt from democrats

  25. Pierre Loubris says:

    thank you supreme court for taking part in this wich hunt

  26. Daryl Younger says:

    Rid yourselves of the democrats….that is the only way forward. Never in history has there been such corruption coming from politics.

  27. Daryl Younger says:

    Muellers report is gold plated. 400 pages for 25 million dollars. Incredible waste of money that could be better spent elsewhere.

  28. Donald Smith says:


  29. Linda Bradford says:

    That is yet to be seen. Like I said Roberts can't be trusted!!

  30. stephen perrone says:

    GET OUT OF CALIFORNIA WHILE YOU STILL CAN BEFORE THE STATE GOES COMPLETELY HAYWIRE. The state is already bankrupt and giving hard earned taxpayer money to illegal aliens. Can only raise taxes so much. 150,000 people net are leaving California each year. Less taxpayers and more handouts. Cannot continue.
    Toyota pulled its headquarters out of California and moved it to Texas. Tells you all you need to know.
    California should welcome a 9.5 earthquake. Then the whole state would have to be rebuilt properly. Day of reckoning is coming. GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN.

  31. Tim Wilson says:

    The Supreme Court should of stepped in a long time ago especially when they were lied to by someone close to Mueller’s investigations and have waisted a humongous amount of tax payers money we bust our butts and you give it away like giving peanuts to a herd of elephants. Well just throw it in the deficit bucket like you do with all the money you have waisted for decades and continue to complain about it so look in the mirror your the cause of all of this and another thing stop giving it to other countries that care nothing about us you idiots. Weather you Democrats/Republicans that back stab the President are going down the river because already the American Citizens doesn’t trust you as far as they can throw you. Oh in 2020 forget it President Trump will be our man for the long haul and you people have screwed up big time and will get nothing.

  32. Charles Malchow says:

    2 plus years of wasted tax payers money… For lawyers… Too many lawyers in office today… Limits required for number of attorneys per party… Term limits… Age limits required… SCOTUS age limits required… Swearing official oaths to be sworn on a Bible… Oath of allegiance to the American flag and her people… No Bible or allegiance… No entitlements to anything… Pay for 2 years only… No committees and no vote… America for Americans and Americans for America… Somalian Muslim refugees need not apply… Adapt to the country and it's citizens or return to your country of origin… Far more good people who want to be good productive Americans than those who wish to harm America and Americans… Trump knows what to do… He needs another term to finish the swamp… Trump 5 more years!

  33. Old Edwardian says:

    Isn’t thisAMAZING not even the PSYCHOs at POX NEWS KNOW THIS.
    Another example of FIXED NEWS.

  34. Obsolise says:

    Hey up folks – another “announcement” that’s gonna blow our heads off!

  35. mabatommy says:

    Still waiting for all the traitors to vacation in Gitmo for the next 20 years or so, but i am still waiting.

  36. CrossRoads says:

    John Roberts is a back stabbing wet noodle.

  37. Les and Edith Hendricks says:


  38. Darrell Wright says:

    Did you know justice roberts had some questionable dealings with the adoption of his kids and i beleive this is how he was compromised by the obastard administration! 🇺🇸

  39. Corrocean says:

    Didn't say much.

  40. Todd Miller says:

    Maybe those that want the ten commandments restored, should read them first. Then look at who they support.

  41. Thomas Harley says:

    you can be sure if NWO Roberts has established a precedent it is meant to destroy DJT not to benefit the deplorables….but then the Pres. is part of the "process cycle" & if the "illuminati" did want him there he'd be back in NY at his "progressive/liberal/corrupt home"

  42. Thomas Harley says:

    must be a smoke screen to cause distraction or set a precedent to prevent the investigation of the English companies involved in the "Clinton collusion false flag" led by Brits so they will now be protected from US prosecution….likely not even a real company that NWO Roberts refers to

  43. Suze LeRoy says:

    Likely arose from the Muller investigation ….. LIKELY!!! In other words, a guess, assumption, speculation, etc …. Report the REAL news not assumptions!!!

  44. DAVID says:

    Nazi's run a good part of our government and Mueller is one of many.

  45. Teresa Cox says:

    Judge Roberts should resign he is a traitor

  46. Shirley Mike says:

    MR. President will you please tell the idiot Demorats that we live in a Republic.

  47. Georgia Merola says:

    Hell they need to investigate Mueller for selling our uranium to Russia he was the go-to boy for Clinton and he is good friends with Comey…. now there is your Russian collusion.

  48. Grandpa Gaspasser says:


  49. D Poole says:

    What the hell you talkin about man this investigation is over. There was no collusion!

  50. john1cheree says:

    Stop the gun control  BS.

  51. Ruth Maloney says:

    Time for the cowards here in the U.S. to take a cue from Putin and arrest and imprison traitors. What's holding you cowards up?

  52. Max Steele says:

    I would think that of the countless problems that has obvious evidence to correct should be of priority and the witch hunts stop with great effort. To be a government paid official not doing production to the public good should be replaced and be made an example of. We need to pray for these people for they are used by devil and the Lord loves them and wants them to get right with them before it is too late.

  53. Peggy Micsky says:

    Roberts was hacked by Obozo, Brennan and Clapper, now they are blackmailing him! That's why he voted for Obamacare. You can look at him and tell he's a WUS – a Bush Rino!

  54. Martin Trapper says:

    Traitors are why the tribunals are going on.

  55. Perry Smith says:

    The Nonsense has to "STOP" !!! Our president is a very wise man !!! This is just the beginning chapters n the book/book of true and real justice !!! I believe he's let this Nonsense continue so the deep state will expose themselves …/??? Our president of the United States is amazingly smart,witty, brave, intelligent man !!! And Most of all he truly Loves his country and his fellow citizens and patriots … This will undoubtedly be the greatest nation to live in … I truly believe the people of this country will receive there hard earned money that they have been cheated/stolen from, embezzled out of by treasonous corrupt politicians …/!!!/??? The money that pelosi and her cronies have in there bank accounts just doesn't match the salaries in which they have been paid in the past … The American people are way over due for a refund of there hard earned money !!! Land of Milk and Honey is our slogan, but yet the majority are scrapping by just to make ends meet … While the elected officials are living the good life … The very people elected to protect us are robbing us blind … The only Presdient in history to make things right for the American people, but yet there are still people out there doing anything and everything they can to stop this great man …God bless you Presdient Donald Trump and all of your honest staff … We American Patriots are behind you 100% !!! I've never felt Soooooo Proud to be an American, I truly believe we are going to get our beloved country back !!! Credit where credit is do, Thank You Mr. Presdient !!! M🇺🇸GA/WWG1WGA/"Q"/Trust the Plan/Power to the People/Patriots Dominant/Donald Trump the Greatest Presdient "EVER" !!! Patriot Perry … Proud son of a WWII Veteran !!!

  56. Martin Trapper says:

    Execute traitors of the state

  57. Frank Dexheimer says:

    Look true patriots are concerned about the country not your making money and shoving adds in my face who are the skunks all of you are skunks what imbecile would spend this much energy over nonsense run the country or we will

  58. Frank Dexheimer says:

    True patriots are tied of all this crap and want some closure stop all this sucking sensationalism English accents are here talking about my country didn’t we spank them out of here who is this limy believe me they don’t hire us to talk in Britain

  59. Lawrence Hielscher says:

    John. Roberts must. Step. Down liar. Obamas worker. Never said anything about. Killary. Obama. Comey. Larry. Nj

  60. albert karamani says:

    Watching Evil being taken DQWN is GLQRIQUS !!

  61. Darren A says:

    good, get rid of trump and his traitor russian friends, about time.

  62. Wado Waleli says:

    Whenever Mr. Trump complains about "witch hunts" there always seem to be some real witches he doesn't want us to know about.

  63. Ms.Renee R says:

    Restore the ten commandments back to the court houses in our nation.U.S.A.

  64. tractor says:

    Justice Roberts is h omo ! H omos hate trump !
    Justice Roberts gave us h omo marriages .

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