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  1. crikk23 says:

    anyone else feel like were in some kind crazy dream world that this is a problem with ppl?

  2. 101majeed says:

    In respect, I don't support gay marriage. I don't think 400 characters is enough to sufficiently reason the subject matter. The idea to have a same sex relationship simply contradicts the mere humanistic normality. Humans have morals and universal rules regulating their lively matters.Again, I respect all people's opinions.

  3. bersaba says:

    Can you give me one reason why it is moral to have rules governing one set of people based on their sexuality, and a different set of rules for another?

    You're equating heterosexuality to morality, and then by reciprocation, homosexuality to immorality. That's being a bigot. You can write "in respect" as much as you like, but it's still being a bigot.

  4. 101majeed says:

    Thank you for your reply. First off, I don't have to accept homosexuality to be tolerant. I treat homosexuals as good as I treat heterosexuals.

    I think that sexual orientation is a standard that govern all people without dissecting the society into subgroups. And, we are always applying morals when it comes to sex, such as having sex with the mother. I see no distinction between the two cases here.

  5. John M says:

    Humanistic normality is to have brown eyes, but not having brown eyes is a benign characteristic. Please try not to fetishize benign examples of non-normative characteristics.

  6. Live2sculpt says:

    1:14:00 Bitch. 1:14:00

    That's WHY this Bigoted BS law needs to be torn up and thrown out like so much garbage.

  7. bersaba says:

    So your implying that incest is in the same category as homosexuality. How is that not bigotry?

  8. 101majeed says:

    I don't think you get my idea.

    Could you state why do you see incest as wrong doing?

  9. LDarl10 says:

    FIRST OF ALL, not accepting homosexuality is the definition of being intolerant. SECOND OF ALL, homosexuality has been SCIENTIFICALLY STUDIED OVER AND OVER AGAIN. UNFORTUNATELY, people like you never take the time to look at those studies. These studies have shown inconclusive results that genes and birth order affect one's sexuality. Did you know that genes play a larger role in homosexuality than they do in handedness? Homosexuality is a genetic variant; it's completely natural.

  10. LDarl10 says:

    ALSO. Did you know that:
    -The American Medical Association
    -The American Psychological Association
    -The American Academy of Pediatrics
    -The National Association of Social Workers
    say that being gay is normal? You can believe WHATEVER you want. You can believe the sky is orange! But why don't you do SOME RESEARCH before you ramble on saying all your OFFENSIVE and HURTFUL "moral" ideals.

  11. Dawn VanShadow says:

    Well said!!

  12. bersaba says:

    Depends on the incest. If it's an abuse of power (for instance an uncle over a niece) or outright non consensual, then it's a form of rape. If it's consensual between two adults, then I don't consider it morally wrong as long as there is genetic counseling. I find it personally disgusting, but not morally wrong. There is an argument about harm to potential children, however the same argument should apply to smokers, women over 40, people with genetic diseases and so on.

  13. bersaba says:

    But going to the heart of the question, you're equating homosexuality to incest. Incest in the vast majority of cases is a form of rape, often an adult on a child. Homosexuality is no different then heterosexuality. That is 2 adults meet, fall in love, have sex, start a family. The difference being that the they happen to be both males or both females.

    You may find it disgusting personally, and you're entitled to feel that way, but it doesn't mean it should be illegal (which it isn't anyhow).

  14. libertydogfight says:

    God has decided that, if you have NO faith, then your not a Human, but an animal who will Burn in eternal Hell. There is abundant Proof that Hell is a Fact.

  15. libertydogfight says:

    You just named a bunch of men – all Subject to the laws and judgement of God Almighty. Should I tell God NOT to send me to HELL cause of the AMA, APA, NASW – I can tell you that all Govs. and Social Organizations work for Satan. Satan offered Jesus the world 2,000 years ago; Jesus knew Satan ruled the king and Govs. and world even then. DAH.

  16. bersaba says:

    Random capitalisation Of Words in the Middle of your Sentence does not make you Silly argument any more valid. There is no Proof of hell. (How do you keep writing with random capitals? Have you got software to do it?). There is no proof of hell. Hell is mentioned in the bible only a few times anyhow, and it's most likely from Gehenna, which was a true place where there was most likely animal corpses, fire, garbage, and general nastiness.

    You're scared of god sending you to ancient garbage tips.

  17. LDarl10 says:

    You sound crazy. Normal, well-adjusted people don't say things like that. Also, the bible wasn't written by God…and ALSO have you spoken to God. Tell me, what proof is there that God exists?

  18. maxismax100 says:


  19. Valletta Petra Cyneran says:

    I would Point out (All Bigotry aside) Scalia and Roberts have made a Killing point against Obama. The should have enforced the decision. However If the Law is felt to be unconstitutional it should have been brought before the court by the EXECUTIVE who is supposed to enforced.

  20. skarosTHEgreek says:

    Lol at the person who said there is abundant proof that Hell is real.

  21. Daniel J Maximoff says:

    Modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

  22. sarika love says:

    damn did everyone in this court have a cold.

  23. Antonio Torrez says:

    bigots metaphorically shooting themselves in the foot. i bet some of them put bagels in their ears.

  24. Diana Scrimger says:

    kamala Harris will be going to jail now! she did not uphold the will of the the people regarding yes on prop 8. the yes on prop 8 man's wife produced both masterpiece theatre and mystery for wgbh Boston pbs!

  25. Diana Scrimger says:

    we think that since the us supreme court will legally have to uphold both doma and yes on prop 8! Jeremy brett our yes in prop 8 man will now receive his long overdue bafta award!

  26. Diana Scrimger says:

    and more Buffy the vampire slayer episodes will be made with both doma and yes on prop 8 being upheld!

  27. ainanor says:

    bunch of satanists! they may play judges here on earth but they have to stand infront of the real Supreme judge one day The God Almighty and give acount to their action! They are sure going to hell and they will have no defender in hell thats for sure! the jewish witches are going to hell and so is the rest of them in this picture!

  28. No this is Patrick says:

    Its hilarious hearing people argue against gay marriage. Very poor arguments coming from bigots

  29. Alejandro Perales says:

    You our not our God people from what creation? Of lies davasition Nature laws cause effect balance universe? The Sun shine his light on you I see know soul who is in control of your so blow know one need the she sing song has ring that tone cha cha Ching

  30. Alejandro Perales says:

    You not of God Grace glory love for you and his people around world. The world end fire your evil is show ing in you that our doing it's God purpose not yours. It's most highest power you don't have. But have plan of manipulation leaves us all dead good luck I don't believe in in it. Thanks God Blessed you.😇🙏😈

  31. John O'Mara says:

    The morals and merits of gay marriage in this case are irrelevant. The question is whether the Constitution enumerates the right to same sex marriage, which it does not. I’m a conservative who is pro gay marriage, and find the outcome of this case to be absurd.

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