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  1. Gwen Jones says:

    Blame your parents for putting you in this position…you don't follow the laws of this country you should be treated like any other criminal…your tears are useless… Americans are tired of dealing with the consequence of your illegal status

  2. vuel987 says:

    Undocumented individuals should be mad at themselves and/or their parents for doing things the illegally and making life harder for them. You and/or your parents F'ed up you don't get a free ride because of that.
    We have enough American citizens not obeying the laws we don't need more.

  3. Troll Hugger says:

    If they entered illegally, deport them. Follow US laws or gtfo.

  4. Diane Brady says:

    How about you feel Americans pain. See our suffering….see our lack of being able to provide for OUR families…. because we have such high taxes to pay for ALL of YOU????? Why are you as an illegal worth more….than me…a single mother veteran. Why should YOU get the benefits and health care I EARNED but you want for free.????

  5. Dr.Octagon says:

    Set a precedence and send them back to where they came from.If they want to come back then they can turn around and re-enter through the legal port of entry.

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