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  1. chad smith says:

    So all of those years of cruel and unusual punishment is now ok. If they made the shelters with dividers and some privacy

  2. Allen Vestal says:

    In other words Austin can become the shithole that is California. Is insanity doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result? Once you identify homelessness as a problem here is a thought. Don't do what has been tried before and made the problem worse.

  3. David Griffin says:

    Now maybe they will have camp grounds with drug testing for the homeless so they will help them instead of kicking them and stealing their stuff

  4. Chris Whoop says:

    People on the road just handing out money doesn't help neither. Hand out money to shelters and organizations that help them. They hang out on the roads because people give out free money.

  5. jake marlow says:

    Regarding the Ninth Circuit's recent inaction, attorney Angelica Cogliano stated, "… it certainly is strong guidance …." First, Austin is a liberal city in the conservative state of Texas. So the Mayor of Austin can enact liberal policies with little push-back from its liberal residents. Second, all the other Circuit Courts of Appeal laugh at the Ninth Circuit because it is essentially an activist circuit. So the truth is that the Ninth Circuit's recent inaction would not likely be mirrored by a centrist or conservative Circuit Court of Appeals.

    Today's homelessness is a complex issue with no easy solution. Unfortunately, liberals won't address many of the true causes of today's homelessness: mental illness, drug addiction and people simply taking the easy way out and not wanting to live like responsible adults. Instead, they attempt to portray the issue as unfortunate people who simply lost their job, or a housing shortage. And they want to raise taxes so they can blindly throw tax dollars at the issue with no realistic long-term strategy.

    But the bottom line is that if you are one of the responsible people who has your act together and has worked very hard to become an adult and play by society's rules, you might consider moving to a state outside of the Ninth Circuit's jurisdiction. Because this recent inaction will actually make the problem worse for those living in the Western U.S. Just watch, the problems of Portland, Seattle, SF and LA will becoming to a city near you.

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