Supreme court announces prorogation is ‘unlawful, void and of no effect’

This court has already
concluded that the prime minister’s advice to
Her Majesty was unlawful, void and of no effect. This means that the order
in council to which it led is also unlawful, void and to no
effect and should be quashed. This means that when the royal
commissioners walked into the House of Lords, it was as if
they walked in with a blank sheet of paper. The prorogation was also void
and of no effect. Parliament has not been prorogued. This is the unanimous judgement
of all 11 justices.

48 Responses

  1. Mr Nep says:

    Is that a spider on her shoulder?

  2. Amiga Amigo says:

    Going against the democratic vote that they said would be respected should be illegal

  3. B.T. says:

    She has clearly never spoken to any other people than her collegues. Another one out of touch. As long as they compliment her for her lovely brooches, she feels fitting in and will go with the flow. More importantly, a different opinion will not help your career (11-0….).

  4. Empty Echoes says:

    Now you lot are crying about democracy not being upheld, when literally the highest court in the country stated that what Boris did was unconstitutional and undemocratic. It's as if whenever you don't get your way you always call foul. You claim Brexit was to bring back control to our country, well this is decision is literally that in action. 😭😭😭😭

  5. David Thompson says:

    The rule of the land is yours if you're rich enough.

  6. Public Public says:

    It is illegal to lie to Parliament. Johnson shut Parliament to avoid incriminating questions. So… NOW Johnson will have to answer questions in Parliament.

  7. mash cresswell 1975 says:

    Little dried out marxist witch

  8. Neela Macwan says:

    this judge hale is 74yrs and judge kerr is 84 yrs old they are not fit to make any decisions let alone prorogation decision

  9. Neela Macwan says:

    hale sounds too frail and old to make any decisions

  10. Jonathan Price says:

    Remain is the only logical solution. Bin Brexit. What a farce.

  11. Neela Macwan says:

    decision from the house of horrors. ooohhhhhh there is spider crawling

  12. Leonidis78 says:

    Leftists we are coming for you.

  13. F A says:

    She honestly looks like she's directly out of Harry Potter

  14. Blackstar 76 says:

    Absolutely the right result. Britain does not tolerate dictators. BORIS must now resign.

  15. waterfallsinspace says:


  16. Sadiq Mohamed says:

    Ye Gods! Will Boris resign? I hope so!

  17. Marjorie Dulaney says:

    Spider broach witchy women rule bawawa

  18. Protestant says:

    The UK Supreme Court has NO JURISDICTION over standard democratic government procedures such as prorogation. Their outrageous interference is part of the Globalist plan to establish a GLOBAL JUDOCRACY = "Rule by Judges" over the entire world.

  19. Protestant says:

    She is openly displaying the secret Illuminati worship of Kali=Allah the Moon Spider Goddess of Death. "Hidden in plain sight", on her shoulder.

  20. Tomasz G. says:

    Boris Johnson should resign immediately. Not only he misled the Queen, but the whole UK nation. He is completely irresponsible and plays his games risking the country's interest and the citizens safety and workplaces.

  21. B.T. says:

    Get us out, Boris! They can’t stop the 17.400.000.

  22. NUTHINGX says:

    bunch of old people deciding the future of the country, very niceeeee….

  23. Linda Loftus says:

    The remoaner public sector judges are against us now. Hardly surprising.

  24. Blue Sky says:

    That Ruling by The Supreme Court it means nothing to the Government It's just a suggestion to the prime minister by the Supreme Court.

  25. Julian EnglIsh says:

    Wearing that brooch is a deliberate windup. She’s like the spider on Mordor in Lord of the Rings, wrapping up Frodo (Brexit). Camera pans to the right and 50,000 Samwise Gamgee’s taking to the streets.

  26. Brexit Monger says:

    Unelected spider-woman tries to cancel Brexit. Not going to work My Lady!

  27. facetubemyassplug says:

    silly Brits thinking your queen can protect you from the total grip on power of the elites. "democracy" lmao

  28. magna czagany says:

    Corbyn sees his chance and screams bloody murder. You had three years of voting in and out of Parlament not to forget third PM, by the look of it he will have to resign. Mrs May hated Corbin with a passion she would scream right in his face every Wednesday morning. Speaker of the house is a self serving pompous clown. In general it is a mess. Courts made the decision for you. Stay in the EU without seeing an end of the tunnel. Scots and Irish will go separate ways. Have another referendum or general election, millions of people have turned eighteen in the meantime. Best of luck.

  29. Boris Johnson says:

    I cannot accept this unanimous 11-0 decision, but I do accept the result of the 1% win of the referendum

  30. Jacques Mertens says:

    If you throw her into a pond she will float.

  31. drperiwinkle says:

    Many of us will remember Kenneth Baker, the former Education Secretary in the Thatcher government before he became Lady Hale.

  32. Different Saturner says:

    Why there's a spider sign on her shoulder? Sounds wrong!
    Gr Britain Tue 24 Sept 2019 1951

  33. Chris Bradley says:

    I knew they'd vote against boris… they and all their friends are all in tht elite club… lords… lady's etc. they've shown they don't want to leave and they use their institutions to frustrate brexit in the hopes it will not happen but it's fine it's fine us brexiteers are so patient 🙂

  34. Ian Nonhebel says:

    The prorogation of parliament is a convention not a law. The courts have ruled that Boris's way of using this is now illegal which means if he did it again in the same way he would be breaking the law. However they have not banned prorogation itself so he could do it again in a way that could not be legally challenged. The court did not deal with this matter effectively – Boris did not break the law when he proroged parliament as there was no law in place regarding this!!!!
    I would appeal to the EU court if I was Boris.

  35. ame7272 says:

    There is a woman on that spider.

  36. MrKeefrichards says:

    this is a awful no respect for british people who overwhelmingly voted for brexit

  37. Crypto Trading Library says:

    Black dress and spider = Lady Hale the black widow and she has just stung Bojo!!!

  38. Cosmic Creepers says:

    I've seen less wrinkles on an elephants foreskin, silly old coffin dodger, she may live to regret getting involved in politics.

  39. Graeme Henderson says:

    Spiders hunt and kill pests.
    Some spiders can kill people.
    Some people are pests.
    Sometimes you just need the right spider.
    Also, when it comes to sorting out tangled webs, Spiders are the best. They just eat it and build a new one.

  40. Protestant says:

    "Article 9, Bill of Rights, 1689, prevents courts from interfering with Parliament – the highest court in the land, where laws are made. This judgement should be declared invalid", said one commenter.

  41. Robin Garvin-Mack says:

    QUESTION: HOW LAWFUL is it for 'remain' politions to TO IGNORE THE MAJORITY WILL OF THE PEOPLE when only 35.5% OF THE ELECTORATE voted to stay in the EU!?!?!?

  42. Milan Mašek says:

    Vivat Brexit! Vivat Czexit! Greetings from Czech Republic!

  43. EvanEnterprises says:

    I read the Supreme Court Ruling document. They cite no statute broken, nor precedent infringed. They simply make a vague invocation of the idea that it's the Supreme Court's responsibility to rule on issues of 'prerogative power' in order to 'protect parliamentary sovereignty' and that Boris Johnson infringed on it 'clearly' in their eyes; it was literally a value-judgement. In doing this they created new law (new precedent) around the prorogation prerogative of the executive: no wonder several other courts, including the English High Court, are at odds with the Supreme Court in their rulings. The Supreme Court not only second-guessed the Prime Minister's intentions, but apparently mind-read parliament and on top of it all, made an implicit judgement on the 'importance' of the Brexit exit date (31st October). In my opinion, and in the opinion of many legal experts, the Supreme Court way overstepped the scope of what they were supposed to be ruling on, which was, specifically, whether statute law or case law precludes the Prime Minister from proroguing parliament for a duration of five weeks. I have to say the ruling is alarmingly arbitrary in my opinion and significantly reduces my confidence in yet another institution of the British state.

  44. Nick Gilson says:

    This court is a joke. It was created in 2009. The all are bought and paid for.

  45. Gildas Grime says:

    Love it

  46. Mark Thomas says:

    The guardian run by gimps and give money to the little Hitler Owen Jones for depraved sex games.

  47. Neil Anthony says:

    You have no business poking your elitist nose in politics.
    The judiciary needs to be impartial.
    And you lot certainly aren't going to pass muster on that!

  48. Miki Dewberry says:

    total lies from start to finish

  49. maroj edlairf says:

    thank you my lady for your unanimous ruling against abusive borris

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