Superman’s Resurrection | Justice League

This is something amazing This is crazy. Oh, but now. It’s crazy. You lunatics better than what you’re doing Lex luthor fried the circuits bringing his creature to life there’s not enough charge to wake the box I might be able to do it I Might be able to jumpstart it out if I can get enough distance I can conduct a significant electrical current I might be able to wake the box if that’s Still what we want we have to try Must be the end of the line so on in position The mother box is ready you have to charge at the moment it touches the fluid 5:5 Diana’s right. This is a bad idea 4 4 3 3 2 2 He’s back He’s not all right Scandalous What Arthur you need to relax your gentlemen spiking because he’s not all right. Oh, no should be bow Porsche or Shore bellies What are you doing system no, it’s stronger since the interface I can’t control it

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