Superman’s Resurrection | Justice League 4k SDR

Where’s Diana told us I believe why we got to stop him That’s the plan Okay, we’re not ready for Racially-charged You gonna struck by lightning huh I Yeah, that’s the abridged version a new explosion Woke up in lab who were the accidents? Hey We’re approaching the Kryptonian ship eta 30 seconds I’m here for him. I swear. I would never seen it Okay, okay, okay This is something amazing This is crazy. What now it’s crazy you lunatics better know what you’re doing Lex luthor fried the circuits bringing his creature to life there’s not enough charge to wake the box I might be able to do it I Might be able to jumpstart it out if I can get enough distance I can conduct a significant electrical current I might be able to wake the box if that’s Still what we want we have to try Must be the end of the line so on in position The mother box is ready you have to charge at the moment it touches the fluid five five Dianna’s right This is a bad idea 4 4 3 3 2 2 1

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  1. Flashback FM says:

    Its Blu-Ray 4k SDR Version. You need to look at the HDR TV for the best color gamut.

  2. Julian Reyes says:

    I don't think anyone saw this but at 4:13 flash phased to another part of the ship.

  3. Anton Larm says:

    Why does this look ungraded?

  4. IINxMeRCyII- says:

    The could easily just resurrect him by putting him into the Lazarus pit

  5. cam j says:

    how does the H2O man breath out of water like aqua means water and that's H2O so it makes no matter of thought mate

  6. JackDerAufreiss says:

    Why wasn't the memorial fixed after BvS?

  7. germanvisitor2 says:

    1:35 stealthy

  8. Tom B says:

    Barry's fake ID has a mistake. It says his D.O.B is 11/06/10 and his issue date march 2015 or 16 I can't tell. This would make him 5 or 6 when he joined the military and about 7 at the point the film is set(if in 2017). The guard would normally be discharged for missing a red flag like that.

  9. OrneryTheGamer_ Pixel Gun 3D - Plants Vs Zombies 2 says:

    Really sad about flash boi not the flash in the flash series

  10. Jay Young says:


  11. Tec says:

    Seriously, how did no one during production say.. wait this is shite. we need to make big big changes.

  12. John Peltrau says:

    Batman's costume sucks.

  13. EarlJohn61 says:

    They should've used the theme music from The Six Million Dollar Man, when The Flash is running…

  14. Meredith says:

    Wait a minute… Cyborg doesn't have any JUNK! SMH… To hell with saving the world… He should just go ahead, and ghost himself.

  15. Graciela Rivera says:

    My son likes Ben Affleck’s first Batman suit in Batman v. Superman better than all the other ones!

  16. Hiro Ciko says:

    if only this movie was great…

    i think batflek could get his own batman movie…

  17. Lil_ JonJon says:

    This scene is so funny .. flash with those shovels? Haha.. why didn't he used his powers instead of digging out one by one .. smh

  18. Loraine Kat says:

    Why dint they include hawkgirl ?

  19. Magma Minecraft Cole the Ghost says:

    the movie flash is horrible. FUCK THE JUSTICE LEAGUE FLASH. the show flash is better

  20. Hunter Huntington says:

    he's mustache is glitching

  21. CORBIN JACKSON says:

    I think I did a good job on this cyborg look in this movie

  22. Rizza Ikhsan Rahadian says:

    Is it edo tensei?

  23. Igehay Nation says:

    Worst “hyped” superhero movie ever

  24. Jarel17- says:

    "We're the accidents?" "Yea that's us"… "Heeyy" fist bump 😂😂

  25. Day man says:

    what a pos shit movie ffs

  26. Shanelle Liboon says:

    How to heal or save Superman ..

    Let him throw to the Sun because it heals him..

  27. Deathknight says:

    One of the abilities of batman: he can talk with a changed voice.

  28. Steven Kelly says:

    I feel they did this to early

  29. E-MAN says:

    Most retarted run ever

  30. GodofDebate says:

    What is SDR?

  31. LEGO JOEY says:


  32. Shannon G. says:

    Cyborg looks dope, wonder woman looks weak in this movie, Batman still is lame, the flash isn't beast boy but he'll do, Aquaman fine AF but why are you down there posing with your over side sea fork 🤦Damn DC just can't get it right.. superman is superman

  33. thomas villalba says:

    When they were digging the grave couldn’t flash use super speed to hurry it up?

  34. Apostle Glaz says:

    The CW does a better job with the DC characters than DC does itself

  35. Brandon says:

    They literally dug this mfrs coffin up lmao wow

  36. Shezar Zaheer says:

    Litarally The Justice League
    Kinda Humans
    Wonder Women And Batman
    The Ones Who Got Their Powers By An Accident
    The Flash And Cyborg
    The Ones From A Different World
    Superman And Aquaman

  37. Amitava Bera says:

    cyborgs body sucs

  38. Amitava Bera says:

    his limbs so thin

  39. MrBluestreak70 says:

    Why wouldn’t either of them use their abilities to dig faster?

  40. The Extraordinary Spider-Man says:

    Why do the eye holes on Batman’s cowl look so weird?

  41. cory skipper says:

    Crap,,, they think we are dumb. Who makes this stuff,,, the gays

  42. Beauty_vet says:

    CW tv quality

  43. kristen zelaya says:

    Since everyone hates this movie for some reason idk why but I feel like it would’ve been more successful as a tv show than a movie lol even thoe Ik they could’ve done better and won more money

  44. Ella Fearless says:

    Kryptonians dont decompose?

  45. MUI Goku says:

    Should have kept the god damn mustache. NOT TAKING OFF WITH CGI.

  46. TheWolfman112 says:

    WTF happened to batman's face at 0:54? In BvS the cowl fitted his face perfectly and in this scene it looks as if they just put a giant bat nose onto it. WTF Joss Whedon

  47. Chris Hansen says:

    When man of steel had better production then the most recent version of him

  48. Ernesto Cortez says:

    Flash was the only things I liked about this movie

  49. Dank Memer says:

    batman's lack of confidence in this movie is so lame. batman is suppose to do what he wants, you either help or get out of his way. batman doesnt beg for help or apologize or any of that crap. he tells you to do something and you do it cause he's batman and thats the only reason you need.

  50. Brett Van says:

    Underrated movie.

  51. MudflapDB says:

    why isnt superman rotten

  52. Chef Love says:

    It was done to quickly. This should have been a very memorable scene.

  53. Andrew Vincent says:

    It's a shame that idiot Joss Whedon didn't mention that since Superman had the codex infused within him that the ship would able to restore him and not turn into an abomination like Zod

  54. Happy Sandiaga says:


  55. Something Like Anonymous says:

    This reminds me of the resurrection of our lord and saviour jesus christ.

  56. james says:

    I don't like how they portrayed batman as so weak.

  57. Dude __ says:


  58. Dark Shadow says:

    What happened to Superman's suit ?🤔

  59. Cyber Doomgirl says:

    Makes no sense at all. It just looks cool but there is no real taste.

  60. Rohit Wagh says:

    Why vfx , CGI or whatever the technology sucks in this movie

  61. AruN M Nair says:

    Worst CGI overall unattractive 😤

  62. Jeovanni Quinones says:

    Wasent supermans coffin black

  63. J Jill says:

    Batmans Suit looks cheap in this shot

  64. Tuấn z800 says:

    Is this how Lex Luthor created Doomsday?

  65. KI mi Layne says:

    Esse filme é tão mal feito que dá pra perceber a edição tosca da cabeça do Ciborgue, mas nada supera o patético enredo, criminoso esse filme até pra quem nao curte os heróis da DC.

  66. DMG Mana says:

    Batman looks so grumpy i feel like he wants to kill me

  67. Henry Ng says:

    If all they need is an electrical charge from Flash why can't Batman just bring a big battery?

  68. Avalon Azure says:

    So we're just not going to talk about how god awful the CG on Cyborg is then?

  69. Ambokile Martin says:

    Why does Bruce's voice sound like he has streph-throat when he puts on his bat ears.?

  70. Don White says:

    I'm sorry, but Aquaman is basically DC saying 'We just can't get out of little kid land. We've tried since the mid 1980s, and nuthin'. -I know they tried, but I think if they would have gone more with nearly no regalia (keep the weapon) and made him an even darker character who's not happy with surface pollution policy, they would have scored. If Marvel decides to put Namor on the screen, he's gong to be a right bastard to deal with. Namor digs justice, but mostly he's just angry, usually Drawn like a scantily clad Spock.

  71. Don White says:

    WOULDN'T IT BE GREAT, if the attempt failed, flatly, and there was about 30 seconds of footage of them realizing they were all pretentious fucktards for thinking they could raise the dead, and that somehow that sounded like a good idea… the soaked corpse just bobbing lightly… Aquaman having to fish it out… Most of them unable to forget this moment for the rest of their lives.

  72. STAT44 says:

    i hate the way they make flash run…i know he's moving faster than anything possible but he runs funny..

  73. dude55man says:

    Is no one going to ask how the gate guard didn't question how someone as young as Barry was an E-7, and his uniform showed e-2?

  74. Abhik Shrestha says:

    4:25 when you bust a nut after a month

  75. Михалыч Матроскин says:

    Мультсериал лиги в сто крат лучше этого фильма.

  76. J R says:

    Is this tv show on netflix

  77. cneddy22 says:

    Why does Batman change is voice when around them if they all already know who he is ?

  78. cneddy22 says:

    High security area and they don’t even check what’s in the truck going in?

  79. cneddy22 says:

    Anyone else think the flash looks like Filthy Frank?

  80. carl madsen says:

    The guy that played cyborg was awsome. I think the guys going to go far

  81. Krheej says:

    i like the flash but whenever he runs in slowmotion it looks retarded and ruins the whole thing

  82. Đặp Chai Mẳn says:


  83. Đặp Chai Mẳn says:


  84. wtf? says:

    Batman looks so stupid in this movie

  85. Ethan Martinez says:

    I have a few grips with this film buy cyborg looks like shit

  86. TesseractGaming says:

    A Sgt does not say “ok” to an E-7 at the gate.

  87. Aaron Mercado says:

    The Return of Superman was done so lazy!!! This should have been the most grandest of all DC scenes, a walking “God” reborn, instead its done so lazy just like the Martha scene in BvS. And no this is not a Joss Whedon thing, this here is all Snyder we’ve seen the behind the scenes with him directing this scene so quite acting as if everything bad in this movie is all Joss Whedon. Neither of them are the be all and end all of director people makes them to be, just watch their movies.

  88. Needly says:

    2:18 that's not how paper works

  89. DBZD says:

    Couldn’t Barry just dig really fast? 😂

  90. Shelby Ramirez says:


  91. R Games says:

    did victor just skip leg day?

  92. gajustempus says:

    wow, this has to be some of the WORST CGI effects I've seen in modern movies this far…

  93. roastpork says:

    when do batman and wonderwoman shag?

  94. Peter H says:

    Flash actor is awesome.

  95. Jay Starr says:

    1:53 Aquaman: 'You lunatics better know what you're doing.' What they're doing?
    {Aquaman places dead body in Super goo.}

  96. Haroon Hayat says:

    2:43 why does Cyborg's hand looks so small

  97. Elective4k says:

    Blue lightning shows he's going at light speeds

  98. Guitaristmalakian says:

    Is it me or Cyborg really looks like a PS2 boss ? ^^

  99. Jim Melo says:

    This movie would have been the number one if the villian was two face not stephenwolf

  100. Murder Doll says:

    Aquaman: "You'll float too, LOL!"

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