Superman vs Darkseid | Justice League: War

Darkseid is transferring data to those
metal cubes. They call them Mother Boxes. They’re creating portals. Boom tubes.
I just have to speak their language. I didn’t understand a single word
you just said. COMPUTER:
Connecting to network. Unable to connect. VICTOR:
Gotta get some altitude. COMPUTER:
Connection established. [GROWLS] [DARKSEID GRUNTING] Get him in there. DARKSEID:
I’ll crush you like a nut. How dare you? I am Darkseid. I don’t care. Kick his ass. [SCREAMING] Now, kid, slam the door in his face. COMPUTER: Unable to connect.
Error. Error. The computer is not responding. Come on, you stupid machine, work. COMPUTER: Network connected.
– Yes. COMPUTER: Insufficient energy.
-Shit. It’s programmed, but I don’t have the juice
to push it. I need a huge blast of power. SHAZAM:
Shouldn’t be a problem. Shazam! [BOTH GRUNTING] Kryptonian, you are coming with me. Like hell I am. [GRUNTING] COMPUTER:
Initiating boom-tube closure.

100 Responses

  1. Cold_Chili says:

    I thought this is a children's cartoon, why is Cyborg swearing? Also Batman would get destroyed in one punch by Darkseid.

  2. Voido Brando says:

    And remember lads:
    Darkseid is.

  3. Darren K says:

    Never knew darkseid could crawl at speedster levels. That scene was hella creepy 😂

  4. Moiz Khan says:

    did anyone noticed wonder women's sword😟

  5. Osinachi Udegbunam says:

    So what happened to WW's sword?

  6. Adeel Qureshi says:

    when the quit kid in school tries to approch his bag when hes angry
    others student be like: 3:42

  7. Kobby Nyamaa says:

    Superman is the powerful being in the DC universe but yet very noble

  8. Mirb Bn says:


  9. Slade Wilson says:

    Why is Darkseid so big? Looks stupid.

  10. Stellarheim says:

    That last batarang was totally made of anti-Darkseid alloy.

  11. Twentyseven says:

    Lol Batman’s brain would have been turned into jelly after being punched by Darkseid

  12. Hieu Tran says:

    This cyborg has more personality and life than his live-action version 😀

  13. handsoap p says:

    When your com goes blue screen 3:23

  14. Evan Landis says:

    Green lantern: “There’s not much more we can do to him!”
    Me: “……You could kill him.”

  15. MightyGalactus says:

    Can we just all agree DC cartoon artstyle is absolute garbage?

  16. YRN GAMING says:


  17. Determineitor42 says:


  18. loki says:

    Superman solo no le gana a darkseid, es una mierda

  19. Arcie Bon says:

    Network connected
    Insufficient energy

    Hahhaha 😂😂😂😂

  20. Андрей Корочкин says:

    2:45 So painful…

  21. Harry Turner says:

    2:31 Superman kills Darkseid’s eyes! 😱😱

  22. Johaurrie woolfolk says:

    Wat movie is this ?

  23. Mystic Gohan says:

    4:27 Lmao Like the batarang would do anything to him.

  24. Martell Marshall says:

    Cyborg the man

  25. Simon Joseph says:

    It is confirmed Darkseid is KRATOS he has the God Of War emblem

  26. Robby Siregar says:

    This scene only is better than Justice League live action movie.

  27. Sergio Antonio says:


    "Come on you stupid machine, Work!"

    "COMPUTER: Network Connected"


    "COMPUTER: Insufficient energy"


  28. William Thorpe says:

    This is not superman vs Darkseid it is JLS vs Darkseid

  29. GMo Kang-Suh says:

    Ok flash’s tornadoes, wonder woman’s sword, sure. What the fuck is your intentionally non-lethal batarang gonna do against Darkseid, Batman?

  30. Fares El Fakharany says:

    4:27 Everyone is using superpowers to kick him out.
    Batman: here goes my bat ninja knifes.
    True story

  31. Anthony Edward Stark says:

    Now this is the JL2 but it's a crossovers I think

  32. ApprenticeNostalgia says:

    This series of dc movies (i believe there were 3 with the same style of animation if you count justice league dark)continues to be a prime example of comics to film done right. Even at the age of 42, Wonder womans speech at the end of this one continues to fill me with childhood joy.

  33. DHIKЯIS says:

    Who rather watch this than live action?

  34. Tim Robinson says:

    What happened to her sword?

  35. Elijah Thibodeau says:

    0:50 lmao this animation budget is so low they're just flipping around and not moving their limbs at all. Theyre even in the exact same pose too lmao

  36. Pain says:

    3:33 – 3:43 When your cellphone doesn't have reception

  37. Mira Barsham says:


  38. Carlos Spiceywhiener says:

    Why couldnt the live action movie be Darkseid. Thats the villain we wanted. Hardly aanyone knew who fucking Stepenwolf is or cares. Who decided that Batman should lead the Justice League in that movie? It was so dumb.

  39. Black Think Tank says:

    @3:36 we saw the mother box blow up. So how he get another?

  40. maulana al wonogiriy says:

    Take me through the night
    Fall into the darkseid
    We don't need the light
    We'll live on the darkseid

  41. Lindsay Wheatcroft says:

    1:30 BEAST MODE

  42. Shock Wave says:

    Ppl actually think this is better than Marvel movies.
    For Shame!

  43. Anthony Ramsey says:

    LOL batman's worthless ass

  44. Diego Alaniz says:


  45. Necromancer189 says:

    Batman throwing batarangs as usual.

  46. ODG Ceejay says:

    4:27 batman really be trying to make himself look useful

  47. Warhammer50K says:


  48. king axxídєntѕ says:

    Superman with the finishing uppercut 😅😅😂🤣😆 bring dat ass here boi

  49. Dane of Halves says:

    This movie was so good. Better than Snyder horseshit.

  50. kylan Jackson says:


  51. *Mike Stephano* says:

    0:43 BOOOOYAH!
    Man teen titans was cool and all but this.. This was waaaay badass.

  52. *Mike Stephano* says:

    4:49 It would've been extremely BRUTAL if Instead of punching Darkseid into the portal Superman hold his head until the Portal closed and cut Darkseid's head…

  53. Soul King Brook says:

    Batman is so useful😂

  54. W0LF B3AT5 says:

    Thanos: “I am inevitable…”


  55. Ryan Therrien says:

    And then you find out that Darkseid is able to cross the entire universe in seconds and this all becomes pretty pointless.

  56. stan the man says:

    4:10 hey bro gimme me a hug

  57. Abel Sampaio says:

    I don't like darkseid in this movie. He seemd like a mindless giant robot

  58. Michael Armstrong says:

    2:31 Superman starts killing Darkseid.

    2:35 Superman stops killing Darkseid and throws him to safety instead. Probably for the bat bloke to finish off.

  59. peter hale says:

    When you try to flush your big poop but it keeps coming back even if its the whole bucket

  60. GeorgeMonet says:

    Why would the portals suck the flying imp things in? That don't make no sense.

  61. GeorgeMonet says:

    This was stupid. If Darkseid had his eyes destroyed then he could not see and thus could not fight or defend himself. It should have been an instant loss for him the moment they took out both his eyes.

  62. GeorgeMonet says:

    Why would a computer need a huge boost of energy to send a message through the network to close a portal? That don't make no sense.

  63. An inspiring animator says:

    What dc doesn't understand yet ks that we want badass 1v1 fights rather than superheroes jumping a single villain or using cheap tricks

  64. Counter Fate says:

    For a God, he lacks Regeneration.

  65. Counter Fate says:

    Shoulda called Dr.Doofensmirts

  66. Limbo Jodo says:

    I say this. This is WAY more better than the huge budget disappointment Justice league. However, still waiting for that Snyder Cut. Oh yeah #releasethesnydercut

  67. Eat Me says:

    2:45 When an asian massages you

  68. Eat Me says:

    Everyone: unleashes powerful blasts and surges

    Batman: let me throw a ninja star just in case 4:26

  69. bhai ki channel says:

    Wowow 😍😍👌💖

  70. chrism95 says:

    Darkseid from JLU was much better than this dumb brute imo

  71. Jose A Nieto says:

    Batman, go away

  72. Марк Лейхтлинг says:

    Как называеться?

  73. holdmebackbrah says:

    I've never understood how batman takes the same hits as superman and gets back up.

  74. Michael Geiger says:

    Turning the villain into Hellen Keller is the most realistic thing I’ve ever seen in a superhero movie

  75. David Alvarado says:

    If superman hadn't punched him in the end the portal would've decapitated darkseid

  76. John Etheridge says:

    Justice league vs darkseid

  77. SF TV says:

    I heard that superman and shazam are in the same level
    But i don't see that here

  78. SF TV says:

    4:25 did Batman just threw a shuriken at darkside wtf

  79. Lê Hoàng Linh Phan says:

    so, Diana lost her sword with Darkseid?

  80. Hue Hue says:

    Superman's costume is so much better here than the cinematic one

  81. Liam Dorol says:

    Does WW fly or nah?

  82. random s says:

    The animation for the bugs sucked in the portal 👏

  83. Chi chan says:

    Can't wait to see Darkseid in a movie.

  84. Da_rx says:

    I know his in pain but jeues it sounds like he's giving birth

  85. Mario Macpui says:

    So…uh… why did cyborg need more altitude?

  86. ZipSnipe says:

    Probably the most badass animated fight scene EVER !!!!!

  87. Jimmy Sataz 4 says:

    Oh my God can you just get in the damn hole already 😂

  88. Latrell Liu says:

    1:15 Taipei 101?

  89. Wilson Brixby says:

    Flash throwing them weak punches lol

  90. Aubrey Askew says:

    How did Batman take the the same punch that sent Superman tumbling and survive? Makes no sense.

  91. James Brewer says:

    It’s like the opposite of the portal scene in Endgame lol

  92. Raul Rodriguez says:

    I love how Batman's belt pushed him harder than Sups and W.W together .

  93. vadla vikram chary says:

    Darkseid: you are coming with me
    Sups: like hell i am .

  94. NewbyPro says:

    Diane just leaving the sword there Who cares bout it Am i right ?

  95. BlueFeral says:

    2:44 flash gave him a massage

  96. Kalrav Srivastava says:

    Slow ass pussy flash in this movie

  97. amA GUY says:

    This is soo not the darksied….

  98. kezire barkate says:

    Can't the flash just phaze through his heart? 6

  99. raveglory300 says:

    2:44 was that oraoraora suppose to give him a massage or was he trying to go for the pressure points? Can't tell from Darkseid's scream after that.

  100. lionel bonnett says:

    Fight darkseid not kill, other wise his killer has to take his place! Jla,jsa dr.fate, metamorpho,metal men, challengers of the unknown, metal men zantana, updated Blackhawks, the shadow, justice inc., j.constatine,.

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