Superman vs Batman & Green Lantern | Justice League: War

Superman’s close. – I’ve been tracking his flight path.
– Pfft. On what? Your own satellite? – I was kidding. You have a satellite?
BATMAN: Here he comes. First one to the building is… [GRAPPLER FIRES] Ugh, I really hate that guy. Wait here. I got this. No offense. You’d just get in the way. Here’s the plan.
Green Lantern kicks Superman’s ass. TMZ’s got the video. [LANTERN GRUNTING] [BATMAN GROAN S] So, what can you do? [GRUNTS] [INHALES] SUPERMAN:
I can still see you. The creature that attacked me
had one of those boxes you have. A friend of yours, I assume? [BEEPING] He blew up. So I’ll ask you. [BATMAN GRUNTS] [ELECTRICITY CRACKLING] [SOUND WAVES SQUEALING] [GRUNTS] – What are these boxes for?
BATMAN: Ugh. – Talk while you still can.
– Unh. trying to. Round two, flyboy. [BATMAN GRUNTS] Lantern, no! Chains? You’re funny. [GRUNTS] We won’t stop him. He’s pissed off.
We have to talk to him. Talk to him? [ALL GRUNTING] Lantern, focus. You stop concentrating
and that shield breaks apart. Shut up. [PEOPLE SCREAMING] – This guy is gonna kill us.
– No, he won’t. You bruise but you don’t kill, do you, Clark? You’ve made your point, heh… …Bruce Wayne. Who the hell is Bruce Wayne? We think it’s alien. Well, it’s not Kryptonian. Worth a shot. Hey, hey, what happened?
We’re done fighting? Alien is relative, by the way. It’s a big universe. [HELICOPTER APPROACHING] Let’s move. Man, what is it with you and sewers? Someone is strategically placing
these boxes. We have to find out who and why
before it’s too late.

100 Responses

  1. davis david says:

    법무부 리그는 또 뭐람

  2. Nelson says:

    Superman wtf is all that collateral dude…. chill wtf

  3. Kellz Main says:

    Yea Batman was gonna lose but throughout the “fight” he was also testing him for what worked and what didn’t and when he shrugged off a taser he didn’t even try to fight anymore, he only evaded and tried to talk

  4. Mark May says:

    Let's get real. Superman could snap Batman's neck with a flick of a finger.

  5. Meister Fadj says:

    I assume Coast City is beyond 1000 miles from Gotham then, since Hal doesn't know who Bruce Wayne, the Prince of Gotham is.

  6. elamigos q says:

    ya gente en español, hablen algo!! dejan que solo usa hablen aqui???
    y que onda los sub en esp? jajaja

  7. idiot dusst says:

    Injustice 2 Superman kills shazam

  8. Hristo Hristoff says:

    2:19 this is how it should always be.

  9. Kannav Sharma says:

    well said green lantern… aren't we fighting?

  10. Родион Родионов says:


  11. Rodrigo Gonzalez says:

    What about in casing him in jelly? Something that he couldn't punch his way through?

  12. Hoshimaru57 says:

    I like it. Note that Batman fared better with no superpowers than Green Lantern, who could be as OP as he wanted if he could concentrate on it enough.

  13. Jordan Tate says:

    U can tell the animators didn’t like Batman much in this matchup they made his whole performance seem pathetic.

  14. Gabe Stein says:

    I seriously love Superman's personality in this movie

  15. Null says:

    1:14 – 'So, what can you do?'
    'I'm Batman!'

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  17. Miguel Sales says:

    Why they are fighting?

  18. Dhansingh Dhansingh says:

    I want movies like this

  19. Tundra says:

    That death glare that Batman gave to Green Lantern though..

  20. Fr33man Health says:

    Made sense untill 2:07. That would have definitely overloaded Superman's senses leaving him paralyzed for a while.

  21. Michael Silva says:

    With the dceu cast and good cgi this could be one of the best live action superhero movies

  22. jmsolano0516 says:

    Wouldnt those sonics still hurt Supermans ears cause of his super hearing

  23. Furtalance_x says:

    Man sups is too much 🙂

  24. Allen Han says:

    If Superman can't feel a thing. What happens when he gets laid?

  25. Kid Lucci says:

    0:03 lmao was that necessary?

  26. GK Fujiwara Esquibel says:

    Batman: Your Crush Is Single Again.

    Superman: 3:47

  27. Martin Acosta says:

    Do you think that insurances have like a special packed for superheroes? hey… we have the superman package that if he destroy your place while fighting we pay you this amount and such

  28. Ali Hamarat says:

    Batman was trying to see if his gadgets would hurt him, he was just experimenting. Always 2 steps ahead.

  29. maxcady360 says:

    This is so much better than that graphic novel

  30. Jenfrank says:

    How superman could have won the fight
    batman crying in the cornor

  31. Valshades says:

    If this is how the DCEU was made, we could rival marvel

  32. History And opinions says:

    Why don’t these green lanterns every try to imagine Superman so they could have it find superman

  33. Atanu says:

    talk no jutsu at it again

  34. Michael Cao says:

    Hey, hey…what happened, they done fighting??

  35. Handsome Jack says:

    4 minute fist fight and destroys half the city batman: clark superman: yes?

  36. VPT2 says:

    Is it just me or does Superman feel very…..unsuperman like?

  37. One Punch Man says:

    Can i have a go?

  38. Borel ANANI says:

    I wonder what it will look like if Bruce has a ring

  39. The Face of Disappointment says:

    i have a question: why did Batman do a barrel roll?

  40. James Branning says:

    This is accurate to the new 52 comic

  41. IndraUchiha997 says:

    Batman: "We think it's alien."
    Sups: "Not Kryptonian….alien is relative." Probably thinking "Just because it's alien doesn't mean you blame it on me or assume it's me!"

  42. Vegeta Rules All says:

    Can I just take this moment to say that "SUPERMAN IS FUCKING OP!!!!!!!"

  43. Michael Brent says:

    This is why I like The DC universe because they make real animated series unlike marvel and Disney to stick with kid friendly bullshit!I’m sorry but is bullshit worst part is give me the biggest company that makes animation!

  44. Mikkel Sharwar says:

    Why were they fighting tho?

  45. Evil Otto says:

    I hate the way Lantern is portrayed in this, like an incompetent hot-headed idiot. The guy's one of the best of the GL Corp, wielding one of the most powerful and versatile weapons in the universe, and yet everything he does is ineffective.

  46. Medallion Valiance says:

    “Shit.” XD

  47. jjhl says:

    Hals personality seems more closer to guy gardener…
    So why didn't they just make him guy gardener?

  48. Jeremy Bennett says:


  49. 김상윤 says:

    법무부 리그…

  50. Organic Apple says:

    슈퍼맨의 존재가 DC 영화가 개노잼되는 이유다. 어떤 빌런이 나오든 데우스 엑스 마키나 역할을 하면서 해치워주기 때문. DC가 흥하려면 슈퍼맨이 빠져야한다.

  51. MemeTrash says:

    Batman may be the most badass human in all of DC, but he is just human. There’s no comparison between Batman and Superman unless for kryptonite.

  52. Peppa Pig says:

    Doomsday is strongest villain ever

  53. Karim Amin says:

    I love how they showed Batman going easy on Superman. He could have killed him at any time but decided to try out less brutal methods in order to subdue him.

  54. Saphwan Syed says:

    How is it that their is a sewer there for them every time they need it. 🙂

  55. Austin Samson says:

    Batman is the only man who made weapon to end superman

  56. LKVideos says:

    2:03 lmao that "hmpf" from Superman.

  57. José Saavedra says:

    Green lantern se saca la chucha

  58. I miss Lil peep says:


    Batman: LANTERN NO

  59. Error says:

    So why where Batman and Green lantern attacking Superman in the first place? Superman is already a famous superhero at this time right?

  60. Callum Armour says:

    At least they got one thing right… In the new 52, everyone is an asshole

  61. RaG3 Simba says:

    “Green lantern kicks Superman’s ass, tmz has the video”

    Gets ass kicked by Superman instead

  62. Kanley West says:

    3:47 Should've said Martha.

  63. Jayden Perryman says:

    4:05 “Hey hey hey what happened we stop fighting” 😂


    Why is Superman behaving like an a-hole here !


    Literally no one.
    Batman just utters a word and it stops Superman.

  66. Annoyed Orange says:

    How to stop Batman & Superman from fighting each other:

    2013: Say each other's name.
    2016: Say their mother's name.

  67. UTss says:

    Plot hole: Batman should always have the strongest plot armor of having kyptonite in his belt. Even Robin has one.

  68. Taro Yamada says:

    I love green lantern`s reaction as to who Bruce Wayne is

  69. Son Taicario says:

    4:08 In other words, that was very racist of you Batman

  70. Corretta gamejewels says:

    Superman unbound? Let me get this straight… Batman thought pissing off Superman was a good idea to get data on him and then wants to talk. Sure… Why not🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  71. Game app Reviewer says:

    The animated dc movies are 100x better than the live action versions

  72. Sunprism says:

    Yes, This is absolutely my favorite depiction of batman vs superman

  73. espartacos1 says:

    Why they wrote the green lantern so arrogant, it's like they wrote him to be the flash and vice-versa

  74. jason lu says:

    this fight scene was more truthful then batman vs superman

  75. Deniz Schmidt says:

    Superman is in this version to overpowered

  76. Kimmy Queen says:

    Why is GL so salty and beta?

  77. jeremiah white says:

    2:01 Still using breather in a smokless battlefield….

  78. Miguel angel Fabian martinez says:

    maman se supone q batman tiene un arma q mata para todo integrante de la liga

  79. Max Kellysen says:

    Super mans face is so wide and fat

  80. Char Aznable says:

    Goddamn I hate this cocky New 52 Superman. Such a garbage character.

  81. The skyavenger34 says:

    Now where was this Superman in the rest of the Justice League movies 😭

  82. Lasagna Ravioli says:

    3:40 – 3:48 DAMB DUDE

  83. Goose says:

    I really hope Pattinsons Batman is just like this Batman, just so when they introduce Green Lantern, we can have interactions like at the start, and that sewer scene

  84. Nik Doodle says:

    superman has very powerful and cool abilities but his name clark kent lame, Batman probably the lamest superhero of all time but he has a cool name bruce wayne

  85. Nathan Starley says:

    Era uma luta assim que a gente esperava em Batman vs Superman, não aquele troço

  86. SeVeN says:

    No one cares when superman break buildings.

  87. DanielWhiteVans says:

    So Batman struggles yet his son defeated Superman.

  88. matthew mann says:

    I like how Supes has a sense of humor here

  89. SolidSnake5813 says:

    Love this scene, one the of best movies

  90. TPR Spawn says:

    Justice league war: Superman op
    Batman v Superman:well when your rich you can do anything no literally anything Batman bought krypton and won and that suit

  91. The Silent Protagonist says:

    Batman: we need to talk to him
    Lantern: we need to do What!?!
    Batman: HE'S PISSED OFF.


    Batman: policeman stop
    Superman: stops point-blank from killing
    "ok. You made your point."

  92. DeathFor says:

    Hal: "Man what is it with you and sewers?" LoL

  93. pletypus says:

    Why does superman's head looks fat?

  94. McDaddy says:

    Why is Superman’s neck so thick

  95. Burnt_Flamez says:

    3:01 when u and ur friends mess with a pro in a videos game

  96. Chris Stark says:

    Honestly if Batman were as intelligent as we know his first attempt would be to parley

  97. Izaak Smith says:

    To me Batman : just about everything but fly

  98. 할짓없는김치찌개 says:

    법무부 리그 시발 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 저스티스리그가 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  99. Broken Fiction says:

    Really pissed they cut the Flash out of that scene though… SMH

  100. Phill Mac says:

    All that fighting was utterly meaningless.

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