SUPERGIRL tries to Join the JUSTICE LEAGUE – with Batman, Wonder Woman

[dark music plays] [music becomes light and bouncy] Wonder Woman: What are you doing? Supergirl: What?! Wonder Woman: You’re not in this. Supergirl: Well I figured because my cousin’s dead, I could help represent, for, y’know, the super family. Batman: There’s no super-anyone in this. Supergirl: What?! Supergirl: How is that even possible?! Supergirl: You’re seriously going to make a Justice League movie… without a Kyrptonian? Supergirl: Well, forget about my family. Supergirl: How could you do that to the fans? Wonder Woman: Whatever. No super-people anyway. [music] [music fades out] Wonder Woman: First order of business, the name, Justice League. Wonder Woman: What is this? Sportsball? Batman: I kinda like it. Supergirl: Hey guys, I heard you were having a Justice League meeting, am I late? [Wonder Woman sighs] Wonder Woman: We told you. Supergirl: Well then why is he here?! Supergirl: He’s not even DC! [inconspicuous music] Wonder Woman: WADE! [Deadpool laughing] [Deadpool laughing] Wonder Woman: You gotta go. Supergirl: But…
Wonder Woman: …No…
Supergirl: But he’s just… Supergirl: …but… Batman: Yeah I mean if it was up to me I’d be like, ‘Hey jump on board! Batman: blue friend and stuff. But it’s like… Batman: It’s Warner Brothers and licencing… I don’t really understand how it all that works. Batman: So you gotta… hit the bricks. Supergirl: So stupid!! Batman: Dang! Crime fighting makes me hungry! Wonder Woman: Yeah I hear ya. Supergirl: Hey guys! Are you, are you going to get something to eat? Batman: Congratulations! Supergirl: Huh?! Batman: You just made it into the application phase for membership into the Justice League! Supergirl: Okay! What do I have to do?! Wonder Woman: So first thing, we’re gonna need to see that you can follow strong leadership. Wonder Woman: So if you would, were gonna get you to grab us… Wonder Woman: …2 large pizzas; one Hawaiian, one Canadian. Wonder Woman: Also gonna want a side of deep fried pickles. Batman: Oh and make sure it’s deep dish, uh, Chicago style with the New York pepperonis – the one the size of dinner plates on them. Batman: And broccolis if they do broccolis. Wonder Woman: Not if they do broccolis, find broccoli.
Batman: Get broccolis! Supergirl: Okay. Okay! I can, I can do that! Supergirl: I can do that! Okay! Okay. [Supergirl mumbling to herself] [Batman and Wonder Woman laughing] Wonder Woman: I, I mean, initiation right? Batman: You gotta do what you gotta do. [music continues] [music cuts]

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  1. Normita Huerta says:

    funny stuff!! Keep it up Sean !!

  2. The LaughingTiger says:

    Funny stuff keep up the good stuff Sean

  3. Lorena Villa says:

    good video

  4. The Life Of Emma Freeman says:

    poor Supergirl! your still amazing… but… have to say I kind of support injustice a little… don't be mad!!! please!!! I also support the justice league to!

  5. ThatAlexDude says:

    Supergirl <3

  6. The Life Of Emma Freeman says:

    batman is one of my favourite superheros!! in order is- Batman Wonder Woman Supergirl superman ect. love you all!! Favourite Villian in order-Joker ect Sean is my FAVOURITE Joker!!

  7. Black ReaperKai says:

    DeadPool is the best one there sorry Batman your my fourth favorite

  8. Beloved Friend says:

    Aww poor Supergirl

  9. Voldy mort says:

    kind of need deadpool in a DC movie

  10. FuckThisCompany says:

    That Supergirl is beautiful

  11. sansao says:

    love supergirl uniform love supergirl cape love supergirl videos !

  12. Danielle Cross says:

    Lee is definitely better than any one else on this channel as batman

  13. SHG Empress says:

    this video was really funny!
    Everyone, dont forget sean wards live is tomorrow!

  14. Diana Prince says:

    I imagine Super girl and Deadpool hanging out after this since no one wants them around.

  15. Brent Vettel says:

    Dam you Deadpool

  16. Madison Yeaman says:

    Your videos are super awesome

  17. Kevin Tran says:

    Supergirl is sexy

  18. cookie_xo_ says:

    He isn't even DC – I'm dead

  19. dulce isaias says:

    congratulation you just made it to the Justice League

  20. Elisha Horton says:

    we fight

  21. Andrew Graham says:

    hey in your next video can you a video of supergirl fights the tornado can you use wind fx please


    that beautiful supergirl, very expressive, has conditions to make a video with an argument like so many that are on the internet, with kryptonite rays, with enemies and everything like in the series

  23. Milkyway2099 says:

    Mackenzie Smith is an amazing and beautiful Supergirl ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  24. Sierra Harris says:

    I like the name of "Hope Inmine" for replacement of the justice league

  25. ใ‚ธ ari says:

    batman wonderwomen what is the matter super girl is ok she can join if i was you i would let super girl join you guys are dumb ๐Ÿ‘Ž but super girl your ok๐Ÿ‘

  26. N-Arroyo Float says:


  27. N-Arroyo Float says:

    My favorite superhero is Batman he is cool,dark,serius and funny. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  28. Maddison Cunningham says:

    Let soopergal joynin

  29. bloodcat333 says:

    broccoli pizza and fried pickles i think both batman and wonder woman are pregnant

  30. Denasha Forrest says:

    The reason why I like it is because that you keep on kicking Supergirl out but you can grab my favorite character and Batman and Wonder Woman

  31. Denasha Forrest says:

    And I like when you told her trick to get y'all something to eat

  32. Tommie Choate says:


  33. ROBLOX. xKinqTyrone says:

    supergirl foce them

  34. Shamila Parveen says:

    Bchcrxryfcer890pccvvhgj7yyฤฃznbmn f9

  35. Izzy says:

    this is soooo fake

  36. Smith Cherubin says:

    I don't like this video i give this video a thumds down becase batman and wonder woman was being meen to supergirl and batmen you just brack my heart becase you was my herow i hate you batman

  37. Tonda Powell says:

    This is the dumbest video ever come on super girl not a member of the justice league that's just plain old stupid

  38. Hector almendarez Harley Quinn says:

    I watched this when i have to go to bed

  39. donette George says:

    Batman kant fly!!!!! dume

  40. Sean Watts says:

    I really want super girl in the team sheโ€™s super strong and she has one weakness! Iโ€™m just sad that sheโ€™s not in the justice league

  41. ItsFunnehCakeBlueFan says:

    Wonder Woman is a asshole

  42. ItsFunnehCakeBlueFan says:

    Is it true

  43. Horror Enigma says:

    Poor supergirl

  44. Kessalina Cooley says:

    I love wonder super Harley Quinn and psycho girl

  45. ้™ณ้Œฆๆฐด says:

    I. Hate. Supergirl. I love. Batman

  46. Jayme Kendall says:

    Just let Supergirl be in the justice League

  47. Lucas and Kaden poul Kaden says:


  48. ุฏู…ูˆุน ุงู„ูˆุฑุฏ says:

    ูˆ. โฆ=-Oโฉ

  49. Nellie Maganga says:

    Just d*** d*** Update due to a go to call

  50. Nellie Maganga says:

    If you won't tell you that topic did stop to kleed you can to a pack slip slip you can to backflip

  51. Nellie Maganga says:

    You are my mom on the where you are don't like that you are top notch but that can be to but but but but but but but TTTTTTTTTTPP UPU it Delhi time in it so I tell you that it's tele time it's all the time

  52. Myfamily1616 Ivy Deleon Leรณn says:

    Hello guys your guys are the best

  53. Myfamily1616 Ivy Deleon Leรณn says:


  54. Myfamily1616 Ivy Deleon Leรณn says:


  55. Adrian BlueElement 1990 says:

    Wow this supergirl is the pretiest one

  56. Little Two says:


  57. ๆจ้•‡ๆ˜Ÿ says:

    Fuck you

  58. Evan SILVER says:

    Hey that's not nice doing that the Supergirl she really wanted to be a part of the Justice League she wanted to show you what she can do and then tricking her she can't even trust you anymore how dare you

  59. Lucas Prado De Souza says:

    Coitada que bom que ela faz parte dos vingadores

  60. Harry Zhang says:

    Excellent!! May I ask, where did you get the supergirl costume exactly? Because there are many cheap copycat versions I'm afraid to buy. I like the long cape and resemblance to the CW series. Does it come with boots? Leotard inside?

  61. The Roast says:

    Next time kill her

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