Summit: Youth Share Stories for Social Justice

This is the Martin Luther King Jr. Youth
Service Summit. We are a partner and we are partnered with Emily K Davis and
also with the YMCA. What we wanted to do is really look at the idea of
service and look at the voices of youth in the community and how they perceive
justice and the messages of Martin Luther King Jr. as they relate to our
youth today. They’re having the opportunity to one, listen to the voices
of youth. (shaking off my shoulder, shaking off my shoulders) Two, to be able to put their voices and to paper. And three, to be able to take that and
put it in a medium like video storytelling to be able to tell the
stories of what they see justice issues and advancements in our community.
(What does that mean to you? Justice for all, justice for none, justice for some, we have a justice problem) We we want to provide greater service
and having youth voice in that is a great way to start the dialogues that we
need to have as a community across our state. Especially around issues of
justice, issues of inclusion. Bringing different communities together. We really
want to be able to look at what civility or the ability to speak opinions,
different opinions and one context together and try to porch forward by the
dialogue. (Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream and here is ours) One of the things about 4-H is we can have difficult conversations
and conversations that come and bring different voices together but we do it
in the context of joy, of fun, being able to share and to walk out of
this place as friends as people working together into a better future for Iowa.

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