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  1. Wrestle Shrine says:

    Undisputed Era anyday

  2. 트립 is 진데렐라 says:

    1 vs 2 ? It is not fair~🔥🔥

  3. Gamer dude 98993 says:

    After a while breezango should win the nxt tag titles from the undisputed era

  4. C-STUNA 21 says:

    Street Profits gonna get called up

  5. Finn Balor says:

    I'm fed up with kyle and bobby.
    Certainly, Street Profits need to lose this match for their Raw debut, but I didn't want kyle and bobby to win. I wanted other teams to win.

  6. Joshua Smith says:

    Wow! This was by far the most obvious racist episode of NXT I have ever seen. The losers of every freaking match was black. On top of that the only fully black tag team champions in NXT history have the shortest tag title reign in NXT History. Congrats WWE the one show that is worth anything that you have ruined by racism, oh and to fulfill the stupid UE prophecy guess what another black person must lose. I am officially done with NXT.

  7. Jinas Music says:

    Việt Nam

  8. L khs says:

    Damnit gv full video

  9. ShadeofMagenta says:

    So thats why Street Profits didnt have the belts around them on Raw…Nice one Vince good to know you forgot that NXT is taped and continuity exists

  10. Jon RD says:

    Undisputed Era about to become the next Evolution/Shield

  11. Ryan Terrero says:

    UNDISPUTED ERA BAY BAY!!!!!! Domination

  12. Emo Punko says:

    And now its time for Roderick Strong to become North American Champion and that is the group of UNDISPUTED CHAMPS!

  13. BlacK Bull says:

    To me, all of the Undisputed Era are champions now…. then there’s Roderick.. lol.

  14. Akshat Gupta says:

    NXT Superstars fight much better than WWE Raw Superstars because they don't talk much, they fight .

  15. SSjHunter says:

    More like a Rock Bottom 2:23

  16. Indigo Uchiha says:

    Adam Cole prophecy will come true BAY BAY

  17. Edrin Mande says:

    i wonder if nxt goes to usa network will they be competing in a larger arena?

  18. The Underdog From The Underground says:

    Can someone explain to me why Undisputed Era didn't win they're matches at TakeOver Toronto?

  19. The Underdog From The Underground says:

    Please Vince don't ruin the Street Profits, or the next time we see them on RAW, they will be known as the "Street Experience"

  20. The Underdog From The Underground says:

    NXT: "Street Profits"
    Main roster: "Street Experience"

  21. Element 1rst says:

    SP have awful ring attire. They're gunna need an upgrade before stepping up to the main show (imo)

  22. 2Pac4Life says:

    Get ready for the future jobbers of raw The Street Profits.

  23. Fareeda英梨` says:

    Give Roderick Strong North america champ please. 😁

  24. Undisputed Era FanClub BayBay says:

    This does put a smile on my face…

  25. Lim Jia Yong says:

    i am so hype when Undisputed Era had win the tag CHAMPSSSS BAY BAYYYYYY

  26. A ZOX says:

    I love it when Kyle o Riley has a title, cause he does the air guitar Lol

  27. Exodus 2020 says:

    This is my first ever look at the street profits as nxt tag team wrestlers and champions and im very impressed .staying in shape will be there key to longevity .

  28. dana Saheen says:


  29. βιβη Π. says:

    3 out of 4 champions.I hope Roderick is next.

  30. Michael Walker says:

    Had The Street Profits not premiered on a constant basis on RAW, this could've gone either way. I'm not complaining that UE won, I mean, kudos. 👍👍
    Just curious as to where does this leave The Street Profits? Hopefully they're not added to the soul-sucking abyss that is the RAW Tag Team Division. But, then again, what would they have on SmackDown to compete with?? 🤔 Decisions, decisions.

  31. Marquee Ungovernable says:

    UE vs Imperium. War games. Book it.

  32. Big Tex says:

    Shock the system!

  33. Mohamed Ali says:

    The Street Profits won’t show up on Monday Nights again.

  34. Coding World says:

    That's hell's gate!!!

  35. Deathbat WWE says:

    The Street Profits rip…

  36. Jason Jones says:

    Since NXT is moving to USA Network, I wonder if that means Vince is gonna run RAW, Smackdown Live, and NXT🤔🤔🤔

  37. S. Georgiev says:

    3/4 Let's go Roddy

  38. Veli Demirel says:

    Hi noobs

  39. Basti Ast says:

    Adam Cole!
    Bay Bay

  40. Joshua S says:

    WWE creative is about to call up the Street Profits from NXT then turn them into the R-Truth of tag teams.


    That black big fella should team up with Rey mysterio!!!

  42. Doigo Bruto says:

    I would love to see street profits vs private party

  43. Snygil Braganza says:

    Woo hoo 3-time tag-team champions now only the North American title needs to come to Roddy BayBay!

  44. Kimi #JB17 #TeamKick says:

    2:22 That looks like a ROCK BOTTOM to me, Ranallo, especially because he uses the leg for extra impact

  45. DWC 2 says:

    I got an AEW AD theyre takkng over

  46. S. B says:

    So just like the Viking Raiders, the Streets Profits were made to give up their titles so that they could be wasted on the main roster. 👎👎👎👎👎
    After this I seriously wish NXT were an independent show just like Raw and Smackdown and not just a developmental territory.🙁🙁🙁🙁

  47. BonaZye says:

    Angelo Dawkins needs to workout and get ripped. I’ll take him serious more as a big man then.

  48. Mehmet Ali Erbil says:

    Only reason that Street Profits lost is because they will call then up, which they did the same to War Raiders… Really DISAPPOINTING!

  49. Tony Gaming Tutorials says:

    Yes the profecy of undisputed era is going to be complete.


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  51. x Ciampa says:

    Strong for the North American Title and NXT is UNDISPUTED

  52. Norman Ingemann says:

    WOW there was an AEW commercial before this match played!

  53. Theocharis2 arkopelos says:

    no more segments from The street profits

  54. All In One says:

    Raw: Seth Rollins — Universal World Champ, Raw Tag Team Champ
    SmackDown: Kofi Kingston — WWE World Champ, SmackDown Tag Team Champ
    NXT: Adam Cole — NXT World Champ, NXT Tag Team Champ

  55. CeeJay Mumford says:

    Newest members of new day

  56. JERWIN RICHARD says:

    Only undisputed era needs the north American championship to rule the NXT

  57. Jalen WALKER says:

    I’m a huge wrestling fan

  58. bcafce123 says:


  59. Jdp_ 1597 says:

    You've ruined Cryme Tyme
    You've ruined the Prime Time Playas
    Please please PLEASE dont ruin the Street Profits!

  60. Ahmed Mahmoud says:

    Why would they end SP reign

  61. rare genius says:

    I think the Nort America Championship was designed for the Undisputed Era. It is for them to hold all the titles. Remember the debut of the Na championship was the day when Strong turn heel

  62. WoflScorpion33 WolfScorpion33 says:

    10 Mitzvot = Mandamientos = Commandaments . Emet

  63. WoflScorpion33 WolfScorpion33 says:

    Nxt NXT NXT NXT wow Hayah . Emet

  64. KARASU says:

    Man Dawkins is really rough around the edges. Dangerous suplexes throughout this match, a lame spear…he has work to do.

  65. Alejandro Garcia says:

    and with that i guess the Street Profits will go to the pretty much dead and ignored main roster tag team division?

  66. Ruben says:

    Now ist time for Rodrick Strong 😍

  67. Jonathan Yaloussa says:

    What if Rhea Ripley joined The Undisputed Era fulfill their Golden Prophecy?

  68. Sergei Biolango says:

    We are NXT baybay!!!!!


    Hate the undisputed era and miss you johny gorgano

  70. Joseph Carrino says:

    Totally happy about this title change!!!

  71. The mask Kid says:

    The undisputed era is over rated

  72. Rock IT man says:

    This is amazing. This match was so intensee STREET PROFITS are Freaks of nature. BEASTS of nature. Ive never seen such intense tag team fighting. woah SP SP SP!!!!

  73. Huzaifa Khan says:

    Finally Undisputed Era again won NXT Tags Team Champion I'm very happy 👏🏻👌🏻💖 Thank you so much Triple H

  74. Huzaifa Khan says:

    1st Tags Team who won NXT Tag team champions 3rd time's

  75. best in the world animation says:

    Roderick strong win it for the undisputed era BAY BAY!

  76. George Powell says:

    I feel like the crowd was dead during this match after the match between Lee and Djikovic but Congratulations to Undisputed Era’s third Tag Team title reign!!!!

  77. KV HD says:

    Nooo! Why

  78. Daniel Melo says:

    How about a Steel Cage Match? Those guys are so talented.

  79. Master MoJo says:

    Now Roderick needs to win the N.A Championship

  80. Broly's Little Bro says:

    I'm in the minority. Undisputed Era just isn't my thing. Seeing them hold all the gold heading into USA network is gonna hurt

  81. THE CLARENCES says:

    The Undisputed Era RULES!!!
    xoxo The Clarences

  82. alexander the awesome says:

    Usos and The Street profits gonna have some good promos even the new day.

  83. Muhammad Asad says:

    In all seriousness, the way Montez talks he could be the next Rock.

  84. WolfClan Blue says:

    Ah yes I see a video UE has held the title for 14 days even tho they won it last night ah yes this makes sense

  85. AJ STYLES says:

    The undisputid Era are the best nxt champions

  86. Brad Bootsma says:

    Totally sucks they lost the titles though it was an awesome fight

  87. Bentley Enthusiast says:

    U.E holds all the gold by NXT War Games, then defends it against Gargano/SP/Velveteen Dream in a War Games match in Winner takes ALL. Im calling it right now.

  88. Alpha Fenikz says:

    Who don't sit right in the commentary section??!!

  89. Ritu Raj says:

    The quality of wrestling in NXT is better than raw and smack down

  90. MADBD619 says:

    3 titles down, one more to go for The Undisputed Era. I hope Jordan takes the NXT Title away from A. Cole next week.

  91. nii genius says:

    This should have been the match for the TV debut. But I'm glad this episode has set the standard and bar high for them to catch up… NXT is the most exciting brand indeed

  92. Dire Wolf says:

    I see the UE pulling an Evolution 2003, what I’m less sure of is War Games….suppose will have to wait to see the new live NXT to be able to guess anything…..can’t see them putting all male champions in War Games at once…..maybe an all UK War Games Gallus vs 3 of Imperium vs British Strong Style

  93. Melvin Jose says:

    According to the Freebirds rule, Adam Cole is a 2 time double champion in NXT

  94. YEAH IGHT says:

    Idc how many times they do this match

  95. Jacob Moyer says:

    I know I'm a little late but 2019 is Undisputed, I'm undisputed, we are all Undisputed unless you are not a fan of the great Undisputed Era

  96. Basketball Kidd says:

    Dawkins flipped both of dim

  97. Imran Becks says:

    RIP NXT. It will never be the same again once it starts airing live on the USA Network…….

  98. adonus harris says:

    So you Mean to f****ing tell me that The Undisputed Era are the NXT Tag Team Champions AGAIN?????!!!!!! The Street Profits never got there title Reign off the ground and they gave those title back to The Undisputed Era……….Just like how they f****ed over Mustache Mountain ending there reign after two weeks. Y'all just corrected a wrong with Brock Lesner and the Universal Title and now this………..no wonder the ratings on all of their shows keep dropping. SMMFH

  99. lionmanx says:

    you really show the fuul matches. great previews

  100. Ethan Dawkster says:

    It's all up to Roddy

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