Street Justice Crew Performs

As you know, I have a dance
competition on the Chosen app, and that’s how I found our first
guests from Long Island, New York, please welcome siblings g/Jafar,
g/Najaya, and g/Nasim. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE]
>>You’ve been dancing together for how long?>>Three years.
>>Three years.>>We make up our own choreography.>>You do all your own choreography.>>Yeah.
>>That was incredible. I don’t know how you do that spin and you
all were doing it exactly the same time and for as long as each other,
nobody had to keep spinning. It’s incredible. And so you started dancing why?>>Our dad.>>He had a crew in the 80s called
The Street Justice Crew and he started teaching us in our garage and we just started watching
YouTube videos and learned.>>Yeah, wow, but he helps you. He must teach you-
>>Yeah. That he must be amazing.>>Yeah.
>>Yes.>>We call ourselves
the Street Justice Group.>>Yeah.
>>The Street Justice Group. And the space that I saw you perform in, when you submitted that video,
where is that?>>That’s our basement.>>That’s your basement. Your heads are actually
spinning through the floor. Look at, you’re-
>>[LAUGH]>>You’re actually making holes in the floor with your head.>>Yeah, we had that for
a really long time.>>Yeah.
That’s a->>It’s really small, but we make it work.>>It’s small, but it’s amazing that
you go down there and rehearse and practice every day. All right, well you all are amazing. I don’t want people to
stop uploading videos. Upload your dance videos to
Ellen’s Freestyle on Chosen and vote for your favorites. You could end up performing right here
on the show like the Street Justice did. That basement looks like it
needs a little bit of help, so our friends at Shutterfly
love to share life’s joys. They’re gonna give you $10,000 so you create->>[APPLAUSE]
>>Thank you!>>[APPLAUSE]

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