Stranger Things 3 | Official Final Trailer | Netflix

You…let us in.And now…you are going to have to let us stay.It doesn’t make sense.I closed the gate.What if he never left?What if we locked him out here with us?He’d want to attach himself
to someone again.
A new host.It’s building something.No matter what happens…we have to stop him.Together.And now, it’s time.We’re going to end you.We’re going to end your friends.Then…we are going to end everyone.Our kids are in danger.We need to end this.I can fight.Better than any of us. But I need you safe. What the hell? I need you to trust me. Holy mother of God.Do you copy?I repeat, this is a code red!

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  1. Drew Bell Pictures says:

    Thank goodness I didn’t watch this trailer. This just gave too much away.

  2. LiangHuBBB says:

    1 of the best shows on netflix

  3. GrimmA says:

    A show where you being Russian can understand what evil Russians say, not rubbish from Google translator. Thanks Netflix!

  4. Otis says:

    Billy is just the daddygorgon of the upside down
    He probably got lots of demochicks when he wasn’t busy

  5. Raina Dat Kween says:

    Me: this looks like a good Netflix series!

    when you realize you have Hulu instead of netflix

  6. Anastasia Ndoci says:

    Watching it now lol

  7. Domenic tv says:

    Season 3 turn into outcast tv show

  8. Adin Kolan says:

    Now lets wait 2 more years for S4😢😢😢

  9. Marcus Delfin says:

    what if Eleven was actually british?

  10. jayJava GGdev says:

    a new host…………..billy

  11. Nuno Miguel says:

    We have already waited 83 days for season 4 since season 3 came out. Like this comment so I can keep this updated.

  12. felipe m says:

    No puedes decir América sin erica

  13. sambhram shetty says:

    Russian secret base in US territory … must be joking!!!

  14. Niconacho Z says:

    Season 4 never existed….
    should it happen or no..

  15. Midnight Chan says:


  16. Midnight Chan says:


  17. PIOUPIOU1000 says:

    Stranger Things IT'S LIFE 😍❤️❤️
    Best series ever ❤️


    Like if you love stranger things

  19. Flyingpigg says:

    Who forgot about this lol

  20. Hendra Adiguna says:

    Well if u cant going to get, u should use hatch with red key 🙂

  21. lazy lunaq says:

    This is so cool I cant stop watching this 😀

  22. C Is says:

    The story in st is such a good one i am a beginner watcher in st and i love it

  23. SompTNT says:

    Will Season 1: DEMORGORGON
    Will Season 2: MIND FLAYER

    Will Season 3: CaN wE pLaY D&D nOw

  24. Sharique Ahmed says:

    How many of u completed 2 seasons and watching 3 season

  25. bijay gurung says:

    Finally completed season 2 now heading for 3 😋

  26. s1egeLOL says:

    Season 4 comes out

    ah sh*t, here we go again

  27. Will the Wise says:

    Let’s just take a moment to enjoy tHey the Duffers actually put Hopper and Joyce holding hands in the trailer. Like, hell yeah Jopper!

  28. Shilpi ! says:

    Lmao why tf am i crying

  29. Ash Ketchum says:

    Who is watching this trailer after seeing the whole season???

    Just me.

  30. Ash Ketchum says:

    "You can't spell Michael without El."☺😊

  31. Shainchain Network says:

    8.6K isn't Dislike
    Those Are likes From Up Side Down

  32. Vishal Chamoli says:

    I have just watched season 2 and 3 in one day and now I am like I just wanted season 4 right now 😁😂

  33. Milena Dod says:


  34. Milena Dod says:

    no cherry, no deal.

  35. Allie Plays ‘ ‘ says:

    Lemme check when season 4 will come out……

    Looks up on google*
    “Season 4 will come out in 2021”

    This shit be trippin’.

  36. Isac Lamkang says:

    Who else is here in 2019 finishing all the 3seasons in two days

  37. ਉਂਕਾਰ ਕਲੇਰ says:

    Steve and dustin 👍

  38. Eliane Guimaraes says:

    This is not STRANGER THINGS 3 this is the season 3!

  39. Iara Rodrigues says:

    Stranger things 1983

  40. persona encerio says:

    Soy el comentario en español que buscabas :vv

  41. Nessa Mae Estavillo says:

    This is me watching the trailer after finishing season 3 😁

  42. Olivia D says:

    Ummm you reeks

  43. Aby Mahmood says:

    The American is for sure hopper and it should be hopper and I think El will get her powers back and will search hopper 101%sure

  44. Javon Jackson says:

    Stranger things

  45. Sofia Sofia says:

    This one sucked

  46. Caroline Petrey says:

    those aren't dislikes, they're likes from the upside down 😉

  47. Mr Persevere says:

    For kids??

  48. jayJava GGdev says:

    Joyce sounds like Leia from star wars see actor? oh yeah she's dead 😭

  49. Muzammil Ahmed says:


  50. assembled 18 says:

    STRANGER EVILS 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. mercyxxox says:

    i’ve never cried at anything so much

  52. Just another Nintendo fanboy says:

    Season 3 was good but my one question is why is there a season 4 season 3 could've been the perfect ending.

  53. 4knemoo slatt says:

    Season 4 of stranger things is going to be lit i cant waiiiiiiit😢😢😢😢😢😱😱😱😱

  54. santino a acot says:

    Yo neftlix we want season 4 now faster thefinal 4

  55. I always use 100% says:


    Does single one of you remember test pilot shepard

  56. Fred Flintstone says:

    Just confirm season 4 already…we've all seen the twitter post.

  57. Christina Garza says:

    if hop dies i will cry so much

  58. Ronaldo Hazizi says:

    Well probably the saddest ending ever… Jim Hooper was the best.. RIP

  59. Be An says:

    American propaganda at its finest
    Stranger things used to be one of my favorite netflix tv-show
    However, season 3 was all about anti-russian politics in contrast with the first two seasons focus on the government inside job. I'm so sick of the anti this and anti that. American mass media is anti-christian, anti-nationalistic, islamophobic and in general untrue to anybodys history of origin. It's all a lie and a scam. There is no government in the world who loves war and destruction more than the US. Also they treat their citizens like shit, maybe they should make a serie on that topic and take a look in the mirror

  60. Anonymous Human9999 says:

    Who is here after season 4 announcement??

  61. Seth Tranter says:

    Anyone here from the announcement for season 4

  62. shad says:

    Who's here after seeing stranger things season 4 trailer

  63. Sophie Kratz says:

    season 4 has been confirmed where the trailer at tho

  64. Amjath Khan says:

    Didn't realize stranger things has season 3 and season 4 is already in the talks…time to subscribe again.

  65. W_xxx says:

    How many of you are here after s4 teaser???

  66. Alice N says:

    Were Not In Hawkins Anymore.

  67. Alice N says:

    Season 1: The Vanishing Of Will Byers
    Season 2: The Mind Flayer
    Season 3: One Summer Can Change Everything
    Season 4. Were Not In Hawkins Anymors

  68. Saumy Singh says:

    I have a question as we know that when we close the gate of upsidedown world then all the
    creature of the upsidedown world die who are in the real world but the demodog in the Post credit scean don't die why????

  69. Demigogon Xx says:

    Arguably the best season

  70. كلودا. says:


  71. dylanoFN {Bro} says:

    Who else is here after the season 4 official announce

  72. BLINK DE CORAZON says:

    Pero no es el final

  73. EXøTieツ says:

    This looks like a movie trailer just leave out the Netflix stuff then boom movie trailer

  74. Basanth Jajur says:

    Anyone here after , season 4 : we are not in hawinks anymore 😎

  75. Lola_ qweenz says:

    Roses are red violets are blue I love stranger things how bout you and we know season three was leaving a very big clue…but now it’s almost here… and I’ll get answers for you…

  76. Zakhir Bilal says:

    This is how many people are here after the stranger things 4 teaser

  77. ZYuK -زيوك says:

    S4 We are Wating

  78. Schody says:


  79. Vloxious says:

    99% sure u will not see me

    But the 1%
    Hi wassup. I hope u r having a nice day

  80. KURTTube Challenges says:

    Please make ben ten season 2 and 3

  81. Aegon Targaryen says:

    Just came here for fun after the season 4 announcement ♡♡♡♡

  82. any Menezes says:

    O relegado morreu é chorei

  83. Joe Snaffer says:

    People are all like “Why did we watch Stranger Things 3 in one day? Now we have to wait two years for 4”, but if you think about it, it was essentially a 7 hour movie, so it’s pretty reasonable that most people finished it that fast.

  84. Akhileshuvar V says:

    Anyone after season 4 announcement 🙋

  85. Maria De Jesus says:


  86. Maria De Jesus says:


  87. Maria De Jesus says:


  88. Winterzy says:

    season4 is what I want

  89. Artem Gubert says:

    Where’s Episode 9 in Season3?

  90. Wild Wolf Productions says:

    Who is here after season 4 promo ?

  91. Gatcha_ Cupcake says:

    Can we please just play dnd now?
    Will 1985

  92. Cecelia Magnelli says:

    Ok all Will said was:
    1. He is here
    2. Can we please play DnD now??

  93. Rajat Pachauri says:

    Am i the only one who watched the full show(S1 to 3) before watching the trailers??

  94. Nur syaisyah Ilkumz says:

    This trailer released one day from my bday

  95. tHi DeW says:

    They destroyed the machine and closed the gate again. How is that thing still alive in Russia?

  96. Navin Pal says:

    Yes yess….i am waiting
    …season 4..dustin you are my favourite…gurrr gurrr.👌🤣🤣🤣the duffer bros…you are the best thanks for the stranger things series…blockbuster..super duper all time blockbuster…i have no..word to say about it.stranger things 👌👌👌👌👌i want to ask the duffer bros one question…please tell me…why did u killed hopper..?🤔 He is my fvr8 yaar..👊hopper should be alive in season 4..thank you🙏

  97. gaurav kumar says:

    I never had watched whole seasons in one sitting since breaking Bad but then this epic show arrived and every thing changed.

  98. gigifofinha games says:


  99. Sherrie Bartley says:

    Was watching this alone in my bedroom and my younger brother ran into the room. I was scared and startled. -_-

  100. n0 0ne says:

    am erica


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